File Title
1 Indian researchers develop low-energy chip architecture to prevent attacks on IoT devices
2 Researchers develop AI model that detects mental disorders using Reddit posts
3 NASA's Curiosity Rover shares picture of minuscule 'mineral flower' on Mars
4 Ukraine's little-known space feats
5 Digging Deep: Ancient DNA discovered in Africa reveals human migration insights
6 California startup Astrolab unveils space rover, more than a mere 'moon buggy'
7 Research shows ants can be trained to detect cancer as accurately and faster than dogs
8 European Space Agency chooses team to make oxygen on the moon
9 Wolves returned to California. So did 'crazy' rumours
10 Elon Musk's SpaceX completes 20 years: A look at its important milestones
11 Why banks and NATO are worrying about a future 'Quantum attack'
12 Webb Space Telescope passes 'fine phasing' milestone with another selfie
13 Pete Davidson skipping ride to space on Jeff Bezos rocket
14 In Peru, skull of 'marine monster' points to fearsome ancient predator
15 Ingenuity Mars Helicopter faces toughest challenge yet as it helps look for traces of life on Mars
16 ESA scratches ExoMars 2022 launch for this year after suspending cooperation with Russia Roscosmos
17 NASA Artemis 1 mission: SLS rocket Orion spacecraft arrives at launchpad for final test
18 Massive dust cloud spotted by NASA's Spitzer telescope could give insights into planet formation
19 How a tiny asteroid strike may save earthlings from city-killing space rocks
20 Digging Deep: Fire suppression may not help savannahs as much as previously thought
21 New vortical Sun waves detected with unexplained speed
22 Turn your Android phone into a space monitoring tool with the Camaliot app
23 Israeli startup to test brain-activity gear on space mission to ISS
24 North Korea confirms new tests on spy satellite
25 'I just can't stand by': American veterans join the fight in Ukraine
26 Pope Francis says Ukraine conflict is not a 'military operation but a war'
27 Britain's Queen picks Windsor Castle over Buckingham Palace as permanent home
28 More than 100 Rohingya land on beach in Indonesia's Aceh
29 Here's why western leaders are reluctant to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine
30 Fleeing sanctions, oligarchs seek safe ports for superyachts
31 Ukraine-Russia war forces EU refugee policy reversal
32 Jehovah's Witnesses flee Russia for worship without fear
33 Cuomo rips 'cancel culture,' hints at political comeback
34 'Falling into emptiness': Ukrainian families feel the pain of separation
35 On Ukraine's border, Moldovans wonder: Where will Putin stop?
36 Arming Ukraine: 17,000 anti-tank weapons in 6 days and a clandestine cybercorps
37 Asian Americans grapple with tide of attacks: 'We need our safety back'
38 Death toll surpasses 6 million for pandemic now in 3rd year
39 South Korea scrambles to rework COVID-19 poll plans after early voting lapses
40 Sentenced for a selfie: Middle East police target LGBTQ+ phones
41 Suspected '9/11 hijacker' released from Guantanamo to Saudi Arabia
42 Discrimination against Sikhs have increased in US lawmakers told
43 Zelenskyy: Russia mined medical supply roads
44 Queen meets Trudeau in 1st engagement since COVID-19
45 COVID-19 may cause changes in the brain, new study finds
46 Hate for Putin's Russia consumes Ukraine
47 The letter 'Z' has become a symbol for Russians who support the invasion of Ukraine
48 Ukraine conflict: What's behind Southeast Asia's muted response?
49 'Squid Game Election': South Korean campaign gets ugly
50 The Latvian woman driving into Ukraine to rescue pets
51 'Yes, we need hands': Kitchen pops up in Ukraine's capital
52 As Russia's military stumbles, its adversaries take note
53 With new limits on media, Putin closes a door on Russia's 'openness'
54 A modern Churchill? Zelenskyy praised as war communicator
55 Shell says it will stop buying Russian oil, natural gas
56 Biden bans Russian oil imports over Ukraine war
57 Meet South Korea's Swing Voters: Young, Broke and Angry
58 Recognise Russia as 'terrorist country': Ukraine President to UK Parliament
59 Food companies, long symbols of the West in Russia, pause operations
60 Two days of Russian news coverage: An alternate reality of war
61 A 459-foot mystery in a Tuscan port: Is it a Russian's superyacht?
62 How Maori stepped in to save a towering tree crucial to their identity
63 Joe Biden to ask Congress for USD 2.6B to promote gender equity
64 Russia now global economic pariah, claims Biden administration
