File Title
1 Undetected Black Hole Reveals Itself by Violently Shredding a Star that Strayed Too Close
2 A New Way to Lose Weight Could Change Your Metabolism
3 New Discovery Could Resolve a Parkinson's Disease Mystery
4 Scientists Calculate Climatic Impact of Methane Leak from Ruptured Nord Stream Pipelines
5 New NIH Study Suggests that a Heart Medication Reduces Alcohol Consumption
6 Discovering the Secrets of the Universe: A Wondrous Star Factory
7 Early Crust on Mars More Complex and Evolved than Previously Thought
8 Mysterious Soil Virus Gene Seen for the First Time
9 Effectively Reducing Stress and Treating Anxiety Disorders Without Antidepressant Drugs
10 Reduced-Nicotine Cigarettes May Reduce Smoking in Anxious, Depressed Smokers
11 We Asked a NASA Technologist: How Do Spacecraft Slow Down? [Video]
12 Never-Before-Seen Details of Early Universe from Webb Space Telescope
13 One Brain Region Teaches Another During Sleep, Converting New Data into Enduring Memories
14 NASA Conducts Check-outs, Preparations Ahead of Next Artemis I Moon Rocket Launch Attempt
15 Repeat COVID-19 Infections: Significantly Increased Risk of Organ Failure and Death
16 Length of REM Sleep Linked to Body Temperature
17 Experimental Cancer Vaccine Yields Promising Results: NIH Finds Significant Tumor Regression
18 NASA's Webb Space Telescope & SLS Moon Rocket Named TIME Inventions of 2022
19 Why You Should Cut Back on Artificial Sweeteners and How to Do It
20 Mars Express Spacecraft Sets Data Relay Record
21 NASA's Successful Launch, Deployment, and Retrieval of LOFTID--An Innovative Inflatable Heat Shield
22 Want to Fire Up the Dance Floor? Scientists Figure Out the Secret
23 Dieters Trying to Lose Weight Tend to Overestimate the Healthiness of Their Eating Habits
24 Warning: Popular Vitamin Supplement Causes Cancer Risk and Brain Metastasis
25 ESA SOLARIS: Wireless Power Beamed Down from Space
26 Working Memory: How the Brain Focuses on What's in Mind
27 Critical Point in CAPSTONE Spacecraft's Deep Space Route to the Moon
28 Eroded Beauty in the Sahara Desert Revealed in Stunning Astronaut Photo
29 Nanoparticle Probiotic "Backpacks" Show Promise for Treating Inflammatory Bowel Diseases like Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis
