File Title
1 Cornwall space launch: Virgin Orbit targets Monday for UK mission
2 Spaceport launch will inspire children of Cornwall, team says
3 Can the UK's race to space take off?
4 Wind generated a record amount of electricity in 2022
5 Sierra Madre: Fighting to save what's left of a vital rainforest
6 US approves world's first vaccine for declining honey bees
7 UK weather: 2022 was warmest year ever, Met Office confirms
8 Green farming schemes to be paid more taxpayers' money
9 Water pipe robots could stop billions of litres leaking
10 More snow and rain is falling in the Arctic
11 James Webb telescope: Amazing images show the Universe as never before
12 Perseverance: Mars rock sample deposited for Earth return
13 NASA's Swot satellite will survey millions of rivers and lakes
14 Virgin Orbit issued licences ahead of Cornwall space launch
15 Io volcano world comes into view of Juno probe
16 'Robotic surgery helped save my life after cancer diagnosis'
17 Cornwall space launch viewing information released
18 Tribute to Macauley Owen after Anglesey farm incident
19 Cambridgeshire County Council U-turn on sofa recycling centre ban
20 Bristol University activist finishes 'plogging' tour of 30 cities
21 Norfolk sunfish find important for research--expert
22 Rathlin Island: RSPB searches for a ferret-catcher
23 Campaigners claim 460 new homes in Miskin will harm wildlife
24 Anglesey: Dogs save tiny turtle from becoming gull's dinner
25 In photos: Severe cold wave grips north India
26 Widespread damage to California coast in wake of major storms
27 Hawaii: Footage shows Kilauea volcano erupting again
28 Chessington Zoo: Staff mourn death of Bafia the gorilla
29 Noah's Ark Zoo Farm animals enjoy recycled Christmas trees
30 Spain tobacco firms to pay to clean up cigarette butts
31 Swan rescued after being shot with catapult in Leicestershire
32 Ukraine war: Trying to run start-ups in a conflict
33 US bank Silvergate hit with $8 billion in crypto withdrawals
34 Many Android phones to get satellite connectivity
35 WhatsApp to enable messaging in internet blackouts
36 Samsung profits plunge as demand for gadgets slows
37 CES 2023: Sony unveils controller for disabled gamers
38 Twitter: Millions of users' email addresses 'stolen' in data hack
39 Meta fined 390 million euros over use of data for targeted ads
40 Porn website age checks introduced in Louisiana
41 Gadgets unveiled at CES but Russia is banned
42 Sam Bankman-Fried pleads not guilty to fraud
43 US regulators warn banks over cryptocurrency risks
44 Ukraine war: What does facial recognition software make of Putin's backdrop crowd?
45 Flying boats and other tech for cleaner shipping
46 Tech trends 2023: Flying taxis and satellite phones
47 The cargo hauling aircraft with no pilots on board
48 Why is Elon Musk spending his time on Twitter, not on the mission to Mars?
49 Wikipedia owner denies Saudi infiltration claim
50 Schools hit by cyber attack and documents leaked
51 UK plan for national mRNA cancer vaccine advance
52 Minister apologises after Twitter account hacked
53 Police use drone to trace stolen caravans
54 Dozens of jobs lost at Inverness medical technology company
55 Diet: Body image warning over 'new year, new you' posts
56 Matt Hancock bids 'fond farewell' to his app after five years
57 Nearly a third of university courses still have hybrid teaching
58 'Scope for compromise' on teachers' pay--minister
59 Newport News: Boy aged six detained after shooting teacher in US
60 Katharine Birbalsingh: Head teacher quits as social mobility adviser
61 Maesteg: Girl misses out on free school bus by 160m
62 Student mental health risk 'linked to chosen areas of study'
63 School governor at 26 who shrugs off imposter syndrome
64 Teachers' strikes: What are they paid and will schools close?
65 Sri Lanka crisis: Parents forced to pick which child can go to school
66 Glaucoma sufferer learned Braille in lockdown after losing sight
67 Bristol: Rent controls to stop 'unaffordable' housing to be debated
68 Ulster University income international student income rises to 12 million pounds
69 Cost-of-living: We have schoolkids who don't eat between dinner and lunch
70 January strikes: Who is striking and what are their pay claims?
71 Northern Ireland school exams: Gerry Campbell to become CCEA chief executive
72 Croft Pre-School closes doors after four decades of childcare
73 King Edmund School in Rochford opens teaching space at Holiday Inn
74 Bath nursery forced to close due to lack of staff
75 Bristol Pip the dog helps St. Mary Redcliffe School pupils read
76 Welsh language: Non-binary speakers want gender-neutral help
77 China COVID: Celebrity deaths spark fears over death toll
78 China COVID: Young people self-infect as fears for elderly grow
79 China COVID: EU officials 'strongly' urge testing for travel
80 US pharmacies can now sell abortion pills
81 All the Beauty and the Bloodshed film explores Sackler scandal
82 COVID in China: US imposes COVID testing for visitors from China
83 What is known about new COVID variant XBB.1.5?
84 China COVID: How is it tackling the latest surge in cases?
85 COVID: Why are some places testing Chinese arrivals?
86 PM Sunak welcomes 'valuable' talks with health leaders
87 China suspends social media accounts of COVID policy critics
88 Bristol NHS patient says hotel care was 'diabolical'
89 NHS A&E crisis: Staff making 'difficult decisions in unprecedented times'
90 Somerset: Taunton children's mental health support hub opens
91 The NHS crisis--decades in the making
92 Kettering General Hospital allows visitors as COVID cases fall
93 Lack of autism awareness contributed to Essex teen's death--inquest
94 NHS: Discharge guidance could see patients die--doctors
95 Nicola Sturgeon chairs emergency meeting on NHS winter pressures
96 NHS Wales: Ambulance workers' strike dates announced
97 Northern Ireland health service pressure amazingly unprecedented--surgeon
98 Kent GPs under 'tremendous pressure' call for action
99 Lincolnshire hospitals get midwifery boost with most ever new recruits
100 Bristol: BRI patient waits 31 hours on A&E trolley
101 COVID infections soar to highest level since July
102 Sussex hospitals: Unprecedented seven-day critical incident ends
103 Kevin McCarthy elected US House Speaker after 15 rounds of voting
104 What has Kevin McCarthy given up, and at what price?
105 The six Republican rebels who refused to vote for Kevin McCarthy
106 Filippo Bernardini: Italian admits stealing unpublished books
107 Real Housewives star Jen Shah sentenced to over six years in prison
108 US economy sees robust jobs growth in December
109 Damar Hamlin breathing on his own: Buffalo Bills
110 Can Biden's new border plan end the migrant crisis?
111 How actor Edward Norton is related to Pocahontas
112 Could Trump become Speaker? Your questions answered
113 Damar Hamlin: How anti-vaxxers exploited player's collapse
114 Are tech job cuts a warning for the wider economy?
115 Republican voters weigh in on US House Speaker gridlock
116 Southwest Airlines says travel chaos could cost company $825 million
117 Ukraine war: Western allies to send fighting vehicles to Kyiv
118 Golden Globes 2023: The nominations in full