File Title
1 Two dead after powerful quake hits California
2 Indonesia quake death toll jumps to 602 after new count
3 The brain's ability to perceive space expands like the universe
4 Bearskin dance reconnects Romania youth with tradition
5 Researchers uncover 168 new Nazca geoglyphs
6 Fossil offers ultra rare piece of evidence showing a dinosaur eating a mammal
7 Mammals island-hopped from Australia to colonise the world
8 Next-generation solid electrolyte technology key to building solid state batteries
9 Berkeley Lab scientists develop a cool new method of refrigeration
10 Next-generation wireless technology may leverage the human body for energy
11 Next-generation solid electrolyte technology key to building solid state batteries
12 International fusion energy project faces delays, says chief
13 Country warming up to energy beneath the crust
14 New dwarf boa found in Ecuadoran Amazon
15 Hard to bear: UK's only panda pair to return to China
16 Self-assembling proteins can store cellular "memories"
17 Electrochemistry converts carbon to useful molecules
18 New method helps understand the global organic carbon cycle
19 Warmer biosphere reduces organic carbon sequestation beneath oceans
20 High-performance visible-light lasers that fit on a fingertip
21 Using machine learning to forecast amine emissions
22 New quantum computing architecture could be used to connect large-scale devices
23 Into the blue: Progress in perovskite LEDs for deep-blue light
24 Spain busts criminals smuggling e-waste to Africa
25 Southwest Airlines expects Q4 loss after storm chaos
26 Auto industry races into metaverse at CES
27 EVs make up 80 percent of new car sales in Norway
28 One dead in China highway pile-up involving hundreds of cars
29 Cyclists brave Lahore smog to convince drivers to ditch their cars
30 US probing GM's autonomous driving unit after incidents
31 One in five cars on Norway's roads are electric
32 The oven won't talk to the fridge: 'smart' homes struggle
33 AI-powered technology sees big improvements in UK stroke treatment: analysis
34 AFRL division wins award for cold spray robot
35 Should we tax robots
36 Excitement at Hong Kong's China border as quarantine lifted
37 Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg discourage travel to COVID-hit China
38 EU 'offer stands' to send COVID jabs to China
39 Workers clash with police at COVID test kit factory in China
40 Asian markets mixed after healthy start to the new year
41 Asian markets rise on 2023 outlook hopes, oil prices bounce
42 New York City's greenery absorbs a surprising amount of its carbon emissions
43 Electronic bridge allows rapid energy sharing between semiconductors
44 Germany misses 2022 climate target on Ukraine war fallout
45 Ten flagship nature-restoring initiatives hailed by UN
46 EU reaches deal on major carbon market reform
47 A healthy wind
48 Interfacial engineering for improved stability of flexible perovskite solar cells
49 New solar cell material could be used in space
50 Improving the operational stability of perovskite solar cells
51 As energy crisis bites, Spaniards snap up solar panels
52 Decoding the secret language of photosynthesis
53 CityU scientists discover a novel photophysical mechanism that has achieved record-breaking efficiency for organic photovoltaics
54 Ammonium is the secret ingredient in stable, efficient and scalable perovskite solar cells
55 Tandem solar cell achieves 32.5 percent efficiency
56 New process boosts efficiency of bifacial CIGS thin film solar cell
57 Economical eco-friendly fabrication of high efficiency chalcopyrite solar cells
58 A step towards solar fuels out of thin air
59 Single component white LED based on lanthanide ions doped lead halide perovskite
60 Constrained future brightening of solar radiation in China and its implication for the solar power
61 Argonne researchers win defense programs award for nuclear safety work
62 Bulgaria moves to replace Russia nuclear fuel supplies
63 GE Hitachi submits generic design assessment application in the UK for BWRX-300 Small Modular Reactor
64 Reviving Japan's nuclear power industry: not so simple
65 New delay for Finnish nuclear reactor production
66 'Big challenges': choosing a nuclear career in Japan
67 New delay, cost overrun for France's next-gen nuclear plant
68 Aston University to help power Indonesia with affordable energy made from rice straw
69 Researchers harvest electricity from wood soaking in water
70 An important step towards strong and durable biobased plastics
71 To battle climate change, scientists tap into carbon-hungry microorganisms for clues
72 Peru hits Spanish energy giant Repsol with new oil spill fines
73 Iraq oil revenues top $115 billion in 2022
74 New method to introduce efficient water splitting for hydrogen production at low voltage
75 Cheap, sustainable hydrogen through solar power
76 Shell to pay 15 million euros to Nigerian farmers over pollution
77 Putin inaugurates key Siberian gas field for China exports
78 How climate change impacts the Indian Ocean dipole, leading to severe droughts and floods
79 Spain sees hottest year on record in 2022
80 France suffered record heat, rain shortfall in 2022: weather office
81 University students test futuristic flight hardware in NASA facility
82 Self-powered, printable smart sensors could mean cheaper, greener Internet of Things
83 Tanzania signs $2.2bln railway deal with China
84 New Indonesia capital imperils ancient Eden with 'ecological disaster'
85 France tightens ad rules to take aim at 'greenwashing'
86 German rail offers up porcelain ware to reduce waste
87 Good vibrations turbo charge green hydrogen production
88 Middle East and North Africa--great potential for hydrogen and synthetic fuels
89 Kim calls for 'exponential increase' of N. Korea's nuclear arsenal
90 Invasion of Ukraine revives nuclear warfare nightmare
91 From robot fireflies to okra plasters: 2022's nature-inspired solutions
92 Increasing forest cover in the Eifel region 11,000 years ago resulted in the local loss of megafauna
93 Metabolic hack makes ocean algae more resilient to 21st century climate change
94 How Chinese diplomacy helped seal historic nature deal
95 Ukraine shoots down 45 drones: air force
96 Ukraine says repelled Russia drone attack at night
97 Seoul says military fired at N. Korean drones after incursion
98 Canada probing how its parts ended up in Iranian drones used by Russia
99 DARPA Kicks Off JUMP 2.0 Consortium Aimed at Microelectronics Revolution
100 Timeline: Islamic State group's rise and fall
101 The long road to bring Iraq's IS jihadists to justice
102 Timeline: Islamic State's rise and fall
103 Russia, declared 'terror' state by EU lawmakers, batters Ukraine grid
104 MOXIE sets consecutive personal bests and Mars records for oxygen production
105 NASA retires InSight lander after four years on Mars
106 At CES tech mega-show, driverless cars show promise, limitations
107 At CES, sailor-less ships head to port on AI wave
108 New "semi-sub" shows spy potential of sailing at waterline
109 Macron says Australia submarine cooperation offer 'on the table'
110 Over 100 unmanned vessels to be deployed in Gulf waters: CENTCOM