File Title
1 Hubble Space Telescope Sees Spiral Galaxy IC 1954
2 CERN Discover New Tetraquark Particle
3 Astronomers Measure Rotation Speeds of Planets in HR 8799 System
4 Dinosaur-Killing Chicxulub Asteroid Came from Outer Part of Main Belt, Study Suggests
5 Failed Hot Jupiter Found in Wide Orbit around Kepler-1704
6 Decline in Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Caused Eocene-Oligocene Cooling, Study Says
7 Giant Exoplanet Orbits Its Host Star Once Every 1.1 Million Years
8 'Mammoth Weevil' Found Preserved in Mid-Cretaceous Amber
9 Giraffes are Socially Complex Animals, Says New Review
10 Paleontologists Digitally Reconstruct Skull of Early Tetrapod
11 Study: Physical Exercise Improves Health of Brain and Other Organs through Epigenetic Changes
12 Astronomers Spot Spinning Runaway Star
13 Researchers Determine Location and Structure of Our Body's Blood-Pressure Barometers
14 Jurassic-Period Crocodile Ancestor Unearthed in Chile
15 Spitzer Discovers Five Dust-Obscured Supernovae
16 Avian Brain Shape Left Other Dinosaurs Behind, Researchers Say
17 Jupiter's Powerful Polar Aurorae are Responsible for Upper-Atmospheric Heating, Study Shows
18 Some Birds Pluck Hair Directly from Live Mammals, Scientists Say
19 3,700-Year-Old Babylonian Clay Tablet is Earliest Known Example of Applied Geometry
20 Five Exoplanets Orbit Nearby Red Dwarf Star
21 TESS Detects 158,505 Pulsating Red Giant Stars
22 World's Earliest-Known Coin Mint and Spade Coin Discovered in China
23 Gravity of Massive Galaxy Pair Magnifies Light from Distant Quasar
24 Fossil of New Crested Pterosaur Discovered in Australia
25 Astronomers Spot Giant X-Ray Rings around Stellar-Mass Black Hole
26 Juno Team Creates Infrared Map of Ganymede
27 Impact of Superflares on Planet Habitability around Small Stars May Be Weaker than Thought
28 Fasting Can Protect from Intestinal Bacterial Infections, Study Suggests
29 Paleontologists Find Frog-Legged Beetle Fossil in Colorado
30 ASKAP Radio Telescope Spots 'Dancing Ghost' Galaxies
31 New Feathered Dinosaur Species Revealed
32 New Lineage of Carnivorous Plants Discovered
33 Subaru Telescope Captures Rare Meteor Outburst
34 NASA's Dragonfly Mission to Saturn's Moon Titan Has Big Science Goals
35 Physicists Produce Matter and Antimatter from Photon Collisions
36 Catastrophic End-Cretaceous Extinction Was Not Dramatic for Sharks, Study Shows
37 Five New Species of Golden Trapdoor Spiders Discovered
38 Study: Great Apes Use 'Hello' and 'Goodbye' Signals to Begin and End Social Interactions
39 Machu Picchu is Several Decades Older than Previously Thought
40 Botanists Discover Seven New Tobacco Species in Australia
41 Ingenuity Helicopter Captures Image of Perseverance Rover
42 Philippine Ayta Magbukon People Have Highest Amount of Denisovan DNA in the World
43 Brief Naps during Day Don't Relieve Sleep Deprivation, Study Says
44 Scientists Discover New Species of Amazonian Marmoset
45 New Research Sheds Light on Life of Arctic Woolly Mammoth
46 480-Million-Year-Old Spores of Early Land Plants Found in Australia
47 Hubble Looks at Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 1385
48 Three New Orchid Species Discovered in Ecuador
49 Two New Species of Sauropod Dinosaurs Unearthed in China
50 Angry Bees Produce Richer, More Protein-Dense Venom, Study Finds
51 Saturn Has Diffuse, Stably Stratified Core, New Study Says
52 Cats Prefer Freely Available Food over Food that Requires Effort, Study Says
53 Life on Earth Arose Multiple Times and in Multiple Ways, New Theory Says
54 Sodium Vapor Outgassing Explains Asteroid Phaethon's Cometlike Activity
