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1 Giant venomous spiders infiltrated the southeastern US and are expected to spread rapidly, experts say
2 Fossil of 328 million-year-old octopus relative still has suckers on its arms
4 Massive meteor crater discovered beneath Greenland's ice is much older than thought
5 Newly discovered rainbow-colored fish lives in the ocean's 'twilight zone'
6 Rare wolverine sighting in Yellowstone was captured on video
7 NASA will send your name around the moon. Here's how to sign up
8 Capturing the heritage of the International Space Station before it crashes into the ocean
9 Pristine ship discovered in Antarctica 107 years after it sank
10 Holes the size of city blocks are forming in the Arctic seafloor
11 Sex traps can lure thousands of male giant hornets to their death, study finds
12 Former astronaut to back off Twitter war with head of Russian space agency
13 'Tiny' asteroid strikes Earth testing early warning system
14 NASA extends Ingenuity helicopter's mission on Mars to scout ancient riverbed for the rover
15 Eugene Parker, the pioneer behind the 'mission to touch the sun,' dies at 94
16 Webb telescope shares new image after reaching optics milestone
17 A sponge is the perfect environment to host various types of bacteria, study says
18 European Space Agency suspends Mars mission with Russia
19 A new armored dinosaur species from the early Jurassic period was discovered in China
20 Say hello to Horridus, one of the most complete Triceratops fossils found on Earth
21 Ancient sacred pool discovery aligns with the stars
22 There are more than 5,000 worlds beyond our solar system, NASA confirms
23 Astronomers see massive debris cloud in space after 2 objects collide
24 A pizza dough without yeast has been risen by scientists in Italy
25 NASA wants sustainable lunar lander concepts for future Artemis missions
26 DNA tests reveal Dug the giant potato is not, in fact, a potato
27 A dinosaur bigger than T. rex swam and hunted its prey underwater
28 Mysterious 'odd radio circles' seen in space, new image shows
29 The surprising reason why Vikings abandoned a successful settlement
30 Apollo 17 lunar sample opened for the 1st time
31 ESA plans to work more closely with NASA after Russia expulsion from Mars mission
32 Solar Orbiter swings by the sun to unravel its mysteries
33 More than 5,000 worlds exist beyond our solar system. There could be billions more
34 The defiant soldiers of Snake Island are actually 'alive and well,' says Ukraine's navy
35 Yellowstone National Park celebrates 150 wild years--and what a history it's been
36 Why a decades-old deadly crackdown on democracy is becoming more important for Taiwan today
37 Shell follows BP out of Russia as oil companies abandon Putin
38 Coors Light is ditching those nasty plastic six-pack rings
39 Quest's World of Wonder: The endangered places on the World Monuments Watch list for 2022
40 Even before Ukraine crisis, majority of Americans wanted country to prioritize renewable energy development, poll shows
41 Barring a 'miracle,' California snowpack will end the season below average
42 Oil surges above $110 and natural gas soars as markets 'panic' over Russia
43 UN agrees to create world's first-ever plastics pollution treaty in a blow to big oil
44 Analysis: China can't do much to help Russia's sanction-hit economy
45 An invasive species now has a new name to replace ethnic slur
46 Turn down the heat to stop Putin? Europe wrestles with its Russian gas addiction
47 The US will now break out jobs data for Native Americans
48 This is what happens when space junk hits the moon
50 Development bank accused of lending millions to companies allegedly linked to forced labor in Xinjiang
51 Bahrain's first solar panel manufacturer is blazing a trail for renewables
52 Former Biden advisers, public health experts release COVID-19 'roadmap' with goal for transitioning out of pandemic phase
53 Amazon near tipping point of shifting from rainforest to savannah, study suggests
54 Europe plans to slash Russian gas imports by 66% this year
55 The West closes in on Russia's last lifeline
56 Fertilizer giant Yara slashes production in Europe
57 The weather may be working against Putin
58 Investors nervously wait for Putin's next move
59 Ischia: The paradise island that offers a taste of the real Italy
60 Chevron Phillips will pay nearly $120 million to clean up 3 chemical plants after allegations it violated Clean Air Act
