File Title
1 How physios and occupational therapists are helping long COVID sufferers
2 Can regular physical activity, even for just 3 minutes, help you live longer?
3 Effective lifestyle changes that can help relieve fibromyalgia symptoms
4 Health alert: These food items may be giving you a headache
5 'Winter weight gain is not a myth'; here's how you can avoid it
6 Cervical cancer vaccine to be rolled out next year for girls aged 9-14 yrs.
7 Can a combination of kiwi, cucumber, and baking soda help whiten teeth?
8 Amy Schumer talks about her 'lonely battle' with endometriosis
9 Try tuvar dana (not chickpea) hummus to lower blood pressure, lose weight, relieve constipation
10 Invisible skin mites called Demodex almost certainly live on your face--but what about your mascara?
11 Sonnalli Seygall shares the benefits of eating food with your hands
12 Should you train barefeet or with shoes?
13 Poor sleep can 'affect almost every tissue in the body'; have this wonder tea and snooze away
14 Why Ayurveda suggests walking 100 steps after every meal
15 Do only overweight women get diagnosed with PCOS? Experts answer
16 Why you shouldn't discard the water after filtering out homemade paneer
17 Gastrointestinal problems are common during the colder months; here's how to keep them at bay
18 This detox cranberry tea will 'cut your sweet cravings, especially post dinner'
19 Understanding the link between late night shifts and body weight
20 Is it safe for pregnant women to sit cross-legged?
21 Prince Harry admits feeling 'ashamed' of his reaction to Meghan Markle's suicidal thoughts
22 8 natural ways to cure fungal infections of the skin
23 Nutrition alert: Why khus khus or poppy seeds deserve to be on your plate
24 Is brown noise good for sleep? Doctor weighs in on this TikTok trend
25 Here's how to maintain bone strength as you age
26 Keep bad breath at bay with these effective Ayurvedic remedies
27 Manage jet lag effectively with these expert tips
28 Soothe various pains naturally with this common kitchen ingredient
29 Mucosal DNA vaccine found effective in stopping COVID-19 in its tracks: Study
30 A reliable, useful guide to controlling overthinking--from the pros
31 How anger affects the body
32 Organ donations rise after 2020 dip, close to pre-pandemic high
33 Should you really begin your day with a glass of warm water?
34 Check out this four-ingredient detox drink for skin health, hair care
35 Breaking bones in childhood more than doubles the odds of it happening again as an adult, study finds
36 This 4-ingredient 'powerful remedy' will ease congestion, help get rid of thick phlegm, mucus
37 Health experts on rising cases of sinusitis: 'Delhi's air is not at all safe for breathing'
38 Do some people need more sleep than others?
39 Pre-pregnancy care: Dietitian-approved tips to improve maternal health
40 Lose weight naturally with these Ayurvedic remedies
41 Healthy living: Prevent winter season illnesses by doing these simple things
42 Healthy prebiotic foods to boost gut health
43 What are the dos and don'ts of healthy intimate area hygiene? Find out here
44 Heart rate variability and self-compassion: Two tools to help postpartum mothers make exercise decisions
45 Amid rising COVID cases in China, understanding the importance of herd immunity, vaccinations
46 Winter health: Experts share dos and don'ts on how to stay protected from the cold wave
47 What is the BRAT diet, and should adults follow it?
48 Festive bulge: scientists offer advice on how to beat overeating
49 As India records cases of Omicron BF.7 variant that's driving the surge in China, should you be worried?
50 Do you have a tendency to overeat? Here's what can help
51 Health Ministry busts viral WhatsApp message about COVID XBB variant as 'fake,' 'misleading'
52 Amid Omicron's BF.7 scare, when should you get a COVID-19 test done (and which one)
53 Drink this anti-aging juice 'within twenty minutes of its extraction' to reap maximum benefits
54 Boost gut health and digestion with this DIY turmeric mix
55 Debina Bonnerjee makes daughter walk on grass for 'Earth connection'; expert on how it benefits babies
56 Healthy eating: Some plant foods and their protein content
57 Make sure to not make these mistakes before, during, and after a meal
58 How to distinguish COVID-19 from a cold, especially during winter?
59 Football great Pele receives 'elevated care' for 'kidney and cardiac dysfunctions' related to cancer; doc explains the link
60 Expert-recommended healthy treats for your brain
61 Honey Singh talks about dealing with bipolar disorder, psychotic symptoms; here's everything to know
