File Title
1 Researchers Find Universal Formula for Egg Shape
2 Researchers Probe Origin of Asteroid Vesta's Enormous Troughs and Impact Basins
3 Enigmatic Ancient Brown Dwarf Spotted in Solar Neighborhood
4 Orangutans Observed Using Hammer Tools to Crack Nuts
5 Chandra Observes Gravitationally-Lensed Supermassive Black Hole System
6 Astronomers Capture Beautiful New Image of Centaurus A
7 Study: Mars and Titan Have Annular Atmospheric Modes
8 Compact Object Collision with Companion Star Triggers Supernova Event
9 Green Tea and Cocoa-Enriched Diet May Help Prevent Age-Associated Neuromuscular Changes
10 Brain-Inspired Molecular Memristor Has Exceptional Memory Reconfigurability
11 Galapagos Pink Land Iguanas on Verge of Extinction, Experts Say
12 Perseverance Cores Its First Martian Rock, NASA Says
13 New Research Reveals Seven Spotted Skunk Species Instead of Four
14 Permian-Period Shark Had Petal-Shaped Teeth
15 Hubble Focuses on Globular Cluster NGC 6717
16 NASA's Planetary Radar Spots Its 1,000th Near-Earth Asteroid
17 Scientists Sequence Genome of Indian Wolf
18 Fossils of Giant Carnivorous Birds Found in Argentina
19 Hummingbirds Use Sense of Smell to Make Foraging Decisions: Study
20 Avian Vocal Learning Begins Before Birth, Study Says
21 Hubble Finds Slowly Cooling White Dwarfs in Messier 13
22 New Predatory Dinosaur Unearthed in Brazil
23 New Research Reveals How Ultradiffuse Galaxies Form
24 Two New, Rare Freshwater Mussel Species Discovered
25 Rheology Research Brews Strong Results for Better Black Tea
26 New Study Explains How Cats Got Their Stripes
27 Meet Titanokorys gainesi, Giant Radiodont from Burgess Shale
28 Perseverance Successfully Completes Collection of Mars Rock Sample
29 Middle Paleolithic Neanderthals Used Sophisticated Tool-Making Techniques, Researchers Say
30 New Species of Giant Meat-Eating Dinosaur Identified in Uzbekistan
31 Milky Way's Interstellar Medium Is Not Homogeneous, New Study Shows
32 Researchers Identify Seven Behavior and Personality Traits in Cats
33 Scientists Sequence Genome of Kakapo Parrot
34 VLT Observes Asteroid Kleopatra and Its Moons
35 New Images Reveal 3D Chromatin Organization in Live Cell Nuclei
36 Early Eocene Primate Had Dental Caries
37 Shea Tree Genome Sequenced
38 Carnotaurus Had Scaly Skin with No Feathers, Paleontologists Say
39 Hubble Space Telescope Takes Close Look at AG Carinae
40 1,500-Year-Old Winepress, Other Artifacts Unearthed in Israel
41 Static Black Holes Exert Pressure on Their Environment, Scientists Say
42 Kea Parrots are Capable of Innovating Self-Care Tooling, New Study Shows
43 Lunar Cycle's Effects on Sleep are More Pronounced among Men: Study
44 Rare Cambrian Worm Fossil Found in Utah
45 Quasars are Standardizable Cosmic Candles, Astronomers Say
46 Young Moon May Have Been Subjected to Heavier Bombardment than Previously Thought
47 Modern Snake Diversity Emerged only after End-Cretaceous Mass Extinction, Study Shows
48 Protein from Liver May Cause Alzheimer's Disease, Groundbreaking Study Says
49 ALMA Detects Various Organic Molecules in Five Protoplanetary Disks
50 Middle-Pleistocene Hominin Hand and Foot Impressions Found in Tibet
51 Researchers Use Electric Field to Create Polygonal and Toroidal Droplets, Liquid Lattices
52 New Species of Window Fly Discovered in Finland
53 New Giant Penguin Species Unearthed in New Zealand
54 ALMA Spots Quiescent Molecular Clouds and Tides around Milky Way's Supermassive Black Hole
55 XENON1T Experiment May Have Directly Detected Dark Energy
56 Early Mars Experienced Volcanic Supereruptions, Reseachers Say
57 Star-Forming Galaxies Explain 'Empty Sky' Gamma-Rays: Study
58 Footprints of Newborn Straight-Tusked Elephants Found in Spain
59 Astronomers Measure Mass and Spin of Intermediate-Mass Black Hole
60 New Bird Species from Cretaceous Period Had Long Pintail
61 11-Million-Year-Old Fossil of Large-Sized Otter Found in Germany
62 15 Million COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Trashed by the United States Amid Growing Demand for Inoculations
63 Vaccinated Teens in Maryland Can Get $50,000 College Scholarship
64 Ancient Greek-Roman Suburb Discovered by Archeologists Reveals Egyptian 'Bride of the Mediterranean'
65 Illinois Woman Gets Caught After Using Fake "Maderna" COVID-19 Vaccine Card to Enter Hawaii
66 Moderna Recalls COVID-19 Vaccine in Japan Over Contamination Concern After Stainless Steel Particles Found in Vials
67 Quantum Crystal Might Detect Dark Matter, Scientists Say
68 COVID-19 C.1.2 Variant Discovered in South Africa Should Not be Cause for Panic, Here's What WHO Says
69 Fauci Believes Third Dose of Pfizer and Moderna Helps Immune System to Mature
70 Ancient Humans Carved Tools from Elephant Bones; Used More Advanced Technique than Expected
