File Title
1 China's astronauts make spacewalk to upgrade robotic arm
2 Chinese rocket for Tianzhou-3 mission arrives at launch site
3 NASA awards grants in Break the Ice Lunar Challenge
4 Curiosity Mars Rover explores a changing landscape
5 Mars rock drilling begins after NASA's helicopter helps plan rover's route
6 Iran talks 'complicated' by nuclear enrichment: European powers
7 Iran stresses nuclear programme peaceful after IAEA report
8 Nuclear scientists hail US fusion breakthrough
9 Iran ups uranium enrichment to 60 percent: watchdog
10 US criticizes Iran nuclear work amid talks break
11 Kabul airlift stumbles as security worsens, bottlenecks hit
12 US tells citizens to avoid Kabul airport due to 'security threats,'
13 Mexico says US court agrees to hear suit against gunmakers
14 Viral footage of US Marine aiding baby captures Kabul chaos
15 Revenge fears grow in Afghanistan with airlift outcome uncertain
16 US Afghan evacuations stall as receiving base overflows: Pentagon
17 Three members of pro-Iran group killed by IS in Iraq
18 Why didn't Biden leave 2,500 troops in Afghanistan?
19 Under-pressure Biden tries to reassure US on Afghanistan
20 Kabul airlift gathers pace as harrowing stories emerge
21 NASA, Boeing to Move Starliner to Production Facility for Propulsion System Evaluation
22 Ariane 5 upper stage for Webb heads for Europe's Spaceport
23 Next Vega mission to orbit Pleiades Neo 4 EO bird and 4 small science sats
24 ESA contracts Arianegroup to make a more versatile Ariane 6
25 ISRO soon to carry out static test of solid fuel engine for small rocket
26 Musk says next Moon landing will probably be sooner than in 2024
27 Boeing to remove Starliner from rocket, months-long delay expected
28 Trio of orbiters shows small dust storms help dry out Mars
29 Clays, not water, are likely source of Martian lakes
30 'Lakes' under Mars' south pole: A muddy picture?
31 Study Sheds New Light on Composition at Base of Martian Southern Polar Cap
32 NASA's Ingenuity helicopter completes 12th Mars flight
33 Aviation Week awards NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter with laureate
34 Is Curiosity exploring surface sediments or lake deposits?
35 Curiosity rover finds patches of rock record erased, revealing clues
36 NASA's Curiosity team names Martian hill that serves as mission gateway
37 Mars mission outcomes to advance space research
38 Business growth scheme open to next group of space entrepreneurs
39 Microsoft unveils Australian Space Startup launchpad
40 Skykraft to begin launch of space-based air traffic management constellation
41 Next batch of OneWeb satellites set to launch August 20
42 Long March rocket lifts off with communications satellite
43 Cloud data bursts from space move astronauts closer to Mars
44 Microsoft protests Amazon win of big US cloud contract
45 Facebook unveils virtual reality 'workrooms'
46 High-speed camera captures a water jet's splashy impact as it pierces a droplet
47 Purdue-designed heat transfer experiment arrives at International Space Station
48 Scientists develop alternative cement with low carbon footprint
49 Air Force awards $70 million contract for augmented reality system on training jet
50 Colorado basin drought sparks water limits at huge US reservoir
51 Wildfire smoke may lead to less rain in the western US
52 Six migrants found dead of 'thirst' in Tunisia desert
53 Resource-starved Singapore turns sewage into ultra-clean water
54 Drop in the bucket: US infrastructure plan may fall short on water
55 Vapor-collection technology saves water while clearing the air
56 In Spain, dozens of villages struggle for drinking water
57 UN tells Iran to fix water crisis, stop crackdown
58 Iran water protests face crackdown; Lebanon's water supply could collapse in a month
59 Police officer killed in Iran province hit by water protests
60 New clean energy tech extracts twice the power from ocean waves
61 Wind and waves: A step toward better control of heavy-lift crane vessels
62 Second Ghost Fleet Overlord USV finishes trip to Pacific
63 Robotic Navigation Tech Will Explore the Deep Ocean
64 Robotic floats provide new look at ocean health and global carbon cycle
65 Wildfire smoke may lead to less rain in the western US
66 NASA, international panel provide a new window on rising seas
67 Climate-vulnerable island nations call on world to save 'our very future'
68 Key Atlantic Ocean current system could be collapsing
69 From the toilet to the sink: water recycling battles scarcity
70 Jeff Bezos' rocket company sues, creates additional delay for moon landing
71 Lunar samples solve mystery of the moon's supposed magnetic shield
72 Fizzing sodium could explain Asteroid Phaethon's comet-like activity
73 DART Gets Its Wings: Spacecraft Integrated with Innovative Solar Array Technology and Camera
74 Traces of Ceres' icy crust found at Occator Crater
75 Europe's Vega rocket blasts off with Airbus observation satellite
76 Indian Space Research Organisation fails to place earth observation satellite in orbit
77 Gearing up for third Sentinel-2 satellite
78 NASA unveils new interactive website ahead of Landsat 9 launch
79 Recordings of ancient magnetic field teaches us about the magnetic field today
80 Stanford researchers use artificial intelligence to unlock extreme weather mysteries
81 Astronomers find a 'break' in one of the Milky Way's spiral arms
82 'Lonely cloud' bigger than Milky Way found in a galaxy 'no-man's land' by UAH physics team
83 A wrinkle to the origins of matter in the Milky Way
84 Boundary of heliosphere mapped for the first time
85 Astronomers spot a 'blinking giant' near the centre of the Galaxy
86 Researchers realize non-line-of-sight imaging with picosecond temporal resolution
87 Light-bending technique for wavelength conversion may boost imaging technologies
88 NASA's TESS tunes into an all-sky 'symphony' of red giant stars
89 Mapping the Universe's Earliest Structures with COSMOS-Webb
90 Using particle accelerators to investigate the quark-gluon plasma of early universe
91 Size of supermassive black hole divulged by eating pattern
92 Beating the curse of dimensionality
93 Exotic matter is in our sights
94 Collisions of Light Produce Matter/Antimatter from Pure Energy
95 From atoms to planets, the longest-running Space Station experiment
96 Theoretical proof that a strong force can create light-weight subatomic particles
97 Novel chirped pulses defy 'conventional wisdom'
98 Accessing high-spins in an artificial atom
99 Best of both worlds-combining classical and quantum systems to meet supercomputing demands
100 How ions get their electrons back
101 Increased snowfall will offset sea level rise from melting Antarctic ice sheet
102 Thwaites glacier: Significant geothermal heat beneath the ice stream
103 UN confirms 18.3íC record heat in Antarctica
104 A master gear in the circadian clock
105 'Suicidal reproducer' mammal survives Australia fires
106 World-first footage reveals secret life of a dingo
107 Passing clouds cause some marine animals to make mini-migrations during the day
108 Hairs of new carnivorous plant trap gnats, but allow bees to pollinate flowers
109 Paleontologists uncover fearsome 'dragon,' Australia's largest flying reptile
110 Libya's wildlife treasure island at risk of ruin
111 Study: Climate change accelerates emperor penguin extinction risk
112 One in three Afghans at risk of severe or acute hunger: WFP