File Title
1 Breakthrough Test for Alzheimer's: New Biomarker Can Detect Neurodegeneration in Blood
2 Scientists Have Discovered Unique Peptides with Anti-Cancer Potential
3 Catastrophic Trend Alert: Global Warming in the Arctic Fuels Megafires on the Permafrost
4 NASA's IXPE Quickly Observes Aftermath of Incredible Cosmic Blast--"This Is Now or Never"
5 Could Eating Tomatoes Improve Your Gut Health?
6 Newly Identified Genetic Variant Predisposes People to Slimness
7 Startling Discovery: 60% of Home "Compostable" Plastic Doesn't Fully Decompose, Contaminating Our Soil
8 Astronomy & Astrophysics 101: Saturn
9 Scientists Uncover a Surprising New Benefit of Flu Vaccination
10 Watch NASA's Latest Water Satellite Unfold in Space
11 Ask a Caltech Expert: Physicists Explain Quantum Gravity
12 NASA's Astronomical and Historic 2022--a Major Step for Humanity [Video]
13 Age-Related Memory Loss: New Study Uncovers Why We Forget Personal Interactions
14 550 Million Years Ago--Researchers Shine New Light on Earth's First Known Mass Extinction Event
15 COVID-19 Vaccines and Fever: Scientists Have Discovered a New Potential Link
16 Gamma Rays and Meteorites: The Unlikely Duo that May Have Sparked Life on Earth
17 New Research Finds that the Time of Day You Exercise Could Impact Your Heart Health
18 Scientists Reveal Two Simple Words that Can Improve Your Relationship
19 Lack of Sleep Can Harm Children's Brain and Cognitive Development
20 Warning: New Research Indicates that Even Short-Term Exposure to a High-Fat Diet Can Trigger Pain
21 Preventing Muscle Atrophy--Harvard Scientists Have Developed an Adhesive that Makes Muscles Move
22 Treating Depression by Fine-Tuning Motivation in the Brain
23 Compound Created that Can Reverse Effects of Potentially Deadly Drugs like Meth and Fentanyl
24 Climate Warming and Rapid Ice Melt Linked to Volcanic Activity and Low Ocean Oxygen Events During Last Ice Age
25 Do Boycotts and Buycotts Actually Have an Impact? A New Study Sheds Light
26 Wildly Fluctuating Oxygen Levels May Have Accelerated Animal Evolution
27 New Research: How Your Baby Was Delivered May Impact How They Respond to Key Childhood Vaccines
28 New Measurements of Galaxy Rotation Lean Towards Modified Gravity as an Explanation for Dark Matter
29 Scientists Uncover a Gut-Brain Connection for Social Development
30 Challenging Past Theories--Scientists Discover Homolog of a Well-Known Human Protein in a Worm
31 Polarized X-Rays Reveal Stunning New Details About Extremely Hot Matter Surrounding Black Hole
32 Secrets to Aging Gracefully: Researchers Uncover Factors Linked to Optimal Aging
33 Shocking Revelation: Half of Dentists Say Patients Are High at Dental Appointments
34 Latest International Water Satellite Packs Powerful Engineering Punch
35 Massive Implications: New Evidence Calls into Question Timing of Human Arrival in North America
36 NASA in 2023: A Look Ahead [Video]
37 Reverse Shock--Mysterious Gamma-Ray Emitting Bubbles Around the Center of Our Galaxy Explained
38 More Important than You Think: How Breathing Shapes the Brain and Impacts Mental Health
39 Innovative Nanochip Could Treat Traumatic Muscle Loss
40 NASA's Sonification of RS Puppis--a Glittering Star 200 Times Larger than Our Sun
41 Same Results from Half the Workout--New Research Reveals How You May Be Able to Cut Your Gym Time in Half
42 Top 7 Benefits of Milk Thistle--Backed by Science
43 The Future of Churches Is at Risk
44 Budget-Friendly Solution for Hearing Loss: Wireless Earphones Perform Similarly to Traditional Hearing Aids
45 New Research: Intermittent Fasting Might Not Be as Safe as We Thought
46 New Model Explains Two Puzzling Planetary Mysteries
47 Affecting Millions--Study Finds that Stop-and-Go Traffic May Be Linked to Reduced Birth Weight
48 Researchers Develop a Device that Can Use WiFi to See Through Walls
49 Key Discovery Boosts the Potential of New Cancer-Fighting Drugs
50 Robots Are Taking Over Jobs, but Don't Panic Yet
51 Polarization Through Perception: How Political Partisanship Affects First Impressions
52 Hubble Explores the Dazzling Stellar Wonders of NGC 6355
53 COVID-19 Virus Found in the Brain: Autopsies Reveal Startling New Information
54 3,700 Years Old--Scientists Discover the First Sentence Ever Written in Canaanite
