File Title
1 Angry Bees Produce Better Venom--Effective Treatment for Degenerative and Infectious Diseases
2 NASA's Psyche Asteroid Mission Moves Closer to Launch--"It's Incredible to Be at this Point"
3 What Do We Know About the Delta Variant of COVID-19?
4 Closing a 25-Million Year Gap Between the "Molecular Clock" and the Fossil Record of Plants
5 What Goes Up Must Come Down: Helping Clean Up Space Junk with First-of-Its-Kind Mission Optimizer
6 NASA's Ingenuity Helicopter Sees Potential Martian "Road" Ahead
7 COVID-19: Achilles' Heel of SARS-CoV-2 Viral RNA Identified
8 Underwater Volcano Fukutoku-Okanoba Explodes
9 Five Astronomical Objects Help Unravel the Mystery of Brown Dwarfs
10 Scientists Surprised to Find Neurons in Visual Cortex of the Brain "Drift" Over Time
11 Mother's Voice Reduces Pain in Premature Babies
12 Consequences of the Loss of Threatened Vertebrates in Different Regions Across the World
13 NASA's $10 Billion James Webb Space Telescope Has Successfully Completed Testing
14 Women's Equality Day: Celebrating NASA Mathematician Katherine Johnson's Legacy
15 An Interactive Science Exhibit Based on a Real-Life Gravitational-Wave Detector
16 Science Shows Attractiveness Pays Off at Work--But There's a Trick to Level the Playing Field
17 This Exotic Particle Had an Out-of-Body Experience--These Surprised Scientists Took a Picture of It
18 Calling Through the DNA Wire: A Newly Discovered Genetic "Switch"
19 Scientists Harness Human Protein to Deliver RNA Molecular Medicines to Cells
20 Japan's Mission to Mars' Moon Phobos Will Bring a Sample Home by 2029
21 Implantable AI System Developed for Early Detection and Treatment of Illnesses
22 Up to 3 Cups of Coffee per Day Associated with Health Benefits
23 Hidden SARS-CoV-2 "Gate" Discovered--Opens to Allow COVID Infection
24 Jupiter's Gigantic Super Polar Cyclones Are Here to Stay
25 Brain Mechanism Behind Compulsive Alcohol Use Discovered
26 The Giant Carnivorous Jurassic Dinosaur Allosaurus Was a Scavenger, Not a Predator
27 Covalent Organic Frameworks: Harnessing Sunlight to Fuel the Future
28 NASA's Perseverance Rover Plans Next Mars Rock Sample Attempt, After First One Crumbled
29 Most Animals like to Work for Their Food, but Cats Prefer Free Meals
30 Scientists Set New World Record with Bifacial Solar Cells
31 New Nanomaterial Resists Projectile Impact Better than Kevlar
32 Why Do Short Lung Infections Lead to Long-Lasting Lung Damage?
33 New Quantum Stopwatch with Ultrafast "Time Lens" Can Improve Imaging Technologies
34 NASA SpaceX Cargo Dragon Launch to Space Station Scrubbed
35 Devastating Rain Leads to Catastrophic Flash Floods in Tennessee
36 If You Witness a Cardiac Arrest, Your Actions Could Save a Life--"Every Second Counts"
37 5 Things: Hubble Space Telescope--The Cosmos Is Often Stranger than We Could Imagine [Video]
