File Title
1 American Forests Are Being Overrun by Invasive Species
2 This Week @NASA: Mars Sample Return, Benefits of Space Station Research and Development
3 NASA Releases Statement on Chinese Space Debris
4 World's Most Durable Hydrogen Fuel Cell Paves Way for Wider Application of Green Energy
5 Common Viruses May Be Triggering Alzheimer's Disease
6 5 Fantastic Health Benefits: Make Almonds a Part of Your Daily Diet
7 Some Types of Stress Could Improve Brain Functioning and Reduce Risk of Mental Illness
8 Neutrino Factories in Deep Outer Space: Elementary Particles from the Depths of Our Universe
9 Prehistoric Fossil Fishing at the Farm--Jurassic Marine World Unearthed in a Farmer's Field
10 6 Medical Conditions that Can Cause You to Gain Weight
11 4.5-Billion-Year-Old Martian Meteorite Reveals Secrets of Earth's Origins
12 Scientists Find Strong Magnetic Fields Can Relieve Anxiety and Depression
13 MIT's New Analog Synapse Is 1 Million Times Faster than the Synapses in the Human Brain
14 Clearest Understanding Yet of the Life Cycle of Supermassive Black Holes
15 Chinese Scientists Propose a New Live-Virus Flu Vaccine
16 Synthetic Polymers Promote Biofilm Formation and Increase Efficiency of Biocatalysis
17 Greece Battles Raging Wildfires on Lesbos Island--Residents and Tourists Evacuated
18 Captivity Can Turn Fish into Cannibals
19 Mayo Clinic Study Uncovers Dietary Trick to Help Prevent Kidney Stones
20 Scientists Solve "A Mystery Across the Centuries"
21 Powerful Brain Protection Against Stroke from Fast-Acting Immune Cells
22 Drinking Alcohol Carries Significant Health Risks and No Benefits for Young Adults
23 Why Do Cancer Cells Need Fat?
24 Oil and Gas Production Is Causing a Worrying Number of Earthquakes
25 Breast Cancer Is Being Overdiagnosed and Overtreated--Why?
26 The Surprising Relationship Between Cancer and Diabetes
27 Further Back in Time than Ever Before: Distribution of Dark Matter Around Galaxies 12 Billion Years Ago Revealed
28 A Cell Found in Everyone's Body Can Transform into Blood Cancer
29 Scientists Discover Biological Differences Between Liberals and Conservatives
30 NASA's VIPER Lunar Rover Prototype Motors Through Moon-Like Obstacle Course
31 The Million Dollar Problem that Could Break Cryptography
32 NIH Scientists Discover a New Brain Mechanism
33 Researchers work to restore iconic West Virginia red spruce forests
34 Giant viruses build a cell nucleus surprisingly like our own
35 Team troubleshoots asteroid-bound Lucy spacecraft across millions of miles
36 International researchers confirm museum shrunken head as human remains
37 Harvard Scientists Discover How Cold Temperatures Could Help You Lose Weight
38 Exercise Can Enhance Pancreatic Cancer Treatment
39 At Last! An Effective New Treatment for Chronic Back Pain
40 EnVision Mission: Readying Spacecraft to Surf Venus' Hot, Thick Atmosphere
41 Don't Miss: Planet Viewing, Perseids Outlook, and Flying with Cygnus the Swan
42 Explaining Long-Standing Mysteries About Earth's Formation and Evolution
43 A Natural Compound that Can Help Cure Leukemia
44 What Is the Best Way to Treat Back Pain? A New Study Provides a Helpful Medication Guide
45 Webb Space Telescope Peers into Chaos--Captures Stellar Gymnastics in the Cartwheel Galaxy
46 Utah's Great Salt Lake Is Disappearing--Megadrought Persists Across the US Southwest
47 LED Smart Lighting System Based on Quantum Dots More Accurately Reproduces Daylight
48 Without Egg, Sperm or Womb: Synthetic Embryo Models May Enable Growing Organs for Transplantation
49 First 3D-Printed High-Performance Nanostructured Alloy that's Both Ultrastrong and Ductile
50 Unemployment Can Result in Serious Long-Term Health Implications
51 Unusual Microcrystals Discovered in Meteorite Dust
52 Highly Antibiotic-Resistant Superbug Strain Discovered to Be Able to Infect Humans
53 Massive Tonga Volcano Eruption Blasted Enough Water to Fill 58,000 Olympic-Size Swimming Pools into Stratosphere
54 First Treatment for a Rare Form of Cancer Discovered
55 Cheating Death: Yale Scientists Restore Cell, Organ Function in Pigs After Death
