File Title
1 Western tanks seen key to Ukraine battlefield breakthrough
2 Poland signs deal for Abrams tanks from US
3 US approves $180 million anti-tank weapons sale to Taiwan
4 Ukrainians get trained in howitzer repairs in Lithuania
5 Germany pauses orders of new tanks after mass breakdown
6 Prague to buy another 10 Caesar howitzers from France
7 France sends air defense missiles to Ukraine: Macron
8 Patriot missiles: crucial but limited help for Ukraine
9 US plans to send Patriot missiles to Ukraine: media
10 Northrop Grumman performs full-scale propellant mix for next-generation interceptor motor
11 Poland to receive Patriot missiles from Germany
12 NATO chief says up to Germany if it gives Ukraine Patriot missiles
13 Poland asks Germany to send Patriot missiles to Ukraine
14 Wikimedia disputes activist claims of Saudi 'infiltration'
15 War-themed video game fuels wave of misinformation
16 US announces $3 billion in military assistance for Ukraine
17 Jack Ma: tycoon who soared on China's tech dreams grounded by regulators
18 W. House says US, Germany to send Ukraine armored vehicles
19 Northrop Grumman's Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile Extended Range completes 4th live fire
20 US approves $380 million anti-air missile sale to Finland
21 Musk says nearly 100 Starlinks 'active' in Iran
22 Elon Musk's SpaceX unveils Starshield satellite services for U.S. military
23 US court orders Marines to allow Sikhs with beards and turbans
24 Black Colombian army major breaks ranks by wearing natural hair
25 Japan approves budget including record defense spending
26 $858 billion US defense bill scraps military vaccine mandate
27 Japan to radically overhaul defense policy on China threats
28 EU adds 2 billion euros to fund used to arm Ukraine
29 Russia ramping up production of 'most powerful' weapons: Medvedev
30 Baltics to up defense spending to three percent of GDP
31 EU to bolster fund used for arming Ukraine
32 Poland gets first shipment of S. Korean weapons
33 Growth in arms trade stunted by supply issues: report
34 Japan PM wants defense budget to reach 2% of GDP by 2027
35 China, Philippines vow 'friendly' handling of maritime spats
36 Putin oversees launch of new warships, submarines
37 New Italy PM to visit troops in Iraq
38 Let Iraq choose own path, Macron tells Middle East summit
39 Lockheed Martin and Rafael collaborate on high-energy laser system
40 Lockheed Martin delivers its highest powered laser to date to US Department of Defense
41 Neuralink about six months away from first human trial, says Elon Musk
42 Twitter's former safety chief says Elon Musk's polls are easily manipulated by bots
43 Watch out--these are officially the most dangerous creative software to search for
44 Ye will not be the new owner of Parler
45 How to delete multiple contacts on the iPhone
46 Skiing can trigger your iPhone 14's Crash Detection feature
47 IKEA confirms it was hit in significant cyberattack
48 Pending FDA approval, Neuralink human trials to begin within six months
49 Tesla finally delivers its first production Semi
50 Google's best app of 2022 is an AI art generator, which sounds about right
51 Tesla Semi Truck Delivered to PepsiCo. After 3-Year Delay, Elon Musk Silent on Pricing, Availability
52 Elon Musk Suspends Kanye West's Twitter Account Again; West Drops Plan to Acquire Parler
53 This is what you need to know about using 5G as a hotspot and getting the 'right' speed
54 Poll: Do you think we need a third smartphone platform?
55 Apple Said to Rename Mixed Reality Headset Software to xrOS, May Be Launched in 2023
56 Kanye West suspended from Twitter after posting a swastika
57 iPhone 14's new Emergency SOS via Satellite feature saves man's life in Alaska
