File Title
1 Fixing the Errors of Our Ways
2 Not Catching Enough Z's Linked to Cardiac Arrhythmia
3 Novel ADC Promising in Certain Non-Squamous Lung Cancers
4 Two FDA Reviewers Argue Against Boosters; Putin Isolating; Death in Gene Tx Trial
5 Stanley Tucci's Tongue Cancer
6 More Data in Support of Surgery for Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma
7 Is One BPH Procedure a Cut Above the Rest?
8 A Lesson in Vaccine Hesitancy from My Half-Vaxxed Daughter
9 Boston Medical Community Grieves Doctors Killed in Tragic Plane Crash
10 Dying Neuroscientist Leaves Lasting Legacy
11 Doctors Work to Treat, Understand Post-Vaccine Shoulder Injury
12 Kid Vaccines in October? Hospital Halts Deliveries; DeSantis Gets a Win
13 No Uptick in Vaccine Uptake; Unreported COVID Deaths; France Bans Unvaxxed Americans
14 Death Disparity in Black Liver Transplant Patients Warrants Action
15 'Spectacular Things Can Happen': What We Heard this Week
16 How Clinicians Can Cope with Grief; Legal Risks of Virtual Care
17 When Prior Authorization Practices Go Too Far
18 Cough, Cancer, PTSD: Two Decades of World Trade Center Studies
19 Hurricane Ida Recovery Could Have Been Much Worse for Dialysis Care
20 UPMC, Star Surgeon Sued for Fraud Due to Alleged Overlapping Surgeries
21 Los Angeles school board votes to mandate COVID-19 vaccine for eligible students age 12 and over
22 Meta-Analysis Confirms Benefits of Low-Dose CT Screening for Lung Cancer
23 Vaccinated Nursing Home Residents Not Immune to COVID Outbreaks
24 Best Way to Recover Urinary Continence After Prostatectomy?
25 Death from Lack of Cardiac ICU Beds; New CMS Labor Rates; Affordable Housing and BP
26 Transplant Docs Are Sticking with Invasive Biopsies After Heart Transplants
27 Which Prostate Biopsy Is Best: Transrectal or Transperineal?
28 Rare Case of a Patient Who Survived this Cardiovascular Condition
29 SGLT2 Inhibitor Eases Symptoms for HFpEF Patients
30 Mu COVID-19 Variant Could Be More Vaccine Resistant, WHO Designates the New Strain as 'Variant of Interest"
31 Clinical Challenges: Psychological Effects of Childhood Eczema
32 Missing Puzzle Piece in Alzheimer's Research
33 For the First Time, Top College Rankings Include Undergrad Nursing Programs
34 Immuno-Oncology Combo Active in Recurrent EGFR/ALK Positive NSCLC
35 Second-Gen. Drug for HCM Emerges, Nipping at Mavacamten's Heels
36 Triplet Therapy Proves Safe in Resectable Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma
37 Plant-Based Diet Tied to Better Urological Health in Men
38 Durable Response with Immunotherapy Combos in NSCLC with Brain Metastases
39 Cell Therapy Safe and Effective in Women with Prior Urinary Incontinence Surgery
40 Are We Wearing the Wrong Masks?
41 Take Another Look at the Spacing Between COVID Vaccine Doses
42 Ancient Roman Armory Dating Back to 100 B.C. Discovered in Son Catlar, Spain
43 WHO Urges Countries to Stop Administering Booster Shots, Cites Vaccine Supply Needs of Struggling Nations
44 Countries Go Against WHO Recommendations, Begin Administering Booster Shots to Curb COVID-19 Spread
45 Stonehenge Durability Amaze the World, What Is Its Secret that Made It Last for 5,000-Years in Pristine Condition?
46 28,000 Years Old Cave Lion Cub Found Perfectly Preserved in Permafrost in Siberia
47 Epsilon, Lambda COVID Variants: Is It True that These Are COVID-19 Vaccine-Resistant? What Experts Are Doing Now