65 Former Miss Ukraine describes escape from Kyiv, asks for aid
66 As Russia attacks Ukraine, China eyes the Indo-Pacific: Australia intelligence boss
67 Ukraine war adds to economic, social setbacks for women: IMF's Georgieva
68 Flowers for women in Russia, but not all want to celebrate
69 UN cultural agency moves to protect Ukraine's heritage sites
70 Prince Andrew, Virginia Giuffre formally end lawsuit; Britain says no public funds in settlement
71 Russia, blocked from the global internet, plunges into digital isolation
72 US man who got 1st pig heart transplant dies after 2 months
73 Chernobyl site off power grid, generators on, say officials
74 Shackleton's ship "Endurance" found beneath Antarctic ice, 100 years on
75 Airstrike hits Ukraine maternity hospital, 17 reported hurt
76 Indonesia's Merapi volcano unleashes lava, hundreds evacuate
77 Plane carrying Trump made emergency landing over weekend, source says
78 South Korea elects conservative outsider as president in tectonic shift
79 Jussie Smollett sentenced to 150 days in jail in fake attack
80 WHO says it advised Ukraine to destroy pathogens in health labs to prevent disease spread
81 US Senate gives final approval to Ukraine aid, huge budget bill
82 US, allies to revoke 'most favored nation' status for Russia
83 Biden announces major non-NATO ally status for Colombia
84 Indian-American among 2 indicted by US court for role in cryptocurrency money laundering
85 China locks down city of 9 million amid new spike in COVID-19 cases
86 Iran nuclear talks on 'pause' in Vienna after Russian demand
87 North Korea accused of testing ICBM system and restoring nuclear test site
88 Slowed on the battlefield, Russia widens bombardment of Ukrainian cities
89 UN experts say Russian media law amounts to information 'blackout'
90 Saudi blogger Raif Badawi freed after decade in prison
91 US imposes new sanctions on Russian billionaire, Putin spokesman's family
92 How a line of Russian tanks became an inviting target for Ukrainians
93 US President Biden nominates Indian-origin political activist Shefali Razdan as his envoy to Netherlands
94 Texas clinics' lawsuit over abortion ban 'effectively over'
95 US rolls out more sanctions after North Korea missile tests
96 Ex student protest leader becomes Chile's youngest president
97 'This is everyone's culture': Ukraine's architectural treasures face destruction
98 Concern grows over traffickers targeting Ukrainian refugees
99 China is locking down cities as COVID-19 cases resurge. Here's what we know so far
100 IAEA: Power line repairs begin at Chernobyl
101 Shaming Apple and texting Elon Musk, a Ukraine minister uses novel war tactics
102 Cashless and flightless, Russian tourists stuck in Thailand
103 Saudi Arabia puts 81 to death in its largest mass execution
104 China daily local symptomatic COVID cases more than triple
105 'That's what dads do': US man goes to Ukraine for daughter
106 In Ethiopia, a video of civilians burned alive sparks anger
107 In a Kyiv basement, 19 surrogate babies are trapped by war but kept alive by nannies
108 Malaysia's ruling party wins big again in state polls
109 Missiles target US consulate in north Iraq, no casualties
110 China's daily COVID cases hit two-year high; reports nearly 2,000 new infections: National Health Commission
111 Hundreds of planes are stranded in Russia. They may never be recovered.
112 With bombings and a funeral, the war arrives in Ukraine's West
113 McDonald's ice cream woes have inspired memes, mockery and now, a federal lawsuit
114 The Russians might have expected a warm welcome. Instead the mayor labeled them 'occupiers.'
115 US journalist shot dead by Russian forces in Ukraine, says Kyiv Police
116 Instagram users in Russia are told service will cease from midnight
117 Britons to get 350 pounds a month to open homes to Ukraine refugees
118 Russia counts on sanctions help from China; US warns off Beijing
119 Pope, in toughest comments yet, calls Ukraine invasion 'armed agression'
120 Bus carrying dozens of Ukrainians overturns in Italy, one woman dead
121 Kyiv chief rabbi: 'Putin has united Ukrainians and Jews'
122 Peru's 'worst ecological disaster' slams small-scale fishing
123 Vladimir Putin 'frustrated' with progress of forces in Ukraine, says US Security Advisor Jake Sullivan
124 Obama tests positive for COVID-19, PM Modi wishes him speedy recovery
125 Russia seeks military equipment from China after Ukraine invasion
126 Ukraine refugees tell Harrowing tales even as numbers ease