File Title
1 Tyrannosaurus rex Appears to Have Had an East Coast Cousin
2 COVID Delta Variant Spread Driven by Combination of Immune Escape and Increased Infectivity
3 Virologist: There's No Need to Panic About the New COVID C.1.2 Variant Found in South Africa
4 Power of Light and Oxygen Clears Alzheimer's Disease Protein in Brains of Live Mice
5 Coupling Magnetism and Microwaves to Clamp Down on Noise in Quantum Information
6 Opioids Don't Have to Be Addictive--New Versions Treat Pain Without Triggering Pleasure
7 High-Energy Shape Memory Polymer Could Help Robots Flex Their Muscles
8 Animals "Shapeshifting" in Response to Warming Climate
9 More than 47,000 Brazilians Hospitalized Every Year from Exposure to Wildfire Air Pollution
10 MXene Nanomaterial Offers Flexible and Stretchable High-Capacity Energy Storage
11 Surprise: The Composition of Gases and Metals in the Milky Way Are Not as Expected
12 Blue Light Can Trigger Key Signaling Pathway for Embryonic Development and Cancer Genesis
13 Species of Algae with Three Sexes Identified in Japanese River
14 Astronomers Uncover Origin of Elusive Ultradiffuse Galaxies
15 Bacteria Engineered to Make Key Chemical Offers a Renewable Source of Synthetic Rubber
16 Absolutely Mind-Boggling Massive New Animal Species Discovered in 500 Million-Year-Old Burgess Shale
17 Realization of Omnipotent Catalysts Expected After Breakthrough Creation of Super Multi-Element Catalyst
18 Discovery About Cells' "Batteries" Boosts Battle Against Many Diseases--From Alzheimer's to Diabetes
19 Taste Cells Can Control a Whole Animal's Foraging Strategy
20 Eating Peanuts May Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke Among Asians
21 Office Air Quality Can Have Significant Impacts on Employees' Cognition and Productivity
22 Squishy White Blood Cells Quickly Morph to Become Highly Stiff and Viscous in Response to Threats
23 Link Discovered Between ADHD and Dementia Across Generations
24 New Infrared Imager Can Map Out a Person's Blood Vessels Without Touching the Skin
25 Strange 160 Mile-Long "Dog-Bone" Asteroid Kleopatra Captured in Detailed Images
26 Autoimmune Antibodies Could Predict COVID-19 Severity
27 Ground-Breaking High-Frequency Gravitational Wave Detector Reports Rare Events
28 Ancient Sea Ice Core--Extracted from Adelie Land in Antarctica--Sheds Light on Modern Climate Change
29 Blood Platelets Key to Deadly Organ Damage in COVID-19 Patients
30 Pivotal Discovery of Nanomaterial for LEDs: New Low-Cost, Energy-Efficient Light Source
31 Ice Persists in the Northwest Passage, Despite Global Warming
32 NASA's $10 Billion New Observatory: James Webb Space Telescope Gets a Launch Date
33 Increasing the Efficiency of Chemical Reactions to Help Decarbonize Fuels and Chemicals
34 Breakthrough Infections: Four Factors that Increase the Risk of Vaccinated People Getting COVID
35 ARROW: Who Can Bend Light for Cheaper Internet?
36 Gout Medicine Could also Battle COVID-19--FDA Approved and Has Potent Antiviral Properties
37 The Mystery of the Transforming Flexible Shell: Cryo-Tomography "Opened the Door to Reveal the Secret"
38 Moth Wingtips Structured to Reflect Sound: An "Acoustic Decoy" to Thwart Bat Attack
39 New CRISPR-Based Technology to Genetically Control Disease-Spreading Mosquitoes
40 Surprising Diversity of Cretaceous Reptiles at Argentina Fossil Site--Revealed by Discovery of Ancient Teeth
41 Autonomous Robot Swarms to Mine the Moon's Resources
42 Who Was King Before T. rex? Dinosaur Fossil Reveals New Apex Predator
43 Breakthrough Discovery Could Pave the Way for Effective New Non-Opioid Painkillers
44 Water in Bedrock Is Sustaining Trees Across Country--Long-Held Assumptions About Where Trees Get Their Water Overturned
45 Personality Matters, Even for Wildlife: Social Skills Give Ground Squirrels an Advantage
46 Chemical Looping--Scientists Find a Way to Transform Toxic Sewer Gas into Clean Hydrogen Fuel
47 Rapid Intensification for Super Typhoon Chanthu
48 Neanderthal Genes Reveal How Old Our Ancestors Were When They Had Children
49 A Changed Landscape in Southern Louisiana After Hurricane Ida: Large New Patches of Open Water
50 Spectacular Ice Age Landscapes Beneath the North Sea Revealed by 3D Seismic "MRI" Scans
51 International Observatories Assemble to Solve "Energy Crisis" on Jupiter
52 NASA's Perseverance Rover Collects Puzzle Pieces of Mars' History--Reveal "Potentially Habitable Sustained Environment"
53 Just a Few Common Bacterial Groups Gobble Up the Majority of Carbon in Soil
54 Earth's Inner Core Is Growing Lopsided--Here's Why the Planet Isn't Tipping
55 Shoppers Choose Healthier Groceries When Supermarkets Place Fruit and Vegetables Near Store Entrances
56 Hurricane Ida Leaves a Trail of Oil in the Gulf of Mexico
57 Space Tourism: SpaceX Inspiration4 Mission Will Send 4 Civilians with Minimal Training into Orbit
58 20 Years Later: Experts Share Their Thoughts on How 9/11 Transformed Their Field, Their Research, and the World
