File Title
1 San Francisco reverses approval of killer robot policy
2 Apple Music launches free Sing upgrade and the timing couldn't be better
3 Smartphone production was in decline in 3Q22, according to the latest report
4 Apple may have some new plan for its car
5 Airtel World Pass International Roaming Plans for Prepaid and Postpaid Users Launched
6 Google will now show suggested keywords under Search bar
7 Robotaxis are now available to hail on the Uber app in Las Vegas
8 How the Galaxy S23 Ultra will break my vicious iPhone cycle (and why it's so difficult to stop using Apple's phones in favor of Android)
9 WhatsApp gets Apple Memoji-like feature, Avatars: What are they, how to create and all other details
10 Amazon launches All-New Kindle: Price, features and more
11 Uber and Motional's robotaxis arrive in Las Vegas
12 You can now buy a phone with a retractable rear camera
13 Uber, Motional Launch Public Robotaxi Service Using Hyundai Electric Vehicles in Las Vegas
14 General Motors is helping its dealers install Level 2 EV chargers with 'triple the power'
15 GM opens its first Level 2 community charging stations in two states
16 Amazon down! Shoppers hit by irritating error that's blocking orders
17 Millions of people have had their data sold on bot markets
18 NASA posts high resolution images of Orion's final lunar flyby
19 SpaceX announces 'Starshield,' a Starlink for governments
20 New Starlink service Starshield turns SpaceX into defense contractor
21 This year's roundup of the top Google searches includes super local trends
22 Is Android innovation getting slower? iOS catches up and Android 14 needs to show Google cares
23 Probe into 'bedrooms' at Twitter's headquarters: Here's what Elon Musk has to say
24 Users no longer need a SIM card to signup for Telegram
25 Google now supports my awful browser habits, and I love it
26 Blue Origin makes another bid for a NASA lunar lander contract
27 Microsoft Teams will finally be a lot easier to use on iPad and iPhone
28 Android now allows both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to be on when Airplane mode is enabled
29 Intel Sapphire Rapids chips confirmed to be supercharging your next workstation
30 Google Chrome Rolls Out Three Address Bar Search Shortcuts: All Details
31 Apple claims a new iMessage can alert you if state-sponsored spies are eavesdropping
32 You can now make a 3D Avatar in WhatsApp and customize it to your heart's content
33 4 trends that will shape content across photos, videos, creative writing and more
34 An AI-focused film festival is coming to New York in February
35 Uber Fined AUD 21 Million in Australia Over Misleading Advertisements About Fares, Cancellation Fees
36 Password manager Bitwarden adds passwordless login option
37 DC attorney general sues Amazon for 'stealing' $60 million in driver tips
38 The UK has some of the cheapest mobile and broadband bills in the world--a study claims
39 New BMW suspension patent aims to convert speed bumps into electricity
40 Atari revives unreleased arcade game too damn hard for 1982 players
41 It's not you, Google Photos is set to become worse at estimating your photo locations
42 Indiana sues TikTok over alleged security and child safety issues
43 Microsoft is reportedly planning a one-stop "super app" for all your needs
44 iPhone AirDrop restriction first seen in China will roll out worldwide with iOS 16.2
45 Most Twitter users can no longer create new "Moments"
46 Instagram will finally help creators understand why they're failing
47 Telegram Lets Users Sign Up Without Phone Number, Adds Automatic Message Deletion, More
48 Telegram version 9.2 adds SIM-free anonymous phone numbers, new auto-delete
49 You'll be surprised when you find out the most googled word in the world this year
50 Former Theranos executive Sunny Balwani is sentenced to almost 13 years in prison
51 First look at Samsung's SmartThings wireless charging station
52 Pixel phones will now remember to keep Wi-Fi on in Airplane mode
53 Former Theranos COO Sunny Balwani sentenced to 12 years and 11 months in prison
54 Apple Music Sing Karaoke Mode with Real-Time Lyrics, Duet View Announced: All Details
55 How to enable Advanced Data Protection for your iCloud backups
