File Title
1 Strange Deformed Planet with Mysterious Motion Detected by Exoplanet Mission Cheops
2 Total Surprise as Massive Icefish Breeding Colony with 60 Million Active Nests Found in Antarctica
3 Low Accuracy: Commonly Used COVID-19 Lateral Flow Tests for Kids Perform Poorly
4 Massive Filament Structure--3900 Light-Years Long--Discovered in the Milky Way
5 Danger Close: Newly-Discovered Planets Will Be "Swallowed" by Their Stars
6 Unusual Team Finds Gigantic Planet Hidden in Plain Sight--Much Closer to Earth than Others like It
7 Space Station Crew Gets Ready for Spacewalk and Dragon Departure
8 MIT Lays Out Strategy to Help the U.S. Regain Its Place as a Semiconductor Superpower
9 Myocarditis: COVID-19 Is a Much Bigger Risk to the Heart than Vaccines
10 Heart Function Recovered Quickly in Children with COVID-19-Related Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome
11 NASA, Boeing Prepare to Replace Starliner Service Modules Ahead of Mission to Space Station
12 Simple Silicon Coating Solves Long-Standing Optical Challenge for Powerful, Ultrafast Laser Pulses
13 Can We Tell if Machine-Learning AI Models Are Working Correctly?
14 How Many Black Holes Are in the Universe? 40,000,000,000,000,000,000
15 New Antifreeze Cream Prevents Frostbite Injuries to Skin
16 Hunga Tonga Island Obliterated--NASA Satellites Capture Massive Blast
17 Stealth Ocean Worlds: Evidence Uncovered for an Internal Ocean in Small Saturn Moon
18 Major Breakthrough as Quantum Computing in Silicon Hits 99% Accuracy
19 Plant-Based Doesn't Always Mean Healthy--Especially When It Comes to Vegan "Meat"
20 Large Hadron Collider: New Insight into the Internal Structure of the Proton
21 Human Brain Signals Recorded in Record-Breaking Resolution by New Sensor Grids
22 Drinking Coffee: Study Finds Both Beneficial and Harmful Short-Term Health Effects
23 The Big Bang: How Could Something Come from Nothing?
24 Generic Drug Hydroxychloroquine Delays Disability for Least Treatable Form of Multiple Sclerosis
25 British Medical Association Appeal: Facebook Fails to Act Over Incompetent "Fact Check" of COVID-19 Vaccine Investigation
26 The First Black Hole Image: A Gravitomagnetic Monopole as an Alternative Explanation
27 When Should Someone Trust an AI Teammate's Predictions?
28 Hubble Spots a Black Hole Igniting a Firestorm of Star Formation in a Dwarf Galaxy
29 Webb Space Telescope Mirror Segment Deployments Complete
30 Superpower Nano Bubbles Could Treat and Prevent COVID-19--Including Current and Future Variants
31 European Milestone: Quantum Computer with More than 5,000 Qubits Launched
32 Potential New Diagnostic and Therapeutic Target for Lung Cancer
33 Shifting Ocean Closures Is Best Way to Protect Animals from Accidental Catch by Fishermen
34 Scientists Successfully Transplant Two Kidneys from a Genetically Modified Pig into Human Recipient
35 Palomar Survey Instrument Shows Astronomical Impact of SpaceX Starlink Satellites
36 Scientists Built a Super Fast Quantum Battery
37 Researchers Find the Best Way to Fix a Sad Mood: Whatever You Think Works Best
38 Physicists Discover a New Photonic Effect that Could Accelerate the Discovery of Life-Saving Medicines
39 Sulfur Dioxide from Massive Volcanic Eruption Near Tonga Spreads Over Australia
40 Research Shows Supplement Boosts Muscle and Mitochondria Health
41 Stealth Moves: COVID Virus Goes "Underground" to Spread from Cell to Cell
42 Cosmonauts Complete Spacewalk to Integrate Russian Prichal Module with Space Station
43 Landmark Advancement in Flow Cytometry Technology with Potential to Transform Immunology and Genomics Research
44 Out of this World Archaeological Experiment Lands in Space
45 NASA's Swift Observatory in Safe Mode--Team Investigating Possible Reaction Wheel Failure
46 Kernel Flow Headset: A Wearable Device for Noninvasive Optical Brain Imaging
47 Magnesium Is Essential for the Immune System--Important in the Fight Against Cancer
48 Quantum Physicists Find Paradoxical Material a Mashup of Three Different Phases at Once--"This Is Uncharted Territory"
49 Muscular Study Reveals How Giant 50-Ton Sauropod Dinosaurs Moved and Evolved
50 Computer Simulation Models Potential Asteroid Collisions--Results Provide Data for NASA Mission
51 Sharing Saliva: The One Clue Babies Use to Tell Who Has Close Relationships
52 Dragon Resupply Ship Space Station Departure Delayed as Cosmonauts Cleanup After Spacewalk
53 Searching for Elusive Continuous Gravitational Waves from the Densest Objects in the Universe
54 More Body Fat than Expected in Granddaughters of Men Who Started to Smoke Before Puberty
55 Large Hadron Collider: First Detection of Exotic "X" Particles in Quark-Gluon Plasma
56 NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory Captures Mid-Level Flare Erupting from the Sun
57 Merging Design, Tech, and Cognitive Science at MIT
58 The End of Cosmic Dark Ages: How NASA's Roman Space Telescope Could Expand on Hubble's Deepest View
59 A Stellar Merger's Astrophysical Evolution in the "Blink of an Eye"
60 NASA Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Grounded: First Flight Delay Due to Inclement Weather on Another World
