File Title
1 Injectable Cabotegravir PrEP Superior to Oral TDF-FTC; Trial Halted Early
2 Hospitals Struggle to Find Nurses, Beds, Even Oxygen as Delta Surges
3 Novel Antidepressant Shines in Phase 2 Trial, but FDA Has Issues with Its NDA
4 COVID-19 of the Future: Endemic and Mostly in Young Children?
5 'We Are Not the Virus': Two-Tier Delta Lockdowns Divide Sydney
6 Breakthrough COVID-19 More Likely Months After Vaccination
7 Hydroxychloroquine Causes DNA Damage in Mammalian Cells at Doses Used in People
8 US CDC Advisers to Review Data on COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters
9 Inovio Focused on Launching Global COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Next Month: CEO
10 Austria Plans to Start COVID-19 Booster Shots in October
11 Pediatric Myopia Incidence Increases During COVID-19 Pandemic
12 Ultraprocessed Foods Comprise Most of the Calories for Youths
13 FDA May OK COVID Booster for Vulnerable Adults Before Weekend: Media
14 AGA Clinical Practice Update: Strategies to Improve Colonoscopy Quality
15 Clinical Practice Guideline: Vaccination in Patients with IBD
16 Will We Need Vaccine Passports to Do Fun Things?
17 Federal Judge Rules Against Several Indiana Abortion Laws
18 Steroids Prevent Recurring Allergic Reactions to Radiocontrast Media
19 Mild, Well-Controlled Asthma May Fare Better with Continuous Inhaled Corticosteroids
20 New Rules for Unvaccinated People, Delta Continues to Surge: COVID-19 Global Weekly Highlights
21 Obesity Leads to Depression via Social and Metabolic Factors
22 Final Word on SSRI for Post-Stroke Depression?
23 National Academies' Report Took Pharma-Friendly Stance After Millions in Gifts from Drugmakers
24 Poll Finds Most Americans Believe Nurses Are Underpaid
25 Which AK Treatment Has the Best Long-Term Efficacy? A Study Reviews the Data
26 Overwhelmed by COVID-19: A Day Inside a Louisiana Hospital
27 Defiance of Texas Ban on Mask Mandates Continues to Grow
28 YouTube Suspends Rand Paul's Account for COVID-19 Misinformation
29 A COVID Super Spreader in 2020, Sturgis Motorcycle Is on Again
30 German Nurse Suspected of Giving Saline Instead of COVID Vaccine
31 FDA OKs Pembro Plus Lenvatinib for First-Line in Kidney Cancer
32 Biden Calls for Medicare Negotiation on Some Drug Prices
33 Exercise Tied to 50% Reduction in Mortality After Stroke
34 U.S. Officials Prepare to Distribute COVID Boosters
35 Florida Launches Antibody Treatment Effort to Help Hospitals
36 FDA Approves First Drug for Idiopathic Hypersomnia
37 25% of Patients with Cancer Lack Immunity Against Measles
38 Pathology Society First to Call for Nationwide Vaccination Mandate
39 EU Looking into New Possible Side Effects of MRNA COVID-19 Shots
40 Multispecialty Group Advises Caution with Gadolinium-Based Contrast Agents in Interventional Pain Procedures
41 CDC Reports Burkholderia cepacia and B pseudomallei Outbreaks
42 Aflibercept Slows Progress of Nonproliferative Diabetic Retinopathy
43 EU Lowers Limits for Toxic Metals in Baby Food, Vegetables
44 Coronavirus Surge Pushes Cuba's Healthcare System to Brink
45 CDC Recommends Pregnant Women Get COVID-19 Vaccine
46 French Vaccination Centres Vandalised as Health Pass Is Introduced
47 Thailand to Start Human Trials on COVID-19 Shots via Nasal Spray
48 Spain Gets Green Light to Test Homegrown COVID Vaccine on Humans, PM Says
49 Pertuzumab Plus Trastuzumab Promising in HER2-Positive Biliary Tract Cancers
50 AAP Releases Guidelines for Febrile Infants
51 Tachycardia Syndrome May Be a Distinct Marker for Long COVID
52 FDA Authorizes Booster Shot for Immunocompromised Americans
53 EHR Vendors: Don't Punish Us, Physicians for Information Blocking
54 Brain Memory Signals Appear to Regulate Metabolism
