File Title
1 Drop in COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy Against Delta Seen in US Nursing Homes
2 NSAIDs Match Steroids for Cataract Surgery Inflammation
3 Low Depression Scores May Miss Seniors with Suicidal Intent
4 Increased Stroke Risk Linked to Excess Sitting in Those Under 60
5 Preterm and Early Term Birth Linked to Increased Autism Risk
6 Diet, Exercise in Older Adults with Knee OA Pay Off in Long Term
7 COVID Politics and Fatigue Work Against Contact-Tracing Foot Soldiers
8 Gulf Coast's Beloved 'Redneck Riviera' Now a Virus Hot Spot
9 Swedish Prostate Cancer Screening Method Cuts MRIs, Biopsies but Is It Practical Elsewhere?
10 CDC Launches New Center to Watch for Future Outbreaks
11 Upadacitinib Effective and Safe in Atopic Dermatitis at 52 Weeks
12 Lacking Beds, Hospitals Ship COVID-19 Patients to Other States
13 Delta Whiplash: How the New Surge Is Affecting Mental Health
14 EPA Bans Pesticide Linked to Health Problems in Children
15 Increased Risk for Hospitalization, Death with Parkinson's Drug
16 More than Half of Teen e-Cigarette Users Report Cessation Intention
17 Cancer Patients' Own Cells Used in 3D Printed Tumours to Test Treatments
18 Connecticut Chapter of ACC at Center of Twitter Dustup
19 Lyme Disease May Up Risk for Mental Illness, Suicidal Behavior
20 Parental Smoking Linked to More Adult RA in Women
21 In Unfriendly Skies, Unruly Passenger Fines Top $1 Million
22 Patients on Dialysis Need mRNA COVID Booster Shot: UK Study
23 Georgia Governor Goes After COVID Restrictions Amid Surge
24 Biden to Pressure Governors Who Ban School Mask Mandates
25 Convalescent Plasma Didn't Help High-Risk COVID Patients: NIH
26 Globally, US Doctors Paid Most, Women Paid Least: Survey
27 One in 10 COVID-19 Patients in UK Caught Virus in Hospital
28 Countries Weigh Need for Booster COVID-19 Shots
29 Delta Outbreak Exposes New Zealand's Low Vaccination Rates
30 Indian States Preparing for Next COVID Wave Focus on Children
31 'It's Not My Job': A Cafe Owner's Revolt Against France's Health Pass Rules
32 Maskless Flyers Face $9000 Fines as US FAA Tackles Unruly Passengers
33 Israel Extends COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters to People Over 40, Teachers
34 Scientists Question Evidence Behind US COVID-19 Booster Shot Drive
35 Influenza Antivirals Perform Similarly Compared with Placebo
36 BCG Vaccination May Help Protect Older Adults from COVID-19
37 PrEP Tied to Renal Impairment in with Advanced Age, Pre-existing Renal Dysfunction
38 US States Rush to Meet Deadline to Join $26 Billion Opioid Settlement
39 30-Minute Afternoon Workout Tied to Better Mood in Patients with Depression
40 Adalimumab Biosimilar on Par with Original in Crohn's Disease
41 Jury Out on PIGF Testing for Suspected Pre-eclampsia
42 Delaying Diabetes Onset a Target for Heart Failure Prevention
43 Managing Sleep Problems in Older Adults
44 GOP Governors, School Districts Battle Over Mask Mandates
45 Scientists Say Biden Jumped the Gun with Vaccine Booster Plan
46 Electronic Nose Could Track Action of Anti-PD-1 Therapy in Lung Cancer
47 Clinical Features, Imaging May Curb False-Positive MRI Breast Findings
48 Nurse Anesthetist Association Name Change Provokes Criticism
49 'Bracing for the Worst' in Florida's COVID-19 Hot Zone
50 Only a Fraction of Breakthrough COVID-19 Infections as Cases Surge
51 Early Data for Experimental THC Drug 'Promising' for Tourette's
52 Alleged Brain Surgeon Squats on Domains, Punks Journals
53 Healthcare Workers Eager for COVID Booster Shots
54 COVID Anxiety Rising Amid Delta Surge, AP-NORC Poll Finds
55 Montana Only State to Ban Vaccine Requirements for Employees
56 Guidance on Additional COVID-19 Vaccine Dose for MS Patients
57 1 Million Vaccine Doses Given Thursday, Government Says
58 Insurance Companies Stop Waiving Out-of-Pocket COVID Costs
