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1 5 Android apps you shouldn't miss this week
2 Samsung offers 20 years warranty on Digital Inverter Motor for washing machines & Digital Inverter Compressor for refrigerators: What it means for users
3 Sirius XM flaw could've let hackers remotely unlock and start cars
5 Provider complaints and 5G growth [November 26-December 2]
6 Here's why Apple might feel compelled to spruce up iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus
7 Huawei's new smartwatch hides a pair of true wireless Bluetooth earbuds inside
8 Intel says it will stuff one trillion transistors in a package by 2030
9 Why millions of Android smartphones may be at risk, as per Google employee
10 Google has 'killed' this AI-powered service: All the details
11 Windows PC users face tough choice next month and it will be costly
12 Check your Android phone immediately and delete these popular apps now
13 Sirius XM flaw could've let hackers remotely unlock and start cars
14 How to stop a social media addiction: Our team's best tips
15 How-to use the Apple Watch Compass app
16 Hitting the Books: AI is already reshaping air travel, will airports themselves be next?
17 I asked ChatGPT to write about itself in my style, so I didn't have to
18 Taylor Swift fans are suing Ticketmaster over presale disaster
19 Chats in Google Messages are about to get even more secure
20 Face ID out, "Apple Ring" in! Google might hold the secret to the next huge iPhone innovation?
21 Elon Musk says Apple has 'fully resumed' advertising on Twitter
22 Long-running major vulnerability left millions of Android handsets wide open to data theft
23 How to capture full screen Chrome screenshots on different devices
24 Step aside ultrawide, LG's DualUp monitor is perfect for reading and writing
25 Intel says it will stuff one trillion transistors into a package by 2030
26 US Army starts testing a modified version of Canoo's electric pickup truck
27 Google is shutting down Duplex on the Web
28 How to clean your Apple Watch
29 Apple's 'move out' of China plan: iPhones to India, AirPods, Watch to Vietnam
30 Airplane Mode on smartphones: How this feature may become 'obsolete' soon
31 Here's why Elon Musk is thanking Twitter advertisers
32 Kuo sees Apple's headset delayed until the second half of 2023; huge shortfall in shipments expected
33 Foxconn Said to Expect iPhone Production at COVID-Hit China Plant to Fully Resume by Early January
34 New Zealand Plans to Introduce Law to Make Google, Facebook Pay Local Outlets for News
35 Apple AR/VR headset launch delay may be due to software-related issues: Report
36 Own an LG TV? You've just been given more things to watch for free
37 DHL orders 2,000 Ford E-Transit electric delivery vans
38 Chrome OS just got this Windows 95 feature
39 Tamil Nadu bans mobile phone usage in temples, here's why
40 Top tips for snoozing social media
41 How 4G laptops could revolutionise your business
42 Google Home app gets new interface, brings more routines
43 Nothing in talks to launch a new smartphone in the US
44 Google Messages Group Chats to Get End-to-End Encryption Soon
45 WhatsApp Beta Update Adds 'Picture-in-Picture' Support During Video Calls for iOS Testers: Report
46 The UK government reveals its plans to link remote areas with broadband from satellites
47 Kanye West calls Elon Musk 'half-Chinese' on Instagram, here's what Twitter CEO said
48 What is Google Messages and how to use it
49 The iPhone 15 series might not get the design change we were hoping for
50 Coming soon: 21 'new emojis' on WhatsApp, here's what may change
51 The Morning After: Apple has 'fully resumed' advertising on Twitter, according to Elon Musk
52 Devious new malware poses as ransomware to wipe Russian court data
53 Internet users, these are the 'biggest' scams you need to be beware of in 2023
54 YouTube names 'most popular' creators and videos of 2022: Full list
55 LG Smart TV owners can claim three months of free Apple TV+
56 IBM says it is hiking storage prices across the world
57 Apple back to advertising on Twitter: Musk
58 iFi's smallest ever portable DAC wants to big up the sound from your Mac, PC or phone
59 New useful features to hit the Google Play store app soon
60 Twitter Files: What Elon Musk has to say on Trump's demand to terminate parts of the US Constitution
61 Apple Said to Plan to Move Some iPhone Production Out of China After Violent Protests at Foxconn Plant 61
62 OnePlus announces it's making a 'fully customizable' mechanical keyboard
63 Apple looks to be having second thoughts about polarizing iPhone 15 design change
64 AIIMS ransomware attack: Read the document government issued to officials in August
65 GM-owned delivery EV company BrightDrop is expanding to Canada
66 Finally there is good news for consumers planning to buy an iPhone 14 Pro or 14 Pro Max soon
67 Planning to buy a new iPhone 14 Pro? Foxconn may have good news for you
68 Google Password Manager is taking over this key Chrome security function
70 13 years after the Steve Jobs iPad, Apple to copy Pixel Tablet design, making the best iPad ever?
