File Title
1 Dancing Improves Mental Health
2 The Doomsday Glacier
3 Overtraining Negatively Impacts Mood and Heart Rate Variability
4 Drug that lowers blood sugar also reduces blood vessel dysfunction caused by aging
5 Triton: The Cantaloupe Moon
6 Fundamentally Changing Our Understanding of Alzheimer's Disease
7 How are you Preparing for the Next COVID Surge?
8 New artificial enzyme breaks down tough, woody lignin
9 Coffee Reduces the Risk of Kidney Injury
10 Researchers Search for a Treatment for a Lethal Clostridium Bacteria
11 Shipwrecks are Rich with Microbial Diversity
12 Some Bacteria Can Shed Their Wall When Infected with a Virus
13 A Case Study May Identify a Novel Gene Therapy for Pancreatic Cancer
14 Dopamine's Effects on Emotion Regulation
15 Do you know what you're vaping?
16 Supplements and Heart Health
17 Artificial cilia could someday power diagnostic devices
18 Traditional Indian Medicine Helps Treat and Manage Type 2 Diabetes
19 This Day in Science History: Einstein Discovers the Modern Photoelectric Effect
20 Telescope on Plane to Study Evolution of Molecules in the Milky Way
21 Funding for Research on Weed's Role in Cancer Treatments
22 Why Uranus and Neptune Are Different Colors
23 Scientists Develop Neurobiological Model to Explore Creativity and Neural Networks
24 Epigenetic Changes May Increase Asthma Risk
25 Is Autoimmunity Related to Schizophrenia?
26 Are Cannabis Users Nicer?
27 The consequences of inappropriate antibiotic prescriptions in children
28 Are Cardiac Complications More Common After COVID-19 Infection or Vaccination?
29 Kidney Denervation Controls High Blood Pressure in Patients Resistant to Medications, a Study Shows
30 What's Being Done to Make COVID Vaccines More Effective Against Future Strains?
31 Dogs Could Be Even Better at Detecting COVID-19 than a PCR Test
32 Inhaled Aerosol Vaccines More Effective than Nasal Sprays
33 Social Isolation is an Independent Risk Factor for Dementia
34 Self-Healing, Synthetic Skin is Grown Directly on a Robotic Finger
35 Cannabis Users Need More Sedation During Gastric Endoscopy
36 Silent Genetic Mutations Are Not as Quiet as we Thought
37 Vegan Diet Rich in Legumes Helps with Weight Loss
38 NASA's DAVINCI mission to take the plunge through massive atmosphere of Venus
39 A 50% reduction in emissions can be achieved. Here's how
40 Bluetooth Signals Can be Tracked with High Degrees of Accuracy
41 Multiple Heart-Related Conditions Triples Dementia Risk
42 High Optimism Linked to Living Past 90 in Women
43 Clinical Trial Demonstrates an Amazing 100% Response
44 Mucus Contains Fungus-Fighting Molecules
45 Breast Milk Influences Infant Microbiome & Immunity
46 Fight Antimicrobial Resistance
47 A 'Goldilocks amount' of time spent online could be good for teenagers' wellbeing
48 New Technology Allows for Quick Ebola Diagnosis
49 Maintaining Sample Temperature: Q&A from a Corning Scientist
50 Advances in Latest Coronavirus Research in the 2022 Ongoing Labroots Virtual Event Series
51 Fast Radio Bursts: The Mystery Deepens
52 Weight Training Effectively Combats Obesity
53 How Superworms Can Help Us Recycle Plastics
54 Cellular secrets of aging unlocked by researchers
55 Using Mosquito Spit to Develop Vaccines for Zika, Yellow Fever, Dengue
56 Is it safe to drive while high?
57 Increasing Vitamin D Levels Could Stave Off Dementia
58 High Intensity Ultrasound Therapy Treats Localized Prostate Cancer
59 Cannabis and intimacy
60 One in 500 Men Carry an Extra Sex Chromosome
61 Dance/Movement Therapy Benefits Cancer Patients
62 Long COVID and Sleep Disturbances
63 Caffeine Can Cause Long-Term Changes in the Brain
64 Overuse of Asthma Inhalers Leads to More Severe Asthma and Hospitalization
65 Height May Be a Risk Factor for Several Conditions
66 Ionizing the Ultralight Particles Around Black Holes
67 Future emissions dependent on how we choose to end deforestation
68 The First Liquid Mirror Telescope for Astronomy
69 Cannabis and Romantic Relationship Perceptions
70 Deep Nerve Stimulation Lowers Blood Pressure
71 Stress Accelerates Immune System Aging
72 Projected Increases in Cannabis Use in States Legalizing Recreational Cannabis
73 First analysis of asteroid Ryugu rocks released
74 A Wandering Star Twisted the Magnetic Field in a Stellar Nursery
75 Astronomers Settle Decade-Long Controversy About the Sun!
76 This Day in Science History 6/18/1983: The space shuttle Challenger is launched carrying Sally Ride, the first American woman in space.
77 The Effect of HITT on Skeletal Muscle and Metabolism
78 Time crystals bend, don't break, rules of quantum physics
79 Childhood Fitness and Obesity Predict Midlife Cognition
80 What are Supergenes & Why are They Hot?
81 Revealing the Origin & Spread of the Black Death
82 Computer models reveal how planets are engulfed by expanding stars
83 Therapy Dogs Help Lower Cortisol Levels in School-Aged Children
84 Math Model Predicts Anti-inflammatory Drug Efficacy Post-heart Attack
85 Oral Immunotherapy for Peanut Allergy Most Effective Before 12 Months Old
86 Heart Disease and Diabetes Double Dementia Risk
87 Uterine Cancer Mortality is on the Rise
88 Rethinking What We Know About Blood Cell Formation
89 Getting Answers on COVID-19-Associated Smell Loss
90 In a Small Study, Experimental Immunotherapy Drug for Rectal Cancer has a High Success Rate
91 How can beer yeast help reduce heavy metal contamination in water?
92 Boosted Americans Testing Positive for COVID-19 More Often than Those with the First Series Only
93 Weed and your lungs: The latest information
94 Brain Lesions Reveal Networks of Addiction
95 Device Desalinates Seawater Faster than Current Methods
96 Can Allergy Symptoms be Relieved by Treating Micronutrition Deficiencies?
97 Advanced Lung Cancer Diagnosis Linked to Socioeconomic Status
98 How cannabis affects your running performance
99 Sudden Cardiac Death and Genetics in Athletes
100 A new feedback system could improve fusion reaction efficiency
101 Childhood Bronchitis Linked to Pneumonia and Lung Issues in Adulthood
102 New artificial intelligence chip could help you keep your smartphone longer
103 Humans are Hot Headed: A Look into Brain Temperature Variation Research
104 A 'dark' free-floating black hole might have been detected
105 Beer Could Help Diversify Gut Microbiomes
106 Alzheimer's Diagnosis with a Single MRI Scan
107 Adding Metal to Microbes: Saving the Environment with Copper
108 Drumming Positively Impacts the Functioning of Youth with Autism
109 How Mites that Live on Our Faces are Evolving to Become Symbionts
110 This Protein Can Stop the Flu from Replicating
111 No Link Between Grit and Cognitive Ability
112 Nordic Walking Improves Life for Heart Disease Patients
113 Accelerate diagnostic development with the right supplier
114 New research shows the Earth's inner core oscillates, contradicting previous models