File Title
1 Want to See What COVID Strain You Have? The Government Says No
2 Fauci Supports Vaccine Mandates for Air Travel
3 Poll: 60% of Voters Support Biden's Vaccine Mandates
4 Managing Symptoms of Long COVID
5 Should You Get the Flu Shot if You Got the COVID-19 Vaccine?
6 Have We Set Unrealistic Goals for the End of the Pandemic?
7 Hospital Pauses Baby Deliveries as Workers Quit Over COVID Vaccines
8 Man Dies After 43 Full ICUs Turn Him Away
9 Zoo Atlanta Gorillas Test Positive for COVID
10 Half the Residents in 26 States Fully Vaccinated
11 Q&A: How Concerned Should We Be About the Mu Variant?
12 Comedian, 'SNL' Alum Norm MacDonald Dies of Cancer at 61
13 Jeff Bridges Says COVID Made Cancer 'Look like A Piece of Cake'
14 TSA Doubles Penalties for Face Mask Policy Violations
15 FDA Warns About Fraudulent Supplements to Treat Diabetes
16 Couple Dies of COVID, Leaving 5 Kids Including Newborn
17 QAnon Activist Dies Amid Ivermectin Debate
18 Having a Cousin or Grandparent with Colon Cancer Raises Your Risk
19 WHO: Africa Will Get 30% of COVID Vaccines It Needs by February
20 Your Diet Could Cut Your Odds for Severe COVID-19
21 Poll: 60% of Voters Support Biden's Vaccine Mandates
22 Man Dies After 43 Full ICUs Turn Him Away
23 Recall: Carrots Sold Nationwide Over Salmonella Fears
24 Recall: Muffins Sold Nationwide Over Possible Listeria Contamination
25 Stop Using Neutrogena and Aveeno Spray Sunscreen, J&J Warns
26 Recall: Cooked Chicken Because of Listeria Contamination
27 Beech-Nut Recalls Baby Food Over High Arsenic Levels
28 Rx: Exercise. The prescription that your doctor may not give you, but should.
29 Humans Harness AI to Speed Drug Development
30 How Hackers Hold Hospitals, and Your Health, for Ransom
31 How to Handle Pandemic Weight Gain
32 Slideshow: Brain Foods that Help You Concentrate
33 How to Treat Atrial Fibrillation
34 A Visual Guide to Deep Vein Thrombosis
35 Slideshow: A Visual Guide to Schizophrenia
36 Slideshow: ADHD in Children
37 Menopause Symptoms
38 Slideshow: Erectile Dysfunction Causes
39 SpaceX's first tourists all set for 'camper van' trip to space
40 SpaceX to launch private, all-civilian crew into Earth orbit
41 A billionaire, a cancer survivor...Who will be on the next SpaceX mission?
42 NASA awards launch services contract for GOES-U Mission
43 Inspiration4 crew will conduct health research during three day mission
44 Air Force rescue crews ready in case of SpaceX, Boeing launch malfunctions
45 SpaceX's Inspiration4 civilian crew hopes mission will inspire world
46 Visionary tech concepts could pioneer the future in Space
47 New Israeli innovation hub seeks foodtech 'revolutions'
48 MDA awarded contract for Japan's Martian Moons Exploration Mission
49 Mars mission to pause for about 50 days
50 China's rover travels over 1 km on Mars
51 Blue and Gold satellites headed to Mars in 2024
52 Curtin research shines a light on Moon's oldest geologic imprints
53 NASA selects five US companies to mature Artemis Lander concepts
54 Moon rock class in session
55 Two Flight Engineers' stay extended in ISS
56 Space men at work
57 UNESCO announces 20 new biospheres in 21 countries
58 Australian fires boosted C02--but also carbon-capturing algae: studies
59 In first, SpaceX to send all-civilian crew into Earth orbit
60 Seabirds starve in stormy 'washing machine' waves: study
61 Young German activists stage hunger strike for climate
62 EU to ban forced-labour products in tougher China stance
63 Five key facts on Inspiration4 space mission
64 On thin ice: Near North Pole, a warning on climate change
65 Russian Soyuz rocket launches 34 new UK satellites
66 UN urges moratorium on AI tech that threatens rights
67 Activision Blizzard accused of worker intimidation, union busting
68 Remote work goes 'luxury,' but many may be left out
69 Instagram seeks to curb mental harm to teenagers
70 S. Korea fines Google almost $180 million for market abuse
71 Facebook shields VIPs from some of its rules: report
72 China to target biggest payment app Alipay in tech crackdown: FT
73 Salesforce offers help moving employees out of Texas after abortion law
74 Apple takes app payment hit in Epic court fight
75 US judge orders Apple to ease control over app payments
76 Security blocs led by Russia, China meet on Afghanistan
77 German frigate denied Chinese port call, says Berlin
78 Seven pro-democracy Hong Kong councillors unseated
79 'Blood-and-sweat money': Evergrande anger boils on Chinese social media
80 EU to ban forced-labour products in tougher China stance
81 China's embattled Evergrande tries to pay bills with parking spots
82 China hosts first multinational peacekeeping exercise
83 Evergrande endgame: What next for the property giant?
84 Asian markets sink as US data fails to temper virus woes
85 The rise and demise of Chinese property firm Evergrande
86 Dino-killing asteroid set the stage for evolution of modern snakes
87 India to revise FDI policy for space sector, says ISRO chief Sivan
88 Russian Soyuz rocket launches 34 new UK satellites
89 Adaptable optical communications to facilitate future low-earth orbit networks
90 Hughes and OneWeb announce agreements for low earth Orbit satellite service in US and India
91 Kleos secures A$12.6 million to grow constellation
92 NASA works to give satellite swarms a hive mind
93 Russia calls for mechanism to prevent deployment of weapons in space
94 NATO Air and Space Power--Taking the Alliance into 2030
95 Lack of critical technology restricts India's anti-satellite capabilities: IAF Vice Chief
96 AFRL offers university satellite program
97 Artillerymen must be ready to operate in space degraded, denied environments
98 Northrop Grumman supports test flight for Missile Defense Agency
99 Missile defense booster test may pave way for 'shoot-assess-shoot' capability
100 SPY-7 Hybrid Defense program with Japan completes additional capability tests
101 Netherlands completes deal to buy PAC-3 missile defense units
102 U.S. Army conducts live fire test of its first Iron Dome Defense System Battery
103 Northrop Grumman Opens Missile Defense Futures Lab in Huntsville
104 Laser solid-phase synthesis of single atom catalysts
105 Researchers reveal a novel metal where electrons flow with fluid-like dynamics
106 Quantum emitters: Beyond crystal clear to single-photon pure
107 Anchoring single atoms
108 Exploring quantum correlations of classical light source for image transmission
109 Computers help scientists understand the particles that make up atoms
110 In a first, scientists capture a 'quantum tug' between neighboring water molecules