File Title
1 New measurements of galaxy rotation lean toward modified gravity as an explanation for dark matter
2 Taxonomic complexity of Sambucus genus studied
3 What Happens to 3D-Printed Materials When They Get Older?
4 10 Must-See Sky Events in 2023, from Rare Eclipses to A New Bright Comet
5 Skiing in the Alps faces a bleak future thanks to climate change
6 There Would Be No Fireworks Without Rocks and Minerals
7 CDC Director Walensky Tweets 'We Can't Stop the Spread of COVID-19,' Here's the Pushback
8 Mosaic Evolution Generates Patches of Vivid Colors in the Lories
9 Two Self-Defeating Attitudes to Leave Behind in 2022, Suggested by A Psychologist
10 Omicron XBB.1.5 Rapidly Becomes New Dominant COVID-19 Subvariant, Here Are the Concerns
11 Why Some Individuals Can't 'See' Anything When They Close Their Eyes
12 A 'Blue Moon,' Two Lunar Eclipses and Four 'Supermoons:' Exactly When to See All 13 Full Moons in 2023
13 A Radiation Spike Struck NASA's Juno Just as It Took this Jaw-Dropping New Image
14 The Year's Strongest and Strangest Meteor Shower Peaks this Week. Here's When to See 'Fireballs'
15 Looted ancient sarcophagus returned to Egypt from US
16 Cambodian leader orders Mekong safe zones to save rare dolphins
17 Self-assembling proteins can store cellular 'memories'
18 New expansion microscopy methods magnify research's impact
19 New method precisely locates gene activity and proteins across tissues
20 Spain confirms first death from 2021 volcano eruption
21 Spain sees hottest year on record in 2022
22 How to Detox Your Love Life and Not Get Played in 2023
23 When to See this Week's 'Wolf Moon' Rise, 2020's First of 13 Full Moons
24 Balancing Power in Cocoa by Paying Farmers More
25 Scientists discover first known organism thriving exclusively on diet of viruses
26 Santiago's poorest district plants recycling seed
27 South Korea's lunar orbiter sends photos of Earth, Moon
28 Dogs' tails not crucial for their agile movements, study finds
29 Spotify CEO joins Elon Musk in slamming Apple's App Store policies
30 5G subscriptions to hit 5 billion in 2028: report
31 You're not entirely ready for 64-bit-only smartphones
32 AWS CEO: Embrace cloud and save your dollars...and possibly the world too
33 Windows 11 preview update fixes 'performance issues' with games
34 Twitter claims 'none of our policies have changed' as advertisers continue to flee
35 South Dakota bans TikTok for state workers, asks for other states to follow
36 IT managers think they have the right tech for hybrid working--but workers disagree
37 More than 1 trillion songs have been streamed in the US this year
38 YouTube is repeatedly crashing for some iOS users but a fix is on the way
39 Robots are learning to brace themselves against walls to avoid falling
40 5G will connect 1 billion people by the end of the year
41 YouTube has finally stopped crashing on Apple devices, for some
42 GPT-3 is making even more art obsolete
43 Twitter Blue delayed: Elon Musk may have postponed Twitter Blue roll out once again
44 Corning's latest smartphone glass can survive a 1m drop onto concrete
45 This top security camera brand might be uploading photos to the cloud without you knowing
46 WhatsApp Update Allows Users to Include Caption While Forwarding Media on iOS: All Details
47 Twitter is now pushing recommended tweets to everyone
48 Elon Musk says Tim Cook told him Apple 'never considered' removing Twitter
49 Apple's new promo video shows off the great accessibility tools on iOS
50 A fix is coming for YouTube's iOS crashing issue
51 Fusion power is 'approaching' reality thanks to a magnetic field breakthrough
52 Twitter will recommend more tweets to everyone, even if you didn't ask for them
53 Elon Musk says he and Tim Cook 'resolved the misunderstanding' about Twitter's iOS app
54 Alleged M2 Max chipset Geekbench specs leak online
55 DoorDash is laying off around 1,250 corporate employees
56 TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew explains how US data will be kept out of China