56 New Breast Cancer Treatments Inspired by mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine Innovation
57 COVID-19 Research Reveals Additional Link Between Immune System and Blood Clots
58 Scientists Find a Better Way to Treat Gout
59 Water: Do You Really Need 8 Glasses a Day?
60 NASA Troubleshoots Asteroid-Bound Lucy Spacecraft from Millions of Miles Away
61 Smaller, Cheaper Lidar with New Chip-Based Beam Steering Device
62 Nanoscale Rotors Constructed from DNA--Smallest Flow-Driven Motors in the World
63 Scanning a Baby's Eyes with this App Could Save Their Life
64 Scientists Solve a 120-Year-Old Mystery: How Did the Monstrous Plesiosaurs Swim?
65 NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover: Laser Marking on Mars
66 Weight Loss Surgery Can Reduce Your Risk of Cancer by 32%
67 James Webb Space Telescope Captures the Planet Jupiter in Its Infrared Gaze
68 A Deadly Type of Skin Cancer Is on the Rise
69 Retreat of Glacier Edges in Alaska's Kenai Fjords National Park
70 Stanford Neuroscientist: Rejuvenating Aging Brains
71 Natel Energy: Making Hydropower Plants More Fish-Friendly and Sustainable
72 Scientists Find a Key Brain Difference Between Primates and Other Animals
73 Researchers Find an Unexpected Cause of Forgiveness
74 NASA's Additional Artemis I Test Objectives for Space Launch System Rocket and Orion Spacecraft
75 Bad News: Childhood Obesity Is Becoming Far More Common
76 Human Longevity: How Your Grandparents Are the Secret to Your Long Life
77 5 Unusual Ways to Beat Stress, Backed by Science
78 This Simple Habit Is the Biggest Predictor of Your Child's Chances for Success
79 Change Your Kid's Diet: Too Many Children Drink Specialized Baby Formula
80 Should We Slaughter Half of the Wolves in Sweden?
81 Perseids Meteor Shower on the Way--But There's a Big Problem
82 New Invention Restores Life-Saving Cells
83 Earth's Days Have Been Mysteriously Increasing in Length--Scientists Don't Know Why
84 Bad Things Happen After Dark: Scientists Call for New Research on How Our Brains Change When We're Awake After Midnight
85 Reducing Air Pollution Can Actually Increase Ozone Pollution and Worsen Health
86 Harvard-Developed Model Can Determine Your Hidden Hearing Loss
87 Troubling new research shows warm waters rushing towards the world's biggest ice sheet in Antarctica
88 Effective modification of enzyme function by computational science
89 An artificial system restored cellular life after pigs' deaths
90 Rare glacier research notebooks now available digitally
91 Co-founder of Texas-based Dude Perfect is set to go to space
92 Nitrogen forms extremely unusual structures under high pressure
93 How Seattle is building weather-predicting tech to spot heat waves
94 Using a supercomputer to find the best way to mix two fluids
95 Nano-sponges with potential for rapid wastewater treatment
96 Global spread of powdery mildew through migration and trade
97 NIST issues first standard reference material for quantitative analysis of glycans
98 Researchers enlist sturdy yeast to help make cost-effective ethanol
99 Novel tech converts sunlight, water and carbon dioxide into acetate and oxygen for high-value fuels and chemicals
100 RNA diversity in human tissues mapped with emerging sequencing technology
101 James Webb telescope captured the aftermath of a galactic collision
102 Fish passes can reconnect species with habitats blocked by dams. Here's how they work
103 Earth is spinning faster than usual, but why? What experts say after shortest day ever
104 Deadly California wildfire wipes out scenic river town
105 New global map of ant biodiversity reveals areas that may hide undiscovered species
106 Machine learning enables optimal design of anti-biofouling polymer brush films
107 Researcher is studying materials whose traits resemble those of the human brain
108 Monitoring polar ice melting by combining data from different satellites
109 What's on Your Pain Relief Playlist?
110 Driest July in memory imperils Europe's crops
111 Gesture-based communication techniques may ease video meeting challenges
112 A better way to quantify radiation damage in materials
113 A nutrition solution can help heat-stressed cows as US warms