File Title
1 500-million-year-old Fossil Represents Rare Discovery of Ancient Animal in North America
2 The Young Sun's XUV-activity as a Constraint for Lower CO2-limits in the Earth's Archean Atmosphere
3 Postulating Exoplanetary Habitability via a Novel Anomaly Detection Method
4 COgITOR, the Liquid Cybernetic System Inspired by Cells
5 Biomining Vanadium Aboard the International Space Station
6 Hidden Bacterial Hairs Power Nature's 'Electric Grid'
7 Dartmouth Engineering Receives $1.25 million from NASA to Study Space Ice
8 CARMENES Search for Exoplanets Around M Dwarfs
9 Abiotic Molecular Oxygen Production--Ionic Pathway from Sulphur Dioxide
10 A Multispecies Pseudoadiabat for Simulating Condensable-rich Exoplanet Atmospheres
11 Dartmouth Engineering Receives $1.25 million from NASA to Study Space Ice
12 CARMENES Search for Exoplanets Around M Dwarfs
13 Abiotic Molecular Oxygen Production--Ionic Pathway from Sulphur Dioxide
14 A Multispecies Pseudoadiabat for Simulating Condensable-rich Exoplanet Atmospheres
15 Bacterial Bloom as Earth Thawed: Photosynthetic Organisms During Snowball Earth
16 Plants Evolved Ability to Actively Control Water-loss Earlier than Previously Thought
17 Volcanic Eruptions May Have Spurred First 'Whiffs' of Oxygen in Earth's Atmosphere
18 Titan-in-a-glass Experiments Hint at Mineral Makeup of Saturn's Moon
19 New Class of Habitable Exoplanets Represent A Big Step Forward in the Search for life
20 Habitability and Biosignatures of Hycean Worlds
21 Detection of Plant Genes Involved in Radiation Response
22 TESS observations of flares and quasi-periodic pulsations from low mass stars and potential impact on exoplanets
23 Volcanoes Acted as A Safety Valve for Earth's Long-term Climate
24 Novel Insights into the Evolutionary Link Between Amphibian and Mammalian Peptides
25 Leveraging Models to Constrain the Climates of Rocky Exoplanets
26 On the Detection of Exomoons Transiting Isolated Planetary-Mass Objects
27 Low Levels of Sulphur Dioxide Contamination of Phosphine Spectra from Venus' Atmosphere
28 Starting Life and Searching for Life on Rocky Planets
29 Spectrum Instrument Captures Images of Fluorescent Proteins Expressed in Biological Cells
30 Combined Effects of Simulated Microgravity and Isolation Drive Oxidative Stress Response
31 Bacterial Evolution in Ancient Sub-seafloor Sediments
32 Is There Any Linkage Between Interstellar Aldehyde and Alcohol?
33 The Pandora SmallSat: Multiwavelength Characterization of Exoplanets and their Host Stars
34 A New Theory of Life's Multiple Origins
35 Habitability Models for Astrobiology
36 Life Could Exist in the Clouds of Jupiter but Not Venus
37 13 C Isotopic Ratios of HC3N on Titan Measured with ALMA
38 The Role of Terahertz and Far-IR Spectroscopy in Understanding the Formation and Evolution of Interstellar Prebiotic Molecules
39 Propionamide (C2H5CONH2): The Largest Peptide-Like Molecule in Space
40 Dragonfly Mission to Titan Announces Big Science Goals
41 Photochemistry and Spectral Characterization of Temperate and Gas-Rich Exoplanets
42 A Novel Definition of Life and Its Implications to Cybernetic Systems
43 Idealized 2D Cloud-Resolving Simulations for Tidally Locked Habitable Planets
44 Warm Terrestrial Planet with Half the Mass of Venus Transiting a Nearby Star
45 Nitrogen Inputs in Earth's Ancient Ocean
46 Europa Clipper Hardware Makes Headway
47 Superflares Are Less Harmful to Exoplanets than Previously Thought
48 A Rocky Exoplanet Has Just Half the Mass of Venus
49 Pits, Uplifts and Small Chaos Features on Europa
51 Researchers Find Oxygen Spike Coincided with Ancient Global Extinction
52 Microbial Tracking-3 Experiment Sample Collection on the ISS
53 Slowdown in Earth's Rotation Could Have Affected the Oxygen Content of Its Atmosphere