59 Negative Triangularity--a Positive for Tokamak Fusion Power Reactors
60 New Research Center to Tackle Space Junk Traffic Dangers
61 What Is Causing All These New Coronavirus Variants? Is It the COVID--19 Vaccines?
62 Benefit of Having a Fifth Leg: Geckos Glide, Crash-Land, but Don't Fall
63 Atomically-Thin, Twisted Graphene Has Unique Properties that Could Advance Quantum Computing
64 Red vs. Blue: Astronomers Nail Down the Origins of Rare Loner Dwarf Galaxies
65 Vitamin E, CoQ10 and GSH Supplements Reverse Heart Damage Caused by Cancer in Scientific Study
66 Scientists Uncover New Opportunities for Light-Powered Battery and Fuel Cell Design
67 9/11 World Trade Center Firefighters 13% More Likely to Develop Cancer
68 Prostate Cancer Risk 24% Higher Among 9/11 World Trade Center Rescue/Recovery Workers
69 Your Sense of Smell May Be the Key to a Balanced Diet--Smell Regulates What We Eat, and Vice Versa
70 NASA's Stunning Images of September 11, 2001, Taken from Space
71 Warming Atlantic Ocean Drives Right Whales Towards Extinction
72 Three-Part Catalyst Helps Transform Excess CO2 into Usable Ethanol
73 Physicists' Total Surprise: Discover Black Holes Exert a Pressure on Their Environment
74 Cell Feng Shui: Unity of Physical and Biochemical Cues Creates Healthy Organisms
75 Mapping Methane Emissions in California Using Precision Instruments and Machine-Learning
76 Astrophysicists Spot an Exoplanet with the Potential to Form Moons
77 On a Track to True Climate Catastrophe--Experts Respond to Landmark IPCC Report
78 COVID-19 Vaccines Effective Against Delta Variant--How Pfizer, Moderna and J&J Compare
79 Raining Microbes? New Research Finds Rain-Borne Bacteria Colonize Plants
80 Magnetic Properties of Star-Forming Dense Cores--The Last Piece in the Puzzle of Star Formation
81 Exercise During Pregnancy Linked to Improved Lung Function in Offspring
83 Solar-Powered Electrochemical Reaction Uses Wastewater to Make the World's No. 2 Chemical
84 Why People with Diabetes Develop Severe COVID-19--Mechanism Behind Coronavirus Cytokine Storms Revealed
85 Tiger Beach Research Reveals Tiger Sharks Have Social Preferences for One Another
86 Groundbreaking Technique Yields Extraordinary Results--Limits on Long-Theorized "Fifth Force" of Nature
87 Hubble Captures the Final Acts of a Monster Star
88 Scientists Claim Overeating Is Not the Primary Cause of Obesity--Point to More Effective Weight Loss Strategies
89 Spacecraft in Sun's Backyard Unravels the Origins of Interplanetary Dust
90 Walking with Coffee Is a Little-Understood Feat of Physics--Important for Robotics and Automation
91 Unexpected Snippets of Genetic Material from Viruses Found Lurking in Our DNA
92 Researchers Are Toilet-Training Cows--Here's Why
93 Making (and Breaking) Eye Contact Repeatedly Makes Conversation More Engaging
94 Paleontologists Reconstruct One of the Strangest Carnivorous Dinosaurs Ever Discovered
95 Supernova Requiem: Rerun of Massive Blast from Exploding Star Expected to Appear in 2037
96 Major Branches in the Tree of Language Reconstructed
97 New Evidence of 200 Million-Year Cycle for Earth's Magnetic Field
98 Artificial Intelligence Can Detect Dementia Years Before Symptoms Appear
99 A Quarter of Stars like Our Sun Eat Their Own Planets
100 500-Million-Year-Old "Worm-Like" Fossil Represents Rare Discovery of Ancient Animal in North America
101 Diverse Magnetic Fields Revealed in Solar-Type Star-Forming Cores
102 NASA Uses Ballistic Air Guns and Mock Moon Rocks in Search for Durable Space Fabrics
103 MIT Engineers Create 3D-Printed Objects that Sense How a User Is Interacting with Them
104 Alternatives to Plastic Straws: Which Materials Are Best?
105 Science Made Simple: What Is Biomolecular Imaging?
106 NASA Upped the Chance of Asteroid Bennu Slamming into Earth--Putting the Odds in Perspective
107 What Was Really the Secret Behind Vincent van Gogh's Success? Magic Formula Revealed by AI
108 3D Analysis of SARS-CoV-2 Reveals Clues on Virus Tactics--How the Coronavirus Infects Human Cells and Replicates
109 Futuristic AI-Based Computing Devices: Physicists Simulate Artificial Brain Networks with New Quantum Materials
110 Researchers Identify Severe COVID-19 Risk Factors in Young Adults
111 Replacing Salt with a Low-Sodium Substitute Prevents Stroke
112 New Nanomaterial Produces Clean Energy Hydrogen Fuel from Seawater
113 Global Ocean Patterns of Mercury Pollution Revealed by Bluefin Tuna
114 New Chip Can Decode Any Type of Data Sent Across a Network
115 Antarctic Air Samples Reveal 70% Increase in Atmospheric Hydrogen Over the Past 150 Years
116 Can You Lose Weight? Success or Failure May Depend on Your Gut Microbiome
117 Water and Quantum Magnets Share Critical Physics--May Have Consequences for Quantum Computing
118 Protein Made in the Liver May Cause Alzheimer's Disease in the Brain
119 What Lies Beneath: Volcanic Secrets Revealed--"We've Been Misled, Geologically Deceived"
120 Your Eyes May Reveal Your Alzheimer's Disease Risk
121 Johns Hopkins: Anti-Parasitic Drug Slows Pancreatic Cancer in Mice
122 X-Ray Magnifying Glass Provides Unprecedented Look at Black Hole in the Early Universe