File Title
1 China adds science laboratory to its orbiting space station
2 Mideast nations wake up to damage from climate change
3 Global insect population decline may cause plants to battle with each other over pollinators, study warns
4 China swelters under record heat
5 Fire damages homes in southern Greece; more blazes active
6 New methodology helps predict soil recovery after wildfires
7 Scientists capture first-ever view of a hidden quantum phase in a 2D crystal
8 Do fish suffer from oxygen starvation?
9 When A Science Journal Does the Right Thing
10 How Indigenous Sea Gardens Produced Massive Amounts of Food for Millennia / Science
11 Mentorship strategies to boost diversity in paleontology
12 Shining light on the inner details and breakup of deuterons
13 Pros and cons of working from home
14 Restoring the human side to hierarchy
15 Ancient DNA links an East Asian Homo sapiens woman to early Americans
16 The world's largest omnivore is a fish
17 New tool uncovers 'elegant' mechanism responsible for antibiotic tolerance in golden staph
18 Unraveling the interconnections between air pollutants and climate change
19 Fish in a major South African river are full of microplastics
20 If someone's flirting with you online, beware--it could ruin your relationship
21 New study explores the prevalence of heatwaves in East Asia
22 Does Amber Heard really have the world's most beautiful face? Why the Golden Ratio test is bogus
23 Using an antineutrino reactor-off method between submarine patrols to by-pass need for onboard access inspections
24 Here's what to do when someone at home has COVID-19
25 Floors in ancient Greek luxury villa were laid with recycled glass
26 Researchers Find More Symptoms of Long COVID
27 Helping cassava farmers by extending crop life
28 Researchers improve catalyst that destroys 'forever chemicals' with sunlight
29 Theoretical model suggests saltiness of Enceladus's oceans may be right to sustain life
30 How cells zip through the stickiest mucus
31 Doing Things for Others Is Key to Finding Meaning in Life, Says New Research
32 Scientists find fossil of earliest known animal predator and name it after David Attenborough
33 Towards high-quality manganese oxide catalysts with large surface areas
34 Athletes of Color May Be Particularly Vulnerable to Heat
35 Reducing sugar consumption to achieve climate and sustainability goals
36 Urban heat islands are why it can feel 20 degrees hotter in different parts of the same city
37 Chicago family creates sanctuaries for monarch butterflies, identified by global group as an endangered species
38 Wood heating pollutes the air in mountain areas more than previously assumed
39 Extreme heat exposure worsens child malnutrition
40 Plants quick to let their flowers fade for protection
41 Greenland hit with 'unusually extensive' melting of ice sheet, boosting sea levels, scientists say
42 Why is the ocean salty? Why the world's biggest bodies of water have so much salt.
43 Felony convictions hinder efforts to access stable housing even if no prison time is served, study shows
44 Researchers find key to solving serious wine grape issue
45 Firefighters battle California wildfire as heat wave grips much of US
46 Religious leaders can reduce intimate partner violence in Uganda: study
47 Preteen children tend to associate 'brilliance' with males, study finds
48 US to plant more trees as climate change kills off forests
49 The pandemic, online shopping, and the shift towards 're-commerce'
50 Self-doubt and isolation but also resilience among new teachers due to pandemic, finds report
51 Researchers propose neuromorphic computing with optically driven nonlinear fluid dynamics
52 Bioinspired protein creates stretchable 2D layered materials
53 Tree fern genome provides insights into its evolution
54 Germans feel strongly threatened by current crises
55 Smaller, stronger magnets could improve devices that harness the fusion power of the sun and stars
56 'IcePic' algorithm outperforms humans in predicting ice crystal formation
57 How did Earth avoid a Mars-like fate? Ancient rocks hold clues
58 Straightening out kinky roots captures carbon and avoids drought stress
59 Trilobites' growth may have resembled that of modern marine crustaceans
60 Greek firefighters battle inferno 'disaster' at natural park
61 Implicit bias and concern about appearing racist predict teachers' reluctance to discuss race and racism in classrooms
62 Whale shark found eating seagrass in first, making them world's largest omnivores
63 COVID: Scientists finally decode how novel coronavirus reaches the human brain
64 Here's the quickest way to grill burgers, according to math
65 The central core clock machinery drives the majority of metabolic rhythms
66 Heatwave risk in US to increase by over 30 percent in coming years due to carbon emissions, study warns
67 Shedding light on more efficient ways to breed cassava
68 This Australian experiment is on the hunt for an elusive particle that could help unlock the mystery of dark matter
69 Supervolcano study finds CO2 emissions key to avoiding climate disasters
70 Why the Dutch keep holding to the image of Black Pete
71 Why is populism on the rise?
72 5 Management Lessons from an Apollo 13 Astronaut, Part 1: Never Panic Early
73 How to make jet fuel from sunlight, air and water vapor
74 New ultraluminous X-ray source detected in galaxy NGC 55
75 The glass ceiling phenomenon in the US and EU labor markets
76 Do we care enough about COVID?
77 Misery for millions as monsoon pounds Pakistan port city
78 Net-zero carbon emissions for aircraft overlooks non-CO2 climate impact
79 A 'Black Widow' Cannibal Star that Rotates 707 Times Per Second Could Solve Black Hole Mystery
80 Record number of French regions face water restrictions
81 Effect of environmental contaminants on the health of pet cats
82 Marine conservation effort in U.S. Virgin Islands aids key fish species, research finds
83 Brexit built borders inside British-European families, new report found
84 Russia Will Quit the ISS to Build Its Own Space Station Despite New Launch Deal with NASA
85 New glass-ceramic emits light when under mechanical stress
86 Ice Age human footprints discovered in Utah desert
87 Improving image sensors for machine vision
88 More than 30 potential new species discovered living at the bottom of the sea
89 Bacteria can remove plastic pollution from lakes
90 A good media reputation can save your job: Study
91 Lower chances of individual prosperity in regions far from the coast
92 One in five adults don't want children--and they're deciding early in life
93 'They look almost human made.' NOAA finds weird lines of holes in mid-Atlantic floor
94 Space study offers clearest understanding yet of the life cycle of supermassive black holes
95 How Minnesota's little, polluted Crow River clouds the Mississippi
96 Moths pollinate clover flowers at night, after bees have gone home
97 Adsorbent material filters toxic chromium, arsenic from water supplies
98 How do nanoparticles grow? Atomic-scale movie upends 100-year-old theory
99 Researchers develop novel 3D atomic force microscopy probes
100 Flash Floods Swamp St. Louis in Latest Bout of Extreme U.S. Weather
101 France struggles with drought over punishing summer of heat
102 Firms time announcements of data breaches to bury the bad news
103 Russia Says It Will Quit International Space Station
104 Anti-butterfly effect enables new benchmarking of quantum computer performance
105 Eutelsat, OneWeb Plot Merger that Will Challenge Billionaires Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos in Space Race
106 New sensing platform deployed at controlled burn site, could help prevent forest fires
107 Something or Somebody Made A Series of Holes in the Seafloor
108 Study identifies way to specifically target and block disease-associated white blood cells
109 Roboticists discover alternative physics
110 Scientists successfully transition cell line to be completely animal-free
111 US regrets 'surprise' Russia exit from Space Station