File Title
1 Newly Formed Craters Located on Mars
2 Chronic Pain: Could Monoclonal Antibodies Replace Opioids?
3 NASA Loses Contact with Another Spacecraft
4 Ashwagandha: 7 Proven Health Benefits of this Ancient Herb
5 NASA's Imaging X-Ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) Celebrates 1 Year of Exploring the Cosmos
6 New Research Reveals How Fear Gets Stuck in Brains
7 Researchers Turn Cancer Cells into Less Harmful Cell Types
8 New Study Reveals How Gut Bacteria Can Enhance the Effects of Cocaine
9 How Does What We Eat Affect How We Age?
10 First Martian Regolith Samples: NASA's Perseverance Rover Gets the Dirt on Mars
11 Long-COVID's Effects Can Now Be Detected Using Simple Chest X-Rays
12 Fired Up: A Look at the 55 Engines and Motors that Power NASA's Artemis Mission
13 Major Milestone: NASA's Webb Space Telescope Discovers Earliest Galaxies in the Universe
14 After 15 Years and 1,000 Tests--Is Orion's Heat Shield Ready to Take the Heat?
15 Scientists Warn of Insects Damaging Plants at Unprecedented Levels
16 Newly Discovered Virus Similar to COVID Could Infect Humans and Resist Vaccines
17 Scientists Blown Away by the Toughest Material on Earth--"Unexpected Transformation"
18 8 Ways to Beat Eyestrain and Revitalize Dry Eyes
19 Mind-Blowing New Hypothesis: Gravity May Cause Irritable Bowel Syndrome
20 VILPA: Prolong Your Life with One-Minute Bursts of Activity During Daily Tasks
21 A New Biomarker for Acute COVID-19 May Have Been Found in Blood
22 Groundbreaking Study Finds Treatment Effective for Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients
23 Hell Planet--How this Super-Earth Got So Scorchingly Hot
24 Orion Splashes Down, Concluding Historic Artemis I Mission
25 Splashdown! NASA's Orion Successfully Returns to Earth After Historic Moon Mission
26 Viking Knots Linked with Quantum Vortices--a Vortex Structure that Is Impervious to Decay
27 Hubble Spots a Gigantic Cosmic Smokescreen
28 How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain--9 Tips to Help You Stay in Shape this Christmas Season
29 Flipping the Switch: New Revelations on Genetic Changes that Turn "On" Cancer Genes
30 Shocking Study Finds Severe COVID-19 Linked with Molecular Signatures of Brain Aging
31 Samples from Asteroid Ryugu Shed New Light on Solar System History
32 One Million Times Faster than Current Technology: New Optical Computing Approach Offers Ultrafast Processing
33 Landmark Study: Dinosaurs Were in Their Prime When Asteroid Hit Earth
34 Secrets of an Earlier Universe Revealed by Red-Supergiant Supernova
35 NASA's Lunar Flashlight Has Launched--Follow the Mission to the Moon in Real Time
36 New Research Reveals that COVID Virus Alters RNA in Infected Cells
37 Climate Change Is Turning Lakes Brown
38 Wild Research Project Reveals How Future Cities on Asteroids Could Work
39 Important Implications: Unborn Babies Can Taste What Their Mothers Eat
40 NASA's Planetary Defense Mission NEO Surveyor Successfully Passes Key Milestone
41 New Study Indicates that Watching TV with Your Child Can Benefit Their Cognitive Development
42 Scientists Reveal 3 Keys to Keeping Your Brain Healthy
43 Climate Change Now Even Affects Our View of the Cosmos
44 Psychedelics Have Huge Potential--But Financial Interests Could Corrupt Them
45 NASA's Artemis SLS Moon Rocket Showed Excellent Performance--World's Most Powerful Rocket
46 Intense Explosions at Mount Semeru--One Year After Unleashing Deadly Eruption
47 Groundbreaking Findings: New Analysis Unveils True Nature of Ancient Asteroid
48 New Technology Exposes the Evolutionary Weak Spots of the Human Genome
49 100% Survival--Tiny Swimming Robots Can Treat Life-Threatening Cases of Pneumonia
50 The Milky Way Is Mysteriously Rippling--Scientists Might Finally Know Why
51 5 Ways to Regulate Your Circadian Rhythm
52 New Study: More Older Adults Should Be Doing this Simple Task
53 Common Group of Viruses Strongly Linked to Type 1 Diabetes
54 Upgrading Your Computer to Quantum
55 New Compound Reverses Gut Inflammation--Acts like a Master Reset Switch in the Intestines
56 New Theory Suggests that the Origin of Life on Earth-Like Planets Is Likely
