File Title
1 Lurking Danger: Scientists Warn of Links Between Soil Pollution and Heart Disease
2 Stress Can Cause Long-Term Behavioral Issues
3 As These Bacteria Eat, They Generate a Strange Molecule that Can Be Used to Make Jet Fuel
4 New Discovery Could Lead to Improved Cancer Treatment
5 MIT Scientists Discover that Computers Can Understand Complex Words and Concepts
6 NASA Selects Draper to Deliver Artemis Science Experiments to Far Side of Moon
7 The "Grandest Canyon" in the Solar System: Mars Express Captures Stunning Images of Massive Martian Canyon
8 This Week @NASA: SpaceX Dragon Cargo Spacecraft, Artemis I Update, VIPER Moon Rover
9 Text, Call, or Email: Friends Enjoy Being Reached Out to More than We Think
10 Scientists Discover How You Can Improve Your Metabolism
11 New Huntington's Disease System Will "Revolutionize" Drug Trials
12 Don't Be Too Confident--Science Shows that It Can Endanger Your Health
13 Untreated Vision Problems Can Increase Your Risk of Dementia by 44%
14 Scientists Discover a New Horrifying Genetic Disease
15 Follow the LEDA: Spectacular Luminescent Image from Hubble Space Telescope
16 Science Made Simple: Multi-Sector Dynamics Modeling
17 Scientists Find No Evidence that Depression Is Caused by "Chemical Imbalance" or Low Serotonin Levels
18 Science Made Simple: Fusion Nuclear Science and Technology
19 Secrets of a Mysterious Disease Unlocked by Lab-Grown "Mini-Kidneys"
20 New Consequences of Diabetes Identified
21 Changing What Time You Exercise Can Help You Lose More Weight
22 Selfish Genetic Elements--Supergene Wreaks Havoc in a Genome
23 Scientists Find No Evidence that Depression Is Caused by "Chemical Imbalance" or Low Serotonin Levels
24 Science Made Simple: Fusion Nuclear Science and Technology
25 Secrets of a Mysterious Disease Unlocked by Lab-Grown "Mini-Kidneys"
26 New Consequences of Diabetes Identified
27 Changing What Time You Exercise Can Help You Lose More Weight
28 Selfish Genetic Elements--Supergene Wreaks Havoc in a Genome
29 New Technology Repairs and Regenerates Heart Cells After a Heart Attack
30 Thought Preemption: A Method to Control Unwanted Thoughts
31 Life-Like Lasers Can Self-Organize, Adapt, and Cooperate like Living Systems
32 Diabetes and Heart Disease Can Double Your Risk of Dementia
33 Where You Live and How You Cook Can Greatly Increase Your Risk of Death
34 Research Shows Video Game Players Have Enhanced Brain Activity and Superior Decision-Making Skills
35 Bold Theory that T. rex Was 3 Species Rebutted--"Tyrannosaurus rex Remains the One True King of the Dinosaurs"
36 Horrifying: 91% of Known Biological Pathways Linked to Alzheimer's
37 Curing Debilitating Genetic Diseases: "Soft" CRISPR May Offer a New Fix for Genetic Defects
38 A Giant Planet Microlensing Event
39 Potential Cure for Baldness: Discovery of Chemical Controlling Life and Death in Hair Follicles
40 Better Diagnosis and Treatment: Genetic Clues to Age-Related Macular Degeneration
41 New Method Allows Scientists to Remove 95% of Nanoplastics
42 A Quick and Easy Scan Is a Reliable Predictor of Dementia
43 Scientific Trial Proves Diet Supplement Can Prevent Hereditary Cancer
44 A Better Diabetes Drug
45 Bacteria Can Remove Plastic Pollution from Lakes--"Stimulating the Whole Food Web"
46 Your Chance of Miscarriage Can Rise by Up to 44% During the Summer
47 How Will Humans Survive an Apocalypse? A New Study Has an Answer
48 Researchers Find that Eating Just a Little More Protein Can Enhance Your Health
49 Physics Mystery Solved: Findings Could "Revolutionize" Our Understanding of Distance
50 New Leukemia-Killing Compounds Discovered
51 Starfish Embryos Swim in Surprisingly Organized Formation--Like a "Living Crystal"
52 NASA Spacecraft Finds Pits on the Moon that Always Hover Around a Comfortable Temperature
53 Yale Scientists Discover How Gut Microbes Can Evolve and Become Dangerous
54 Chaos Is More Common in Populations than Previously Thought
55 Transverse Aeolian Ridges: Blue Ripples on a Red Planet
56 Artificial Intelligence Takes the Guesswork Out of Dental Care
57 Artificial Intelligence Discovers Alternative Physics