57 Zombie virus: Scientists may have revived nearly 50,000-year-old microorganisms in Russia
58 Airbus is building a hydrogen fuel-cell engine for aircraft
59 Apple adds four Macs, one Watch Series to vintage and obsolete list of products
60 Amazon Kindle Scribe review: Better than pen and paper but not the competition
61 Google Announces Best Android Apps, Games for 2022; Apex Legends Mobile Named Best Game in India
62 Spotify's 2022 Wrapped is a music-focused personality test
63 Twitter users may see a follower count drop, here's why
64 Why Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is criticising Apple but praising Google
65 Neurlalink demo shows monkey telepathic typing
66 Neuralink Expected to Begin Human Clinical Trials in Six Months, Elon Musk Says
67 Mark Zuckerberg Calls Apple's App Store Moderation Rules a 'Conflict of Interest'
68 Best phone of the year revealed but is Android or iPhone the winner?
69 Twitter is less safe now, former head of safety warns
70 WhatsApp Bans Over 23 Lakh Accounts in India in October, 'Proactively' Barred 8.1 Lakh Users
71 Apple's 4nm iPhone chips will be made in the USA
72 Explained: Apple's accessibility features can help users with disabilities
73 Neuralink brain-machine interface to enter human trial phase
74 Why Twitter wants you to see tweets from people you don't follow
75 TSMC Plans Advanced 4nm Chip Production at Arizona Plant on Apple Demand: Report
76 How to download seven new 'special' Watch faces for Apple Watch
77 EU, US issue new warning to Elon Musk on Twitter content moderation
78 The Morning After: Our verdict on Amazon's Kindle Scribe
79 This cheap Apple AirPods cleaning kit might be more useful than you realize
80 Twitter Users May Witness Dip in Followers as Elon Musk Has New Plans for Spams
81 Google Wallet to roll out ID and Driver's License support in selected states
82 EU warns Elon Musk's Twitter has 'huge work ahead' to comply with its strict new rules
83 Apple's 12.9-inch Magic Keyboard is $100 off and cheaper than ever
84 Netflix Releases Trailer for Six-Part Docuseries on Prince Harry, Meghan
85 Canoo repurposed its bubbly electric pickup truck for the US Army
86 The best iPads for 2022: how to pick the best Apple tablet for you
87 Watch out--these Android remote keyboard apps have serious security flaws
88 Disney built an AI that can easily make actors look younger or older
89 Honda will produce hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles in 2024
90 Monarch's first MK-V smart tractors powered by Nvidia are being delivered
91 Samsung's next Galaxy Z Flip may come with this 'big' upgrade
92 Musk said Apple 'never considered' removing Twitter days after claiming otherwise
93 Neurlalink demo shows monkey telepathic typing
94 Dyson to continue its hiring efforts and make machines that self-improve
95 Southern hemisphere's largest radio telescope joins search for extraterrestrial tech
96 Windows, Chrome and Firefox zero-days exploited to spread malware
97 This new Windows malware scans your phone to steal data
98 How to block a phone number on Android
99 Peace in our times! Musk meets with Cook and war is averted
100 Spotify CEO Daniel Ek slams Apple: Here's what he said
101 A rather bizarre SiriusXM code flaw could unlock your smart vehicle
102 Apple Rolls Out iOS 16.1.2 Update; Improves Crash Detection on iPhone 14 Series
103 Cadillac says its new electric race car is almost ready for 24 Hours of Daytona
104 5G will reach one billion subscribers this year
105 Bitcoin Is Artificially Propped Up, Akin to Gambling and Should Not Be Legitimised, ECB Says
106 Facebook failed to stop test ads from threatening midterm election workers
107 How to change the ringtone on your doorbell
108 How to view saved Wi-Fi passwords from iPhone and iPad
109 Ye is no longer buying Parler, the 'free speech' social media app
110 Apple rolls out iOS 16.1.2 update for iPhones, here's what's new