File Title
1 Neuralink is reportedly under federal investigation over animal testing
2 Why Facebook is threatening to ban all news in the US
3 Apple's Find My feature makes a SWAT team raid an old lady
4 WhatsApp for Android tablets is changing: Here's everything you need to know about it
5 10 Effective Event Management Tips
6 US FTC Investigating Several Crypto Firms Over 'Possible Misconduct' Concerning Digital Assets
7 Google brings Lens into its Translate app on Android and iOS
8 Why Apple's biggest iPhone partner refused to make Nothing Phone (1)
9 Apple Rolls Out iOS 16.2 Beta 4 Update to Testers with Improved Notification Center: Reports
10 UK iPhone owners finally get DIY repairs to fix smashed screens
11 Apple Faces Antitrust Complaints in Brazil, Mexico Over 'Anti-Competitive Practices'
12 Google Search brings continuous scrolling to desktop
13 Facebook threatens to pull out news content if made to pay for it
14 Airtel launches 'World Pass': International roaming plans, price and more
15 NLRB says Apple violated federal law with anti-union meetings in Atlanta
16 Waze gets built-in car app for the first time
17 Apple on track to beat Samsung and become India's largest phone exporter
18 Explained: Why FTC 'killing' Microsoft's biggest gaming deal may be a huge mistake
19 Meta's Oversight Board finds cross-check puts 'business concerns' ahead of human rights
20 Goldman Sachs Looking at Buying, Investing in Bargain Crypto Firms Impacted by FTX Collapse
21 YouTube is making its own Twitch-like emotes
22 Apple customers in Europe can now repair their own iPhones
23 Apple's Self Service Repair program comes to Europe
24 Meta Oversight Board demands overhaul of cross-check moderation
25 YouTube rolls out YouTube Emotes: What is it, how it works and more
26 Tis the season of Russian cyberattacks, says Microsoft
27 Music, food, and identities celebrated in TikTok's end of year wrap-up
28 Yelp is making it easier to manage quotes for home projects
29 Elon Musk's Neuralink is reportedly facing a federal probe on animal welfare grounds
30 UK carrier Vodafone reaches a significant milestone in its fight against the digital divide
31 Google Search results now continuously scroll on desktop
32 Ukraine hails "priceless" help from Amazon Web Services
33 How to check the iPhone you have bought is original or fake
34 Rad Power Rad Trike is a 3-wheeled car replacement
35 Microsoft Teams Update Adds Ability to View 49 Videos at Once, Schedule Messages: All Details
36 Android updates set to get faster with improvements to seamless updates
37 Apple might move some iPad production to India
38 Chinese government hackers apparently stole millions in COVID benefits
39 Adobe Stock to Accept Generative AI Artworks, Updates Guidelines for Submissions
40 Iran government-backed hackers targeting high-profile people: Report
41 Meta Oversight Board Calls for Overhaul of 'Cross-Check' Programme that Prioritises VIP Users
42 The FTC is investigating crypto firms for possible misconduct following FTX collapse
43 Apple Music beats Spotify to the home karaoke punch with neat new 'Sing' feature
44 Google removes multiple 'dangerous' apps with over 2 million downloads from Play Store: Report
45 EU will reportedly bar Meta from requiring personalized ads
46 TSMC Set to Expand US Semiconductor Plant in Arizona, Plans to Build a Second Facility in by 2026
47 Twitter's San Francisco office now has sleeping quarters: Report
48 AI-powered chatbot that writes essays has more than one million users
49 Apple allows developers to set more price points in new App Store update
50 ICMR Website Hit with 6,000 Unsuccessful Hacking Attempts in a Day, Government Official Says
51 Apple sued by two women over AirTag stalking
52 Elon Musk's brain implant company is facing federal probe on animal welfare
53 Giphy is adding alt text to make GIFs more accessible
54 Microsoft Teams is finally solving your most annoying PDF problem
55 Sony Ready to Make Humanoid Robots Quickly Once Usage Becomes Clear, CTO Hiroaki Kitano Says
56 Apple's rumored electric car may not be fully self-driving after all
