File Title
1 Webb completes testing and prepares for trip to Europe's Spaceport
2 Construction begins on NOIRLab Windows on the Universe Center
3 Most detailed-ever images of galaxies revealed using LOFAR
4 Webb Telescope to explore a neighboring, dusty planetary system
5 KyotoU to test slats of wood aboard Japan's Kibo platform on the ISS
6 DRCongo to review China Moly copper-cobalt mine deal
7 Scientists develop alternative cement with low carbon footprint
8 High-speed camera captures a water jet's splashy impact as it pierces a droplet
9 Purdue-designed heat transfer experiment arrives at International Space Station
10 University of Zurich and Airbus grow miniature human tissue on the International Space Station ISS
11 Bio-inspired, blood-repelling tissue glue could seal wounds quickly
12 DARPA to develop novel therapeutics for multi-drug resistant microbial infections
13 Researchers present battery-free pacemaker powered by the heart
14 An antioxidative stress regulator protects muscle tissue in space
15 Sweat-proof "smart skin" takes reliable vitals, even during workouts and spicy meals
16 Implantable drug delivery devices goes remote onboard the ISS
17 Fire ravages Esrange Space Centre in northern Sweden
18 Gilmour Space signs first European partnership agreement with Exolaunch
19 Lift off for UK spaceflight as regulations passed
20 Blue Origin launches experiments, artwork from Texas
21 Frontier Development Lab transforms space and earth science for NASA with Google Cloud
22 WVU engineers tackle limitations of data transfer during space exploration
23 Cloud data bursts from space move astronauts closer to Mars
24 African mountain forests store more carbon than thought: study
25 Fragmented nature imperils wildlife as climate warms
26 Russia postpones lunar mission over 'problems during testing'
27 Maersk orders eight carbon-neutral container ships
28 Climate change made Europe floods more likely, intense: study
29 Rain on Greenland ice sheet signals climate change risk
30 Extinction Rebellion targets central London in new protests
31 Villages evacuated as fresh wildfires hit Greece
32 Indian capital opens first 'smog tower'
33 Apple's Tim Cook gets $750 million bonus payout
34 China sets rules on computer codes that guide consumers
35 Taiwan plans stricter laws against economic espionage by China
36 Biden and tech bosses talk cybersecurity after ransomware attacks
37 Facebook could launch digital wallet this year: report
38 Hack exposes personal data of entire Swiss town: report
39 YouTube says it removed 1mn 'dangerous' videos on COVID-19
40 Biden calls for collaboration with business on cybersecurity
41 Biden, tech leaders eye 'concrete steps' to boost cybersecurity
42 Waymo to extend robotaxi service in San Francicso
43 Global outrage over 'barbaric' Kabul airport attack
44 China says Kabul attacks show Afghan security situation 'severe'
45 Stock markets mixed as Fed's Powell takes centre stage
46 Asian markets mostly rise as Fed's Powell takes centre stage
47 Actress hit with $46 million tax fine as China targets celebrity culture
48 Digital dissent: Hong Kongers race to archive democracy movement
49 Morocco court postpones Uyghur extradition hearing
50 UK watchdog fines banned Chinese broadcaster
51 Nine killed as crane collapses in Nairobi
52 SpaceWERX ready to propel space innovation
53 Spacecom attains initial operational capability, commander says
54 Kleos builds its military knowledge under US DOD program
55 SpaceWERX launch drives AFWERX small business focus on universities and on-orbit capability
56 Commander offers strategies for deterring aggression from China and Russia
57 NASA's Perseverance plans next sample attempt
58 Curiosity Mars Rover explores a changing landscape
59 Mars Perseverance team assessing first sampling attempt
60 Titan-in-a-glass experiments hint at mineral makeup of Saturn moon
61 Saturn makes waves in its own rings
62 Dragonfly mission to Titan announces big science goals
63 Glenn researchers study new, futuristic concept to explore Titan
64 New class of habitable exoplanets are 'a big step forward' in the search for life
65 Astronomers find evidence of possible life-sustaining planet
66 James Webb Space Telescope has completed testing
67 Space science project funding available for UK space projects
68 Phantom Space acquires Micro Aerospace Solutions
69 Satellite built by UMass Lowell students headed to the International Space Station
70 Australian satellite on countdown to launch from Cape Canaveral
71 Delivery partner sought to inspire the next generation of space enthusiasts
72 Lockheed Martin LINUSS Small Satellites ready for 2021 launch
73 First test of Europe's new space brain
74 Kendall, Raymond stress importance of space and Space Force's success
75 NASA's MISR Instrument sees California wildfire smoke plumes from space
76 Wildfires devastate Bolivian nature reserves
77 Villages evacuated as fresh wildfires hit Greece
78 Weekend winds 'risk worsening' French Riviera fire
79 Greek megafires highlight failure to prepare, experts say
80 Wildfires ravage Greek island of Evia
81 No survivors of Turkey fire-fighting plane crash as floods kill 55
82 Greece facing 'ecological disaster' from raging wildfires
83 Algeria mourns 69 dead as Mediterranean wildfires spread
84 Siberia feels the brunt of climate change as wildfires rage
85 EU countries boost fire-fighting help to Greece
86 Siberian wildfires worsen as smoke reaches North Pole
87 'We need more people': Exhausted firefighters battle Siberia blazes
88 New extravehicular pump ensures stable operation of China's space station
89 Chinese astronauts out of spacecraft for second time EVA
90 Giant magnetic pulse rounds up spins far and wide
91 How ions get their electrons back
92 Best of both worlds-combining classical and quantum systems to meet supercomputing demands
93 Exotic matter is in our sights
94 Collisions of Light Produce Matter/Antimatter from Pure Energy
95 Israeli PM promises 'new spirit' in Biden meeting
96 Fukushima operators to build undersea tunnel to release treated water
97 Iran's Raisi calls on Japan to release frozen funds
98 Nuclear scientists hail US fusion breakthrough
99 Iran ups uranium enrichment to 60 percent: watchdog
100 Huthi missile debris sparks fire at Saudi university
101 US, Japan, S. Korea show united front on N. Korea
102 12 dead after blasts at Kazakhstan arms depot
103 Only one suicide bomber in Kabul attack: Pentagon
104 Mali ex-interim president and PM freed from house arrest
105 US warns Kabul airlift terror threat persists after IS attack
106 Uganda says foils attack on funeral of 'Lion of Mogadishu'
107 Iraq's Sadr reverses vote boycott
108 Italy's last flight leaves Kabul, ending evacuation mission
109 Italy's last flight to leave Kabul 'within hours'
110 Nine dead after blasts at Kazakhstan arms depot