54 A Decline in CO2 Cooled Earth's Climate Over 30 Million Years Ago
55 A Machine-Learning-Based Direction-of-Origin Filter for the Identification of Radio Frequency Interference in the Search for Technosignatures
56 NOAA Satellites See Bioluminescence from Orbit
57 Microbes Feast on Crushed Rock in Subglacial Lakes Beneath Antarctica
58 Two Asteroids Discovered to Have Complex Organic Matter
59 Asymmetry and Variability in the Transmission Spectra of Tidally Locked Habitable Planets
60 School vaccine campaigns targeting students face blowback
61 COVID-19 infection after vaccination and what to do next
62 Even on their death beds, some COVID-19 patients in Idaho still reject vaccination
63 Some nursing homes carry out successful staff vaccine mandates amid pushback over federal rules
64 'Fortress Australia' cautiously moving away from COVID Zero, but there's still a long path to freedom
65 Northern Idaho's anti-government streak hampers COVID fight
66 Texas bans most abortions, with high court mum on appeal
67 Milwaukee Public Schools offers $100 to students who get vaccinated
68 UK approves vaccines for 12-15s, aims to avoid lockdowns
69 FDA delays decision on Juul while banning less popular e-cigarette products
70 Why some US Blacks and Latinos remain COVID-19 'vaccine deliberate'
71 School starts for 1 million NYC kids amid new vaccine rules
72 The Latest: School starts for 1 million New York City kids
73 Britain ends contract with French startup for vaccines
74 Greece launches mandatory testing for unvaccinated workers
75 Vietnam speeds up Hanoi vaccine drive; 1M jabs over weekend
76 The Latest: West Virginia hits daily record in new cases
77 UK ditches plans for vaccine passports at crowded venues
78 Chinese city with coronavirus outbreak stops buses, trains
79 Japan passes 50% vaccination rate, may ease limits in Nov.
80 The Latest: New Zealand buys 500K Pfizer doses from Denmark
81 Greece's economy to grow 5.9% in 2021, prime minister says
82 A tale of two clinics: lines in Kenya, few takers in Atlanta
83 Polish medical workers march for better pay, conditions
84 Zoo Atlanta: Positive virus tests among gorilla population
85 From COVID to Ida: Louisiana's marginalized 'see no way out'
86 Biden's vaccine rules ignite instant, hot GOP opposition
87 Court: DeSantis ban on school mask mandates back in force
88 In Minnesota's worst measles outbreak, a battle of beliefs over vaccines
89 The Latest: Alaska Gov.: Biden's vaccine order 'un-American'
90 CDC finds unvaccinated 11 times more likely to die of COVID
91 Appeals court blocks Tennessee Down syndrome abortion ban
92 Vaccine mandate spawns new fear: finding and keeping workers
93 Biden presses states to require vaccines for all teachers
94 Biden's vaccine rules ignite instant, hot GOP opposition
95 FDA official hopeful younger kids can get shots this year
96 What patients need to know about new recommendations for prostate cancer screening
97 Los Angeles schools mandate vaccines for students 12 and up
98 Newsom campaign theme: Don't let California become Texas
99 N. Macedonia: Minister quits over deadly COVID hospital fire
100 AstraZeneca vaccine creator: Many may not need booster shots
101 20 years later, fallout from toxic WTC dust cloud grows
102 Citing high shot rates, Danes end COVID-19 restriction
103 'Paradise': Australian states free of COVID resist opening
104 Endo latest company to settle with New York over opioids
105 Key parts of Biden's plan to confront delta variant surge
106 Justice Department sues Texas over state's new abortion law
107 Kentucky lawmakers scrap statewide mask mandate in schools
108 Sweeping new vaccine mandates for 100 million Americans
109 The Latest: Arizona gov.: Biden 'overreaching' with new rule