61 Crystallography for Misfit Crystals: Advanced Algorithms Reveal Material Structures
62 Using Ice to Boil Water: Heat Transfer Discovery Expands on 18th Century Physics Principle
63 Trillion Dollar Future "Space Economy" Threatened by Debris
64 COVID-19 Vaccination Does Not Affect the Chances of Conceiving a Child
65 COVID Lockdowns Saved Lives of the Old and Sick, While Sacrificing the Young
66 Massive Iceberg Released Over 150 Billion Tons of Fresh Water into Ocean as It Scraped Past South Georgia
67 How Can Next-Generation Computer Chips Reduce Our Carbon Footprint?
68 Ancient Space Dust Analysis Could Solve Mystery of Origins of Earth's Water
69 DNA Mutations Are Not Random: New Research Radically Changes Our Understanding of Evolution
70 Drinking Coffee May Protect Against Endometrial Cancer
71 Webb Space Telescope's Million Mile Journey to L2 Is Nearly Complete
72 Kekule's Shattered Dream: Snakes Become Ladders--New Molecules Serve as Ziplines for Energy
73 Science Made Simple: What Is Deuterium-Tritium Fusion Reactor Fuel?
74 High-Fiber Diet May Improve the Response of Melanoma Skin Cancer Patients to Immunotherapy
75 Astronomers Find the Biggest Structure in the Milky Way: Filament of Hydrogen 3,900 Light-Years Long
76 Computing for Ocean Environments: Bio-Inspired Underwater Devices & Swarming Algorithms for Robotic Vehicles
77 COVID-19 Vaccine Used in Much of the World No Match for Omicron Variant
78 Severe COVID-19 Neurological Symptoms Highlight the Need for Rigorous Research
79 Consistent Asteroid Collisions Rock Previous Thinking on Mars Impact Craters
80 Genetic Research Shows Rapid Immune Response in Children Protects Them from COVID-19
81 Oral Immunotherapy Safely Desensitizes Most Young Children that Are Highly Allergic to Peanuts
82 Space Flight Destroys Red Blood Cells
83 Deep Space Food Challenge: NASA Offers $1 Million for Innovative Systems to Feed Tomorrow's Astronauts
84 MIT All-in-One Approach to Diabetes Treatment--Features App that Identifies and Quantifies Food Content
85 NASA Mars Perseverance Rover: Ejecting Martian Pebbles
86 New Research Suggests High-Purity CBD May Help Block COVID-19 Virus from Replicating
87 Webb Space Telescope: Uncovering Hidden Parts of Our Solar System
88 Dragon Departure from Space Station Delayed Due to Adverse Weather
89 NASA Solar Sail Spacecraft to Chase Tiny Asteroid After Artemis I Launch
90 How the Earth's Tilt Creates Short, Cold January Days
91 New Research Shows COVID-19 Vaccines Do Not Cause Infertility
92 What Is 5G? An Electrical Engineer Explains the Technology
93 MIT Startup Exchange Program: Creating Powerful Synergies
94 Closest Ever to Apocalypse: Doomsday Clock Remains at 100 Seconds to Midnight
95 We Asked a NASA Scientist: Are There Rainbows on Mars [Video]
96 Your Eyes May Reveal Your True Biological Age--And Your Risk of Illness and Death
97 SpaceX Cargo Dragon Undocks from International Space Station for Monday Splashdown
98 Why Lost Birds and Mammals Spell Doom for Some Plants
99 Alpha, Delta and Now Omicron--6 Critical Questions Answered as COVID-19 Cases Surge Across the Globe
100 Exploring Fish Flow: From Fisheries to Supper
101 Artificial Photosynthesis: New Device Advances Commercial Viability of Solar Fuels
102 Obesity Is Linked with Cancer--Now We Finally Know Why
103 Just a Few Common Bacteria Gobble Up Most of the Carbon in Soil
104 NASA's Webb Space Telescope: Capturing All that Glitters in Galaxies
105 South Pole Telescope Scientists Tell What It's like to Work at the Bottom of the Earth
106 Galactic Bowling
107 Win-Win: LED Lighted Nets Dramatically Reduce Bycatch of Wildlife While Making Fishing More Efficient
108 Feelings of Physical Fatigue Predict Death in Older Adults
109 Cats in a Cage: Novel Hybrid Nanocages for Improved Catalytic Efficiency
110 Highly Eccentric Black Hole Merger Detected for the First Time
111 Men Prone to Worry and Anxiety May Develop Heart Disease and Diabetes Risk Factors at Younger Ages
112 NASA's Curiosity Rover Measures Intriguing Carbon Signature on Mars--Possible Indication of Biological Activity
113 Scientific Hardware and Space Experiments Returning to Earth on SpaceX CRS-24 Dragon
114 BOOM! A New Kind of Supernova Has Been Discovered
115 Mega Iceberg--One of the Largest on Record--Released 150 Billion Tons of Freshwater Near Island
116 Misled by a Mars Mirage: Hope for Present-Day Martian Groundwater Dries Up