File Title
1 Examining how animal swarms respond to threats
2 US officials reverse course on pesticide's harm to wildlife
3 NASA's NICER telescope sees hot spots merge on a magnetar
4 Astronomers inspect interstellar medium of the galaxy SPT0346-52
5 Artificial intelligence can identify students who need extra help
6 Mountain goats may be disappearing from some Indigenous land in Canada
7 Guatemala Volcano of Fire eruption prompts evacuations
8 Ten-armed squid thought to be 328 million years old named after Joe Biden
9 First photos from the Moon under the hammer in Denmark
10 Global carbon dioxide emissions rebounded to their highest level in history in 2021
11 Examining how animal swarms respond to threats
12 US officials reverse course on pesticide's harm to wildlife
13 NASA's NICER telescope sees hot spots merge on a magnetar
14 Astronomers inspect interstellar medium of the galaxy SPT0346-52
15 Artificial intelligence can identify students who need extra help
16 Data from Mars rover Zhurong shows evidence of wind, and possibly water, erosion
17 'High-skilled' Mexican immigrants in US can help both countries
18 Physicists steer chemical reactions by magnetic fields and quantum interference
19 Preparing for when lightning strikes the same place twice, then strikes again
20 Subsurface ocean mixing near the equator significantly affects climate understanding and predictability
21 How Parents Might Pass On 'Unhealthy Perfectionism' to Their Kids
22 Researchers discover genes unique to humans in search for source of our evolutionary distinctiveness
23 Ancient art and genetics combine to reveal origin of world's most expensive spice
24 Meet the project manager working to develop the rocket that will bring Mars samples to Earth
25 Well-preserved fossils could be a consequence of past global climate change
26 Advances in micro-computed tomography
27 One in five Britons say their careers have been held back by childcare or other care duties
28 Stool samples used to diagnose pancreatic cancer in patients
29 Wormholes help resolve black hole information paradox
30 Biodiesel from wild castor oil
31 New Molecule Linked to the Emergence of Life Detected Around A Star 444 Light-Years Away
32 The Ultimate 'Moon Shadow' Captured on Jupiter as NASA Reveals New Insights into Its Planet-Sized Source
33 Past climate change may have played vital role in preserving ocean fossils, study says
34 Sir Ernest Shackleton's ship Endurance has been found 107 years after it sank
35 Are pesticides used in urban and suburban areas harming honey bees?
36 Shackleton's lost shipwreck discovered off Antarctica
37 Study provides first evidence of fundamental growth limitations in Antarctic fish
38 Research sheds light on mysterious messenger RNA modifications
39 What factors help students with disabilities transition to college?
40 Strengthening women's empowerment in fragile and conflict-affected settings
41 Human actions accelerate climate-driven floods and droughts
42 Animals evolved ability to gallop even before they emerged onto land, study suggests
43 Genetically modified proteins convert carbon nanotube to programmable optoelectronic device
44 Mirror beetles' shiny bodies may not act as camouflage after all
45 There's a big rock stuck inside one of Perseverance's wheels
46 Pfizer's Started Clinical Trials for Its COVID Antiviral in Kids
47 How Carnivorous Plants Evolved / Science
48 The floods have killed at least 21 Australians. Adapting to a harsher climate is now a life-or-death matter
49 Meet the 10-armed, 325-million-year-old octopus fossil named after President Joe Biden
50 Simple chemistry overcomes long-standing barriers to recycling about a quarter of today's plastics
51 Saffron was first domesticated in Bronze Age Greece, ancient art and genetics suggest
52 Talking like a southerner even if you're not
53 Paper discs that can pick up hydrogen peroxide
54 Gharial living in China during Bronze Age help clarify history of crocodilians
55 Lessons from the pandemic on fairer and more caring uni teaching and learning
56 Scientific measurement won't answer all questions in education. We need teacher and student voices, too
57 'Several areas of concern' after Chernobyl power plant knocked off grid