38 Chemistry Breakthrough: Faster and Cheaper Ethanol-to-Jet-Fuel on the Horizon
39 One-Dimensional Fibrous Red Phosphorous Glows in Unexpected Ways
40 N/A
41 Dodging Bullies: Female Hummingbirds Disguise Themselves as Males to Evade Harassment
42 Martian Dust Storms Play a Huge Role in Drying Out the Red Planet
43 Scientists Discover How Neuro-Immune Interactions Burn Deep Fat
44 Researchers Develop "Nanopore-Tal" Technology that Enables Cells to Talk to Computers
45 Novel Nanophotonic Analog Processor Developed for High Performance Computing
46 NASA SpaceX Cargo Dragon Successfully Launched--Loaded with Cutting-Edge Science
47 400-Million-Year-Old Fossils Reveal How the First Roots Evolved
48 Experimental Confirmation of the Fundamental Principle of Wave-Particle Duality
49 Wireless Microscale Neural Sensors Enable Next-Generation Brain-Computer Interface System
50 1 in 3 Americans Already Had COVID-19 by the End of 2020
51 Ultrafast Electron Microscopy Leads to Pivotal Discovery for the Development of New Quantum Devices
52 Police Raid Uncovers Fossil of Exceptional Flying Reptile from Brazil
53 The Perfect Shape? Research Finally Reveals Ancient Universal Equation for the Shape of an Egg
55 Space Pens, Pencils, and Debunking Myths: How NASA Takes Notes in Space
56 Global Warming Simulation Reveals Possible End of El Nino / La Nina Temperature Cycle
57 DNA from Modern Human Buried 7,000 Years Ago Shows Previously Unknown Ancient Human Relations
58 Delta Variant Is 60% More Contagious than Original COVID Virus and Can Escape Immunity
59 Research into "Achilles Heel" of Cancer Tumors Paves Way for New Treatment Strategies
60 Titan-in-a-Glass Experiments Hint at Mineral Makeup of Saturn's Largest Moon
61 Hubble Captures Rare Celestial Phenomenon: A Herbig-Haro Object
62 Recovering from COVID-19 Doesn't Guarantee Antibodies or Confer Immunity to Re-Infection
63 Staying Home, Limiting Contagion Hubs--Including Hospitals, Schools, and Workplaces--May Curb COVID-19 Deaths
64 Synthetic Biology Enables Microbes to Build Muscle Fibers that Are Tougher than Kevlar
65 Rate of Nuclear Reaction in Exploding Stars Identified by Mimicking Excited Quantum States with Exotic Nuclei
66 Trusting Your Gut Instinct Could See You Fall for COVID Misinformation
67 Metallic Nanostructures for Generating Exotic Forms of Light
68 Particle Radiation: Will It Be Safe for Humans to Fly to Mars?
69 Unarmed Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) Launched from Vandenberg Space Force Base
70 Up to 95% of Ocean Surface Climates May Disappear by 2100 Due to Climate Change
71 Cosmic Pollution: Astronomers Show Galaxies Pump Out Contaminated Exhausts
72 Drug Used to Fight Tumors in Animals May Be Effective in Treating COVID-19
73 Stanford AI Algorithm Solves Structural Biology Challenges
74 The Flower Clock: How a Small Protein Helps Flowers Develop Properly
75 Solar System's Fastest-Orbiting Asteroid Discovered--Orbits the Sun in Just 113 Days
76 New Insulation Material Enables More Efficient Electricity Distribution
77 Under the Northern Lights: Mesospheric Ozone Layer Depletion Phenomenon
78 Astrophysicist Derives New Mathematical Solutions to an Old Problem in Astronomy
79 Comparing Plant-Based Burgers--Which Smells the Most like Real Beef?
80 New Medical Glue--Inspired by Barnacles--Stops Bleeding in Seconds
81 Hurricane Ida Batters Louisiana: 5th-Strongest Storm Ever to Make Landfall in the Continental U.S.
82 Breakthrough in Light-Matter Interactions Propels Quantum Technologies Forward
83 New Study Finds Likely Driver of COVID-19 Deaths--Dispels Previous Theories
84 Toxic Carpet: We're Breathing Harmful Forever Chemicals in Homes, Offices, and Classrooms
85 Photonic Chip Breakthrough Opens a Path Toward Quantum Computing in Real-World Conditions
86 New Study of Extra COVID-19 Vaccine Dose in People with Autoimmune Disease
87 Scientists Discover New Crystal that Exhibits Exotic Form of Magnetism
88 NASA GOLD's Bird's-Eye Reveals Mysterious Dynamics in Earth's Interface to Space
89 Newly Identified Mosasaur Was Enormous Fish-Hunting Monster
90 Ultra-Processed Food Linked with an Increased Risk of Heart Disease
91 SpaceX Cargo Dragon Successfully Docks to International Space Station
92 Dramatic NASA Satellite Video Examines Hurricane Ida's Eye in 3D
93 Exploring High-Pressure Behavior of Shock-Compressed Tantalum
94 Antibody-Disease Enhancement (ADE) of COVID-19 Does Not Appear to Occur in Animal Models
95 An Accidental Discovery Hints at a Hidden Population of Cosmic Objects Lurking in Our Galaxy
96 Leaky Sewers Contaminating Streams with Substantial Amounts of Medications
97 AI Accurately Predicts Brain Age from EEG Signals Recorded During Sleep Studies
98 The Future of Flooding in Venice--"Sea Level Is a Nasty Beast"
99 Scientists Discover Opportunity to Disrupt SARS-CoV-2 Dynamics, Prevent COVID-19 Transmission
100 How Ant Teeth Cut like a Scalpel--Atomic-Scale Imaging Reveals Embedded Zinc Atoms
101 Theory of Mind: Dogs Can Understand Human Intentions
102 Innovative New Candidate Vaccine Shows Efficacy Against COVID-19
103 Stunning NASA Image Captures Tropical Storm Ida at It Passes Over the Southern U.S.
104 New Electronic Material: Engineers Create Double Layer of Borophene for First Time
105 Lingering Symptoms: Researchers Identify Over 50 Long-Term Effects of COVID-19
106 Water Coolers Can Release Potentially Harmful Compounds into Drinking Water
107 Surprising Physics Behind a Water Bear's Lumbering Gait
108 Ghost Polaritons: New Type of Infrared Polaritons Discovered at the Surface of Bulk Crystals
109 How Science Works: Uncertainty Spurs Scientific Progress
110 Space Station Crew Unpacks SpaceX Cargo Dragon and Gears Up for Spacewalks