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1 Can your eating habits affect the quality of your sleep?
2 BP drug found ineffective in 'real world' COVID treatment evidence from India
3 People who recovered from COVID at more risk of seizures than who had influenza, finds study
4 Begin your day with this 'winter morning drink' for bloating, acidity, migraine, weight loss, and immunity
5 This natural dietary fibre not only relieves constipation but also aids weight loss, controls diabetes
6 Simple tips to take care of the nutritional needs of preterm babies
7 Simple lifestyle changes that will help reduce stress naturally
8 This pickle 'is the perfect buddy to your food' and is loaded with health benefits
9 Should you take a shower before going to bed?
10 Endocrine disorders: From causes to treatments, here's your go-to guide
11 Forget chai, kick-start your day with 'orange peel tea' on an empty stomach
12 Anushka Sharma, Aditi Rao Hydari enjoy rice gruel or kanji; know why you should too
13 The best time to have dragon fruit, known to lower blood sugar, is...
14 Why do football players spit so much on the field?
15 This is why you may feel bloated, constipated, and fatigued on eating wheat, rye, or barley
16 Bruce Lee may have died from drinking too much water, new study suggests; is overhydration harmful?
17 Can consuming 2 tablespoons of honey lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels?
18 Some low-carb, high-fibre foods that are ideal for weight loss
19 Chhavi Mittal says consuming this mineral 'is really important in the long run'
20 Should you continue to use sanitary pads? New study points to the presence of cancer-causing toxins in them
21 Brown or white egg: Which is healthier?
22 A healthy gut can help you lose weight; here's how
23 There is a best time, proper way to massage a baby; find out about it here
24 Making this one simple change can help manage sleep apnea symptoms effectively
25 Administer additional dose of measles, rubella vaccines to children in vulnerable areas: Centre to states, UTs
26 This winter superfood can help improve iron levels, reduce blood sugar
27 Why daily exposure to sunlight is good for your health
28 The warmest wool sweater may also be the greenest
29 What are the symptoms and long term side-effects of antibiotics?
30 Why diabetic women should visit their doctors at least six months before planning a pregnancy
31 Do calcium supplements increase the risk of heart ailments, cancer, kidney stones?
32 Expert shares warning signs that may indicate your pet has cancer
33 Bhagyashree shares what makes turmeric 'vital' for healing
34 These Ayurvedic migraine healers can be found right in your kitchen
35 Why you must never consume fruits with milk, yoghurt
36 Long COVID stigma may encourage people to hide the condition
37 Why it is essential to nip pre-diabetes, a 'reversible condition,' in the bud
38 What is the relation between sleep and arthritis?
39 Mukbang, #EatWithMe and eating disorders on TikTok: why online food consumption videos could fuel food fixations
40 This sleep-inducing trick will ensure you sleep like a baby tonight
41 Kim Kardashian travels with a 'cup in the backseat of the car' due to her 'pee anxiety'
42 Turns out, you must not eat raw cucumber with meals...but why?
43 An expert-recommended guide to boosting your metabolism
44 Vitamin B12 deficiency is a common health problem that can have serious consequences--but doctors often overlook it
45 Here are some Ayurvedic remedies for skin rashes
46 Diabetics, have you tried lablab, a winter vegetable that can help manage your blood sugar level?
47 Foolproof tips to burn belly fat
48 Know more about Ewing's sarcoma, a rare bone disease
49 Ensure your diet is heart-friendly by making these healthy changes
50 Why feeling excessively sleepy during the day can be a bad sign
51 We're told to 'eat a rainbow' of fruit and vegetables. Here's what each color does in our body
52 Is drinking warm water the secret to glowing, healthy skin?
53 Green vs. red apple: Which is healthier?
54 Squint or strabismus: Know the symptoms, treatments, and foods that help keep your eyes healthy
55 This 'desi superfood' treats constipation; can be used in the form of 'decoction, powder and even juice'
56 What is the '54321' technique to cope with anxiety?
57 Top 5 dietary tips that will 'work wonders to improve your immunity' this winter
58 Know the tell-tale signs of omega-3 deficiency, and how you can overcome it
59 Can metabolic surgery help control diabetes in patients?
60 What is the correct way and best time to soak up vitamin D?
61 COVID nasal sprays may one day prevent and treat infection. Here's where the science is up to
62 Alzheimer's drug may benefit some patients, new data shows
63 More boys with cancer being diagnosed than girls in India: Lancet study
64 Does constipation become chronic in winter? Is there a link between the cold weather and metabolism?
65 Peanut butter vs. boiled groundnuts: Which is better for your health?