48 Anthony Fauci Worries About Super Spreader Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Possible Worse COVID-19 Variant than Delta May Affect People if They Don't Get Vaccinated
49 Thousands of French Residents Protest Against Mandatory COVID-19 Health Pass for Public Areas
50 Elon Musk's SpaceX Plan to Send Ads into Space Using Dogecoin as Currency
51 Top Mental Health Apps for College Students
52 Elon Musk's SpaceX SN20 Dubbed 'Tallest Spacecraft' Equipped with Super Heavy Booster Awaits Launch from FAA
53 US Military Officials to Require Vaccination Among Staff by September 15
54 Melioidosis Kills One in Georgia; US Health Officials Investigate Rare Fatal Tropical Disease Found in 4 States
55 Marburg Virus Threatens to Spread from Guinea, WHO Warns the Ebola-Like Virus Could Be Contagious
56 Archeologists Discover Ancient Pompeii Snack Bar that Served Food to Tourists 2,000 Years Ago
57 German Anti-Vax Nurse Allegedly Switches 8,600 COVID-19 Vaccines with Saline, Risking Lives
58 Fight-or-Flight Response of COVID-19 Long Haulers May Become Abnormally Active Especially in Younger People
59 World's Largest Real-Life Dragon Fossil Unearthed in Australia; Researchers Predict Flying Reptile Lived Over 150 Years Ago
60 FDA Plans to Allow Third Dose of Some COVID-19 Vaccines for Immunocompromised Persons
61 Potentially Dangerous Asteroid Bennu Has a 1 in 1,759 Chance to Hit Earth, May Cause Craters but Won't Destroy Life
62 Mt. Etna Grows by 100-Feet After Several Months of Volcanic Activity
63 COVID-19 Patient Zero Infected by a Bat in Wuhan Lab; WHO Probe Team Reveals
64 COVID-19 Origin: WHO Encourages Countries to Cooperate as Part of Its Investigation
65 Third Shot: FDA Allows Immunocompromised Persons to Get COVID-19 Booster Shot
66 Turkey's Black Sea Claims at least 38 Lives amid Floods and Landslides
67 Wildfire Smoke Is Linked to COVID-19 Cases and Deaths, New Study Shows
68 Thousands of Students Forced to Quarantine After Exposure to COVID-19, Marking Rocky Start of Reopening of Schools
69 Pfizer-BioNTech Submits Results of Early Stage Clinical trial for Booster Shot as They Seek Authorization from FDA
70 Ancient Neolithic Arthur's Stone Origins Finally Deciphered by Archeologists After Many Years
71 New Zealand Announces Lockdown Over Single COVID-19 Case, 5 Delta Infections Recorded Since Then
72 How Speech Therapy Can Help Children with Autism
73 Cave in Saudi Arabia Hides Massive Pile of Bones Including Human Remains, Mystery Puzzles Researchers
74 Study Allegedly Measures How Many SARS-CoV-2 are Really Asymptomatic, Is this Accurate?
75 Booster Shots of Pfizer and Moderna's COVID-19 Vaccines Will Begin on September
76 Havana Syndrome Cause Still a Mystery, More US Officials Seek Treatment in Germany While Urging for Investigation
77 Prevention in Premature Births Discovered After Research Shows Self-Healing Tissue
78 New Crescent Shaped Island in Japan Formed After Recent Eruption of Underwater Volcano Discovered in 1904
79 Chinese Satellite Shatters in Space; Here's What Experts Say About the Crash
80 Vaccination Status Could Help Determine Whether or Not Patients Gets ICU Beds
81 New Zealand's Delta Outbreak Spreads, Raises Concerns Among Residents as Lockdown is Extended
82 Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine May Get Full Approval from FDA this Week; Why Does It Matter?
