File Title
1 Once in 50,000-year comet may be visible to the naked eye
2 Comet Interceptor construction moves forward
3 Scientists eager to analyze International Space Station experiments soon
4 Station crew wraps up a busy year as Soyuz review continues
5 Russian space chief praises US after ISS coolant leak
6 Retired NASA satellite expected to fall to Earth on Sunday
7 D-Orbit Launches two ION Satellite Carrier on its seventh orbital transportation mission
8 Space junk bill passes Senate unanimously
9 AST SpaceMobile and NASA sign agreement to improve spaceflight safety
10 Iridium and Qualcomm collaborate to support satellite messaging in smartphones
11 Viasat's Ka-band in-flight connectivity system achieves STC on Gulfstream G450 aircraft
12 Quectel expands its 5G and GNSS Combo Antennas Portfolio
13 Airbus achieves key milestone on EGNOS European satellite-based navigation augmentation system
14 Voyager Space and Airbus announce partnership for Starlab Space Station
15 Momentus launches Vigoride Orbital Service Vehicle on Transporter-6 Mission
16 Webb reveals Milky Way-like galaxies in early universe
17 Serpent in the sky captured with ESO telescope
18 Webb telescope promises new age of the stars
19 Chile's ALMA observatory resumes work after cyberattack
20 Webb Space Telescope reveals previously shrouded newborn stars
21 Physicists confirm effective wave growth theory in space
22 New type of entanglement lets scientists 'see' inside nuclei
23 What triggers flow fluctuations in heavy-ion collision debris
24 EOSDA launches first satellite on Transporter-6 mission
25 Kleos KSF1 geospatial intelligence released to customers
26 China launches new Earth observation satellite
27 SwRI delivers innovative instrument for NASA's Europa Clipper mission
28 Mix a space juice to celebrate ESA's Juice mission
29 Juno spacecraft recovering memory after 47th Flyby of Jupiter
30 Four decade study finds mysterious patterns in temperatures at Jupiter
31 KSAT to support NOAA's Deep Space Solar Observatory
32 SPORT and petitSat cubesats to shed light on space weather disturbances
33 The world's largest turbulence simulation unmasks the flow of energy in astrophysical plasmas
34 Strengthening electron-triggered light emission
35 A light source that produced two entangled light beams
36 Putin sends missile ship to train in Atlantic, Med
37 Six more bodies recovered after sinking of Thai warship
38 Naval drills with China response to 'aggressive' US: Russian army chief
39 Russia announces joint naval drills with China
40 Raytheon Intelligence and Space awarded Missile Track Custody development contract
41 N. Korea fires short-range ballistic missile: S. Korea military
42 Australia buys Ukraine-tested US missile system
43 Deadly Ukraine strike reveals Russian tech weakness
44 'Not a traitor': The Russians fighting alongside Ukraine's forces
45 Grief and anger in Russia over soldiers killed by Ukraine strike
46 Russia defense chief says victory 'inevitable' in NYE message
47 France keen to help Ukraine meet battlefield needs: minister
48 Serbia troops on 'highest level' of alert over latest Kosovo tensions
49 US asks Putin to keep 'acknowledging reality' after 'war' reference
50 Zelenksy, Biden show unity, but war fatigue a threat
51 Zelensky visits Ukraine 'fortress' city of Bakhmut
52 Sunak says UK will maintain military aid to Ukraine in 2023
53 Russian defense minister inspects troops involved in Ukraine offensive
54 Almost 10,000 trapped amid Colombia rebel "armed strike"
55 Belarus holds snap 'combat readiness' drills
56 War of attrition: Russia's stubborn fight for Ukraine's Bakhmut
57 Black carbon aerosols accelerate loss of glacial mass over the Tibetan plateau
58 Bering Land Bridge formed surprisingly late during last ice age, study finds
59 Stellantis to build electric aircraft with Archer and provide strategic funding for growth
60 Airlines slam 'ineffective' COVID tests for China travellers
61 Southwest Airlines faces storm of criticism over holiday chaos
62 Rotors for mission to Titan tested at Langley's Transonic Dynamics Tunnel
63 Advanced Air Mobility makes travel more accessible
64 Germany signs contract to buy F-35 jets
65 Dawn of solid-state quantum networks
66 Taiwan's TSMC begins mass production of 3nm chips
67 Putting a new spin on computer hardware
68 Space-frequency-polarization-division multiplexing of information metasurface makes wireless communications more powerful
69 US places Chinese chipmakers on trade blacklist
70 Confining quarks
71 China launches WTO dispute over US chip sanctions
72 China's space exploration spurred by helping humanity
73 China sets multiple records in space during
74 China's space sector set to rocket into future
75 Space contractors release China's launch plans for 2023
76 Hubble finds that ghost light among galaxies stretches far back in time
77 NASA, SpaceX to Study Hubble Telescope Reboost Possibility
78 Serpent in the sky captured with ESO telescope
79 Five things to watch at CES tech megashow
80 AI infused everything on show at CES gadget extravaganza
81 Scientists eager to analyze International Space Station experiments soon
82 Ukraine startups at CES strive to help the nation triumph
83 Green tech fights for limelight at CES gadget fest
84 Artemis I Orion spacecraft returns to Kennedy Space Center
85 North Korea conducts 'final-stage test' for spy satellite: state media
86 NASA conducts first test of redesigned Lunar rocket engine at Stennis
87 Latest launch marks 64th mission for China in 2022
88 Virgin Orbit' Launcherone Systems given green light for upcoming mission
89 UK space regulator issues Virgin Orbit licenses ahead of UK launch
90 SpaceX rocket carries 114 satellites in first launch of 2023
91 Last SpaceX launch of 2022 carries Israeli reconnoissance satellite into orbit
92 Falcon 9 rocket launches 54 Starlink satellites
93 Inauguration of mainland Europe's first satellite launch complex
94 China not in 'space race,' industry insiders say
95 NSLComm's BeetleSat LEO satellite launched on SpaceX Transporter 6 mission
96 Chinese commercial space company to launch stackable satellites
97 Iridium introduces its latest IoT data service
98 Spire Global launched 6 satellites on SpaceX Transporter-6 Mission
99 US space entities examine future space technology
100 Retired NASA satellite expected to fall to Earth on Sunday
101 D-Orbit Launches two ION Satellite Carrier on its seventh orbital transportation mission
102 NASA and HAARP conclude asteroid experiment
103 NASA, Alaska researchers to scan asteroid with radio waves
104 Ditching concrete for earth to build a cleaner future
105 Waste not want not: Santiago's poorest district plants recycling seed
106 Elucidating the mechanism of high proton conduction to develop clean energy materials
107 3M to phase out 'forever chemicals' PFAS by 2025
108 Stop and smell the metaverse roses: Virtual world on display at CES
109 From bees to bullets, CES tech show gives gamers the feels
110 China approves first foreign video games since crackdown