71 IIT Madras researchers develop Ocean Wave Energy Converter: What it is and how it will help
72 Nvidia may finally admit its major mistake with the RTX 4080
73 New movies 2023: the biggest upcoming releases heading to theaters soon
74 5G could contribute $120 billion to Canada's GDP growth by 2036: report
75 Adobe accepts AI-generated stock art, with limits
76 Watch out--this Android malware has been installed millions of times already
77 Google releases major Android upgrade but only if you own these phones
78 How to add reactions to Google Messages
79 Apple's rumoured VR headset might be delayed
80 Google Photos tests new search function to let you find people by their face
81 Almost all new malware is targeting Windows
82 Starlink is delaying its daytime data caps until February
83 Construction starts in Australia on the world's largest radio telescope
84 Apple finally stumps up cash for MacBook customers hit by butterfly keyboard problems
85 Elon Musk Says 'Possible' that Twitter Gave Preference to Left-Wing Candidates During Brazil Election
86 Apple reportedly sold 4 million+ AirPods Pro 2 units in just a little over a week
87 Personal Routines suddenly vanished from Google Home app for some
88 Meta facing lawsuit over reported tax sharing scandal
89 Apple, Amazon Resume Advertising on Twitter After Elon Musk Takeover: Reports
90 More Verizon customers will enjoy faster 5G download data speeds very soon
91 Belkin launches AirPods earwax cleaning kit
92 Real ID enforcement delayed yet again--this time to 2025
93 Google says Rust is the key to cutting Android vulnerabilities
94 Apple may shift some iPad production away from China to India
95 These 3 massive smartphone and tablet breakthroughs didn't happen in 2022, but likely will in 2023!
96 Facebook Dating finally adds age verification
97 This sci-fi horror game is trying to make Area 51's little grey men scary again
98 Airtel and Meta partner to extend subsea cable system to India: Here's what this means for users
99 Microsoft Teams might start telling on you to your parents
100 Perfect gift idea for the frequent traveler: Timekettle translator earbuds!
101 How to reset YouTube recommendations: A step-by-step guide
102 PC sales slumped in the US--but it wasn't bad news for everyone
103 Everything you need to know about waterproof smartwatches
104 Tons of coffee and $2,761 worth of kebabs, here's what Canadians ordered on DoorDash
105 Apple AirTag 2: what we want to see
106 Google Pixel 6 problems: all the known problems and solutions
107 Garmin Fenix 7 vs. Apple Watch 7: find your perfect smartwatch
108 Chromebook users, here's why government wants you to apply the latest security update
109 New AirPods Pro are a 'hit' as Apple continues to dominate TWS market
110 Elon Musk's Neuralink Faces US Federal Investigation, Internal Staff Backlash Over Animal Tests
111 Google tests face-based search tool for the Photos app
112 15 best Android multiplayer games
113 Apple Said to Be Exploring Moving Some iPad Production to India from China
114 Do not fall for this dangerous Amazon shopping scam
115 Amazon latest to layoff 20,000 employees: Why is big tech hurting?
116 Sky Stream review: Finally time to ditch the dish?