File Title
1 Shark attacks increase after 3 years of decline
2 Lower crowding for trees can increase chances of survival after fire--ScienceDaily
3 Giant 'tree stump' impact crater spotted on Mars
4 Object found in the Milky Way 'unlike anything astronomers have seen'
5 How long do proteins bind?--ScienceDaily
6 Ben Whishaw says he found scene referencing Q's sexuality in Bond film No Time to Die 'unsatisfying'
7 As Storms Intensify, the Job of TV Weather Person Gets More Serious
8 Revealed: Bankrupt Tommy Robinson's ex-wife 'set up firm to raise funds for the far-right activist'
9 Who's who on the Masked Singer? All the latest clues
10 The clifftop homes that are 'falling into the sea' because of the climate crisis
11 Beloved Pismo clams make a mystifying comeback
12 Black corrections officer sues Walmart after being mistaken for shoplifter
13 Freedom Convoy: Why Canadian truckers are driving cross-country to protest vaccine mandates
14 As Storms Intensify, the Job of TV Weather Person Gets More Serious
15 Princess Diana portrait done three years before her death sells for $201,600 at auction
16 Arts and culture outside London to receive funding in Levelling Up White Paper
17 Thierry Mugler: Flamboyant French designer who pushed the boundaries of fashion
18 James Brokenshire's widow calls for better lung cancer care in wake of his death
19 North Korea launches suspected missile in 7th test in 2022
20 PM presses on with tax hike despite MPs' concern over cost-of-living crisis
21 60,000 households helped online by Scottish Government initiative
22 1.5 billion pounds levelling up pot to 'breathe fresh life' into disadvantaged areas
23 Families living through the world's largest hunger crisis
24 Ukraine: Boris Johnson considers doubling UK troops deployed to eastern Europe amid Russia invasion threat
25 How to help your friends through a divorce
26 PM and chancellor double down on planned national insurance hike
27 Queen's milestone Platinum Jubilee to be celebrated in 2022
28 How Elizabeth became Queen watching baboons at sunrise from Kenyan treetops
29 Trump hints at pardoning people held in jail for January 6
30 After a mastectomy I felt both gratitude and grief
31 Andre Leon Talley: Trailblazing Vogue editor who broke fashion's boundaries
32 Investigators vow to put collapsed bridge under 'microscope'
33 Tyler Lopresti-Castro: New York student dies after being found in sub-zero temperatures at bus garage
34 Nurse allegedly stole lottery tickets after fatal store shooting
35 Death, danger, despair: A year in Myanmar under the military
36 China manufacturing activity grows at slower pace in January
37 James Cromwell interview: 'When you reach a certain age, you have everything taken away from you'
38 EXPLAINER: Why US sanctions may target individual Russians
39 North Korea conducts largest missile test since 2017
40 Islamic State strikes from shadows in vulnerable Syria, Iraq
41 Trump says Joe Biden should send troops to Mexico border before it helps Ukraine's
42 Israel president flies to UAE in first amid regional tension
43 Janet Jackson says she told Justin Timberlake not to 'make a statement' after infamous Super Bowl show
44 China's COVID-Era Controls May Outlast the Coronavirus
45 Russian oligarchs in London to be hit with tough sanctions even if it hurts UK economy, Liz Truss vows
46 This is what modern dating is like when you're demisexual
47 The Nationality and Borders Bill is a dangerous attack on LGBT+ refugees
48 Ukraine latest news: Russian aggression 'increasingly concerning,' PM says
49 10 early signs and symptoms of pregnancy, according to experts / the Independent
