File Title
1 Antennas searching for ET threatened by wildfire
2 Space tourism: What's on offer
3 SpaceX to raise bar for space tourism with Inspiration4 launch
4 US condemns N. Korea launch but calls for dialogue
5 Iran replaces chief nuclear negotiator with Raisi protege
6 Iran demotes chief nuclear negotiator
7 IAEA slams reported harassment of female inspectors in Iran
8 UN nuclear watchdog chief vows 'firmness' with Iran
9 Greenpeace: An 'insane' vision that took flight 50 years ago
10 North Korea test-fires new 'long-range cruise missile': KCNA
11 Agreement with Iran 'gives time to diplomacy': IAEA
12 Nuclear surveillance deal with Iran keeps hopes for talks alive
13 South Korea fires first submarine-launched ballistic missile
14 Security blocs led by Russia, China meet on Afghanistan
15 Air strikes kill three pro-Iran fighters in Syria: monitor
16 Myanmar anti-coup protesters attack more cell towers
17 Russia says no talks with Mali on military ties
18 German ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer is ready for his first ISS mission--'Cosmic Kiss'
19 Dates set for Space Station change of command as Franco-German relations awarded Media prize
20 Next generation of Orion spacecraft in production for future Artemis missions
21 Space Babes
22 DLR agrees cooperation with Spanish start-up Pangea Aerospace
23 Space industry grapples with COVID-19-related oxygen fuel shortage
24 NASA's Perseverance rover collects puzzle pieces of Mars' history
25 Mars rocks collected by Perseverance boost case for ancient life
26 Mars rover's first rock samples reveal lengthy water exposure
27 Martian snow is dusty, could potentially melt, new study shows
28 NASA Mars mission begins a new chapter of science with a new leader
29 Buttes on Mars may serve as radiation shelters
30 China develops prototype Mars helicopter
31 New extravehicular pump ensures stable operation of China's space station
32 SpaceX launches Starlink satellites into orbit from West Coast
33 NASA provides laser for LISA mission
34 New spacecraft will use lasers to transmit video, data in seconds
35 TPY-4 Radar earns official US Government Designation
36 Global computing's carbon footprint is bigger than previously estimated
37 Ballistic air guns and mock moon rocks aid in search for durable space fabrics
38 DARPA announces research teams to advance fundamental science of atomic vapors
39 Sand is one of our most used resources, but the industry is not sustainable
40 Scientists explore method to produce composites with 'shape memory'
41 Space junk traffic dangers to be tackled by first-of-its-kind research centre in UK
42 D-Orbit UK signs contract with ESA for development of debris removal technology
43 China develops sustainable development satellite
44 The first cells might have used temperature to divide
45 New ocean temperature data help scientists make their hot predictions
46 The beach is back: French Riviera marsh ditches seawalls for sand
47 Some coral reefs are keeping pace with ocean warming
48 Scientists are using new satellite tech to find glow-in-the-dark milky seas of maritime lore
49 Stingray's protruding eyes, mouth aid swimming efficiency
50 Ocean surface climates may disappear by 2100: study
51 La Nina climate cycle may reemerge in 2021: UN
52 Fewer El Nino and La Nina events in a warmer world
53 New filtering method promises safer drinking water, improved industrial production
54 The world in a drop of water: DNA tool transforms nature tracking
55 Conservation meet mulls moratorium on deep sea mining
56 Space Systems Command declares three GPS III space vehicles "Available for Launch"
57 Virginia company licenses NASA relative navigation technology
58 GMV develops a new maritime Galileo receiver
59 Men may sleep worse on nights during the first half of the lunar cycle
60 Researchers enlist robot swarms to mine lunar resources
61 Astronaut geology bound for the Moon
62 ESO captures best images yet of peculiar "dog-bone" asteroid
63 Modern snakes evolved from a few survivors of dino-killing asteroid
64 Asteroid Ryugu in opposition to Hayabusa2
65 Planetary radar observes 1,000th near-earth asteroid since 1968
66 Astronomer recruiting volunteers in effort to quadruple number of known active asteroids
67 Jet stream changes could amplify weather extremes by 2060s
68 Better weather forecasting through satellite isotope data assimilation
69 Allen Coral Atlas completes map of the world's coral reefs using satellite imagery
70 COVID restrictions bring blip in better air quality: UN
71 Parker Solar Probe team sheds new light on structure, behavior of inner solar system dust
72 Rerun of supernova blast expected to appear in 2037
73 Satellite in sun's backyard unravels the origins of interplanetary dust
74 China releases first batch of gamma photon data from dark matter explorer
75 Xplore and Keck Observatory announce innovative collaboration
76 New ALMA receivers achieve first light, set record for observational capabilities
77 NASA's next space telescope to launch in December
78 Milky Way is not homogeneous
79 New research takes us closer to figuring out supermassive black holes
80 Physicists discover black holes exert a pressure in serendipitous scientific first
81 X-ray magnifying glass enhances view of distant black holes
82 Quasars as Cosmic Standard Candles
83 Largest virtual universe free for anyone to explore
84 A gem of a lab will bring the world of quantum physics into the light
85 Groundbreaking technique yields important new details on possible 'fifth force'
86 Dynamics behind the remarkable August 2018 Greenland polynya formation
87 Biden admin. moves to block controversial Alaska gold mine
88 Breaking barriers: Russian woman leads the way on Arctic ship
89 Global warming threatens the existence of an Arctic oasis
90 Rapid Arctic warming triggers extreme winter events in US: study
91 Rapid increase in global light pollution
92 Tunis residents decry beaches too polluted for swimming
93 Greenpeace: An 'insane' vision that took flight 50 years ago
94 Sunlight can break down marine plastic into tens of thousands of chemical compounds, study finds
95 Microplastics from recyclable plastics on the rise
96 Sea of plastic: Med pollution under spotlight at conservation meet
97 Social cost of 2019's plastic more than GDP of India
98 12 dead after mining pollution in DR Congo river
99 Rare earth elements and old mines spell trouble for Western water supplies
100 The world's languages may be so similar because of how humans talk about language
101 Data show formula for artistic success: Creative exploration followed by exploitation
102 Environmental conditions of early humans in Europe
103 Study reveals link between microbiome, early brain development
104 America's first civilization was made up of 'sophisticated' engineers
105 Prehistoric climate change repeatedly channelled human migrations across Arabia
106 X-ray street vision
107 CuPID CubeSat will get new perspective on Sun-Earth boundary
108 Bioscience firm claims will bring back extinct woolly mammoth
109 Personality goes a long way, even for squirrels
110 Radioactive rhino horns may deter poachers in S. Africa
111 Nature congress calls for protecting 30% of Earth, 80% of Amazon
112 Armed groups benefit from poaching, logging in Congo reserve, say NGOs
113 How land birds cross the open ocean
114 Blue-tongue vs. red-bellied black: An Australian evolutionary arms race
115 Birds are shapeshifting in response to climate change
116 Armed with voting rights, native groups join conservation fray
117 Colombian photographer documents world's largest variety of butterflies