55 Did You React Adversely to COVID-19 Vaccines? That Could Actually Be a Good Sign
56 Walnuts: Ideal Brain Food for Stressed University Students?
57 Danger: Olfactory Viral Inflammation Linked with Accelerated Onset of Alzheimer's Disease
58 Unprecedented Views of Cell Interiors with New Expansion Microscopy Methods
59 James Webb Space Telescope Unveils Exquisite Views of Distant Galaxies
60 According to Scientists, Screen Time Isn't the Problem--It's Actually This
61 Dry Eye Disease Impacts Cornea Healing Process
62 Completely Unexpected--Scientists Discover a Magnetized Dead Star with a Solid Surface
63 Saving the Sumatran Rhino: A Second Chance for the World's Most Ancient Rhino Species
64 OzGrav: Turning Einstein's Imagination into Reality
65 The Security System of the Future--Electronic Devices Could Use "Logic Locks" to Fend Off Malicious Attacks
66 New Study: Taking Semaglutide Helps Teens Lose Weight and Improve Heart Health
67 New Study Links Outdoor Artificial Light at Night to Increased Risk of Diabetes
68 Astronomers Catch a Black Hole Destroying a Nearby Star--Launching Powerful Relativistic Beams of Matter
69 Researchers Find Super Simple Key to Healthy Aging: Good Hydration!
70 Broad Implications: Researchers Unearth a Secret to Viral Resistance
71 Warning: London Underground Polluted with Metallic Particles Small Enough to Enter Your Bloodstream
72 How SWOT Will Look at the World's Water: 5 Things to Know
73 Parkinson's Breakthrough: Scientists Have Identified a Key Molecule
74 Why Kids Are "Smarter": Study Reveals Explanation for Faster Learning
75 Webb Space Telescope Reveals "Stirred Up" Secrets of Breathtaking Planetary Nebula
76 Why Is Eye Contact Different in Autism? New Yale Research Sheds Light
77 Dawn of Solid-State Quantum Networks--The Holy Grail of Quantum Information Sciences
78 Surprising--Researchers Have Found that Honey Improves Key Measures of Cardiometabolic Health
79 Uncovering the Secrets of Skeleton Motion
80 Chamomile: 9 Science-Backed Benefits Beyond Its Calming Effect
81 A Cheaper and Greener Internet of Things with No Wires Attached
82 Insomnia Medications Show Promise in Fighting Drug and Alcohol Addiction
83 Scientists Have Created the Most Detailed Map of the Brain's Memory Hub--And It Could Change Our Understanding of Memory
84 Space Station's Exciting New Year Kickoff: Promoting Deep Space Exploration
85 Don't Miss: Two Conjunctions, Winter Stars, and a Comet!
86 Brain Tissue Study Uncovers New Genes Linked to Multiple Sclerosis
87 Stunning View of Great Lakes Dressed for Winter Captured by NASA Astronaut
88 Scientists Reveal the Secret Life of Tropical Mammals
89 Shocking Yale Research: Common Nutrient Found to Aid Survival of Cancer-Causing Bacterium
90 Floodwater Inundates North-Central California: Heavy Rain and Levee Breaches Triggers Flooding
91 Why Do Vaccine Responses Vary from Person to Person?
92 Not Effective? New Study Finds Little Objective Evidence Supporting Learner-Centered Teaching Methods
93 Prehistoric Surprise: Ancient Footprints Reveal the Presence of Man in Spain 200,000 Years Earlier than Thought
94 New Microscope Uncovers Exciting Insights into Promising Solar Cell Material
95 Scientists Discover that Feeling Poorer than Your Friends Is Linked with Worse Mental Health
96 Marsquake! Seismic Waves from the Largest Marsquake Ever Detected Reveal Possible Meteoroid Impact
97 Is Ayahuasca Safe? A New Study Analyzes the South American Traditional Medicine
98 Harvard Scientists Reveal How Squid and Octopus Get Their Big Brains
99 Top Space Station Research: Humans, Tomatoes, and Tiny Satellites
100 Quantum Breakthrough: Light Source Produces Two Entangled Light Beams
101 NASA Apollo Astronaut Walter Cunningham Passes Away at Age 90
102 Advancing Our Understanding of ADHD--Scientists Discover Genomic Differences in Brain Tissue
103 Polar Vortex Unleashed Winter Weather Whiplash in the US
104 Scientists Discover that Hibiscus Tea Could Defeat Alzheimer's Disease
105 Comprehensive Data on Childhood Leukemia Drug Response Provides a Blueprint for "True Precision Medicine"
106 A Surprising Method for Preventing Future Pandemics: Conservation
107 Cancer Research Breakthrough: Scientists Create First Human Bone Marrow 'Organoids'
108 Celestial Graveyards Reveal that Stars and Planets Grow Together
109 CO2 in Deep Earth May Play Larger Role in Climate Change than Previously Assumed
110 Corporal Punishment Changes Brain Activity, Increases Anxiety and Depression
111 Revolutionary AI System Learns Concepts Shared Across Video, Audio, and Text
112 Revolutionary Cancer Vaccine Simultaneously Kills and Prevents Brain Tumors
113 Scientists Identify a New Asthma Trigger: Sexual Activity
114 Reducing Aspirin's Negative Effects: New Study Offers a Simple Solution