57 Scientists Discover an Unexpected Danger Lurking in Ancient Mayan Cities
58 Coronavirus Cure Breakthrough--Scientists Have Found a Potential Basis
59 Intermittent Fasting Completely Reverses Type 2 Diabetes in Study
60 Parkinson's Disease Is Actually 50% More Common in the U.S. than Current Estimates
61 Engineers Assessing Soyuz Spacecraft Leak--Spacewalk Cancelled
62 Scientist: Climate Change Will Impact Mountains on a Global Scale
63 NASA's Juno Spacecraft Exploring Jupiter's Inner Moons During Extended Mission
64 Moving More Data Faster: All-Optical Pumping Chip-Based Nanolasers
65 Water Worlds--Astronomers Discover that Two Exoplanets Are Unlike Any Planets in Our Solar System
66 Drug Discovery: Existing Medicines May Treat a Common Kidney Disease
67 Surprise Protector of Females' Brains: Subcutaneous Fat
68 Turning Cells into "Zombies": Scientists Identify the Secret that Allowed a Parasite to Infect 30% of Humans
69 For the First Time: Scientists Have Formed a Charged Rare Earth Molecule on a Metal Surface and Rotated It
70 Critical Power Exercise Prescriptions--Greater Improvements and Longer-Lasting Benefits
71 Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT)--Live NASA/SpaceX Launch Coverage
72 mRNA Vaccines Offer One-Two Punch to Combat Malaria--Could Help Save Millions of Lives
73 Car Preheating Produces More Particulate Emissions than Driving Dozens of Miles
74 Low-Carb vs. Low-Fat: Science Reveals Which Diet Is Better for Weight Loss and Diabetes Control
75 Heat Shock Therapy: Why Saunas Are So Good for You
76 The Standard Cut-Off Point for Low Testosterone May Be Inaccurate for Many Men
77 One of the Most Powerful Ever Detected: Astronomers Determine the Source of a Rare Massive Gamma-Ray Burst
78 Ground-Breaking New Shock-Absorbing Material Can Stop Supersonic Impacts
79 The Mysterious Case of the Disappearing White-Lipped Peccaries
80 A Key to Cancer Research: The Origin-of-Life Molecule
81 Physics of Disaster: How Do Mudslides Move?
82 Google Quantum AI Reveals Bound States of Photons Hold Strong Even in the Midst of Chaos
83 NASA Successfully Launches Game-Changing SWOT Mission to Survey Earth's Water
84 Extinct "Monkey Lemur" Shows Surprising Similarities to Fossil Humans
85 Harvard Researchers Shed New Light on Frontotemporal Dementia
86 Yeast Is a Competitive Killer--Scientists Discover a New Venomous Phenomenon
87 Scientists Are One Step Closer to Understanding Sudden Cardiac Death
88 A New, Faster Type of Quantum Computer
89 Thruster Test on Leaking Soyuz Spacecraft at Space Station--U.S. Spacewalk Postponed
90 What Is the Best Blood Thinner for Minimizing Bleeding Risk?
91 Cheaper and Faster: A New Device for Measuring Cholesterol
92 Massive Marsquake! Five Times Larger than Previous Record Holder
93 New Study of Immune Cells Could Improve Vaccine Design
94 Science's 2022 Breakthrough of the Year: NASA's Stellar New James Webb Space Telescope
95 Healthy New Brain Food for Stressed University Students
96 New Study Highlights Quirks of Remote Island Evolution
97 Climate Change-Driven Heat Waves Have Cost the World Trillions
98 Ginkgo Biloba: 8 Impressive Health Benefits
99 NASA's Webb Space Telescope Pierces Through Dust Clouds to Unveil Young Stars in Early Stages of Formation
100 Global Effects: New Research Indicates that Political Events Can Impact Sleep
101 31% Lower Risk of Death: A Safer and More Effective Drug for Treating the Most Serious Type of Heart Attacks
102 A New Drug Could Fight Both COVID and Cancer
103 Do You Speak Extraterrestrial?
104 Already Spread to Every Continent: Unusual Fungus Has the Potential to Become a Global Health Problem
105 Alien Planet Discovered Spiraling to Ultimate Obliteration Around an Aging Star
106 New Research: This Activity Can Reduce the Risk of Metastatic Cancer by 72%
107 What Is Quantum Entanglement? A Physicist Explains Einstein's "Spooky Action at a Distance"
108 Vaccine Confidence Declined Significantly During COVID-19 Pandemic
109 As Dense as It Gets: Using String Theory to Create a New Model for Matter
110 Scientists Discover a New Daily Rhythm Providing Insight into How Brain Activity Is Fine-Tuned
111 Climate Change Will Result in More Rainbows