71 New Mu COVID-19 Variant Begins to Spread in the US; Fauci Claims Strain is not "Immediate Threat" Right Now
72 Study Discovers Mammals Evolve Faster than Birds When Isolated in Elevated Regions
73 Arkansas Prisoners Claim Doctor Gives Unproven COVID-19 Treatment Ivermectin to Run Secret Experiments
74 Super Volcanoes May Have Catastrophic Eruptions Drastically Affecting Earth's Temperature, Scientists Warn
75 Divers Discover Sunk Warship with Treasures of the Amber Room Looted by Nazis in World War 2
76 12-Year-Old Boy Dies as India Struggles to Contain New Nipah Virus Believed to Be Deadlier than COVID-19
77 Mu COVID-19 Variant Found in 49 States; WHO Considers It as 'Variant of Interest'
78 Mysterious 5,500-Year-Old Polished Stone Balls Discovered in Orkney Tomb; Scholars Baffled if Its a Tool or Weapon
79 Injection and IV Therapy--a New Era in Athletic Recovery
80 Researchers Discover Ancient Mass Grave of Decapitated Bodies Believed to Be Gladiators During Roman Occupation in Britain
81 Ivermectin Overdose Causes COVID-19 Patient to Suffer Diarrhea, Vomiting; WHO Warns Against Unproven Cure
82 Chang'e 5 Makes Unexpected Course Change from Deep Space to a U-turn Back to the Moon for Reasons Unknown
83 Russian Segment 'Zvezda' Module Raised Fire Alarm Before Space Walk by Cosmonauts on ISS
84 WHO Asks Rich Countries Not to Give Booster or Third Shots; Poor Nations Are Still About to Receive Their First Shot
85 Fauci Believes "It's Not Smart" to Reopen Sports Stadiums Amid Delta Variant, Urges Residents to Get Vaccinated
86 France's Former Health Minister Charged Over Alleged Failed Pandemic Response
87 Two Democratic Lawmakers Push for Vaccine Mandates for All Domestic Travelers; Fauci Supports Proposal but Will Biden Back It?
88 Remnants from the Great Synagogue of Vilna Survives World War 2, Nazis and Soviet War; Here's What They Found
89 Israel Prepares for Fourth Round of Vaccination, Ensuring There Will Be Enough Doses
90 NASA to Thwart Potential Asteroid Impact on Earth Using DART System to Prevent Global Catastrophe
91 COVID-19: Pediatric Cases Spike to Nearly 240%; Children Less Likely to Die from Virus
92 COVID-19 Booster Shots Not Needed for General Public, Claims Top FDA and WHO Scientists
93 COVID-19 Mutations Not Caused by Vaccines, Experts Say Increase of Infected People Results to New Variations
94 3,919 New Breakthrough COVID-19 Cases Signals Worsening Health Crisis in Massachusetts After Death Toll Surpasses 18,000
95 US Apollo 11 Beats Russian Luna 15 to Land on the Moon in a Secret Lunar Race in 1969
96 Bioscience Firm Considers Reviving Extinct Woolly Mammoth from DNA Remnants from 4000 Years Ago
97 Russian President Vladimir Putin Forced to Self-Isolate After Inner Circle Members Tested Positive for COVID-19 as Country Records Surging Infections
98 Camel Carvings Discovered in Saudi Arabian Desert Found to be 8,000 Years Older than Stonehenge, Archaeologists Baffled Over Origin
99 FDA Scientist Fails to Endorse Pfizer-BioNTech Booster Shot, Skeptical About the Data the Company Submitted
100 Climate Change Continues to Threaten Lives as No Major County Has Plans to Mitigate Rising Temperatures
101 Denisovan Children Left Hand and Footprints on Limestone During the Neolithic Period, Created Oldest Graffiti in Prehistoric Art
102 COVID-19: How Africa's top scientists have tracked emerging variants, ensuring we're not left behind
103 Refresher: How to report adverse events after COVID vaccination--and what follows
104 In-depth: The incredibly long wait for gender-affirming surgery for those who can't pay
105 OPINION: How will the COVID-19 pandemic end?
106 Study finds COVID-19 vaccines do not increase miscarriage risk
107 Why 7,000 steps a day is the new 10,000 steps a day
108 Living with long COVID: Brain fog, hair loss, breathing issues--'You feel you're going crazy'
109 Human resource issues at root of Free State health problems, report suggests
110 Researchers use wearable devices to identify psychological effects of pandemic on healthcare workers
111 COVID-19 vaccines, waning immunity and booster shots: An expert weighs in
112 Massive numbers of new COVID infections, not vaccines, are main driver of new coronavirus variants
113 Christiana community concerned over access to health services after hospital fire
114 Resistance band workouts are everywhere--but do they work?
115 COVID-19 vaccine effects wane over time but still prevent death and severe illness
116 COVID-19 vaccine myths debunked: Get the facts here
117 If SA had rolled out AstraZeneca vaccine, up to 22,000 deaths could have been prevented--Prof. Madhi
118 Experts broadly positive about digital vaccination certificates