57 Google Launches Anti-Misinformation Project in India, Will Use 'Pre-Bunking' Videos to Counter False Claims
58 Apple still can't figure out what kind of car it wants to make
59 What does Elon Musk's brain chip company Neuralink do?
60 Microsoft reportedly wants to build a 'super app' to get people using Bing
61 Micron's most advanced SSD yet should boost your next business laptop
62 Google brings Waze to Android Automotive, but only two cars get it now
63 Meta brings AI face scan-powered age verification to Facebook, here's how it works
64 GM opens Canada's first full-scale EV plant in Ontario
65 Apple's revamped App Store pricing allows $0.29 software
66 Adobe is ready to accept your AI-generated stock art
67 Apple's new App Store policies add more price points, going all the way up to $10,000
68 Meta is bringing Instagram's age verification tool to Facebook Dating: What is it, how to verify and more
69 Apple's car reportedly won't self-drive, launch delayed to 2026
70 Apple's future iPhones and Macs will use TSMC chips made in Arizona
71 Another top password manager is doing away with passwords
72 Ford is demanding its dealers get serious about EVs--two-thirds say they're in
73 Apple confirms it will buy chips made in the U.S.A.
74 How to turn noise-cancelling on or off on your Beats Studio 3
75 This dangerous botnet might have been taken down by a simple typo
76 Chrome's new shortcuts help search your tabs, bookmarks, and history
77 Here's why former football star Herschel Walker controls the future of net neutrality
78 Alexa can help you find your misplaced smartphone, here's how
79 OnePlus is entering the mechanical keyboard market
80 How to charge Beats Studio Buds
81 Google Photos Testing New 'Search' Button with Lens Features on Android: Report
82 Amazon's Alexa gets a new shopping List widget for iPhone and Android
83 Metallica is warning fans about these scams on YouTube, social media platforms
84 Amazon reportedly agrees to treat sellers better to end EU antitrust probes
85 How to turn off the always-on display on an iPhone 14
86 Elon Musk loves Twitter Spaces, but much of the team building it is gone
87 Quickly search Chrome tabs, history, more with new '@' shortcuts
88 The DVD rental company that changed the world
89 AirTag Stalking: Apple Faces Lawsuit by Two Women Over Dangerous Tracking by Exes
90 Apple makes big changes to App Store pricing and adds 700 new price points
91 Google says VPNs are important and why users should use one
92 YouTube is bringing custom global emotes to live chats and comments
93 Facebook Dating Will Allow Users to Verify Their Age Using AI Face Scanning, Meta Says
94 Apple Music adds more lyrics for karaoke superfans with 'Sing'
95 Apple Music now offers a karaoke mode
96 Open-source Linux utility is being hijacked to hack devices
97 Here's why Google wants these users to update their PC to Windows 10 or Windows 11
98 Apple Music Sing will turn your iPhone into a portable karaoke machine
99 Microsoft wants to compete with Google, Apple with a 'super app'
100 TSMC is building a second chip plant to meet US semiconductor demand
101 Microsoft is trying another push to get people to switch to Windows 11
102 Meta Threatens to Remove News from Platform if US Congress Passes Media Bill
103 Google Photos to replace "Lens" with "Search" button
104 TSMC Expects Annual Revenue of $10 Billion from US Chip Plants; Apple to Use New Chips, Tim Cook Says
105 AI chatbot predicted to replace Google in a couple of years
106 Twitter Fired Deputy General Counsel Over Concerns About Role in Information Suppression, Elon Musk Says
107 Facebook Dating will use your face to verify you're old enough to date
108 Apple Music Sing brings karaoke to everyone
109 Apple may have started work on a Macbook with foldable screen
110 Apple announces Top Games of 2022 list for Arcade
111 You can now sign up for Telegram without a SIM
112 Microsoft Said to Plan 'Super App' to Loosen Grip of Google, Apple on Mobile Search Space
113 Apple announces upgrade to App Store pricing: All the details
114 Microsoft reaches 10-year deal with Nintendo for Call of Duty
115 Shock Windows 10 warning will make you wish you owned a MacBook