File Title
1 Why It Gets Colder as We Age: Immune Cell Betrayal
2 Groups of Laypeople Reliably Rate Stories as Effectively as Fact-Checkers
3 Astronomers Use "X-Ray Magnifying Glass" to Enhance View of Distant Black Holes
4 New Molecular Computing Device Has Unprecedented Reconfigurability Reminiscent of Brain Plasticity
5 New Catalyst to Sustainably Generate Hydrogen from Ammonia at Low Temperatures
6 New Quantum Algorithm Directly Calculates the Energy Difference of Atoms and Molecules
7 Electrochemical Reactor Performance Improved Through 3D Printing
8 New Realm of "Unnuclear Physics"--Neutrons May Actually "Talk" to One Another in New Kind of Symmetry
9 NASA Satellite Observes Massive Power Outages in New Orleans
10 Researchers Tell Doctors: "Stop Prescribing Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19"
11 Astronomers Discover a Strangely Shaped Spot on the Surface of a Baby Star 450 Million Light-Years Away
12 After Its Last Rock Sample Crumbled into Powder, NASA's Mars Rover Is Going to Try Again
13 Planet 9 May Be Out There--Here's Where We Need to Look
14 COVID-19 Caused Significant Increase in Healthcare-Associated Infections in 2020
15 These Incredible Geckos Crash-Land on Rainforest Trees but Don't Fall, Thanks to Their Tails
16 It's Not Just COVID-19: Most Respiratory Viruses Actually Spread by Aerosols
17 Stellar Collision Triggers Supernova Explosion--"This Is the First Time We've Actually Seen Such an Event"
18 NASA Seeking Help on Artemis Lunar Terrain Vehicle Solutions
19 Water Blisters Trapped Beneath Greenland's Thick Ice Sheet Could Provide Critical Hydrological Insight
20 Mice Can Actually Learn Much Faster than Previously Thought
21 Extensive Chains of Volcanoes Provides Safety Valve for Earth's Long-Term Climate
22 Hidden Bacterial Hairs Power Nature's "Electric Grid"--a Global Web of Bacteria-Generated Nanowires
23 New Concept Drug Successfully Hunts Down Late-Stage Prostate Cancer
24 Smoky Skies in the Western Amazon--Fire Activity Driven Primarily by Deforestation Fires
25 NASA's Perseverance Rover Successfully Cores Its First Mars Rock--"A Phenomenal Accomplishment!"
26 Bowfin Genetics Reveals Old Dogfish Can Teach Researchers New Tricks
27 Flash Floods from Ida Swamp the Northeast--Areas Hit with 6-10" of Rain Fall in Just a Few Hours
28 COVID-19 Long-Haulers at Risk of Developing Kidney Damage & Chronic Disease
29 Lightning Impacts Edge of Space in Ways Not Previously Observed
30 Experts Identify New COVID Variation in South Africa--What's Known So Far
31 How Special Are We? New Clues to the Formation of Our Solar System
32 Arc of Fires in the U.S. West--Many Fierce Fires Still Actively Burning
33 Origin of Life: The First Cells Might Have Used Temperature to Divide
34 A Key Challenge to Harvesting Fusion Energy on Earth
35 Three New Species of Hand-Standing Spotted Skunks Discovered
36 What Makes a Voice Attractive? Researchers Find Surprising Differences Between Genders
37 Archaeologists Find Evidence of Beer Drinking 9,000 Years Ago in Southern China
40 Reducing Opioids for Pain Patients Linked to Higher Rates of Overdose and Mental Health Crisis
41 Surprising Discovery of Light-Induced Shape Shifting of MXenes
42 Stunning Astronaut Photo from the Space Station Captures Tokyo's Lights at Night
43 1,000th Near-Earth Asteroid Observed by Planetary Radar Since 1968
44 New Research Strengthens Links Between Red Meat and Heart Disease
45 Genetic Mystery of the Seadragon Solved
46 The Next Treatment for COVID-19 Could Already Be at Your Local Pharmacy
47 SETI: The Future of Extraterrestrial Intelligence
48 Cold Planets Exist Throughout the Milky Way--Even in the Galactic Bulge
49 Climate Change Is Pushing Fires to Higher Ground
50 Greenhouses Probably Won't Work for Growing Crops on Mars Because of Cosmic Radiation
51 Volcanic Winter: Ever-Present Threat of Catastrophic Supervolcano Eruptions Revealed
52 Russian Arctic Losing Billions of Tons of Ice Each Year as Climate Warms
53 Magnetic Phenomena Discovery Paves Way to Faster and More Efficient Data Storage
54 Lake Mead--The Largest Reservoir in the United States--Drops to a Record Low
55 Scientists Develop a Skin Crawling Treatment for Acne
56 DNA Supercoiling: DNA Structure Itself Is Involved in Genome Regulation
57 Ending Prices with ".99" Can Sometimes Backfire on Sellers
58 Integrated Strategies to Meet Biodiversity, Climate, and Water Objectives
