File Title
1 Accurate Hominin Data: Getting the Fossil Record Right on Human Evolution
2 Boom, Boom, Boom--MIT Astronomers Detect a Strange "Heartbeat" Billions of Light-Years from Earth
3 Caltech's Nanoparticle Vaccine Protects Against a Wide Range of COVID-19-Causing Variants and Related Viruses
4 The Ultimate Fate of a Star Shredded by a Black Hole: Spaghettified at 22 Million Miles per Hour
5 Body vs. Brain: Scientists Discover Evidence for an Autoimmune Cause of Schizophrenia
6 Scientists Uncover One of the Driving Forces of Alzheimer's Disease--New Target for Treatment
7 Webb Space Telescope Showcases Its Incredible Power: Detects Water on Distant Planet
8 SpaceX Cargo Dragon is Go for Launch Today
9 Bombardment History Revealed: The Moon Sustained Twice as Many Impacts as Can Be Seen on Its Surface
10 Cleaner, Greener Batteries--Smashing the Limits of Power Storage
11 10 Natural Remedies and Supplements Proven by Science to Help Treat Anxiety
12 Powerful Tonga Volcano Eruption Triggered Atmospheric Gravity Waves that Reached the Edge of Space
13 Research Shows Investigational Cancer Drug Can Boost Regeneration of Damaged Nerves After Spinal Cord Injury
14 Adding this Seasoning to Your Food Is Linked to 28% Increased Risk of Dying Prematurely
15 NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover: Searching for Sand Transport
16 Study Finds Traditional Native Indian Medicine Effective Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes
17 Scientists Discover Why Staph Vaccines Do Not Work in Humans
18 Swarm Spacecraft Dodges Collision with Space Junk During Climb to Escape Sun's Wrath
19 MIT Professor Wins European Inventor Award for Liquid Metal Batteries
20 Saffron: A Safe and Effective Natural Therapy for Arthritis Sufferers?
21 How an Algae-Eating Bacterium Solves a Major Environmental Engineering Challenge
22 China's Nuclear-Powered Mission to Neptune
23 Study Finds Neighborhoods with More Dogs Have Less Crime
24 James Webb Space Telescope Just Proved It's Value in the Search for Alien Life
25 NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Goes on Vacation
26 Dark Matter: Is a Revolution Coming to Physics?
27 NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover Takes First Core from the Jezero Delta
28 A New, High-Risk Subtype of Cancer Has Been Discovered
29 NASA, SpaceX Launch Climate Science Research to International Space Station
30 MIT Physicists Harness Quantum "Time Reversal" for Detecting Gravitational Waves and Dark Matter
31 The Frequency Illusion: Why You'll Probably Hear the Name Baader-Meinhof Again Soon
32 MIT's Raman Lab: At the Forefront of Building with Biology
33 87% Survival--New Combined Therapy Greatly Improves Prostate Cancer Survival
34 This Week @NASA: Webb's New Look at the Cosmos, Scouting Landing Sites for Mars Sample Return
35 Feeling Foggy? What Is Brain Fog and How Can You Get Rid of It?
36 DNA Nano-Device Injection Found to Be Safe for Medical Use
37 In Case of Climate Emergency: Deploying Space Bubbles to Block Out the Sun
38 How Hard Can Insects Bite? New System Allows Scientists to Obtain Previously Unknown Data
39 New Solution to Old Mystery: Why Doesn't the Inside of the Solar System Spin Faster?
40 SpaceX Dragon Spacecraft Docks with ISS Delivering Science Benefiting Humans
41 Spinal Anesthesia Could Be Causing Increased Pain After Surgery
42 Secrets of Longevity Revealed: Scientists Find Species that Essentially Do Not Age
43 Infertility, Miscarriage, and Stillbirth Can All Increase Your Risk of Stroke
44 6 Animals that Can Regenerate Body Parts
45 A Better Way to Walk: Nordic Walking Improves Quality of Life, Depression, and Functional Capacity
46 A New Antibiotic Can Kill Even Drug-Resistant Bacteria
47 3 Effective Natural Remedies that Can Help with Depression
48 Tiny Motors Take a Big Step Forward: First-Ever Solid-State Optical Nanomotor
49 6 Popular Medical Myths that Are Totally Untrue
50 MIT Engineers Find a Way to Save Energy and Make Water Boil More Efficiently
51 Stanford-Developed Millirobot Swims in Your Body and Delivers Medicine to Places that Need It
52 Why Do Humans Sleep? Scientists Find Clues for Solving this Age-Old Mystery
53 Cosmic Lens Flair: Hubble Captures a Gravitationally Lensed Galaxy
54 Research Shows a Lower Protein Diet Could Be the Key to Healthier Eating Habits
