File Title
1 New model highlights importance of virus size in SARS-CoV-2 replication
2 An environmentally friendly RNA-based spray to help combat rust disease in plants
3 Myoblast fusion offers a 'muscular' response to regeneration
4 'Untraditional' Hanukkah celebrations are often full of traditions for Jews of color
5 Why some scientists are hopeful
6 Fatigue cracking mechanism in metals revealed through high-resolution, 3D imaging of large-volume samples
7 Mysterious ichthyosaur graveyard may have been a breeding ground
8 Older people should play a more active role in learning studies, says review
9 Education boosts entrepreneurship in high growth industries
10 Corralling the devices capable of operating in the cold of deep space
11 Scientists uncover new organizing principles of the genome
12 Growing use of pharmaceuticals found to have increased carbon emissions during the COVID-19 pandemic
13 The lenses of fishes' eyes record their lifetime exposure to toxic mercury, new research finds
14 Thinking about a gap year? Here are some questions to ask yourself (and a note for anxious parents)
15 Using an egg 'soup' to understand how DNA is packed in the nucleus
16 Learning from habitat 'haves' to help save a threatened rattlesnake
17 Endangered Australian Frog Songs Are Hopping Their Way Up the ARIA Music Chart
18 Researchers shed light on how Lyme disease infects body
19 Clearer rules on reporting companies' climate risks could soon put us on a path to decarbonising corporate Australia
20 Scientists have a new theory on timing for human settlement of some parts of tropical Pacific
21 New method to find antibiotic-resistant genes shows limits of 'snapshot' samples, chlorination
22 NASA enables future of science observation through tri-band antennas
23 Zoonotic disease in dogs has risen in southern Chile after deworming program canceled
24 Research team develops direct laser writing system for high-resolution, high-efficiency nanofabrication
25 World's longest-winged birds go easy on older partners
26 Watermelon planting decisions involve multiple risks
27 Santa should phase out coal as punishment in Christmas stockings
28 COVID 'motherhood penalty' affects academic research productivity
29 Active learning methods are best for addressing sustainability issues
30 Developing 3D live hologram technology to save lives in field hospitals
31 What are mud volcanoes?
32 Emily Bronte's death needs to be radically reimagined--an expert explains
33 Rudolph is coping with climate change better than feared--for now
34 What does living in harmony with nature look like?
35 The Truth About the Longest Night's 'Shooting Stars'
36 Children born today will see literally thousands of animals disappear in their lifetime, as global food webs collapse
37 Phosphorus supply is increasingly disrupted--we are sleepwalking into a global food crisis
38 'Vaccinating' frogs may or may not protect them against a pandemic--but it does provide another option for conservation