50 Ingrained sexism in healthcare means women are suffering in silence
51 Northern Ireland marks 50 years since Bloody Sunday
52 Which country has the most islands?
53 Mathematicians Outwit a Hidden Number 'Conspiracy'
54 Harry and Meghan to continue Spotify work despite misinformation 'concerns'
55 Scottish girl's message in a bottle discovered in Norway 25 years later
56 'Stealth' Omicron Variant No Cause for Alarm, but Could Slow Case Decline
57 11 actors who regret famous movie roles
58 Do we live in a simulation? Here's why we may never know.
59 Popular '80s party drug slowly gains respect as PTSD treatment
60 Nine dead after speeding muscle car runs red light in North Las Vegas
61 From Kabul, pregnant reporter fights NZ govt. to come home
62 Start ups bringing Pakistan's farming into digital age
63 NHS left scrambling to find unvaccinated staff amid 'gaping holes' in records
64 Weather, cleanup keep oil slick away from Thai resort island
65 Patient safety and the right of the sick to reject care from unvaccinated staff
66 Housework or sleep? Study says it depends when you were born
67 SNL cold open pokes fun at Russian disinformation and features fake CDC advice to invade Ukraine
68 Russia threatens more than just Ukraine, ambassador says, as Biden and Congress plot sanctions
69 Scam PCR test text message claiming to be from NHS taken down
70 Drone footage captures house nearly falling into sea after bomb cyclone hits East Coast
71 Rain-fed landslides, flooding kill at least 19 in Brazil
72 4.1-Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Parts of California
73 Civil Service still failing on diversity, new figures reveal
74 'Alarming' racial inequality in booster vaccinations, charity says
75 Cheslie Kryst: Former Miss USA, 30, allegedly jumps to her death from Manhattan skyscraper
76 Government 'set for U-turn' on mandatory vaccines for health workers
77 UN says over 100 ex-Afghan and international forces killed
78 Hospital workers launch strike over pay
79 PM sets out on Brexit and levelling up drive as 'partygate' report looms
80 N. Korea confirms test of missile capable of striking Guam
81 Back-to-back storms with gusts above 90mph batter parts of UK
82 Number of women treated for gambling doubles in five years
83 Ardern tests negative as omicron takes hold in New Zealand
84 Ukraine crisis latest news: Defense minister says army ready to take on Russia
85 Man turns down kidney transplant over COVID vaccine requirement
86 Cheslie Kryst: Miss USA 2019, 30, allegedly jumps to her death from Manhattan skyscraper
87 Charlotte Bellis: Pregnant New Zealand journalist turns to Taliban for help after her application to return home gets rejected
88 Laurence Fox reveals he has COVID and is taking ivermectin
89 The Green Planet: Plants thriving on a diet of toxic excrement is a humbling reminder of our own culture
90 Police probe after member of Canada trucker convoy filmed dancing on tomb of unknown soldier
91 Joe Rogan backs Spotify disclaimers and says he will 'do best to research topics' in future
92 Inside Spotify's love affair with Joe Rogan's misinformation
93 Rogan responds to Spotify protest, COVID advisories
94 Portugal election: Socialists win third general election in a row with outright majority
95 Han shot Greedo first: How a single Star Wars edit sparked decades of discord between fans and franchises
96 AP PHOTOS: Savoring lucky Lunar New Year's eve dish at home
97 Top Hong Kong official resigns over birthday party fiasco
98 Canada trucker convoy latest: Ottawa residents 'prisoners' in their own homes as truckers vow to stay
99 Nelly faces backlash for telling Madonna to 'cover up' after singer shares new risque photos
100 Landmark research shows increase in online sex blackmailing during pandemic
101 Birds of a feather: India's raptor-rescuing brothers
102 Scientists identify geological 'Goldilocks zone' for the formation of metal ore deposits
103 Scientists uncover how the shape of melting ice depends on water temperature
104 Ukraine news--live: Russia faces 'bitter and bloody' resistance as Putin urged to step back from invasion
105 Study explores how temperate rainforests can aid the fight against climate change
106 Do other viruses have as many variants as SARS-CoV-2?
107 How to Deal with Rocket Boosters and Other Giant Space Garbage
108 Researchers find new way to kick-start process of making of carbon fiber
109 Leonard Fenton death: EastEnders actor dies aged 95
110 Maybe Green Energy Needs 'Information Batteries' Too