59 FDA Warns Again About Robotic Mastectomy, Breaks New Ground Advisory Comes 4 Weeks After Medscape Story
60 Phase 3 Drug Trial for ALS Halted for Lack of Efficacy
61 Nearly 1 in 5 Parents Put Off Care for Their Kids in Pandemic
62 Nivolumab Gets Additional Adjuvant Indication for Bladder Cancer
63 Cardiovascular Disease a Continuing Challenge in Type 1 Diabetes
64 Plastic Barriers May Not Stop COVID-19 Spread, Experts Say
65 COVID Booster May Benefit Active-Treatment Cancer Patients
66 FDA Fully Approves Pfizer's COVID Vaccine, Paves Way for Mandates
67 Cities, States Require Teachers to Get COVID-19 Vaccinations
68 Flu Vaccination Linked with Less Severe COVID-19
69 AstraZeneca's Antibody Therapy Prevents COVID-19, Study Shows
70 Israeli Doctors Find Severe COVID-19 Breakthrough Cases Mostly in Older, Sicker Patients
71 In Highly Vaccinated Singapore, Masks May Be Last Virus Curb to Go
72 Texas Supreme Court Rejects Governor Abbott's Ban on School Mask Mandates: CNN
73 In COVID Hangover, as More Around World Get Vaccinated, Fewer Give Blood
74 Federal Judge Rules Against South Dakota in Abortion Lawsuit
75 EU Expects Key Data on Novavax Vaccine Around October: Source
76 Florida Board of Education Gives School Districts Ultimatum on Masks
77 Disparities Affect Care of Young Adult Childhood Cancer Survivors in LA
78 Mississippi Orders Those with COVID-19 to Isolate or Face Fines, Jail Time
79 School Mask, Vaccine Mandates Supported in US: AP-NORC Poll
80 Parents Get Coached on How to Escape Mask and Vaccine Rules
81 Mask, Vaccine Conflicts Descend into Violence and Harassment
82 WHO Seeks 'Best Minds' to Probe New Pathogens that Jump from Animals to Humans
83 Florida Mayor Urges Water Limits Because of COVID-19 Surge
84 Though Young and Healthy, Unvaccinated Father Dies of COVID
85 'Less Lethal' Crowd Control Weapons Linked to Serious Neurotrauma
86 Psoriatic Arthritis Costs Continue to Rise; Drug Costs Drive Trend
87 Eyes on ESC '21: Hope for EMPEROR-Preserved, Guidelines Remade
88 In RA Patients, Multiple Comorbidities Lower Odds of Disease Control
89 Stimulating Jobs May Help Stave Off Dementia Onset
90 Afghan Woman Gives Birth on US Evacuation Plane
91 Brazil's Bolsonaro Asks Health Ministry to Study a Way to End Use of Masks
92 Prevalence of High-Risk HPV Types Dwindled Since Vaccine Approval
93 UVA Disenrolls Unvaccinated Students; UNC Sees Second Spike
94 Florida School District in Tallahassee Imposes Mask Mandate
95 Federal Judge Rules Against South Dakota in Abortion Lawsuit
96 NYC Mandates Vaccinations for Public School Teachers, Staff
97 Health Dept: Stop Taking Livestock Medicine to Treat COVID
98 Colchicine Effective Regardless of ACS History, Timing: LoDoCo2
99 Flavonoid-Rich Foods, Aided by Gut Bacteria, Tied to Lower BP
100 At-Home Fecal Calprotectin Test for IBD Shows Real-World Efficacy
101 Some Antibiotics May Affect Immunogenicity in IBD Patients on Anti-TNF Therapy
102 Should IBD Biologics Be Offered in Combination or as Monotherapy?
103 Doxycycline Not Helpful in Community Treatment of COVID-19
104 Tolebrutinib Shows Early Promise in Multiple Sclerosis
105 SGLT2 Inhibitor Use Rising in Diabetic Kidney Disease
106 Senators Question FDA on Work with Opioid Maker Consultant
107 Pandemic Unveils Growing Suicide Crisis for Communities of Color
108 Israel Finds COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Significantly Lowers Infection Risk
109 Booster COVID-19 Shots Should Be Delayed: WHO Director General
110 Germany to Drop Incidence Levels as Key COVID Yardstick: Sources
111 Prevalence of Homebound Older Adults in US Rose Dramatically with Pandemic
112 Recovery from an ICU Stay Is Tough. Could More Protein Help?
113 The Rebel Artist Who Revealed the Brain's True Nature
114 Federal Judge Orders ICE to Test Detainees for COVID-19