File Title
1 5 important things to see in NASA's James Webb Telescope images
2 SpaceX Starship booster 'probably' returning to pad after explosion--Elon Musk
3 Researchers create octopus-inspired glove to grip objects underwater
4 NASA's James Webb Space Telescope gives closer look at Jupiter's rings
5 The lonely work of picking the universe's best astronomy pictures
6 Heartbeat-like radio signals detected billions of light years away
7 Digging Deep: Study reveals 100-year-old virus genomes responsible for Spanish Flu
8 NASA, Russian space agency sign deal to share space station flights--Roscosmos
9 Space news weekly recap: James Webb Space Telescope, SpaceX explosion and more
10 NASA grounds Ingenuity Mars Helicopter temporarily
11 Black Hole Hunters: Scientists want your help in finding hidden black holes
12 Hubble captures a globular cluster that looks like a sea of sequins
13 Everyone wants to look for a signal that goes beyond the standard physics model: Scientist at Large Hadron Collider
14 High-flying experiment: Do stem cells grow better in space?
15 Scientists find an exotic black hole deemed a 'needle in a haystack'
16 NASA's VIPER mission delayed to 2024, is designed to look for origin of water on Moon
17 NASA hosts contest to design starshade that will help find Earth-like planets
18 The secret to an elephant's trunk is skin deep
19 NASA's James Webb Space Telescope hit by multiple micrometeoroids: Report
20 Scientist uses James Webb Space Telescope data to create 'purple swirl' image of distant galaxy
21 Scientists uncover history of 'ridiculously charming' penguins
22 The need for diversity in genome sequencing
23 The parasitic fungus that encourages houseflies to mate with 'corpses'
24 Gaganyaan abort mission this year; solar, lunar missions in 2023
25 NASA aiming for late August test flight of giant moon rocket
26 Watch: NASA shares video showing how Apollo 11 astronauts' tracks are still on the Moon
27 Digging Deep: The deserts of the world are spreading further North
28 Heads up, again: China set to launch space station module with giant rocket
29 SpaceX whizzes past annual launch record with Starlink mission
30 Massive, unusually compact, 'one of a kind' triple star system detected for the first time
31 China launches second space station module, Wentian
32 Space news weekly recap: China space station module launch, Webb's 'purple swirl,'' and more
33 Street battles in Colombo after Gotabaya flees in dead of night
34 Italy's government faces collapse as 5-Star shuns confidence vote
35 Desecration of Gandhi statue in Toronto has hurt sentiments of Indian community: Envoy
36 Judge rejects Amber Heard bid for new trial with Johnny Depp
37 Heat wave, flooding leave multiple people dead in China
38 Australia unemployment dives to 48-year low as jobs boom
39 Israel works with Arab allies to down drones, in sign of growing ties
40 Nepal's Parliament passes first Citizenship Amendment Bill
41 Sri Lanka's President Gotabaya leaves for Singapore from Maldives
42 Scorching heat wave sparks wildfires in Europe
43 South Korea politics roiled by pair sent to North, likely killed
44 US warns it will defend Philippines in South China Sea
45 How demand for twigs is bringing down a rainforest
46 History haunts Ukraine's undiplomatic voice in Berlin
47 In divide over Ukraine, China stakes a position further from US
48 Airlines' challenge is cutting costs, not filling seats
49 Japan PM blames police for death of former leader Shinzo Abe
50 On run, Gotabaya in Singapore, resigns; protesters leave Colombo govt. buildings
51 Ivana Trump, first wife of former US president Donald Trump, dies at 73
52 25 million kids missed routine vaccinations because of COVID
53 Facts were sparse on an abortion case. But that didn't stop the attacks.
54 Saudi Arabia to open airspace to all airlines, including from Israel
55 Russian missiles kill at least 23 in Ukraine, wound over 100
56 China's surveillance state hits rare resistance from its own subjects
57 A new Palestinian leader rises in the West Bank. He's very unpopular
58 Georgia school system to let some non-officers carry guns
59 G20 talks overshadowed by Ukraine war as host Indonesia seeks consensus
60 In China's Wuhan, cholera-causing bacteria in turtles strikes nerve
61 Pakistan polio eradication campaign in disarray, country reports 12 new cases this year
62 Elon Musk's father reveals he had child with his stepdaughter
63 EU commission to sue Hungary over anti-LGBT law--Politico
64 Russia acquits feminist artist on trial for pornography
65 Italy stuck in political limbo, prospect of early election grows
66 Palestinian President Abbas: Two-state solution may not be available for long
67 Putin reshuffles top officials
68 Heatwave scorches Europe; health warnings issued
69 Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi testifies in election fraud trial
70 UK parliamentary committee requests documents for investigation into PM Boris Johnson
71 Pak Supreme Court rejects Imran Khan's claims of regime change conspiracy
72 Putin signs law seeking to help Russian investors ditch frozen assets
73 Nepal government scraps panels probing rights abuse
74 How one Senator doomed the Democrats' climate plan
75 US: Ivana Trump's death ruled an accident, medical examiner says
76 Survey says New Zealand among worst destinations for expats. Here's how India ranked
77 Ukraine: In a flash of fire and shrapnel, a smiling 4-year-old's life is snuffed out
78 Warning sirens sound in Ukraine's capital as Russia steps up bombardment
79 Mexico arrests drug lord Caro Quintero, wanted for killing US agent
80 India assures continued support to democracy, stability and economic recovery in Sri Lanka
81 Putin aims to shape a new generation of supporters--through schools
82 Britain on course for hottest day on record; UK govt. issues national emergency alert
83 The US has a new crisis hotline: 988. Is it prepared for a surge in calls?
84 Ivana Trump's New York
85 Antarctica's sky dazzles in shades of purple after Tongan volcanic eruption
86 Gaps in arms supplies to Ukraine point to countries' divergent strategies
87 Rights group says UAE has detained U.S. lawyer who represented Khashoggi
88 Israel strikes Gaza target in response to rocket fire
89 UK heatwave: National emergency declared as authorities issue first-ever red weather warning
90 Renewed Russian attacks strike several areas of Ukraine
91 Islam in China must be Chinese in orientation: President Xi Jinping
92 Iran imposes sanctions on 61 Americans as nuclear talks hit impasse
93 Cargo plane operated by Ukraine carrier crashes in Greece
94 Wildfires rage in France and Spain as heatwaves sear Europe
95 A Warren Buffett protegee strikes out on her own
96 Biden says he confronted Saudi crown prince over Khashoggi. How true is that?
97 Moscow signals a shift to a more aggressive phase of Ukraine war
98 The world economy is imperiled by a force hiding in plain sight
99 LGBTQ communities facing new repression in Middle East
100 Passengers sigh as Heathrow caps numbers to head off 'Airmageddon'
101 Italy's crisis redoubles European foreboding
102 With few able and fewer willing, US military can't find recruits
103 As Biden reaches out to Mideast dictators, his eyes are on China and Russia
104 China floods leave at least 12 dead, thousands evacuated
105 Holocaust survivors mark 80 years since mass Paris roundup
106 UAE sentences former Khashoggi lawyer to three years in prison
107 'Those people': French minister's LGBTQ remarks spark anger
108 Fires scorch France, Spain; temperature-related deaths soar
109 Israel to boost Asia flights after Saudi Arabia opens airspace
110 Russia strikes south Ukraine city, presses attacks in east
111 Biden disputes Saudi account of Khashoggi murder discussion
112 Chief: 3 dead in Indiana mall shooting; witness kills gunman
113 Ukraine's Zelenskyy fires top security chief and prosecutor