30 Mass Extinctions May Have Been Driven by the Evolution of Tree Roots
31 New "Artificial Photosynthesis" System Produces Methane with 10x Efficiency
32 Small but Significant: Differences Between Brains of Primates Revealed--Humans, Apes and Monkeys
33 MIT Engineers Develop a Low-Cost Terahertz Camera Using Quantum Dots
34 Eating Ultra-Processed "Ready-To-Eat-or-Heat" Foods Linked to Premature Death
35 Radical New System Lights Up Cancer Therapy
36 A New Brain Model Could Pave the Way for Conscious AI
37 Hubble Space Telescope: Clouded Vision
38 Not What You Think--Researchers Bust Common Telemedicine Myths
39 Genetic Factor? Honey Bee Life Spans 50% Shorter Now Compared to 50 Years Ago
40 Forever Young: Scientists Reveal the Secret to a Strange Animal's Eternal Youth
41 NASA Confirms Discovery of Space Shuttle Challenger Artifact
42 New Medication Highly Effective in Treating Eczema
43 Potential Flaw Uncovered in Previous Autism Neuroscience Research
44 Maximizing Genetic Diversity and Adaptability: First-Ever "Family Tree" for Aquarium-Bred Corals
45 Common Type of Clothing Could Be Exposing Millions of Children to Harmful Chemicals
46 Biofuel Research: Full Decarbonization of U.S. Aviation Sector Is Within Grasp
47 New Electrocatalysts Developed for Green Production of Ammonia
48 Hate Needles? Injections for Diabetes and Cancer Could Become Unnecessary
49 A New, Better Way to Desalinate Water
50 See a Solar Snake Slither Across the Sun's Surface--At 380,000 Miles per Hour
51 Japanese Researchers Discover New Insights into the Mechanisms Causing Diabetes
52 Fentanyl Vaccine Breakthrough--Potential "Game Changer" for Opioid Epidemic
53 New Genetic Variations Discovered in Swimming Behavior of Sperm Cells
54 Does Eating Potatoes Increase Your Risk of Cardiometabolic Disease?
55 New Data Reveals an Arctic "Treasure Trove"
56 NASA's CAPSTONE Spacecraft Arrives to Orbit at the Moon
57 Green Tea and Resveratrol Reduce Alzheimer's Brain Plaques in Lab Tests--With No Side Effects
58 Research Shows Emphysema More Common in Marijuana Smokers than Cigarette Smokers
59 Against Common Belief--Invasive Species Are Often Beneficial
60 Hidden Deep Within a Cave--Unique New Bacteria Species Discovered
61 Study: Video Games Can Trigger Potentially Lethal Heart Rhythm Problems
62 Scientists Have Developed a Wearable Ring that Repels Insects
63 New Antibiotic Kills Dangerous and Resistant Bacteria
64 Historic Liftoff! NASA's Artemis I Mega Rocket Launches Orion to Moon
65 Artemis I Retrograde Orbit: NASA's Orion Spacecraft Will Travel 40,000 Miles Beyond the Moon
66 The Urgent Quest to Find Banana's "Mystery Ancestors"
67 MIT Scientists Develop a New Control System for Synthetic Genes
68 More Accurate than GPS: New Navigation System with 10 Centimeter Accuracy
69 84% More Successful--Scientists Reveal the Most Effective Treatment for Back Pain
70 New Technique Can Help People Forget Certain Memories
71 Scientists Discover a New Way to Make Species
72 A Better Way to Search for Extraterrestrial Life
73 No, Depressed People Aren't Just More Realistic
74 Ghost Particles Detected Emanating from Galactic Neighbor with a Gigantic Black Hole
75 See the Birth of a New Star: Webb Space Telescope Captures Once-Hidden Features of a Protostar
76 NASA Astronauts Complete Spacewalk to Prep for Space Station Solar Array Upgrades
77 Unprecedented Speed: Scientists Discover 30 New Natural Compounds
78 Earth's Warming Hole--Is It an Indication of an Impending Climate Change Catastrophe?
79 Mayo Clinic Researchers Reveal Critical New Insight into Cancer
80 Wide and Lasting Consequences: Teachers Give Girls Higher Grades than Boys
81 Cat & Dog Owners: Feeding Pets Dry Food Reduces Their Environmental Impact
82 Ray-Finned Fish Survived Mass Extinction Event 360 Million Years Ago
83 Elevating the Risk of Satellite Collision: Climate Change to Increase Lifetime of Space Debris
84 Scientists Discover New Consequences of Drinking as a Teen--And They Can Last Decades
85 Cornell Scientists Have Identified a Cellular Process Related to Post-Partum Depression
86 Stabilizing Feedback Confirmed by MIT Scientists--Earth Can Regulate Its Own Temperature Over Millennia
87 Dodging Death: Scientists Overturn Long-Standing Liver Disease Beliefs
88 New Study Finds that These Two Diabetes Drugs Perform the Best
89 Cosmonauts Finish Spacewalk for Work on Space Station's Science Module
90 NASA's Webb Explores the Final Frontier: Draws Back the Curtains on an Undiscovered Universe
91 Erosion of Rocky Coastlines May Dramatically Accelerate Due to Sea Level Rise
92 Revolutionary Technology Provides New Perspective on Cyclones
93 Smoke Residue Can Trigger Skin Diseases
94 Liftoff! Stunning Photos of Successful Launch for JPSS-2, LOFTID
95 Not Science Fiction: Paralyzed People Can Navigate Using Mind-Controlled Wheelchairs
96 Baffling "Spiderweb" Star Discovered--Is It an Alien Megastructure?
97 Inspired by Manta Ray Biomechanics: "Butterfly Bot" Is Fastest Swimming Soft Robot Ever
98 New Discovery Reveals that Giant Four-Legged Kangaroo Existed as Early as 20,000 Years Ago
99 Mars Sample Return Mission: Bringing Mars Rock Samples Back to Earth [Video]
100 300 Years of Research: Princeton Scientists Solve a Bacterial Mystery
101 Jet Engine Installed on NASA's X-59 QueSST Quiet Supersonic Aircraft
102 Exceeding Expectations--Orion Spacecraft Conducts First Inspection
103 Scientists Reveal Key Differences in Immune Response to Inactivated Virus and mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines
104 Increasing Levels of CO2 Results in Less Nutritious Crops
105 600-Year-Old Shipwreck Provides New Knowledge About the Middle Ages
106 Strict Parenting May Hardwire Depression into a Child's DNA
107 A Potential Cure for Obesity--New Particles Stop the Absorption of Fat and Carbs
108 Flipping the Script--New Research Rewrites the Evolutionary Story of Gills
109 Is It Safe for Humans to Go Up to Space? ISS Experiments Reveal Risks for Future Space Flights
110 The Ultimate Death Stare: How Moth Wing Patterns Allow Them to Escape Death