File Title
1 As Schools Shut Down, 911 Drug Calls for Youth Skyrocketed
2 US Workplace Regulator Says Vaccinated Workers Should Wear Masks
3 Learning Disability, Down's Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy Tied to COVID-19 Mortality
4 Maternal Obesity Tied to NAFLD in Offspring
5 Private Medicare Plans Must Return Overpayments, Appeals Court Rules
6 Kids in Low-Income Countries More Likely to Die from Congenital GI Anomalies
7 COVID-19 Hospitalizations for 30- to 39-Year-Olds Hit Record High
8 Minnesota Mom Gets Vaccinated for Son's Birthday
9 Boy Dies from Brain-Eating Amoeba in California
10 Wisdom May Counter Loneliness, Burnout in Older Adults
11 COVID-19 Outbreaks Shut Down Schools in Georgia, South Carolina
12 Georgia Governor to Lay Out New COVID Plans as Cases Surge
13 160 Coronavirus Cases Linked to Watershed Music Festival
14 Many Bible Belt Preachers Silent on Shots as COVID-19 Surges
15 Procedureless Intragastric Balloon May Cut Costs and Weight
16 Survey: Internists Gain Wealth, Pay Off Debt
17 US Pediatric Hospitals in Peril as Delta Hits Children
18 Youngest Kids More Likely to Spread SARS-CoV-2 to Family: Study
19 Family Medicine Adds Wealth, but Higher Net Worth Skews Male
20 Italian Charity Founder and Surgeon Gino Strada Dies
21 Nanotech-Based Blood Test Detects Risk of Placental Complications During Pregnancy
22 Consider Treating Now to Prevent Hospitalization for Severe RSV: AAP
23 First-in-Class Gel Shows Promise for Basal-Cell Carcinoma
24 LEEP Seems More Likely than Cryotherapy to Clear HPV Infection in Women with HIV
25 Doctor Wins Restraining Order Against CVS After Prescription Ban
26 FDA Approves Rapid-Acting Insulin, Lyumjev, for Pump Use
27 Fluid Type, Rate Do Not Curb 90-Day Mortality Rate in ICU Patients Requiring Fluid Challenges
28 Bayer Takes Legal Battle Over Roundup Cancer Claims to US Supreme Court
29 New Guidelines for BMD Surveillance in Young Cancer Survivors Released
30 In-Hospital SARS-CoV-2 Transmission Low in Cancer Patients
31 Main Cuban Oxygen Plant Fails Amid COVID-19 Surge
32 GSK, CureVac's Next-Gen. COVID-19 Vaccine Shows Promise in Monkey Trial
33 As Delta Spreads, Some Travelers Double Up on COVID-19 Vaccine in US
34 Vaccine Hesitancy Reaches Mexico's Youth, Along with Delta Variant
35 Overwhelmed Philippines Hospitals Hit by Staff Resignations
36 Pushing Health App Data to Doctors: A Burden or an Asset?
37 EU Evaluates Roche Arthritis Drug as COVID-19 Treatment
38 Emergency Vaccine Summit Needed to Help Africa, Says UK's Ex-PM Brown
39 Prime Healthcare, Two Docs Settle Referral Kickback Claims
40 Despite Texas High Court Ruling, Some Mask Mandates Remain
41 Countries Making COVID-19 Vaccines Mandatory
42 Pfizer Submits Initial Data for COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Authorization
43 New Yorkers Largely Back Mayor's Vaccine Mandate to Dine Out
44 Study Finds Underuse of Dexamethasone in COVID Patients
45 Oregon Continues to Report Record COVID-19 Hospitalizations
46 FDA Approves Abbott's Amplatzer Amulet for Atrial Fibrillation
47 'Tainted' Blood: COVID Skeptics Request Blood Transfusions from Unvaccinated Donors
