File Title
1 Report shows growing cities are under pressure, but there are positive signs too
2 More news, more worry during pandemic
3 Tiny bodies of bats allow perfect balance between flight costs and heat dissipation
4 Kids want to put Montana on trial for unhealthy climate policies
5 A common challenge for schools around the globe
6 How biology's hardest working pigments and 'MOFs' might just save the climate
7 You can buy SpaceX toys and collectibles starting next year
8 Taste sensors keep proteins in order in flies
9 What will it take to stabilize the Colorado River?
10 An AI-assisted analysis of three-dimensional galaxy distribution in our universe
11 Just 10 financial actors found to hold the key to climate change
12 A fast, efficient COVID-19 biosensor is under development
13 Gender pay gap linked to unpaid chores in childhood
14 How different cancer cells respond to drug-delivering nanoparticles
15 Majority of early career researchers in physical science want to publish open access, but face financial barriers
16 How do galaxies evolve? A college student may have provided the missing link
17 Study finds that tomatoes, but not farm workers or gardeners, are safe from soil lead
18 Climate change and land-use changes increase likelihood of flood events
19 How 'Shark Week' could inspire love for ocean predators
20 Team tests the effects of oxygen on uranium
21 North Atlantic temperature helps forecast extreme events in Northeast Brazil up to three months in advance
22 Study finds ultimate limits of spaceplates in optical systems
23 Researchers study how nutrient sources make it to the base of the food web
24 Working to discover new treatments for tuberculosis
25 'Sensing system' spots struggling ecosystems
26 Climate change drives Europe towards record fire year
27 National Cancer Institute Appoints First Woman Director
28 New method to map the surface of the moon increases accuracy to unprecedented levels
29 Here's Where It Will Be Dangerously Hot in the U.S. this Week
30 Carbon-Neutral Jet Fuel? Scientists in Europe Say They've Successfully Created Synthetic Kerosene.
31 North 'plaza' in Cahokia was likely inundated year-round, study finds
32 Researchers Propose Staving Off Global Warming by Capturing Carbon Dioxide in Trains
33 Examining the effect of temperature on animals' reproductive strategies
34 Competition limits the ranges of mountain birds
35 Self-assembling 2D materials at a liquid-liquid interface
36 Buckyballs on gold are less exotic than graphene
37 Tiny Turtles Responsible for Salmonella Outbreak, Says CDC
38 New 'Dark Skies' Camping Map Helps You Plan A Stargazing Trip (But Don't Forget About the Moon)
39 Wildfire-smoke observations fill gap in estimating soot's role in climate change
40 Most unique birds to go extinct first in ongoing mass extinction driven by climate crisis, study warns
41 Record temperatures set across US as heat wave engulfs nation
42 NASA Mars rover discovers mystery object
43 First wild jaguars in 70 years born in Argentina national park
44 Storks give up migrating to live on landfill in Spain
45 Footprints of world's largest dinosaurs discovered in Chinese restaurant's courtyard
46 What's behind Europe's spate of deadly wildfires?
47 Georgia spaceport land deal is off, site owner says
48 Mysterious 'pregnant' Egyptian mummy reveals woman may have also had cancer
49 The heaviest neutron star on record is 2.35 times the mass of the sun
50 Scientists identify 'bottleneck' in drug delivery pathways in stem cells
51 Access All the World's Life Online at the Biodiversity Heritage Library
52 Engineering team develops process to make implants safer
53 Why Is Lake Mead Shrinking? Climate Change Is A Major Reason
54 From in-crowds to power couples, network science uncovers the hidden structure of community dynamics
55 A thought experiment that reveals the flaws in our environment laws
56 Nonthermal plasma-promoted CO2 hydrogenation in presence of alloy catalysts
57 Measuring the universe with star-shattering explosions
58 A new dark matter experiment quashed earlier hints of new particles
59 Fossil that most likely belonged to oldest-known swan species found at St. Bathans
60 How ballistic trap-jaw ants prevent self-destruction with a perfect mandible arc
61 The observation of Chern mosaic and Berry-curvature magnetism in magic angle graphene
62 Rocket launches can create night-shining clouds away from the poles, NASA's AIM mission reveals
63 EarthCARE satellite's solar wing expanded for testing
64 New strategy for iron fortification in rice
65 Shark Week, the 'Jaws effect' and how more great whites in the water are changing human behavior
66 Is there wealth stability across generations in the US?
67 World-first experiment using drones for wildlife health checks
68 Study aims to help Kentucky growers improve transplant quality of vegetables
69 Don't Chase Happiness if You Want to Be Happy, Says New Mental Health Research
70 How the digital backpacker can positively impact tourism
71 Can infrastructure and tourism endure triple-digit temperatures, extreme weather during 'danger season'?
72 Light polarization creates art, explains mathematical concepts
73 Porous crystals bind fluorine-containing greenhouse gases
74 Companies must invest to avoid a supply chain scandal or pay the price in lost consumers
75 Scientists develop novel electrochemical/fluorescent dual-mode biosensor
76 Wealth inequality in Australia and the rapid rise in house prices
77 False balance in news coverage of climate change makes it harder to address crisis
78 WHO says heatwave caused 1,700 deaths in Spain, Portugal
79 Brazil buzzing over potential of its native bees
80 Biggest Monkeypox Study to Date Contains Hundreds of Pictures and Details New Symptoms
81 Battered by climate change, Latin America must brace for worse: report
82 New pit viper discovered in Jiuzhaigou National Nature Reserve, China
83 The bigger the temperature change, the larger the extinction event, reveals researcher
84 Moving people's mindsets in the matter of migration
85 This Startup Raised $9 Million to Make Better Quality Quantum Computers
86 Chemists unlock secrets of molten salts
87 Ancient Siberian dogs relied on humans for seafood diets
88 Genetic defect leads to motor disorders in flies
89 Is going meat-free the answer to climate change?
90 Can precariously perched boulders signal long-term earthquake risk?
91 Longer commutes affect the cost of living in large cities more than zoning restrictions
92 Extreme heat waves expected to intensify as global temperatures rise, says expert
93 New insights on pest fruit fly species across oceanic islands
94 Researchers realize hyperfine wind observation with meter-scale and sub-second resolutions
95 Researchers report high carrier mobility of cubic boron arsenide
96 Key material development for fusion energy application
97 The world is 'losing the window' to contain monkeypox, experts warn
98 US takes emergency action to save sequoias from wildfires
99 Italy's famous Po Valley rice paddies decimated by drought
100 Halos and dark matter: A recipe for discovery
101 Scientists encode 'Wizard of Oz' in a vanishingly small plastic
102 Why NASA Needs A Webb 2.0 Sooner Rather than Later
103 WHO Calls Monkeypox A Global Health Emergency
104 How drought destabilized the last major precolonial Mayan city
105 What Is A Nebula? How to Instantly Know What the New Webb Telescope Images Show
106 When it comes to resisting temptation, a child's cultural upbringing matters
107 Stingrays Make Sound!
108 Japan's Sakurajima volcano erupts, triggering evacuation
109 China launches one of 2 lab modules to join space station
110 Greece, California battle fierce wildfires amid heatwaves
111 First 2 Monkeypox Cases in Children in U.S., Outbreak Count Reaches 2,891
112 Call for max working temperature cap after EU heatwave deaths
113 The chemical controlling life and death in hair follicles
114 Florida hurries to catch fast-spreading snail invasion
115 Arid Israel produces potent tropical pods
116 Why shark encounters are increasing along the US East Coast
117 Thousands evacuated as California wildfire grows