58 Following rain, desert microbes exhale potent greenhouse gas
59 Rethinking community in upland, 'indigenous' South Asia
60 Phase-separated compartments support human cytomegalovirus replication
61 Doctor assessing refugees in Poland sees deep trauma
62 Edible, biodegradable, anti-microbial plastic boasts higher tensile strength than petroleum-based plastic
63 An extinct rat shows CRISPR's limits for resurrecting species
64 The untapped nitrogen reservoir
65 Researchers begin to uncover the mysterious lives of jumbo bacteriophages
66 The key to agile bird flight is switching quickly between stable and unstable gliding
67 Nature-based solutions in mountains can reduce climate change impact on drought
68 New study sheds light on early human hair evolution
69 Heatwave hotspots linked to urban agglomerations in Africa
70 Scientists discover a new twist on an 80-year-old biochemical pathway
71 Stalagmites trace climate history and impact from volcanic eruptions
72 Research suggests COVID-19 beliefs influenced by politicians, not scientists
73 Genetically modified mosquitoes could be tested in California soon
74 Kenya launches bid to save wild bongos from extinction
75 From quantum vibrations to nanodiamonds, unusual toolbox puts dangerous SARS-CoV-2 variants under surveillance
76 The mysterious Hiawatha crater in Greenland is 58 million years old
77 Caribbean coral reefs have been warming for at least 100 years
78 Office buildings with infrequent water use may have poor water quality
79 Ernest Shackleton's ship Endurance found 107 years after it sank in Antarctic
80 Researchers develop pressure-quench process to enhance superconductivity toward goal of wasting zero energy
81 Buzz Aldrin's famous 1969 moon walk picture sells at auction
82 Frequent external childcare can affect children's behavior
83 International team creates first complete fruit fly cell atlas
84 How Do Selfish and Even Marginally Psychopathic Personality Traits Perpetuate in A Society?
85 Immigration reform is key to keeping US economy competitive, says report
86 Researchers find eleven million-year-old fossils in southern Germany's Hammerschmiede clay pit
87 Research suggests the strength of democracy in times of crisis
88 The human brain would rather look at nature than city streets
89 Bioenergy scientists discover genetic pathway for better biofuel processing
90 Study finds Florida's 76,000 ponds emit more carbon than they store
91 Study suggests childhood trauma is linked to risk of adult crime
92 Simulations on how a virus packages its genetic material could help design nanocontainers used in drug delivery
93 Non-social jays surprise scientists by learning as skillfully as birds living in groups
94 Gender gaps in daily time usage at different ages vary between countries
95 Giant impact crater in Greenland occurred a few million years after dinosaurs went extinct
96 Researchers unravel the inner workings of heat conduction in galaxy clusters
97 A nanoscale look at coronavirus infection
98 Florida's statewide climate change response ignores root cause
99 How scientists are using DNA testing to disrupt international ivory smuggling networks
100 Can microalgae hasten the end to our reliance on oil?
101 Does your life really flash before your eyes when you die?
102 Masking in K-12 Schools Significantly Reduces COVID-19 Among Staff and Students
103 When and Where to See 110 Star Clusters, Nebulae and Galaxies at this Weekend's Marathon Virtual Star Party
104 Indonesia's Mount Merapi erupts multiple times, 250 evacuate
105 Girls more likely to attribute failure to lack of talent: study
106 Relocating farmland could turn back clock twenty years on carbon emissions, say scientists
107 Tryptophan blockers offer new way to kill bad guys
108 Ancient Homo sapiens were more culturally creative than once thought
109 COVID Year 3 Will Be Better, Experts Agree, Unless Rich Countries Ignore the Pandemic Elsewhere
110 Vigilantism is an identity for some people, researchers report
111 Researcher addresses knowledge gaps in shark and ray research
112 'The real thing': Delta-Omicron hybrid identified for first time
113 Gender-based violence among refugee women increased during COVID