File Title
1 James Webb Space Telescope takes its first images and spectra of Mars
2 Scientists in China create world's first cloned wild Arctic wolf 'Maya'
3 NASA's InSight lander detects space rocks as they slam into Mars
4 Valery Polyakov, took longest single trip to space, dies
5 Here's why we age
6 Researchers are trying to teach a robot how to laugh to improve human-robot conversations
7 First public global database of fossil fuels launches
8 The 'alien goldfish' finds a home
9 James Webb Space Telescope runs into technical issue
10 The ants go marching one by one--20 quadrillion of them
11 Ahead of crash with asteroid, NASA's DART captures image of Jupiter and four moons
12 Smartphone cameras and flashes could be used to measure blood oxygen levels in the future
13 James Webb Space Telescope captures clearest view of Neptune's rings in decades
14 Space station gets 3 new residents after Russian launch
15 Meet Japan's cyborg cockroach, coming to disaster area near you
16 NASA Artemis 1: Why liquid hydrogen became fuel of choice for space expeditions
17 Saturn's moon Enceladus more habitable than previously thought
18 US spy satellite launched into orbit from California
19 NASA's DART mission to deflect an asteroid--is a test!
20 Auroras on Jupiter causing scorching 'heat wave' ten times the size of Earth
21 How researchers are monitoring biodiversity from far away by 'listening to the forest'
22 Bam! NASA spacecraft crashes into asteroid in defense test
23 NASA's Double Asteroid Redirection Test successful: DART crashes into Dimorphos
24 NASA moon rocket back in hangar, launch unlikely until Nov
25 Italian Space Agency releases LICIACube images of DART crash
26 Ancient armoured worm could be ancestor of three major living animal groups
27 How about them apples? Research orchards chart a fruit's future
28 NASA, SpaceX Crew-5: Science experiments aboard the six-month mission
29 Chinese fish fossils take a bite out of mystery of origin of jaws
30 Gender and the brain: Why neuroscience is still searching for evidence
31 NASA, SpaceX to study ways to boost orbit of Hubble telescope
32 What caused holes in Sue the T. rex's jawbone? Scientists are stumped
33 Webb, Hubble capture detailed images of DART impact
34 Cassie establishes Guinness world record for bipedal robot 100-meter sprint
35 With drained battery and no fuel, India's Mars Orbiter craft quietly bids adieu
36 Mars Orbiter craft non-recoverable, Mangalyaan mission over, confirms ISRO
37 The story so far: Where 6 investigations into Donald Trump stand
38 Timeline: The life and death of Queen Elizabeth
39 Asian farmers plant to boost palm oil output, seedling shortage slows pace
40 Meet the two brothers preparing to run Dubai
41 China says no touching foreigners skin-to-skin after monkeypox case
42 Iconic Russian singer asks to be named 'foreign agent'
43 Iranian police call woman's death in custody an 'unfortunate incident'--Fars
44 Ukraine alleges torture at village near Russian border
45 China lodges complaint after Biden says U.S. would defend Taiwan in a Chinese invasion
46 Taliban freed from Guantanamo, claims exchanged for American
47 Iranian president's Holocaust remarks spark outcry in Israel
48 Sailor who died at Pearl Harbor to be buried at Arlington
49 Baltic nations close borders to Russians over Ukraine war
50 On sidelines of UN, a push for China's abuses to be punished
51 Queen Elizabeth reunited with Philip and her parents in Windsor chapel
52 King Charles III's handwritten note on Queen's coffin adds personal touch to her funeral
53 On anniversary of Hurricane Maria, new storm leaves Puerto Rico in the dark
54 UN chief warns global leaders: The world is in 'great peril'
55 Why Vladimir Putin's new Russian 'pivot to Asia' will fail
56 From coronation to funeral: Bookends to the life of a Queen, and a generation
57 Elderly woman dies after pit bull attack at Denver-area home
58 Judge vacates murder conviction of Adnan Syed of 'Serial'
59 About 250,000 attended Queen Elizabeth's lying-in-state, UK minister says
60 Dinosaurs were in decline even before extinction, study finds
61 Ukraine, using captured Russian tanks, firms up its lines
62 Taliban releases US engineer Mark Frerichs in prisoner swap
63 Australian miner Fortescue reveals $6.2 billion carbon plan
64 Dubai sets up vending machines baking free hot bread for needy residents
65 Trump legal team balks at judge's declassification questions
66 Canada likely to drop vaccine requirement to enter, says official
67 At 36, world's youngest leader Gabriel Boric electrifies UN Assembly
68 Japanese man sets himself on fire in apparent protest at former PM's state funeral
69 From mourning to crises: UK Prime Minister pivots to mounting woes
70 Iran faces global criticism, protests over woman's death
71 Parents besiege Texas high school after false shooting call
72 Billions in climate deal funding could help protect US coastal cities
73 How the UN became a bystander to the world's biggest flashpoint
74 'Very harmful' lack of data blunts US response to outbreaks
75 Russia's Putin announces partial military mobilisation
76 US welcomes PM Modi telling Russia's Putin now is 'not an era of war'
77 New York City subway system to install security cameras in train cars
78 Rouble tumbles past 62 vs. dollar as Vladimir Putin orders partial mobilisation
79 Some 230 whales beached in Tasmania; rescue efforts underway
80 Migrants flown to Martha's Vineyard island claim they were misled, sue Florida Governor
81 No change in US' 'One China' policy: White House
82 Ukraine war thrusts German climate action into spotlight
83 UK eases pressure on business by halving energy bills this winter
84 Flights out of Russia sell out after Putin orders partial call-up
85 Leaders of Israel and Turkey hold first in-person talks since 2008
86 Biden set to announce $2.9 billion in food security at UN
87 Dozens of Chinese Christians seek refuge in Thailand
88 Trump, adult children sued by New York attorney general for fraud
89 Instagram disrupted across Iran amid protests
90 World won't let Putin use nuclear weapons, says Ukraine's Zelenskiy
91 Biden: Russia 'shamelessly violated' UN Charter in Ukraine
92 U.S. lawmakers pile pressure on big banks over China ties, Taiwan
93 China's largest policy bank to boost infrastructure loans to local govts.
94 Iran protests spread, death toll rises as internet curbed
95 As Russia retreats, a question lingers: Who counts as a collaborator?
96 Hobbits and the Hard Right: How Fantasy Inspires Italy's Potential New Leader
97 A cornered Putin is more dangerous than ever
98 At least 9 killed as Iran protests spread over woman's death
99 Imran Khan says he's ready to apologise for controversial remarks against female judge
100 A human rights lawyer pays the painful price of standing up to Xi's China
101 Ukraine's Mariupol defenders, Vladimir Putin ally in prisoner swap
102 The politicians vying to lead Italy's next government
103 University of Cambridge says it gained from slave trade
104 Russian call-up sparks exodus by some men as air fares soar
105 Turkey's central bank makes big rate cut amid 80 percent inflation
106 Iran: Unrest over woman's death escalates, 31 civilians dead; US imposes sanctions on morality police
107 Iranian President Raisi cancelled interview after I refused to wear headscarf, says US journalist
108 'For what reason?': Zelenskyy questions why India, Brazil, Ukraine are not UNSC permanent members
109 Qantas under fire for offering vegetarians meat-only meals on short flights
110 'If these idiots refuse to grant it &': South Korea President caught on hot mic insulting US Congress
111 32 Indians trapped in Myanmar's Myawaddy area rescued, efforts on to help others: MEA