48 US Court Revives Nearly 6000 Lawsuits Over 3M Surgical Warming Device
49 Ivory Coast Begins Ebola Vaccinations After Case Confirmed in Abidjan
50 'Reassuring' Findings for Second-Generation Antipsychotics During Pregnancy
51 Mask Disputes, Outbreaks Make for Rocky Start of School Year
52 Have Vaccines, Will Travel: On the Road with a COVID Entrepreneur
53 How Forgone Heart Failure Care Drives Up Costs
54 Looking for a Zebra: Pay Attention for Signs of Atypical Diabetes
55 Many California Cannabis Dispensaries May Expose Minors to Marketing
56 Pfizer Recalls Four More Lots of Smoking Cessation Drug Chantix
57 US COVID-19 Cases Back to Pre-Vaccination Levels
58 US to Recommend COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters at 8 Months
59 Selma Blair Reports Multiple Sclerosis Remission
60 Lawsuit Seeks to Block Arizona Ban on Down Syndrome Abortion
61 Missouri's COVID Death Rate Among Nation's Worst
62 Almost Half of US Opioid Prescriptions to Youth Are High Risk
63 Amid New Virus Surge, Florida Skeptics Reconsider Vaccines
64 Pediatric MS Tied to Autoimmune Disorders in Families
65 Healthcare Workers Share Stories of Delta Variant's Toll
66 FDA Approves Pfizer's Tick-borne Encephalitis Vaccine
67 Med Student Kicked Out for Microaggression Dustup Sues School
68 Children and COVID: New Cases Rise to Winter Levels
69 Chronic Kidney Disease Tied to Worse LAAO Outcomes
70 Dostarlimab Indication Broadened to All dMMR Solid Tumors
71 Shouldn't Docs Who Spread False COVID-19 Info Lose Their Licenses?
72 Physicians Can Be Savvy Online or Become Irrelevant, Says Report
73 Molecular 'Theranostics' Could Guide Treatment in Thyroid Cancer
74 Singapore Prepares for Long-Term Life, and Death, with COVID-19
75 Widespread Pain Linked to Increased Dementia, Stroke Risk
76 FDA OKs Stimulation Device for Anxiety in Depression
77 Pandemic Derails Small Success in Lowering Diabetes-Related Amputations
78 DeSantis Top Donor Invests in COVID Drug that Governor Promotes
79 As COVID-19 Surges, 93% of Oregon's Hospital Beds Are Full
80 Intranasal DHE Safe, Well Tolerated for Acute Migraine: STOP 301 Published
81 mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Appear Preferable for Patients with IBD
82 Latest Data Show Increase in Breakthrough COVID-19 Cases
83 Houston Will Pay $100 to Anyone Receiving First COVID Vaccine Dose
84 US Plans to Extend Transportation Mask Mandate Through January 18, Sources Say
85 Cuba Struggles to Get Oxygen to the Sick, Vaccines to the Healthy
86 Texas Governor Tests Positive for COVID-19
87 Vitamin D Pills Do Not Alter Kidney Function in Prediabetes
88 Mediterranean Diet Slows Progression of Atherosclerosis in CHD
89 New York City Vaccine Requirement Begins
90 Ex-Head of Purdue Pharma Denies Responsibility for Opioid Crisis
91 COVID-19 Booster Shots to Start in September: Officials
92 COVID-19 Risks in Young Adult Males May Be Under-Recognized: Study
93 Haiti Quake Survivors Clamor for Food, Doctors, Shelter
94 New Options Explored for Sarcopenia in Rheumatic Diseases
95 Proportion of Black US Med School Faculty Has Barely Budged in Three Decades
96 Gastric Cardia Culprit in Barrett's Esophagus, Transformative Mechanism Identified
97 Breast Cancer Screening at 40 Aids Childhood Cancer Survivors Treated Without Chest Radiation
98 PFO Closure in Divers Tied to Less Decompression Sickness
99 Vax Campaign Averted Nearly 140,000 US Deaths Through Early May: Study
100 FDA Warns Clinicians to Stop Using Eco-Med Products Because of Contamination Concerns
101 Why Are Boosters Being Given After 8 Months? Experts Weigh In
102 Mental Health After ICU: It's Complicated
103 Patients with More Severe pH in COPD May Respond to Treatment
104 Delta Variant Dominance, Renewed Lockdowns: COVID-19 Global Weekly Highlights
105 Exercise Tied to Slower Cognitive Decline in Those at Risk for AD
106 Novel Coating for Blood Vessels Might Help Curb Transplant Rejection
107 Infections, Low IgG Seen in Many Kids Receiving Rituximab for Rheumatic Disease
108 Enterovirus Lingers in Pancreatic Cells, May Contribute to Diabetes
109 Tocilizumab Shortage Continues as Pandemic Wears On
110 Early ADT May Not Up OS in Prostate Cancer with PSA Relapse
111 Progestin-Only Oral Contraceptives Tied to Cardiac Events in Long QT Syndrome
112 To Be, or Not to Be? More Counseling Needed for Gender Dysphoria
113 More Aggressive Therapy Not Warranted for Early Onset Colorectal Cancer
114 Third Pfizer Dose 86% Effective in Over 60s, Israeli HMO Says
115 Southeast Asia Needs Vaccine Access to Curb Record Deaths: Red Cross
116 Rare Doctors' Outcry Highlights Cuba's COVID Crisis, Growing Dissent
117 Pathology Review After Splenectomy Often Unnecessary
118 French Medical Couple Resist COVID-19 Jab Despite Threat to Jobs
119 Haiti Quake Has Stalled COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign, PAHO Says