61 EPA officially reinstates California's authority to craft its own vehicle emissions standards
62 House passes ban on Russian oil, natural gas and coal
63 Why record-high gas prices won't be solved by drilling more oil in the US
64 Coronavirus wastewater data, CDC guidelines can give mixed signals on whether to mask
65 Donald Trump was asked about the future of Ukraine. He started talking about windmills
66 Living the Dream: They bought a Caribbean island to start their own country
67 Size of drought in US increased by the area of California in the past month
68 A grieving surfer is taking hundreds of strangers' late loved ones for one last ride
69 An 'excruciating year': Climate activists reset with Biden's agenda on life support
70 Gravity could solve renewable energy's biggest problem
71 War has brought the world to the brink of a food crisis
72 The 47 wildest lines from Donald Trump's South Carolina speech
73 Scientists in the US are flying planes into clouds to make it snow more
74 Australian court overturns teenagers' landmark climate ruling
75 Here are the companies pulling back from Russia
76 Starbucks is planning to phase out its iconic cups
77 Allergy season will start much earlier than normal and be far more intense because of climate crisis, study suggests
78 For over 60 years, the identity of a girl whose body was found in an Arizona desert has been a mystery. Now, 'Little Miss Nobody' has a name
79 Saharan dust turns skies orange over Europe
80 A growing number of Ukrainians can't access clean water. A CNN Hero is sending thousands of water filters
81 Could Russia's war kick-start a renewable-energy revolution? It depends where in the world you look
82 Federal appeals court rules Biden administration can use key climate metric
83 Ukraine has requested military aid. Here's how allies are providing assistance
85 USS Clamagore submarine will be destroyed and recycled, museum says
86 Big-box stores could help slash emissions and save millions by putting solar panels on roofs. Why aren't more of them doing it?
87 US tsunami warning system needs an urgent overhaul, experts say
88 The SEC wants companies to disclose how much they pollute
89 Not only is Lake Powell's water level plummeting because of drought, its total capacity is shrinking, too
90 Youth turnout could save, or sink, Democrats in 2022
91 These were the best and worst places for air quality in 2021, new report shows
92 An aging oil tanker has become a floating time bomb. It's an environmental disaster waiting to happen
93 French energy giant TotalEnergies to stop buying Russian oil by year-end
94 Russia's invasion of Ukraine has foreign investors fleeing Taiwan. Here's why
95 UN chief announces plan to get the whole world access to early weather warnings within 5 years
96 Russia destroys Chernobyl radiation monitoring lab, says Ukraine
97 Flights are taking huge 'detours' around Russian air space. Here's what that means for the climate crisis
98 Russia's days as an energy superpower are coming to an end
99 John Kerry plans to stay in climate envoy role through late 2022, says climate action in Congress is 'imperative'
100 Putin's leverage shows the danger of relying on fossil fuels
101 Quest's World of Wonder: 25 of the most beautiful places around the world
102 The Great Barrier Reef is suffering a sixth mass-bleaching event. Here's why scientists are concerned
103 Birds are laying eggs earlier, a new study shows. Scientists blame the climate crisis
104 Europe can't live without Russian gas. Can this tiny Middle East country help?
105 Dangerous chemicals found in food wrappers at major fast-food restaurants and grocery chains, report says
106 Biden says in Poland that the stakes of Ukraine war go well beyond its borders
107 Manchin engaging with Biden administration on new climate and economic bill but timeline unclear
108 Antarctic ice shelf nearly the size of Los Angeles collapsed as temperatures soared to 40 above normal
109 These fossil fuel companies sent more than $15 billion in taxes to Russia since it annexed Crimea, NGOs say
110 8 takeaways from Biden's trip to Europe
111 Philippine authorities evacuate thousands as volcano Taal spews mile-high plume
112 The 2022 campaign story was set. Then Russia invaded Ukraine.
113 The texts that shook the Supreme Court
114 Wildlife officials catch 500-pound bear roaming near a Tennessee university