58 Next-gen QD-OLED TVs could go 8K sooner than you think
59 FCC allows SpaceX to deploy 7,500 second-gen Starlink satellites
60 Daily Authority: YouTube's 2022 top ten
61 What Elon Musk said about suspending Kanye West's Twitter account
62 Man used iPhone 14 satellite alerts to get rescued in Alaska
63 Huawei's latest smartwatch has hidden earbuds inside
64 iPhone 14's SOS satellite feature saves a man in Alaska
65 Ye's Twitter account suspended again following swastika tweet
66 Vote now: Does your phone battery drain faster in the Winter?
67 Apple's upcoming mixed reality headset will reportedly run 'xrOS'
68 Apple is set to release its Meta Quest Pro rival in 2023, but it could be too late
69 Cooler data centres for a warming world
70 Huawei teases a smartwatch with built-in wireless earbuds
71 What we bought: How Zwilling's Cool Touch Kettle became my most-used kitchen gadget
72 The PCs protecting workers on the move
73 Alex Jones has filed for bankruptcy
74 iPhone users can now share their digital car keys with Pixel owners
75 These are the file types most likely to be hiding malware
76 Apple releases new iOS 16.2 beta 4 that makes seeing older notifications easier
77 WhatsApp tests disappearing messages shortcut on Android beta
78 Samsung, LG, other Android devices vulnerable to malware after security leak
79 1Password reveals passwordless authentication add-on for all your favourite browsers
80 Apple's Emergency SOS via Satellite saves stranded snowmobiler
81 Samsung working on multi-fingerprint sensing for its next gen OLED displays
82 The Most Innovative Tech Products of 2022
83 Google says Apple's texting is stuck in the 1990s
84 Why wind energy isn't living up to its pollution-preventing potential
85 Apple's long-rumoured mixed reality headset will run on new 'xrOS'
86 Google Messages expands end-to-end encryption support to group chats
87 Security flaw in Florida tax website exposed filers' sensitive data
88 5G on airplanes could mean the end of Airplane Mode
89 Study reveals the most common reasons why a smartphone needs to be trashed
90 Huawei's latest smartwatch comes with a secret pair of earbuds
91 Apple may have renamed 'RealityOS' to 'xrOS' as it prepares for the launch of its first mixed-reality headset
92 Pong's influence on video games endures 50 years later
93 By 2025, Samsung's fingerprint scanner will reportedly be 2.5 billion times more secure
94 GE has a new smart mixer that can shut itself off when your dough is ready
95 Safeguarding against next-gen cyber risks
96 Elon Musk's 'incentive' plan to bring advertisers back on Twitter: Details here
97 Kanye West's deal to purchase conservative social media app Parler is off
98 TikTok and Bumble join anti-revenge-porn initiative
99 You deserve more than $2 for running your phone's data through Amazon
100 Over 300,000 Android users hit by Facebook login-stealing malware
101 The cloud networking market is broken--Netmaker is trying to fix it
102 Elon Musk's promised Twitter expose on the Hunter Biden story is a flop that doxxed multiple people
103 Google takes a shot at Apple for not supporting RCS while sending out encryption for group messages
104 How to add and delete columns in a Google Docs
105 Report claims hate speech up on Twitter, here's what Elon Musk has to say
106 Elon Musk Introduces 'Live Tweeting' Feature Amid Ongoing Plans for Twitter
107 Twitter Under Elon Musk Leaning on Automation to Moderate Content Against Hate Speech
108 Google bids farewell to SMS as it says Apple is still "stuck in the 90s"
109 Explained: Why Google removes videos from YouTube, who decides what is harmful content and more
110 Explained: Gmail multi-send mode, what is it, benefits and more
111 Meta faces lawsuit for harvesting financial data from tax prep websites
112 Disney's incredible new re-aging tech could turn back time on more Hollywood heroes
113 Apple's latest accessibility video is one of its best, but it also gives me hope for VR
114 Recommended Reading: The environmental cost of China's EV boom
115 Texting is 30, which means most adults don't remember life before it
116 Google picks the best Android apps and games of 2022--download them now
117 Pentagon unveils B-21 Raider aircraft with advanced stealth technology