83 Antarctica's Thwaites Glacier Is Melting Fast; Study Says Factors Could Cause 6 Feet Sea-Level Rise
84 New Zealand's COVID Outbreak Tops 100; What Comes Next?
85 US FDA Grants Full Approval to Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine, Recent Action Will Mandate Vaccination
86 Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Fights to End Use of Face Mask Despite Country Topping 20 Million COVID Cases
87 Sweden's Kebnekaise No Longer Highest Peak; Study Finds Shrinking Caused by Climate Change
88 Archaic Battle of Sea Titans: Scarred Teeth Fossils Reveal Ancient Livyatan Whale, Megalodon Shark Brawl
89 France Faces Thousands of Protests Against COVID-19 Health Pass for Six Consecutive Weekends
90 Uranium Cubes that Are Suspected Component of Hitler's 1945 Nuclear Bomb Now Under Study
91 'Horrifying' Video Shows Wild Tortoise Attacking and Eating Baby Bird Despite Being Thought of as Vegetarian
92 Moderna Applies for COVID-19 Full Approval; US FDA May Grant the Designation Soon
93 Scientists Mark 2020 as Hottest Year in the UK; Climate Change Expected to Have Devastating Effects Worldwide
94 Salmonella Outbreak: CDC, USDA Are Now Investigating in at Least 17 States
95 COVID-19 Origin: WHO Warns that Investigation May Come to an End; China Still Refuse to Share Data
96 Police Union Opposes Lightfoot's Vaccine Mandate for City Workers
97 Japanese Nuclear Power Plant to Build Undersea Tunnel to Dispose Radioactive Water
98 Ancient DNA Shows 7,200-Year-Old Woman was Part of Unknown Group of Humans
99 Another COVID-19-Like Pandemic May Happen in 60 Years? Researchers Anticipates the Probability
100 Scientists Warn that Earth's Ocean Surface Will Be More Acidic, Less Suitable for Marine Life
101 Long COVID-19 Symptoms: High Percentage of Patients Returns to Hospital After 1 Year Due to Respiratory, Fatigue, and Muscle Weakness
102 Mount Vesuvius Buries Ancient Italian Town of Herculaneum; Study of Remains Reveals Varying Diet of Genders Back 79 A.D.
103 SpaceX Cannot Lift Off Due to Liquid Oxygen Shortage as COVID-19 Patients Need Them in Hospitals
104 Chinese Conspiracy Theory Spreads Rumor that US Is Behind Pandemic Amid Officials' Refusal to Cooperate in COVID-19 Origin Investigation
105 Arkansas Physician Allegedly Gave Inmates Ivermectin to Treat COVID-19, Investigation Ensues
106 New Zealand Extends Lockdown Again as COVID-19 Infections Surge, Passing 300 Cases in Less than a Month
107 Global Internet Could Shut Down for Weeks When Solar Storms Hit with Electromagnetic Surge
108 Americans Could Get COVID Booster Shots 8 Months After Initial Vaccination, Fauci Recommends
109 Georgia Professor Quits During Class After Student Refuses to Properly Wear Face Mask Amid Region's COVID Surge
110 Former FDA Head Gottlieb Says Kids Younger than 12 Could be Eligible for Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine by Early Winter
111 Benefits of Prioritizing Your Health
112 Russia Warns of West Nile Virus that Can Cause Deadly Nervous Condition; Country Sees Possible Spread in Autumn
113 Woman Wins a Court Order for Her Husband; Judge Orders Hospital to Treat the Patient with Ivermectin
114 Skeletons Found in the Atacama Desert Bear Marks of Violence and Survival in the World's Most Desolate Environment
115 South Africa Detects New COVID-19 Variant Believed to be Resistant to Vaccines and Highly Transmissible
116 New Study Suggests Stem Cell Therapy Could Be Used to Treat Injuries
117 China Builds Biggest Megastructures in Orbit Surpassing the Size of the International Space Station