55 Endocrinologists' Wealth Remains Steady, Despite Pandemic
56 Hep B Vaccine Response Vary Among Youth with Inflammatory, Autoimmune Disorders
57 San Francisco to Require Vaccine Proof at Indoor Venues
58 Oncologist Incomes and Net Worth Rise Despite Pandemic
59 27 People Aboard Carnival Cruise Test Positive for COVID-19
60 Mask Fights Rip Georgia Schools as Hospitals Repeat Warnings
61 Questions Remain as More 'Twincretin' Data in Diabetes Published
62 AI Improves Detection of Gastric Neoplasms During Routine Endoscopies
63 Provider, Patient Preferences for Communicating CT Lung Screening Results Vary
64 FDA OKs Belzutifan for Cancers Tied to von Hippel-Lindau Disease
65 Hospitals in Oregon Buckling Under Surge of COVID Patients
66 New Barbie Dolls Honor COVID-19 Healthcare Heroes
67 AHA Urges Greater Attention to Peripheral Artery Disease
68 CAR T-Cell Therapy Drives Refractory SLE into Remission
69 New Orleans Announces Vaccine Rules for Indoor Venues
70 Blaming Mid-Life Weight Gain on a 'Slow Metabolism'? Study Says Unlikely
71 Delta COVID Variant May Increase Risk of Dating, Expert Says
72 Death Reported from Ebola-Like Marburg Virus in West Africa
73 Breakthrough Infections May Boost Immune Defenses
74 Smoking May Impair mRNA Vaccine Response
75 'Striking' Difference in Adverse Events in Women with Watchman LAAO
76 One-third of SARS-CoV-2 Infections May Be Asymptomatic
77 Antibody Prevents Malaria in New Trial
78 Weight-Loss Surgery Tied to Better COVID-19 Outcomes
79 Microscopic Lung Damage May Continue in 'Long COVID'
80 CT Imaging May Help Distinguish COVID-19 from Interstitial Lung Disease
81 CDC Officially Endorses Third Dose of mRNA Vaccines for Immunocompromised
82 US Employers 'Get Religion' with Vaccine Mandates
83 US Health Secretary Mandates COVID-19 Shots for Healthcare Staff
84 Florida, Texas Could Have Averted 4700 Deaths with Higher Vax Rate: Study
85 Icotinib Tops Chemo as Adjuvant Therapy for EGFR-Mutant NSCLC
86 Anti-Sperm Antibodies Tested as Contraceptive in Sheep
87 Peanut Allergy Patients Reap Continuing Benefits Past First Year, Palforzia Study Shows
88 Can a Blood-Based Test Predict TNFi Nonresponse in RA?
89 Heparin's COVID-19 Benefit Greatest in Moderately Ill Patients
90 Religious Healthcare Practitioners Win Injunction on ACA Rules
91 US Reports Record High Number of Children Hospitalized with COVID-19
92 AI Has Long Way to Go to Be Helpful in Patient Care: Expert
93 COVID-19 Should Up Urgency of Anti-Obesity Efforts, Docs Say
94 Israel Expands COVID Vaccine Booster Campaign to Over 50s, Health Workers
95 Pfizer, Moderna Seen Reaping Billions from COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Market
96 Peru Study Finds Sinopharm COVID Vaccine 50.4% Effective Against Infections
97 UK Watchdog Says to Investigate COVID-19 Testing Firms
98 COVID Antibodies Found in Breast Milk of Vaccinated Women
99 Psychiatrists' Income, Wealth Gain Ground Despite COVID-19 Challenges
100 AAP 'Silencing Debate' on Gender Dysphoria, Says Doctor Group
101 Misinformation at Public Forums Vexes Local Boards, Big Tech
102 Mask Clash Shuts Down Suburban NY School Board Meeting
103 PAUSE-SCD Strengthens Case for First-line VT Ablation Before ICD
104 Data Sharing to Improve AI Used in Breast-Imaging Research
105 As Vaccines Wane, Immune System Still Has Weapons Against Delta
106 Cardiologists' Income and Wealth Up, Despite COVID-19 Challenges
107 More Evidence of COVID's Crushing Mental-Health Toll on Healthcare Workers
108 WHO Seeks to Take Political Heat Out of Virus Origins Debate
109 Cuba Says Early Data Suggests Homegrown Vaccine Protecting Against Delta
110 Exercise Prescriptions: Working Out as Medicine