File Title
1 This app lets you know what happens if an asteroid hits your city
2 Five space missions to look forward to in 2023
3 Potential naked-eye comet to make close approach to Earth in February
4 A 'once in a generation' storm. What's the role of climate change?
5 After Indian-American couple's tragic death, minor daughters in custody of Arizona's child safety department
6 From January 2, UAE has a new leave policy for govt. employees looking to start a business
7 France bans single-use plastics in dine-in restaurants, fast food places
8 Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu returns with hard-right cabinet set to expand settlements
9 US Vice-President Kamala Harris names Indian-American Rajeev Badyal to National Space Council Advisory Group
10 Chinese jet came within 20 feet of US military aircraft, says US military
11 Vivienne Westwood, influential fashion maverick, dies at 81
12 In Ukraine, Kyiv residents told to head to air raid shelters as sirens wail for the second day in a row
13 Romania detains ex-kickboxer Andrew Tate in human trafficking case
14 COVID travel curbs against Chinese visitors 'discriminatory'--state media
15 Private Afghan universities risk closure after ban on women
16 Italy approves rule to fine charities for migrant rescue
17 Do you want to buy a house in Canada? Not so fast.
18 Court in Myanmar again finds Suu Kyi guilty of corruption
19 'No greater loss than losing one's mother': Pakistani PM condoles Hiraba Modi's demise