39 Researchers publish mitochondrial genome of long-spined sea urchin, guardian of Caribbean coral reefs
40 Producing fertilizer without carbon emissions
41 Catching up to climate change by tracking big-picture patterns
42 UK woodlands could store almost twice as much carbon as previously estimated
43 Paying farmers to create woodland and wetland is the most cost-effective way to hit UK environment targets: Study
44 Later brand reveal in advertisements leads to better sales
45 Research reveals which animals perceive time the fastest
46 Developing antibiotics that target multiple-drug-resistant bacteria
47 Rescued turtle who would not have survived in the wild arrives at new UK home
48 New Species of Yeast Found On (And Named After) Leonardo Da Vinci's Iconic Self-Portrait
49 The James Webb telescope gets glimpses of small, far-off planets
50 The Top Eight Ocean Stories of 2022, Science
51 Ultra-strong 'threads' made of proteins help tiny organisms live in boiling acid
52 Structure of a bacteriophytochrome in two states revealed
53 Medical racism persists 50 years after the syphilis study at Tuskegee
54 ALMA successfully restarts observations after cyberattack
55 Simulations suggest more wind than thought on Mars for powering turbines
56 The Challenges of Winter Weather Forecasting
57 Astronomers identify the ancient heart of the Milky Way galaxy
58 US must disconnect strategic supply chains from China, say experts
59 Power plants found likely to be in close proximity to neighborhoods classified as 'hazardous' by HOLC redlining
60 A new method to recycle Nylon-6 by unlinking polymer chains
61 Human-caused emissions create new cloud-forming particles
62 Belize's Crocodiles Are Tough, but Are They Surviving River Pollution?
63 Passive video recordings in a residential backyard
64 These are our favorite animal stories of 2022
65 Ribosomes search August codons in bidirectional scanning, challenging the first-August rule
66 Researchers reveal novel epigenetic mechanism in establishment of seed vigor
67 Researchers analyze volcanic gases with the help of ultra-lightweight sensor systems
68 How the short-lived killifish could reveal principles of human aging
69 3D structure of mammalian genome reveals record-breaking diversity
70 Sedimentary rock 'chert' records cooling of the Earth over billions of years
71 NASA Mars lander InSight falls silent after four years
72 Scientists Are Learning Fascinating Things About the Manta Rays in Mexico
73 Blue light might be bad for humans--but good for mangoes
74 The James Webb Space Telescope wasn't the only big space news in 2022
75 90% of young Australians had financial troubles in 2022, and 27% used 'buy now, pay later' services
76 Carbon dioxide removal should receive additional financial support, says study
77 'Probing' the quality of compounds at the heart of biological research
78 Mild bee venom shows greater application potential
79 Climate adaptation and mitigation can, and must, reinforce each other as much as possible
80 Older people's views are often ignored in digital skills training, find studies
81 Elucidating the mechanism of high proton conduction to develop clean energy materials
82 Long-necked dinosaur from Germany was probably precocial
83 Human activities degrade hippopotamus homes at Bui National Park, Ghana
84 Stratospheric balloons confirm wind data from wind satellite Aeolus
85 'Big muscles and wrinkled skin': The Hercules pseudoscorpions
86 Europe gripped by worst ever bird flu outbreak: EU
87 New study shows scientists improve communication, education skills after working with teachers
88 Growing incomes boost Latinx millennials' purchasing power
89 Design review for ngVLA antenna clears way for prototype construction
90 Story writing connects children to the environment
91 China's zero-COVID 'volunteers' have suffered from stress and anxiety, study shows
92 Chemists make the unimaginable possible in crystalline materials discovery
93 Amendments to insurance and international environmental laws needed for carbon capture, use and storage
94 Scientists describe 146 new species in 2022
95 How race matters for the student loan crisis
96 Researchers analyze performance of bacterium in combating coffee rust
97 What is the smallest continent? Breaking down Earth's seven continents by size
98 Are Human-Derived Brain Organoids the Answer?
99 What happened to Biden's free college plan? Cutting cost of higher ed out of Feds' reach
100 Historic biodiversity pact inspires, but past failures loom
101 Chronic dysentery was likely not the killer of Edward the Black Prince, despite what is commonly believed
102 Researchers develop new identification device for heavy-ion particles
103 'Gray leisure' skateboarding represents both pollution and sustainability
104 New study finds birds build hanging-nests to protect offspring from nest invaders
105 Scientists uncover 'first record of a dinosaur eating a mammal'
106 Tracing the origins of Christmas traditions: From Santa to KFC
107 New study on optimizing microbial fuel cells shows electrode material can make all the difference
108 Why Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Republicans are fighting 'woke' ESG investing
109 Researchers offer new interpretation of a 4,000-year-old cemetery
110 Research examines food sustainability in a university context
111 How, When and Where to See A Bright 'Christmas Star' with Your Naked Eyes
112 Study reveals the true value of elephants
113 N. Zealand's amended cow burp tax plans still stink, say farmers
114 Using deep learning to monitor India's disappearing forest cover
115 Vega-C rocket lost shortly after lift-off in French Guiana
116 Study documents early instance of 'dinosaur eating a mammal'
117 Small, fast-moving animals perceive time faster than large, slow ones, study finds
118 Decoding the secret language of photosynthesis