55 Do Shingles Viral Infections Increase a Person's Risk of Dementia?
56 The US Spends $200 Billion Each Year on Cancer Care--We Might Not Be Getting Our Money's Worth
57 How Does Melatonin Help with Sleep? Does It Make You Drowsy in the Morning?
58 NIH-Funded Game Will Pay You to Quit Smoking
59 Autistic Individuals Have Worryingly High Rates of Chronic Health Conditions
60 Black Hole Police Discover Needle in a Haystack: A Dormant Black Hole Outside Our Galaxy
61 Researchers Have Discovered a New Giant 18-Million-Year-Old Crocodile Species that Inexplicably Disappeared
62 7 Worst Habits for Your Dental Health
63 A New Technology Could Help Solve a DNA Mystery
64 Over 70% of Physicians Still Prescribe Unsafe Antibiotics--Which Can Be Deadly
65 Catching COVID in the Past Won't Protect You Against Omicron
66 Scientists Discover Blueprint for Life Forms on Mars
67 A Revolutionary Discovery Could Help People with Unexplained Liver and Kidney Issues
68 A Beginner's Guide to Quantum Programming
69 Future Cities Could Be Built Out of Algae-Produced Material
70 Zoonotic Diseases: How to Protect Yourself Against this Deadly Threat to Pet Owners
71 New Technology Gives AI Human-Like Eyes
72 Extreme Record-Breaking Heat: Heatwaves and Fires Scorch Europe, Africa, and Asia
73 Using Blood to Uncover the Secrets of One Type of Autism
74 Space Station Astronauts Unpacking New Science Experiments from SpaceX Dragon Resupply Ship
75 Generosity Could Be an Early Sign of Alzheimer's
76 Cornell Scientists Have Identified a New Incredibly Common Subtype of Prostate Cancer
77 The Most Significant Genetic Risk Factor for Alzheimer's Disease Has Been Untangled
78 Scientists Have Created Genetically Modified Drought-Resistant Plants
79 A Genetic Discovery Has the Potential to Stop Mosquitos from Reproducing
80 Traditional Chinese Medicine Shows Promise in Treating Lung Cancer
81 When Light and Electrons Spin Together: Advancing Toward Petahertz Electronics Based on Quantum Materials
82 Lake Mead Keeps Dropping: Water Levels Are at Their Lowest Since 1937
83 Alternative to Silicon: Why Perovskites Could Take Solar Cells to New Heights
84 Blood Test Could Predict Risk of Leukemia Years in Advance
85 Smoking Gun Evidence that Mammals Were Not the First to Be Warm-Blooded
86 Poor Sleep Found to Be Associated with Reduced Cognitive Function
87 Good News: Most People Don't Want to Be Billionaires
88 Scientists Unravel the Mystery of "Junk" Genes that Are Key to Brain Development
89 Drinking Coffee Can Make You More Impulsive and Cause You to Spend More Money
90 Encouraging Tumor Growth: How Breast Cancer Causes Diabetes
91 Physicists Have Developed a Method for Predicting the Composition of Dark Matter
92 10 Easy Ways to Cool Down in a Heatwave
93 5 Lifestyle Factors Linked to Dementia
94 Changing How You Talk Could Help You Lose More Weight
95 Ancient Microbial "Dark Matter"--Thousands of Unknown Bacterial Species Discovered in Hawaiian Lava Caves
96 Seeing Hurricanes--Even Just Through the Media--Can Impact Your Mental Health
97 Study Finds New Long-Term Benefits of Childhood Exercise
98 6 Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet
99 Quantum Digits Unlock More Computational Power with Fewer Quantum Particles
100 30% Less than Average: Antarctic Sea Ice Levels Lowest Ever Recorded
101 MIT Discovers Semiconductor that Can Perform Far Better than Silicon
102 Scientists Successfully Reconstruct Ancient Genome Using a 600-Year-Old Mummy
103 10 Healthy Low-Calorie Snacks for Weight Loss
104 Yale Scientists Zero in on Genetic Causes of Parkinson's Disease
105 New Technique Could Lead to Improved Cancer, Alzheimer's, and Lung Disease Drugs
106 Physicists Create Mind-Bending New Phase of Matter that Acts like It Has Two Time Dimensions
107 New AI Can Automatically Detect a Serious Heart Condition
108 Extraterrestrial Life: Ancient Microbes May Help Us Find Alien Life Forms
109 Capturing the Beginning of Galaxy Rotation in the Early Universe
110 Lurking Danger: Scientists Warn of Links Between Soil Pollution and Heart Disease
111 Stress Can Cause Long-Term Behavioral Issues
112 As These Bacteria Eat, They Generate a Strange Molecule that Can Be Used to Make Jet Fuel
113 New Discovery Could Lead to Improved Cancer Treatment
114 Scientists Finally Discover What Caused the Collapse of this Ancient Kingdom