20 In Brazil, Lula da Silva appoints Amazon activist, women in cabinet roles
21 Pakistan floods to drought in Europe: Major climate change-related events in 2022
22 Emperor penguins, reindeer among threatened species: WWF
23 US considers airline wastewater testing as COVID-19 surges in China
24 Yearender 2022: Most-read stories from across the world this year
25 Putin, Xi hold talks as Russia fires another Ukraine barrage
26 Trump's tax returns released after long fight with Congress
27 China appoints its US envoy Qin Gang as new foreign minister
28 Afghan refugees in US face uncertainty as legislation stalls
29 7 dead in Turkish restaurant blast; gas canister suspected
30 North Korea fires 3 missiles amid tensions over drone flights
31 Man faces California hate-crime charge after anti-Asian rant
32 Two-year-old Indian-origin boy killed in car crash on Christmas Day in US
33 UK brings in negative COVID test requirement for travellers from China
34 US President Biden offers 'deepest and heartfelt condolences' to PM Modi on mother Hiraba's demise
35 WHO asks China to regularly share data on COVID-19 situation
36 Trump tax returns undermine his image as a successful entrepreneur
37 Mexican authorities uncover human skulls in package headed for US
38 British Indian ex-minister Alok Sharma knighted in King's New Year Honours List
39 Key takeaways from former US President Donald Trump's tax returns
40 Pioneering US television journalist Barbara Walters dead at 93
41 Australia to ring in 2023 with no COVID restrictions
42 A town-by-town battle to sell Americans on renewable energy
43 In battered Ukrainian city, the latest battle is against winter
44 UK's problems won't go away in 2023, warns PM Rishi Sunak in New Year message
45 Former Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI dies at 95: Vatican
46 Despite war, some Ukrainian families reunite for New Year
47 Explosions shake Ukrainian capital after missile warnings
48 Putin says in New Year message West is using Ukraine to destroy Russia
49 Iran top court accepts protester's appeal against death sentence
50 Xi says COVID control is entering new phase as cases surge after reopening
51 Army in strife-torn Myanmar lifts curfew for New Year"s Eve
52 With Benedict's death, an unprecedented moment for the modern Church
53 Blast outside Kabul's military airport, multiple casualties feared: Report
54 Stampede during New Year's event in Uganda kills at least 9
55 Ukraine, hit by fresh Russian missiles, faces grim New Year
56 Dubai ends 30 percent tax on alcohol sales, fee for liquor licenses
57 At least 20 people killed in clashes in Somaliland
58 Air traffic outage in Philippines causes long flight delays
59 At least 14 dead in armed attack on prison in Mexican border city Juarez
60 Israeli missile strikes put Damascus airport out of service
61 Canada, Australia impose COVID rules on travellers from China
62 Helicopters collide over Australian beach, passengers hurt
63 Ukraine reports more Russian drone attacks
64 Taliban seeks economic self-sufficiency and foreign investment for Afghanistan, says Minister
65 Thousands line up for viewing of Benedict's body at Vatican
66 Recession will hit a third of the world this year, warns IMF chief
67 Japan says it scrambled jets to monitor Chinese aircraft carrier operations
68 Dressed as Santa, Ukrainian pilot seen shooting at Russian targets
69 US may execute its first openly transgender woman
70 This land becomes their land. New US citizens hit a 15-year high
71 Russia says 63 servicemen killed in Makiivka; Ukraine claims death toll in hundreds
72 Hundreds of migrants in Florida in what sheriff calls crisis
73 Sri Lanka's ousted president Gotabaya Rajapaksa applies for US citizenship restoration, says report
74 UK's Prince Harry says he wants his father and brother back
75 Two British citizens among dead in mid-air helicopter collision near Australian theme park
76 How can we reduce the massive carbon footprints of the super-rich?
77 Ground worker dies after being sucked into a jet engine at Alabama Airport
78 British rail workers start new year with week-long strike
79 EU to try again for coordination on China COVID policies
80 Iran's judiciary indicts two French nationals and Belgian for espionage
81 Russian fury grows over strike that killed dozens of troops in Ukraine
82 Beijing threatens response to 'unacceptable' virus measures
83 Drone advances in Ukraine could bring dawn of killer robots
84 No cash, no bank heists in Denmark; criminals now go online
85 Personalised cell 'editing' used to treat cancer patients for first time: Study
86 Repeat COVID-19 infections increase organ failure, death risk: Study
87 Fatima Sana Shaikh opens up about living with epilepsy: 'I inform all the directors I work with...'
88 Popular dietary supplements may increase cancer risk: Study
89 Nick Jonas opens up about his symptoms of type 1 diabetes: Know more about it
90 The link between diabetes and menstrual cycle: Here's what you need to know
91 How your diet can help reduce anxiety and stress naturally
92 Diabetics, winter can affect your blood sugar levels; find out why and what you can do
93 This gluten-free, protein-rich grain is good for heart, bones, and digestive health
94 Is snoring a risk factor for diabetes?
95 'You are what you digest': Expert shares key points to improve digestion
96 Why you should not miss out on eating 'singhara atta'
97 Influenza and COVID-19: What's in store for the fall/winter respiratory virus season?
98 Does Balayam (nail rubbing) actually help your hair grow?
99 Digestion troubles during pregnancy: Everything an expectant mother should know
100 Expert shares tips to manage menopause better
101 On your weight loss journey, this is the dal you should have (recipe inside)
102 Can obesity in kids lead to emotional health damage?
103 Exercise thrice a day for 20 minutes, eat natural sweets, bathe in sunshine: Expert shares mantra to beat diabetes
104 Menopause: HRT linked to depression--here's what the evidence actually says
105 Ladies, do not forget to get these 12 annual tests done
106 Massive Fibroid from Uterus Removed Through Minimally Invasive Approach
107 Significant decline in sperm counts globally, including India: Study
108 Should you apply ghee on chapati? Is it healthy?
109 Everything to know about palliative care for breast cancer patients
110 Why diabetics are at risk of increased blood sugar levels in the morning
111 Kim Kardashian talked about losing 'water weight' through sweating. Is that how it works?
112 Health alert: Bloating, constipation, and abdominal cramps could be more than just digestive problems
113 Over 1 billion youngsters at hearing loss risk due to headphones, loud music: Study
114 Does peppermint worsen acid reflux?
115 Diabetics, this is why you must be extremely careful when soaking your feet
116 Why you should begin your day with papaya water (on an empty stomach)
117 Breastfeeding mothers, if your nipples feel numb or your milk ducts get blocked in winters, these tips will come handy
118 Suffering from A Rare Disease, this 8-Year-Old Needs Your Help.
119 Chris Hemsworth says he's at risk of developing Alzheimer's disease in the future; find out the causes, signs
120 Three important things to consider before switching to a vegan diet
121 Ageing: hormone could help predict men's long-term health years in advance--new study
122 They paused puberty, but is there a cost?
123 Provention prices diabetes drug above analysts' estimates at $13,850/vial
124 Consume these foods for abdominal fat loss, improved cardiovascular health
125 US scientists find new oral drug for lowering cholesterol