File Title
1 Boosting CAR T Cell Therapy with TIGIT Blockade
2 Volcanic Eruptions Can Help Us Better Understand the Climate
3 Inflammation in the Gut Can Lead to Skin Disorders
4 Some Plants May Have Become Carnivorous as a Defense Mechanism
5 Chronic Stress Reduces Iron Absorption in Newborns by 15%
6 Selflessness Linked to Resilience in Tough Times
7 Nitric Oxide Reduces Hospital Stay of Pregnant Women with COVID-19
8 Smart textiles detect, sense posture and motion
9 Using Fiber Optic Cables to Detect Glacial Volcano Tremors
10 Gardening Lowers Stress, Anxiety, and Depression
11 NASA Releases the First Images from the James Webb Space Telescope!
12 New Findings May Lead to Fibromyalgia Diagnostics & Treatments
13 Did Sexual Reproduction Originate with Fusion in Archaea?
14 Spirituality Improves Patient Care and Health Outcomes
15 Nipah Virus: Moderna Invests in a Vaccine for the Virus that Fauci Calls a 'Pandemic Threat'
16 Eating Eggs May Lower Heart Disease Risk
17 Does a High-fat Diet Shrink the Brain?
18 Listen Up: Sound Provides Pain Relief
19 Wicked Fast Star Discovered Orbiting Black Hole
20 Over 7,200 Segments in the Human Genome May Code for Novel Proteins
21 Acupuncture Can Help Control Cancer-Related Pain
22 A magnetic bead for every need: Expanding applications with conjugated magnetic beads
23 Emerging Research Could Soon Solve the Parkinson's Disease Diagnosis Challenge
24 Air Pollution Linked to Heart Arrhythmia
25 Why Does Weed Smell?
26 Bottom burrowing animals were first to recover after last mass extinction
27 The Oldest Traces of Fire Discovered using AI
28 Using Worms to Study Precision Medicine
29 What THC and CBD Really Taste Like
30 Cannabis Legalization's Impact on Foster Care Placements
31 Study Indicates Teen Cannabis Vaping is Increasing
32 Pox Virus Proteins Can Launch Early Attack on Immune Defense
33 Solar Power Plus Chemistry Equals Fuels and Chemicals Feedstock
34 New Tech Simulates Photosynthesis, Produces Food Without Sunlight
35 The "Worst Version" of COVID-19 is Here
36 The James Webb Space Telescope Takes a Closer Look at Jupiter
37 Astronomers Just Pinpointed the Location of a Meteorite that Came from Mars
38 Taste Is a Matter of Perception...And Genetics
39 The Probe that was Almost Swallowed by an Asteroid
40 Breastmilk Can Reduce Infection Risk, with a Tradeoff
41 Whole Blood Exchange May Reduce Amyloid Plaques in Alzheimer's
42 Oxytocin Nasal Sprays Don't Improve Emotion Recognition in Healthy Individuals
43 In Cells, There is Phase Separation & Cluster Formation
44 Increased Risk of Miscarriage in Summer Heat
45 Melanocytic Nevi and their Association with Melanoma
46 Two Cases of Deadly Marburg Virus Identified in Ghana
47 Early Domesticated Dogs Grew in Size to Defend Herds
48 New 'future-proof' method could remove phosphorus from wastewater using bacteria
49 Researchers See the Formation of Motor Memories in Mice
50 Lifestyle, More than Age, May Predict Dementia Risk
51 Maternal Milk for Preterm Infants Linked to Better Academic Performance, Lower ADHD Risk
52 There are Genetic Links Between Gut Disorders & Alzheimer's Disease
53 Experimental Cancer Drug Regrows Nerves in Spinal Cord Injury
54 What is the rock cycle and why is it important?
55 As Rates of Thyroid Cancer Continue to Increase, Researchers Question Why
56 A New Immune Trigger is Identified
57 Light Exposure During Sleep Linked to Obesity, Hypertension in Older Adults
58 More efficient and faster devices from electron spin control
59 Food Prices Out of Control. Pollinators Could Help
60 This Day in Science History 7/20/1969: One Giant Leap for Mankind
61 What Does the Sleeping Brain Do When It Hears Music?
62 Halting the Assembly of Dangerous Paramyxoviruses like Nipah
