File Title
1 How Putin's war and small islands are accelerating the global shift to clean energy, and what to watch for in 2023
2 The earliest humans swam 100,000 years ago, but swimming remains a privileged pastime
3 Research details this urban wildfire health risk
4 How keeping old things can 'spark joy' in its own way
5 Why rituals have been crucial for humans throughout history--and why we still need them
6 Pressure mounts on Biden administration for decision on giant Willow oil field project in Alaska
7 Climate change is forcing cities to rethink their tree mix
8 What are career closets? More colleges help cash-strapped students with job-ready clothes
9 First total ear canal removal surgery performed on pig
10 Another above-average wildfire season for 2022. How climate change is making fires harder to predict and fight.
11 Depletion of groundwater is accelerating in California's Central Valley, study finds
12 Four creepy crawlies Australians will see more of this wet summer--and one iconic beetle they'll probably miss
13 3 reasons local climate activism is more powerful than people realize
14 Betting on female jockeys can bring greater rewards, but it's not all good news
15 Producers getting better at making alcohol-free beer and wine: Here's how it's done
16 Painting an accurate profile of Adelaide's homeless
17 Measles Outbreak in Ohio, 82 Children Infected, 32 Hospitalized, Most Unvaccinated
18 New blood test developed to detect signs of Alzheimer's disease
19 US digs out from monster storm as death toll passes 50
20 Yellow-band disease ravages Thailand's coral reefs
21 Indian astronomers detect dozens of variable stars in the NGC 381 region
22 Joro spider: Study documents spider web so sturdy even birds can perch on them
23 The Ten Most Significant Science Stories of 2022, Science
24 How Animals May Have Conquered Snowball Earth / Science
25 More Evidence that COVID-19 Vaccines Are Effective for People with Blood Cancer
26 New fossil species of moonseed family found in Yunnan
27 India's switch to GM food crops hinges on court verdict
28 Four facts about seagulls that will make you love these relentless chip thieves
29 Study shows climate impact labels on food sold in fast food restaurants can change buying habits
30 Drivers of political violence in the United States
31 The COVID-19 Pandemic Made Being A Parent in Science Even Harder
32 Exotic clasts in Chang'e-5 samples indicate unexplored terrane on moon
33 Skiing over Christmas holidays no longer guaranteed--even with snow guns
34 Scientists uncover a novel cellular mechanism that regulates aging and fertility
35 Why aren't children allowed to vote? An expert debunks the arguments against
36 Italy Orders COVID Tests for China Arrivals, U.S. Weighs Rules
37 A glimpse of cells' sense of touch as they build tissues during embryogenesis
38 High-visibility quantum interference between two independent semiconductor quantum dots achieved
39 Musicians found to listen to and enjoy louder music than non-musicians
40 Bering Land Bridge--Likely Used by First Humans to Come to the Americas
41 Modeling the collective movement of bacteria to better understand the formation of troublesome biofilms
42 2022 set to be UK's hottest year on record
43 Chemists create framework for the oxidation of hydrocarbons
44 Travel misery grinds on as US digs out from superstorm
45 Climate change is coming for the Jersey Shore, retiring coastal expert warns
46 App allows global community to explore Indigenous culture
47 Climate change won't make winter storms and blizzards go away: Scientists explain why
48 Ailing manatees in Florida's Brevard County appear to have outlasted Christmas freeze
49 Microbiology Awards for Bacteria Art
50 What 2022 Looked like from Space
51 What is the link between winter storms and global warming?
52 Holy icy chill, Batman! Freezing bats saved in Texas
53 Antarctic penguins recognise themselves in mirror hinting they belong to small list of self-aware animals
54 Now king penguins face climate change
55 Watch the latest water satellite unfold itself in space
56 South Asian black carbon causes glacier loss on Tibetan Plateau
57 Consortium to map senescent cells and their effect on aging and human health
58 Review on intrinsic electrocatalytic activity of transition metal nitrides on HER
59 Cloistered Arctic whales face a bigger climate threat than polar bears
60 Volcanic smog, air pollution predicted to hurt Hawai'i student test scores, especially on Hawai'i Island
61 Alpine lake bacteria deploy two light-harvesting systems
62 High-quality microresonators in the longwave infrared based on native germanium
63 FDA Approves Drug Which Makes Lung Cancer Glow
64 First results from LHAASO place tighter constraints on dark matter's lifetime
65 Study examines how many scientists a region needs to achieve dominance in a field
66 Action of two protostars appears to be making conditions right for planet formation
67 Transcriptional adaptation found to play a role in inherited epigenetic changes
68 TESS detects new 'hot Jupiter' exoplanet orbiting a rapidly rotating star
69 The history and mystery of Tangram, the children's puzzle game that harbors a mathematical paradox or two
70 Four steps to help children solve their own arguments
71 Bio-friendly transparent temperature sensor technology that precisely measures temperature changes by light
72 Researchers develop eco-friendly materials capable of purifying water
73 What risks could pet hamsters and gerbils pose in Australia?
74 India's 'untouchable' women face discrimination even in schemes meant to help them
75 Old trees could become renewable fuels this Christmas
76 Study reveals seasonal peak photosynthesis hindered by late canopy development in northern ecosystems
77 Research reveals fruit fly circadian clock mechanisms
78 Dual-site collaboration boosts electrochemical nitrogen reduction on Ru-S-C single-atom catalyst
79 Electric Spark Creates 'Impossible Quasicrystal' on Earth
80 Scientists think the solution lies in the insects' brains
81 A benefit to the species or an act of cruelty?
82 In Arizona, Colorado River crisis stokes worry over growth and groundwater depletion
83 California moves last two chimps from animal sanctuary that abruptly closed in 2019
84 Why You Need to See the Northern Lights in 2023 (And Where to Go)
85 Species of clam thought to exist only as a fossil found alive
86 Six Lessons We've Learned from COVID that Will Help Us Fight the Next Pandemic / Science
87 Birds Identified in Ancient Egyptian Mural 3300 Years After It Was Painted
88 Researchers uncover evidence of 'hidden state' involving common ion
89 Venus may have Earth-like lithospheric thickness and heat flow
90 Bile acid improves intrauterine growth retardation metabolism in piglets
91 Quasicrystal formed during accidental electrical discharge
92 How science fiction predicted recent high-tech developments in chemistry
93 What you should know before you go
94 Five human technologies inspired by nature--from velcro to racing cars
95 Study explores topological beaming of light
96 NASA and HAARP conclude asteroid experiment
97 Deep learning may help to prevent salmon escapes in rough seas
98 Experts Give 4 Pieces of Advice to Navigate Your Love Life in 2023
99 Why actual goals remain king in predicting who will win
100 Light-activated proton pumps generate cellular energy, extend life
101 Two CubeSats to shed light on space weather disturbances
102 It's time to clean up, says researcher
103 The sky isn't just blue--airglow makes it green, yellow and red too
104 US ignored own scientists' warning in backing Atlantic wind farm
105 New rockets, more spacecraft to take flight in 2023 from Space Coast
106 Miracle or mirage? Atmospheric rivers end California drought year with heavy snow and rain
107 Six climate breakthroughs that made 2022 a step toward net zero
108 Despite 3M's phase-out, problem of cleaning up PFAS remains
109 Museum scientists describe and name 351 new species in 2022
110 Researchers discover that soap film on bubbles is cooler than the air around it
111 The new authenticity rules aiming to remove sub-standard varieties from the market
112 Chinese astronomers detect over 100 new open clusters