62 Raw vs. soaked nuts: Which is healthier for you?
63 Charlbi Dean's cause of death revealed to be bacterial sepsis; know more about the life-threatening condition
64 Protein found in brain may be new drug target for schizophrenia: Study
65 Abhyanga: Learn everything about the traditional oil massage
66 Health tips to keep in mind when travelling somewhere this holiday season
67 How much memory loss is normal with ageing?
68 Everything you need to know about vitamin K and its deficiency
69 How the winter season can affect your sleep
70 Beat the binge and stop overeating with these 4 simple hacks
71 Does sitting on the floor have any health benefits?
72 Drink these three juices 'every other day' to have a 'greater resistance to disease'
73 Addicted to chilli? Here's how it might help us regain our sense of taste after COVID
74 Fitness enthusiasts, this is why pre-workout supplements can be extremely harmful to your heart
75 Ammonia leak in Serbia's Pirot: How exposure can impact health
76 COVID-19: Should you take a second precautionary or booster dose?
77 These 'warrior foods' will help remove pollutants from body, increase immunity, and fight air pollution
78 Welcome to the winter of our deja vu
79 Why Ayurveda recommends scraping your tongue every day
80 Experts list effective ways to 'not bloat' this holiday season
81 When should you worry about painful periods?
82 Rahul Gandhi braves the chill in a t-shirt: Why do some people feel cold and others don't?
83 COVID-19: Should you club nasal vaccines and booster jabs?
84 UK's Prince Andrew says standing on a newspaper can 'insulate your feet' in the cold; is it true?
85 Can ChatGPT-led artificial intelligence detect Alzheimer's early on?
86 Not tea or coffee, start your day with saffron water (on an empty stomach); here's why
87 Can the COVID-19 virus stay on some foods, packaging for days?
88 How do period-delaying pills work and should you take them?
89 English footballer Leah Williamson reveals how endometriosis affects her game
90 Ditch junk food when feeling low on energy; reach out for these instead
91 This is the right time to exercise, according to Ayurveda
92 Does the quality of life degrade after a cardiac event? Can a patient go back to exercising?
93 Malaika Arora wonders if she should have 'apple pie for breakfast'; what do experts say?
94 Fibre-rich foods promote weight loss, lower diabetes risk; ensure to include these in your diet
95 'I've indulged over the holidays. If I'm healthy the rest of the time, does it matter?'
96 Worry not, these expert tips will help you overcome COVID anxiety
97 Baby born with hair covering half his body in UP; know more about his rare condition
98 Yearender 2022: A look back at celebrities who opened up about their health battles
99 Police say Rishabh Pant apparently dozed off at the wheel; doctor shares pointers to keep in mind when driving
100 Not neurons, but synapses, form working memory, 'hold' info: Study
101 From chronic to aggressive, how blood cancer in some can progress as a disease: Study
102 Do you know what causes acidity?
103 Dealing with PCOS? Include more protein-rich foods in your diet
104 Beware: These common mistakes may be causing damage to your eyes
105 Wellness trends to look forward to in 2023
106 You may not be able to stop the aging process, but can slow it down with these foods
107 BCCI to introduce Dexa scan; know more about the bone strength test
108 Why you may be waking up with a body ache every morning
109 Feeling extra bloated in the cold weather? Try doing these things
110 The risk of having rusk: Is your favourite tea-time snack healthy?
111 This Ayurvedic herbal mixture will relieve cold, cough, and sore throat quickly
112 'My breasts are being discussed like a commodity': Chhavi Mittal shuts down 'insensitive' comments on social media
113 Is it possible to get pregnant with only one fallopian tube in the body?
114 Does a person's blood group play a role when it comes to weight loss?
115 Ear care: Get relief from aches and infections with these natural remedies
116 Can liver damage be reversed?
117 Mediterranean diet crowned the best again; find out if it is good for diabetes, heart issues, weight loss
118 Cervical Cancer Awareness Month: All you need to know about HPV infection
119 Struggling to sleep? Here are some 'biohacks' that can help
120 Does sipping flax seed tea at night help lose weight?
121 Turns out, poor hydration can cause faster aging, chronic issues
122 Vegetarians, these foods will help meet your protein requirements