File Title
1 Cuba to Deploy China's Sinopharm Alongside Homegrown Vaccines
2 South Africa Detects New Coronavirus Variant, Still Studying Its Mutations
3 ACR Updates COVID Vaccine Guidance with Booster Schedule
4 'Deeper Dive' into Opioid Overdose Deaths During COVID Pandemic
5 Biologics' Benefit in Psoriasis Might Extend to Preventing PsA
6 Even Highly Allergic Adults Unlikely to React to COVID-19 Vaccine
7 Discharged Young Snowboarder Dies of Internal Bleeding; Hospital Sued
8 ED Nurse Spends Her Days Off Pampering Patients
9 Lack of a Vaccine Mandate Becomes Competitive Advantage in Hospital Staffing Wars
10 Telehealth's Limits: Battle Over State Lines and Licensing Threatens Patients' Options
11 California Cancer Patients Get a Bill of Rights, but Has No Teeth
12 'My Time to Live': Through Novel Program, Kidney Patients Get Palliative Care, Dialysis 'Til the End
13 COVID-19, Skills, Guidelines Highlights of ERS 2021 Congress
14 CV Safety Study of Cancer Therapy Attracts Attention
15 Delta Cutting 'Like a Buzzsaw' Through Oregon-California Border Counties
16 Parents of Disabled Tennessee Children Fight Mask Opt-Out
17 Alcohol Use by Young Adolescents Drops During Pandemic
18 COVID-19 Wastewater Tracking Paper Ends Up in the Sewer
19 Medical Students Lead Event Addressing Disparity in Skin Cancer Morbidity and Mortality
20 South Korean Lawmakers to Vote on Cameras in Operating Rooms After Surgery Deaths
21 Biogen Provides Free Aduhelm as US Clinics Await Medicare Payment
22 WHO Opens Air Bridge to Afghanistan with Medical Supplies
23 Afghanistan's Healthcare System Near Collapse, Aid Agencies Warn
24 Three Hours a Week: Play Time's Over for China's Young Video Gamers
25 Louisiana Hospitals Dodge Ida Catastrophe, but Big Challenges Loom
26 Abortion Providers Ask US Supreme Court to Block Texas' 6-Week Ban
27 Pandemic-Related Drops in Breast Cancer Screening Hit Underserved
28 High Jumper Sam Grewe Wins Gold, Heads to Medical School
29 X Marks the Spot: Chromosome Genes Protective Against AD?
30 COVID-19 Contact Tracing: Act 2
31 COVID-19 Vaccines Still Highly Effective Against Hospitalization, CDC Data Show
32 Hospitalizations Start to Decline in Some Parts of Missouri
33 CDC: Don't Invite COVID to Labor Day Plans? Mask Up
34 COVID-Clogged ICUs 'Terrify' Those with Chronic or Emergency Illness
35 Two Swings, Two Misses with Colchicine, Vascepa in COVID-19
36 Teleintegrated vs. Telereferral Care for Complex Psychiatric Disorders
37 AUA Updates LUTS/BPH Guidelines on Initial Workup, Surgery
38 Subacromial Spacer Balloon as Good as Partial Rotator Cuff Repair
39 Medicare Hospital Pay 'Bankruptcy' Deadline Remains 2026
40 Type 2 Diabetes 'Remission' Is a Reality, Say Major Organizations
41 Countries Weigh Need for Booster COVID-19 Shots
42 Oral Drug Shows Promise Against COVID-19 Pneumonia
43 Pfizer Vaccine Safe in Small Study of Very Sick Kids
44 Genes May Explain Some Ethnic Differences in COVID-19 Impact
45 I Did Peer Review: I Saw Turf Wars, Ego, and Unfairness
46 New ESC Guidelines on CVD Prevention
47 Should Docs Be Punished for Spreading False COVID-19 Info?
48 FDA Approves First Twice-Yearly Antipsychotic for Schizophrenia
49 Oxygen Supplies Grow Precarious Amid COVID Surge
50 Tranexamic Acid Fails to Prevent ICH Growth: TRAIGE
51 Accelerated Approval Now Full for Pembro in Bladder Cancer
52 Emerging Data Point to Underlying Autoimmunity in ME/CFS
53 Texas School System Closes After Two Teachers Die of COVID-19
54 About 14 Million in US Get First COVID-19 Shot in August, Up from July
55 Georgia Sets New High for COVID-19 Cases as Kids Hit Hard
56 80% of Eligible Californians at Least Partially Vaccinated
57 Empagliflozin Win in EMPEROR-Preserved HF, but Renal Outcomes Puzzle
58 Neuropsychiatry Affects Pediatric OCD Treatment
59 Antiplatelets and Anticoagulation Post-PCI: More on MASTER DAPT
60 Moderna's Vaccine Creates Twice as Many Antibodies as Pfizer's
61 1 in 4 LA Residents with COVID Had Been Vaccinated
62 Antibodies Wane but Other Immune Defenses Remain Alert
63 South Korean COVID-19 Vaccine in Late-Stage Test Against AstraZeneca Shot