56 Bitmoji-like Avatars now rolling out on WhatsApp
57 Democratic lawmakers want Elon Musk to explain China's role in 'platform manipulation' during protests
58 How to use the Military Sleep Method to fall asleep faster at night
59 Global smartphone production decline by 11% since last year, here's why
60 Google to introduce 'related topics' to Search in the 'coming days'
61 iPhones, iPads, and Macs to run on "Made in America" chips: Read what Apple CEO said
62 Amazon is being sued for allegedly 'stealing' driver tips in DC
63 7 best upcoming phones of 2022 and beyond: the handsets we're excited to see
64 Instagram is telling creators when and why their posts are 'shadowbanned'
65 Apple reportedly is using both iOS based rOS and macOS based xrOS for its AR/VR headset
66 Microsoft's security guide for companies: Follow these 5 simple steps
67 Are Apple Watches waterproof? Everything you need to know
68 Congress axes media revenue sharing bill after pushback from Google and Meta
69 Apple Announces End-to-End Encrypted iCloud Backups, Security Keys Support for Apple ID, More
70 iMessage Contact Key Verification is a feature straight out of a spy film
71 Apple introduces new security features for users: All the details
72 Meta in Big Tech Club but Dwarfed by 'Giant Tech' Company Apple, Nick Clegg Says
73 Musk shuts down Moments as part of his Twitter 2.0 plan
74 Twitter is reportedly raising Blue subscription's pricing on iOS to $11
75 ChatGPT Can Fool Humans Even When It's Wrong, Backs Up Assertions with Fake Quotes
76 Dyson vacuums look cheap compared to the price of its new headphones
77 Google's year in search
78 WhatsApp Avatar Feature Rolling Out to Users with Support for 36 Customisable Stickers
79 Musk turns Twitter HQ into a hotel to crunch employees
80 Chinese students develop 'invisibility cloak' to evade security cameras: How will it work
81 Twitter Blue will reportedly cost more from iPhones to offset 'hidden 30 percent tax'
82 Elon Musk's hidden ace: iPhone users will pay more for Twitter Blue
83 Biden signs bill that lets domestic violence survivors remove abusers from phone plans
84 OLED TV glow-up: brighter, more efficient panels are coming--but you'll have to wait
85 Spain Joins List of Nations Experimenting with CBDCs, Plans 'Wholesale' Twist
86 Extra sauce and Japanese food, here's what Canadians ordered on Uber Eats this year
87 Google merges Maps and Waze teams but says apps will remain separate
88 Biden Administration Tells US Supreme Court Section 230 of Communications Decency Act Has Limits
89 Instagram expands Account Status feature to more users, here's what it means
90 Look away, Canon fans: Sigma could soon announce lenses for the Nikon Z mount
91 Sonos and Ikea raise the Symfonisk Lamp speaker to new heights
92 The Morning After: San Francisco reverses approval of lethal police robots
93 Foxconn Reports Fall in Sales After Disruption Over Protests at China iPhone Plant
94 Starling Bank's new virtual cards are what every bank needs
95 Google is starting to merge Maps and Waze teams; two separate apps will remain
96 Tata's $90 billion tech bet: Making chips for smartphones, laptops and more
97 The best Spotify alternatives: What are your options?
98 Gimmicks: Samsung is not the only offender--Apple does it too
99 Scammers are attacking each other with some very old-school tools
100 Google says North Korea targeted an Internet Explorer zero-day vulnerability
101 Twitter's San Francisco HQ is Elon Musk's 'new home'
102 Apple announces huge upgrade to your iCloud data privacy
103 Google is bringing together its Waze and Maps teams as it pushes to reduce overlap
104 Apple may be working on 20-inch foldable OLED MacBook: Report
105 EU USB-C deadline set for December 28, 2024
106 Intel set to reveal PC roadmap--will we hear about new CPUs?
107 China-Based APT41 Hacker Group Stole $20 Million Worth of US COVID-19 Relief Funds: Report
108 Google says it's making Chrome less of a battery and memory hog
109 Future MacBook Pros could ditch the keyboard in favor of a big foldable screen
110 iOS 16.2 to bring the time limit for AirDrop to everyone: This will be the 'big change'
111 Google to merge Waze and Maps teams to cut costs
112 EU's 'right to be forgotten' now extends to inaccurate claims about people