58 Scientists Unlock the Secrets of Cellular Aging: What Happens After You Turn 70?
59 Scientists Trace Earliest Cases of COVID-19 to Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan, China
60 New MIT Computer Model Helps Identify Mutations that Drive Cancer
61 Get Your Diet on Track with These 6 Super-Healthy Fruits
62 Harvard Doctors Discover that this Type of Diet Can Dramatically Reduce Your Risk of Frailty
63 Antibiotics Can Ruin Your Motivation and Endurance
64 Rare Crustacean, Thought to Be Extinct, Found in a 2500-Foot-Long Cave
65 New "Masked" Cancer Drug Kills Cancer Cells with Minimal Side Effects
66 78% of Doctors Inflate Estimates of Medical Procedure Success
67 Why Do Some People Never Get Sick? Harvard Scientists Are Close to an Answer
68 Hopping Space Dust and Curious Asteroid Surprises
69 Mars Sample Return Mission: NASA Will Astonish the World
70 Innovative "Nano-Robot" Built Entirely from DNA to Explore Microscopic Biological Processes
71 Experts in Marine and Coastal Systems Predict Top 15 Emerging Impacts on Ocean Biodiversity Over Next Decade
72 A Surprising Finding Indicates that 800,000-Year-Old Hominins Utilized Fire
73 A New Approach to Treating a Lethal Type of Cancer
74 Forget Vegetables: Research Shows Eating Fruit More Frequently Could Reduce Depression
75 Saved from Extinction: How the Gulf of Mexico Escaped Global Warming 56 Million Years Ago
76 How Did Electric Eels Become Electric?
77 Ancient Rocks Hold Clues to How Earth Avoided a Mars-Like Fate
78 Death by Napping? The Frightening Link to High Blood Pressure and Increased Stroke Risk
79 Cheap Fluorescent Compounds that Can Help Treat Cancer
80 Scientists Find Psychedelic Mushroom Microdoses Can Improve Mood and Mental-Health
81 NASA's CAPSTONE Executes Third Maneuver on Track to the Moon
82 DeepMind AI Powers Major Scientific Breakthrough: AlphaFold Generates 3D View of the Protein Universe
83 Small Implant Relieves Pain on Demand Without Drugs
84 New Plesiosaur Fossil Discovery--What It Means for the Loch Ness Monster
85 Your Genes Can Determine How Well You Dance
86 New Model Helps Unravel Complex Psychiatric Disorders Such as Autism and Schizophrenia
87 Scientists Discover a Massacre: "Assassin" Cells Murder Innocent Cells
88 Zeta Ophiuchi: Spectacular Shock Wave from Rejected Star Hurtling Through Space at 100,000 Miles per Hour
89 Robots Learn to Play with Play Dough--Better than People with Just 10 Minutes of Data
90 Innovative Technology Offers Big Performance Boost to Perovskite--Silicon Tandem Solar Cells
91 How Cancer Spreads: Cancer Cells Can Migrate Toward Certain "Sweet Spot" Environments
92 Study Finds Vitamin D Supplements Do Not Reduce Risk of Broken Bones
93 Social Development of Infants Was Not Affected by COVID-19 Pandemic
94 Drinking Coffee Can Reduce Your Risk of Kidney Injury by 23%
95 Scientists Discover the Real Reason Giraffes Had Long Necks
96 Researchers Identify a Baffling New Type of Diabetes that Affects Millions
97 Science Reveals that this Type of Diet Can Increase Your Risk of Pancreatic Cancer
98 Final Work Continues to Ready NASA's Artemis I Moon Rocket for Launch Next Month
99 MIT Engineers Develop Ultrasound Stickers that Can See Inside the Body
100 How Does Blue Light from Digital Screens Affect Us as We Age?
101 What is Trigeminal Neuralgia?
102 Genetic Evidence that Alcohol Can Advance Aging
103 Massachusetts Air Pollution in 2019 Led to Death, Illnesses, and IQ Loss in Children
104 Green Tea Lowers Blood Sugar, Improves Gut Health
105 Cannabis and Romantic Relationship Perceptions
106 The Impact of One Gut Microbe on Human Immunity is Deciphered
107 Potential Marker for Prostate Cancer Prognosis Identified
108 Deep Fried Cannabis?
109 The benefits of lyophilization in assay kit development: Maximizing the integrity and shelf life of reagents
110 FDA Approved Cannabis Drug Products
111 Protecting Your Heart During Heat Waves
112 Using Bacteria to Make Rocket Fuel
113 Pancreatic Cancer is Difficult to Detect in its Curable Early Stages: AI Could Soon Change This
114 A Portable Atomic Clock