63 Why Health Experts Consider Delta 8 THC Dangerous
64 Stress Transmitter Wakes Up the Sleeping Brain Over 100 Times Per Night
65 'Junk' DNA May Stall Replication, Increasing Cancer Risk
66 Can Microrobots Deliver Chemotherapy Directly to a Tumor?
67 For the First Time, Microscopy Catches Antibodies Attacking a Receptor
68 Best practices for lateral flow assay development
69 The Race for the Perfect High
70 Sleep Is Linked to Heart Health
71 How plants produce their own aspirin to protect themselves from environmental hazards
72 Very first discovered exoplanet that orbits pulsar might be uncommon
73 Parents Underestimate the Effect of Screen Time on Children's Eye Health
74 Scientists Find a Potential Cause and Treatment for Shorter Life Span in Men
75 200 Years After the Birth of the Father of Genetics
76 A Train Car that Removes Carbon Dioxide from the Air
77 BepiColombo Snaps Photos of Mercury
78 Scientists conduct first genetic diversity census of common dolphins
79 A Mattress that Helps People Fall Asleep Faster
80 Researchers Say Nasal Boosters Will be Important to Stopping COVID
81 Detecting Covert Consciousness with EEG and Artificial Intelligence
82 Quantum Internet One Step Closer to Reality
83 Potassium-Rich Foods Lower Blood Pressure in Women
84 Spiraled Planet-Forming Disk Found Near Galactic Center
85 Anti-inflammatory Compound Shows Promise in Treating Severe COVID-19
86 Physical Activity Boosts Cognitive Reserve in Women, not Men
87 Antibiotics Affect Gut Microbiome of Male and Female Rats Differently
88 No Evidence for Depression and Serotonin Activity Link
89 Host Cell Proteins that Aid Lassa Virus & A Way to Stop One of Them
90 Mitochondria & Metabolism Are Unique in Egg Cells
91 Past, Present, and Future: Exploring Planetary Volcanism and Cryovolcanism in our Cosmos
92 Creating window-sized, transparent solar cells
93 Does the Secret to Immunotherapy Lie in...Poop?
94 Tools of the Trade: Ancient tattoos brought to life
95 Drug that Can Help Men Live Longer?
96 Cancer Cells Migrate to 'Softer' Spots
97 Genetic Recombination Appears to be Common in the Human Genome
98 Researchers Recognize New Complicating Factor in Organ Transplantation
99 Only 20% of Americans Have Optimal Heart Health
100 Formation of toxic ketene likely caused by vaping cannabinoid acetates
101 Cocoa Could Help Reduce Blood Pressure and Arterial Stiffness
102 Ant Colonies and Neural Networks Make Decisions in Similar Ways
103 Drinking Coffee Before Shopping Increases Purchases and Spending
104 Child Hepatitis Cases Linked to Viral Co-Infection
105 Mask mandates--will we only act on public health advice if someone makes us?
106 Greater efforts needed to get routine immunization back to pre-COVID times: WHO
107 Here's why you must 'nosh on' pears
108 The health risks of extreme heat
109 How your status, where you live and your family background affect your risk of dementia
110 Glioblastoma Awareness Day 2022: Know the early signs of this aggressive brain cancer
111 Mental health: When is the right time to seek help?
112 Healthy ageing: Lifestyle tips for women over 50
113 Things diabetics must know before having pineapples
114 These 'affordable' food items will help you meet your protein goals
115 Overhydration: This is what happens if you drink too much water
116 Kristen Bell on how husband Dax Shepard helped cure her mastitis; know more about the condition
117 Understanding the link between probiotics and improved vaginal health
118 Depression is probably not caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain--new study
119 Deep in a COVID Wave, Europe counts cases and carries on
120 World Brain Day 2022: Here's how long it takes for alcohol to reach your brain
121 World Brain Day: Six key ways to preserve brain health