59 Common Floral Bacteria Can Enhance Pollen Germination
60 Lucky 13? Mars Ingenuity Helicopter to Get Lower for More Detailed Images During Next Flight
61 Bioengineers Using 3D Printing and Smart Biomaterials to Create an Insulin-Producing Implant for Type 1 Diabetes
62 DSN Upgrades: NASA's Deep Space Network Looks to the Future
63 Movie Mars on Earth: Wadi Rum as a Stand-In for the Red Planet
64 Mini CRISPR Genetic Editing System Engineered--Easier to Deliver into Human Cells for Gene Therapy
65 Nano "Camera"--Held Together with Molecular Glue--Allows Real-Time Monitoring of Chemical Reactions
66 Study of 6.2 Million Patients Reveals No Serious Health Effects Linked to mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines
67 New Diagnostic System Quickly and Accurately Measures Antibodies Against the COVID-19 Virus
68 A Black Hole Triggers a Premature Supernova--First Observation of a Brand-New Kind of Supernova
69 Trigger Identified for "Head-to-Tail" Axis Development in Human Embryo
70 Written on Water: Scientists Reconstruct the Ancient History of an Ocean Current
71 Beyond Dopamine: New Brain Reward Circuitry Discovered
72 Unexpected Peaks in Spectrum Upset Conventional Models of Exotic Quantum Material
73 Gut and Heart Signals Affect How We See Ourselves: Weak Connections Linked to Body Shame and Weight Preoccupation
74 Stunning Hubble Space Telescope Image of a Glittering Globular Cluster
75 What Created the Mysterious Giant Troughs on Asteroid Vesta? New Theory Proposed
77 Female Hummingbirds Look as Flashy as Males to Avoid Harassment
78 Cruel Twist: Exercise Reduces Calories Burned at Rest in People with Obesity
79 Novel Metal Discovered Where Electrons Flow in the Same Way Water Flows in a Pipe
80 Tipping Points in Earth's System Triggered Extreme Climate Change 55 Million Years Ago
81 COVID-19 Has Revealed Critical Knowledge Gaps on the Transmission of Respiratory Viruses
82 Hurricane Ida Recovery Assessments Continue at NASA Assembly Facility
83 Genetic Analysis Illuminates Origins of Lung Cancer in People with No History of Smoking
84 Avocados Change Belly Fat Distribution in Women Toward a Healthier Profile
85 NASA Images of the Week: Brilliant Star Cluster, Mars Rock & SpaceX Cargo Dragon
86 Ivermectin: Can People Take a Drug for Horses and Cows to Treat a Deadly Virus?
87 Building a Better Bioartificial Pancreas for More Effective Treatment for People with Type 1 Diabetes
88 Neuroscience Experiment Shows How Dopamine Drives Hallucination-Like Perception in Mice
89 NASA at Your Table: Where Food Meets Methane and the Greenhouse Effect
90 NASA's Perseverance Rover Collects First Mars Rock Sample--"Truly a Historic Moment"
91 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Carry More Harmful Genetic Variants than Other Dog Breeds
92 Cannabis Legalization Linked to Increase in Fatal Motor Vehicle Collisions
93 Cosmic Rays--Originating from Supernova Remnants and Pulsars--May Be Key to Understanding Galactic Dynamics
94 Discovery Paves Way for Improved Quantum Computing Devices
95 Hubble Find Surprises Astronomers: White Dwarfs Can Still Undergo Stable Thermonuclear Activity
96 Tropical Forests in Africa's Mountains Store More Carbon than Previously Thought--But They're Disappearing Fast
97 Astronomers Find Super-Fast Rotation of Baby Star's Jet
98 Growth-Promoting, Anti-Aging Chemical Compound at the Root of Plant Growth and Animal Embryos
99 Viruses from Plants/Bacteria Key Ingredient for New COVID-19 Vaccine Candidates
100 COVID Mu: Everything You Need to Know About the New Coronavirus Variant
101 Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence Predicts Breast Cancer Risk Better
102 COVID Aerosol Filtration: Nanofiber Face Masks Improve Efficiency, Need Replacing More Often
103 Research Shows Healthier Supermarket Layout Improves Customers' Food Choices
104 High Fat Diets Break the Body Clock--This May Be the Underlying Cause of Obesity
105 Extreme Sea Levels to Become Far More Common Worldwide as Earth Warms
106 NASA Engineers Work to Give Satellite Swarms a Hive Mind
107 Surprising Arrangement of DNA in the Cell's Nucleus Revealed by Novel Imaging Method
108 New Treatment Repairs Heart Tissue--May Prevent Heart Failure After Heart Attack
109 Stone Tools Buried in Graves Is Evidence of Sexual Division of Labor in Europe 5,000 Years Ago
110 We Asked a NASA Scientist: Will an Asteroid Ever Hit Earth? [Video]