File Title
1 Fortnite-maker to pay $520 million over US child allegations
2 Assembly begins on NASA's next tool to study exoplanets
3 Kepler's first exoplanet is spiraling toward its doom
4 ESPRESSO and CARMENES discover two potentially habitable exo-Earths around a star near the Sun
5 What it would take to discover life on Saturn's icy moon Enceladus
6 Southern hemisphere's biggest radio telescope begins search for ET signatures
7 PSI Io Input/Output observatory discovers large volcanic outburst on Jupiter's moon Io
8 Mix a space juice to celebrate ESA's Juice mission
9 Juno spacecraft recovering memory after 47th Flyby of Jupiter
10 SwRI delivers innovative instrument for NASA's Europa Clipper mission
11 Cambodian leader orders Mekong safe zones to save rare dolphins
12 After huge storm, Mississippi capital hit by another water crisis
13 EU gives 'red card' to Cameroon over fishing
14 Coral bleaching causing 'unnecessary' fish fights
15 Cruise passengers stranded by 'marine growth' on hull
16 'It just dies': Yellow-band disease ravages Thailand's coral reefs
17 Carbon, soot and particles from combustion end up in deep-sea trenches
18 Exotic clasts in Chang'e-5 samples indicate unexplored terrane on moon
19 Researchers discover solar wind-derived water in lunar soils
20 Moon water imager integrated with NASA's Lunar Trailblazer
21 Building a powerhouse in deep space
22 How Hera asteroid mission will phone home
23 Ancient asteroid grains provide insight into the evolution of our solar system
24 EOSDA launches first satellite on Transporter-6 mission
25 Kleos KSF1 geospatial intelligence released to customers
26 Record-breaking winter temperatures warm Europe
27 Weather extremes becoming 'new normal,' warns UK's National Trust
28 Planet launches 36 SuperDoves on Transporter 6 mission
29 Planet to launch 36 SuperDove satellites with SpaceX
30 Satellogic announces expansion of Aleph-1 constellation following Transporter-6 launch
31 Planet Scales Education and Research Program
32 KSAT to support NOAA's Deep Space Solar Observatory
33 SPORT and petitSat cubesats to shed light on space weather disturbances
34 Precise solar observations fed millions in ancient Mexico
35 Webb reveals Milky Way-like galaxies in early universe
36 LHAASO's dark matter search places tighter constraints on dark matter's lifetime
37 Mysterious gamma-ray emitting bubbles around the center of our Galaxy explained
38 Astronomers identify the ancient heart of the Milky Way galaxy
39 Cosmological enigma of Milky Way's satellite galaxies solved
40 Physicists confirm effective wave growth theory in space
41 Modified gravity, galactic rotation curves, modified inertia and dark matter
42 New technique reveals changing shapes of magnetic noise in space and time
43 Measuring gamma-ray bursts' hidden energy unearths clues to the evolution of the universe
44 Three time dimensions, one space dimension
45 China ends quarantine for arrivals; as Germany discourages visting China
46 Influenza or a cold? A new technology can help you
47 Taiwan's Tsai offers assistance to China over virus surge
48 China's Xi says 'light of hope in front of us' on COVID
49 EU to discuss joint COVID response to China arrivals on January 4: Sweden
50 Jubilant Chinese plan trips as inbound COVID quarantine set to end
51 Xi urges steps to 'protect' lives as China battles COVID wave
52 China's propaganda machine sputters in zero-COVID reversal
53 US proposes stricter air quality standards for soot
54 Tunisia ex-minister jailed over hazardous waste scandal
55 Microplastics deposited on the seafloor triple in 20 years
56 France bans disposable packaging, utensils in fast-food restaurants
57 Judges drop probe into French Antilles pesticide scandal
58 Achieving foundational security for food systems
59 Soaring fertilizer prices could see millions more undernourished
60 N. Zealand's amended cow burp tax plans still stink, say farmers
61 Hawaii volcano erupts again after a month of quiet
62 Spain confirms first death from 2021 volcano eruption
63 Half of world's glaciers will vanish by year 2100 due to global warming
64 Half of world's glaciers expected to vanish by 2100: study
65 Brazilian Amazon deforestation up 150% in Bolsonaro's last month
66 Rwandan tree carbon stock mapped from above
67 France suffered record heat, rain shortfall in 2022: weather office
68 Italian climate activists face trial for painting Senate
69 Spain sees hottest year on record in 2022
70 Swiss January heat record broken for north side of Alps
71 Slime for the climate, delivered by brown algae
72 2022 UK's hottest year on record: provisional Met Office figures
73 After year of climate disasters, world off-track to curb warming
74 US biology textbooks have less climate content than decade ago: study
75 Floods 'devastating' parts of Western Australia: PM
76 Pakistan needs billions for flood recovery, UN urges
77 After peace deal, Orthodox Ethiopians keep a Christmas of hope
78 Chad says it foiled 'destabilisation' bid by officers
79 Burkina army officer held in 'destabilisation' plot: prosecutor
80 46 Ivorian soldiers return home after Mali pardon
81 Mother says China protester released after 30 days' detention
82 Hong Kongers await border reopening with mixed feelings
83 China gives Hong Kong leader power to bar foreign lawyers
84 Airbus to provide Poland with a very high resolution optical satellite system
85 Kleos' Observer Mission Targeted for 3 January Launch
86 Soaring COVID cases shine light on China's healthcare gap
87 Why Indonesia is moving its capital to the rainforests of Borneo
88 Changing ocean circulation intensifies extreme events in the Indian Ocean
89 Lula returns vowing to rebuild, reunify Brazil
90 Belgian families don gloves for house-heating research
91 Extinction Rebellion pauses radical tactics; 2022 confirmed as UK's hottest year
92 State of emergency declared in storm-battered California
93 Hong Kong court allows cardinal to attend Benedict funeral
94 Philippines, China move to avoid 'miscalculation' in disputed sea
95 Philippines boosts military in disputed sea after Chinese 'encroachment'
96 Between war and red tape, many Iraqis lack official papers
97 In Iraq, graft helps push property prices out of reach
98 Iraq says ex-official returned fraction of stolen billions
99 French mayor under fire for fighting Mont Blanc hikers
100 China COVID pivot sparks jitters worldwide
101 AFRL Guardian software team reports busy year
102 Afghan survivors get new homes six months after deadly quake
103 Aid from two World Bank entities hit record $75 billion in 2022
104 Global alarm grows over China's COVID surge
105 In some US zip codes, young men face more risk of firearm death than those deployed in recent wars
106 Changing ocean circulation intensifies extreme events in the Indian Ocean
107 Canadian polar bears disappearing fast: study
108 More than half of Antarctica's plant and animals could disappear due to climate change
109 Reducing nitrogen use key to human and planetary health: study
110 Pakistan needs billions for flood recovery, UN urges