66 Hailey Bieber's 'apple sized' ovarian cyst makes her feel 'nauseous, bloated, crampy, emotional'; expert shares risk factors, causes
67 Focus on these three food groups to treat iron deficiency naturally
68 Find out all about pediatric intensive care, and how it is different from neonatal intensive care
69 Dr. Sheela Godbole: 'We must develop strategies to test, treat all those potentially infected'
70 Is walking or running backward good for burning calories, knee pain?
71 Arrowroot: This gluten-free vegetable is diabetes-friendly, promotes weight loss, and relieves constipation
72 World AIDS Day 2022: Are diabetics more prone to the HIV infection and vice versa?
73 Make sure to do this stretch--as fast or as slow as you want to--for your shoulders, neck, upper back
74 ICMR-NARI study to help ensure more equity in access to HIV viral load test
75 5 lifestyle tips to take note of if you are at risk for diabetes
76 COVID impact: Brains of teenagers show premature aging, finds new study
77 Perfectionist teens reported more depression and stress during COVID-19
78 Ladies, here are some tips to develop healthy bladder habits
79 Why people susceptible to colds, asthma, and sinusitis must be careful while having ash gourd or petha
80 Get rid of belly fat with these effective diet tips
81 This winter, roll these ginger and jaggery bites to keep cold and cough at bay
82 Air pollution linked with multiple long-term health conditions: Study
83 Up to 11 percent of COVID cases that needed hospitalisations had lung scarring: US study
84 Experimental Alzheimer's drug shows promise--but there are many hurdles still to overcome
85 Consuming ghee 'has some contraindications'; find out what they are
86 This breathing technique is 'great' for reducing anxiety and stress
87 Menstrual changes, early menopause: What HIV-infected women need to know about their health
88 Is it healthy to take a nap in the afternoon?
89 As heart attack trends on Twitter, expert advises keeping 'aspirin tablet 300 mg in your pockets always'; here's why
90 Winter special: Why you should have 'Bajre Ki Raab' this season
91 Some health benefits of pomegranate peel you probably never knew about
92 Pneumonia: All you need to know about the 'single largest infectious cause of death in children and adults worldwide'
93 After suffering from 'horrifying' eating disorder, how Hilary Duff got into 'the best shape of her life'
94 How the 'rule of 80/20' can help you stay consistent with your diet
95 Cost & effect: Plastic surgery uptick in Mumbai govt. hospitals
96 Is monk fruit sweetener the perfect sugar substitute for diabetics?
97 How your skin can indicate the presence of a respiratory disease
98 Men are slowly losing their Y chromosome, but a new sex gene discovery in spiny rats brings hope for humanity
99 This winter, ensure to include these foods in your diet
100 Months after her accident, Malaika Arora overcomes her fear of driving; experts share tips that can help
101 It is important to increase protein intake after bariatric surgery; here's why
102 During labour, should women eat (and drink) some specific foods?
103 Hypothyroidism: Do the symptoms worsen during winter?
104 Feeling forgetful after COVID? Study shows the virus can affect short-term memory
105 Are green tomatoes healthy? Or should you ditch them?
106 New mothers, make sure to have these 5 foods after delivery for yourself and the baby
107 What is 'Stiff-Person Syndrome,' the rare neurological disorder Celine Dion suffers from?
108 Understanding the link between dishwasher liquids and altered gut health
109 How lack of awareness and delayed diagnosis make ectopic pregnancy life-threatening
110 This is what Mini Mathur's nutritious breakfast looks like
111 Frozen food declared Japan's 'Dish of the Year'; but is it healthy?
112 Why diabetics should not ignore tingling sensation, a feeling of numbness and burning
113 Measles: Why the World Health Organization has declared it an 'imminent global threat'
114 Here's why you should have soup at the start of your meals (special recipe inside)
115 Experts explain why gut is called 'the second brain'
116 When is the best time to have a cheat meal?
117 Guinness alert: Meet 22-year-old Gino, the world's oldest living dog
118 Blending Indian classical ragas with Ayurveda principles can benefit menopausal women: Research
119 There are still good reasons to avoid catching COVID again--for one, your risk of long COVID goes up each time
120 Why the obsession for cosmetic surgery is now a mental disorder rather than a fad
121 Should you skip dairy? Experts weigh in
122 Miraculous superfood': The many reasons you must have 'kacchi haldi' [turmeric] this winter
123 What is postpartum hemorrhage, and can it be prevented?
124 Juicing vs. blending: Which is better for health (and weight loss)
125 Dog therapy for kids facing the trauma of the war in Ukraine
126 This is why you wake up feeling groggy, drowsy, and disoriented
127 What is the correct way to shave the intimate area without dealing with painful bumps?
128 Winter foods you mustn't eat to control your cholesterol levels