64 EU Says It Has Reached Goal of Vaccinating 70% of Adults
65 Accuracy of Rapid COVID Test Subpar in Children Aged 7 and Older, Researchers Say
66 Illinois Church Camp Linked to 180 COVID-19 Cases, CDC Says
67 Rapid Antigen Tests Twice a Week May Be Enough to Catch New COVID-19 Cases
68 US Health Department Sets Up Climate Change Office
69 Undertesting for Pediatric Appendicitis Tied to Delayed Diagnosis
70 Genetic Risk Score May Aid in Making an Accurate Diagnosis of Epilepsy
71 More Benzodiazepine Overdoses in EDs, but Fewer Patients Overall
72 Politics or Protection? What's Behind the Push for Boosters?
73 Judge Conditionally Approves Purdue Pharma Opioid Settlement
74 Three JAK Inhibitors Get Boxed Warnings, Modified Indications
75 Study Calls Higher Surgery Costs at NCI Centers into Question
76 Building a Case for Personalized, Genome-Based Radiation Dosing
77 Resurgence in SARS-CoV-2 Infections in HCWs Tied to Multiple Factors
78 'Lopioid Protocol'--Low-dose Opioids--Proposed for Fracture Surgery
79 Breakthrough Infections Twice as Likely to Be Asymptomatic
80 Back to School, Booster Doses, Contaminated Vaccines: COVID-19 Global Weekly Highlights
81 FDA Approves First Once-Weekly Growth Hormone for Children
82 Ask for COVID Vaccine Proof, Face a $5000 Fine in Florida
83 Implanted Stimulator a 'Paradigm Shift' for Low Back Pain?
84 Pfizer, Merck Launch New Trials of Oral COVID-19 Drugs
85 Moderna to Recall COVID-19 Doses in Japan After Stainless Steel Contaminants Found
86 Philippines Health Workers Protest Neglect as COVID-19 Strains Hospitals
87 Reduced Hospital Admission Seen in High-Risk COVID Patients Given Monoclonal Antibody Combo
88 Australia Aims to 'Live with Virus' Instead of Eliminating It
89 German Firms Seek Details of Employees' Vaccine Status
90 Cuba Prepares to Vaccinate Its Children, Entire Population
91 More Vaccines Urgently Needed in Latin America to Contain Delta, Says Health Agency
92 Clinical Trials Still Inadequate to Say Whether e-Cigarettes Help People Quit Smoking
93 Children Continue to Be Hit Hard by Virus Surge in Tennessee
94 AZ Gov. Ducey to Allot $60 million for Hospitals that Use Antibody Drugs
95 FDA Approval for Zanubrutinib in Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia
96 Biden Warns of 'Unconstitutional Chaos' Due to Texas Abortion Ban
97 Arkansas Inmates Not Told They Were Given Antiparasite Drug
98 Old Saying About Prostate Cancer Not True When It's Metastatic
99 Moderna Seeks US Authorization for COVID-19 Vaccine Booster
100 Healthcare-Associated Infections Spiked in 2020 in US Hospitals
101 When Should Patients with Kidney Disease Receive Nephrology Referral?
102 Voters in Tight Recall Race Sound Off on California Gov. Newsom's COVID Leadership
103 Beta-Blocker Reduces Lung Inflammation in Critical COVID-19
104 'No Reason to Drop tPA' in Stroke Thrombectomy: SWIFT DIRECT
105 Office-Based Pediatricians Unprepared for Emergencies
106 'Innovative' Equine Therapy Helps Overcome PTSD Symptoms
107 Changing Minds: What Moves the Needle for the Unvaccinated?
108 Mistrust, Politics, and Vaccines: How We Got Here, How We Fix It
109 With Schools in Session, Doctors Fear New Child COVID Wave
110 MS Plus Depression May Up Risk for Death, Vascular Disease
111 CDC Studies: Child COVID-19 Hospitalizations Skyrocket
112 WHO Tracking New COVID-19 Variant Called Mu
113 AMA Calls for End to Ivermectin Use for COVID Amid Spike in Use
114 Are Hospitals to Blame for Pandemic Nursing Shortage? It's Complicated
115 Aspirin Boosts Polypill Primary Prevention, Claims Meta-Analysis
116 NIH on HIV Vaccine Failure: 'Get Your HIV-Negative, at-Risk Patients on PrEP Tomorrow'
118 15-Valent Pneumococcal Vaccine Shows Noninferiority to 13-Valent Vaccine in Infants
119 High-Efficacy Therapy Bests Treatment Escalation in MS
120 Ask About Itch and Joint Pain in Pediatric Psoriasis Patients, Expert Advises
121 Stent Misdeployment During EUS-GE Is Not Infrequent but Manageable
122 AGA Recommends Against Pre-endoscopy COVID Testing
123 Life Insurers Shift to Pre-pandemic Norms After COVID Vaccine Roll-Outs
124 Australian Doctors Warn of Risks to Hospitals Once COVID-19 Curbs Ease