File Title
1 US regulators give full approval to Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine
2 China's Weibo shuts accounts defending Kris Wu allegations
3 EXPLAINER: Why it takes months to subdue some wildfires
4 Explosive California wildfires could burn into December
5 Governor tours flood area as Arizona sees 4 deaths in a week
6 New Chinese law tightens control over company data on users
7 Japan aims to bring back soil samples from Mars moon by 2029
8 New solar telescope in Hawaii aims to open in 3 months
9 Facebook launches virtual-reality work app for meetings
10 FTC doubles down, hits Facebook with amended antitrust complaint
11 How the Taliban uses social media to seek legitimacy in the West, sow chaos at home
12 China state firms invest in TikTok sibling, Weibo chat app
13 US utility plans to switch 1200 vehicles to electric by 2030
14 Fires harming California's efforts to curb climate change
15 Robinhood's crypto trading surges, as overall growth slows
16 Southern California officials declare water supply alert
17 Data of 40 million plus exposed in latest T-Mobile breach
18 Wild horse roundups ramping up as drought grips the US West
19 Fueled by winds, largest wildfire moves near California city
20 Massive Alaska quake eyed as cause for sunken ship's leak
21 California drought takes toll on world's top almond producer
22 US probing Autopilot problems on 765,000 Tesla vehicles
23 Lava streams from Indonesia's Mount Merapi in new eruption
24 Trial blocked by police data loss; murder suspect released
25 Why you shouldn't rush to get a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot before it's your turn
26 Ivermectin, a deworming drug, should not be used to treat COVID, health officials say
27 Vietnam tightens virus lockdown ahead of Harris visit
28 Though young and healthy, unvaccinated father dies of COVID
29 Jesse Jackson and wife remain under observation for COVID-19
30 New Zealand extends virus lockdown; Australia eyes vaccines
31 Do I need a booster if I got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine?
32 Montana only state to ban vaccine requirements for employees
33 Kentucky gov. suffers legal defeat in combating COVID surge
34 Radio host who regretted vaccine skepticism dies of COVID
35 Tokyo opens oxygen station for COVID patients as cases surge
36 How long will your COVID-19 vaccine last? And when will you need a booster?
37 Flu shot linked to less severe COVID-19: Study
38 The Latest: NYC public school teachers to be vaccinated
39 WHO head calls for two-month vaccine booster moratorium
40 Lebanese hospitals at breaking point as everything runs out
41 Texas Gov. Greg Abbott now testing negative for COVID-19
42 Mental health online: Police posts of crises may traumatize
43 Taiwan's president receives domestically developed vaccine
44 The Latest: U.S. Rep. Troy Nehls tests positive for COVID-19
45 Texas congressman Nehls says he tested positive for COVID-19
46 Shame put Virginia on course to stronger tenant protections
47 Beshear critics vow to work with governor to fight pandemic
48 Lockdowns or vaccines? 3 Pacific nations try diverging paths
49 1st cruise ship from California in months heads to Mexico
50 Parents get coached on how to escape mask and vaccine rules
51 The Latest: Kentucky Supreme Court reins in Gov. Beshear
52 French virus health pass in full use but protests keep going
53 Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick's COVID claim denounced as racist
54 Vietnam calls on army for food delivery ahead of lockdown
55 Monoclonal antibody treatment orders rapidly increasing in COVID surge states
56 Biden sees dip in support amid new COVID cases: AP-NORC poll
57 The Latest: Vietnam calls in army for strict virus lockdown
58 Florida orders school boards to relax mask rules or risk pay
59 WHO issues call for experts to help with COVID origins probe
60 The Latest: SF requires full vaccination for indoor activity
61 San Francisco's new rule: Proof of vaccine or no dining in
62 J&J CEO Gorsky to step down, company veteran to lead in 2022
63 Asia Today: Sydney lockdown extended, masks required outside
64 COVID anxiety rising amid delta surge, AP-NORC poll finds
65 'Bracing for the worst' in Florida's COVID-19 hot zone
66 Louisiana doctors struggle as COVID patients flood hospitals
67 Bangladesh factories open as economic worries trump virus
68 Sydney virus outbreak spreads in Australia and New Zealand
69 The Latest: Japan imposes 'emergency' measures against virus
70 In Minnesota's worst measles outbreak, a battle of beliefs over vaccines
71 Afghanistan: How the Taliban won over northern ethnic minorities
72 After Haiti quake, aid workers make respect a part of relief
73 China passes data privacy law, tightens control over companies
74 How the Taliban won: They leveraged Afghan history and culture
75 In the face of UN climate report, individuals take action
76 Biden says US accelerated Afghanistan evacuations this weekend
77 Tropical Storm Henri moves inland, soaking New England
78 Record flooding in Tennessee. More evidence of climate change?
79 Movement for Black Lives: BLM protesters targeted by feds
80 Inside a wildfire response camp: Smoke, devotion, and fried chicken
81 Looking back at Afghanistan as the past returns
82 Younger with each passing year
83 The rush to redefine America's political identities
84 How to help Haiti? Ask its citizens.
85 Finding love in miniature
86 Could four-day work weeks become the new normal?
87 How cryptocurrency could help pay for $1 trillion infrastructure bill
88 The U.S. economy looks strong. But can it maintain this pace?
89 Pay raise! Demand for employees in US drives hourly wage to $15.
90 Will interest rates finally rise? Fed Reserve debates this week.
91 The fight over water in Florida has had some surprising winners
92 Rebuild or relocate? Storms leave Louisiana city facing tough choices.
93 'This isn't just weeds': Native gardens are repairing local ecosystems
94 Silver bullets: Can cloud seeding ease the drought in the West?
95 'I consider them friends': Anglers sacrifice to save trout
96 Taliban and social media: How should tech companies respond?
97 What does Tesla Autopilot miss? NHTSA opens investigation.
98 Why Facebook's new prayer request tool is controversial
99 Hackers are getting craftier. Could this simple fix protect data?
100 All bite and no bark? Robotic police dogs force debate.
101 To see the moon, head to Maine
102 From Bezos to satellites, does new space era need new rules?
103 Why this space race to the moon will be different
104 Space race: Branson challenges Bezos in battle for first flight
105 Space tourism draws nearer with Virgin Galactic test flight
106 From wrecked pier to public park: Exploring New York's Little Island
107 Democrats prize 'equity,' GOP prefers 'equality'
108 Lords of the ring salad
109 Got milk? Nope. Dairy-free ice cream is filling up freezers.
110 How a director patiently fought for deaf actors in 'CODA'--and won