55 Ophiuchus Star-Forming Complex Hosts Analogues of Early Solar System, Astronomers Say
56 Regional Dust Storms Enhance Martian Water Loss to Space: Study
57 Urbanization is Causing Mammals to Grow Bigger, New Study Says
58 Crust of Dwarf Planet Ceres is Rich in Water Ice, New Research Confirms
59 Three New Species of Primitive Ungulate Ancestors Identified
60 3,300-Light-Year-Long Linear Structure Spotted in Milky Way's Sagittarius Arm
61 Stradivari and Guarneri Treated Soundboards with Various Chemicals, Study Shows
62 Marine Biologists Find Live Immune Cells in Corals and Sea Anemones
63 Astronomers Create New Radio Map of Large Magellanic Cloud
64 Scientists Sequence Seadragon and Pipefish Genomes
65 LOFAR Captures Most Detailed Images Ever Seen of Distant Galaxies
66 Comet ATLAS May Be Broken-Off Piece of Larger, More Ancient Visitor
67 Study Provides Further Evidence of 200-Million-Year-Long Cycle in Strength of Earth's Magnetic Field
68 Bat Pups Babble like Human Infants, Researchers Find
69 Mindfulness May Provide Small but Significant Benefits to Cognition
70 Hubble Space Telescope Images NGC 2164
71 Tyrannosaurus rex's Jaw Tip May Have Played Essential Role as Sensitive Tactile Sensor
72 Wandering Supermassive Black Holes May Be More Abundant than Previously Thought
73 Cambrian Comb Jellies Had More Complex Neuroanatomy than Living Species
74 Propionamide Detected in Space for First Time
75 Daily Pecan Consumption May Help Reduce Cholesterol Levels
76 Astronomers Discover Fastest-Orbiting Asteroid Ever Seen
77 Vitamin D Does Not Have Beneficial Effects on Muscle Health, New Review Says
78 Study: Interstellar Visitors Outnumber Solar System Objects in Oort Cloud
79 80-Million-Year-Old Turtle Egg with Embryonic Remains Found in China
80 Scientists Create New Phosphorescent Materials
81 Physicists Directly Observe Atomic Motion in Liquid Water Molecules
82 New Study Examines Chewing Biomechanics of Homo floresiensis
83 Ancient and Modern DNA Reveals Evolutionary History of Rhinoceros Family
84 Carnosaurs were Apex Scavengers, New Research Suggests
85 Researchers Solve Mystery of How Stingless Bees Produce Trehalulose-Rich Honey
86 Paleontologists Find 231-Million-Year-Old Fossil of Tuatara-Like Reptile
87 Fish Can Generate Neck-Like Motion, New Study Finds
88 Exceptionally Well-Preserved Pterosaur Fossil Found in Brazil
89 Astronomers Identify New Class of Exoplanets: Hycean Worlds
90 Chemists Pinpoint Compounds Responsible for Coffee Body
91 Two New Appalachian Dinosaurs Discovered
92 Crystalline Nitriles Occur on Surface of Titan, New Research Suggests
93 Astronomers Find Five Brown Dwarf-Like Objects with Masses near Hydrogen-Burning Limit
94 Hubble Observes Enigmatic Herbig-Haro Object
95 Tardigrades Walk in Manner Most Closely Resembling that of Insects, New Study Shows
96 Milky Way Galaxy's Bulge Could Have Planetary Systems, Too
97 New Mosasaur Species Uncovered in Kansas
98 Astronomers Find Cosmic Boomerang in Coma Cluster Galaxy
99 Walnut-Supplemented Diet May Help Reduce Cardiovascular Disease Risk
100 Scientists Discover New Wood Lizard Species in Peru
101 400,000-Year-Old Elephant Bone Tools Unearthed in Italy
102 Bowfin Genome Sheds New Light on Evolution of Ray-Finned Fishes
103 New Fossils Illuminate Evolutionary History of Caimans
104 A Big Step Forward in the Search for Alien Life: New Class of Exoplanet Very Different to Our Own
105 Simple microRNA Urine Test May Help Early Detection of Brain Tumors
106 More Research Needed to Determine "Tipping Point" of Supervolcanoes
107 How Migraines Protect Against Type 2 Diabetes
108 Darwinian Paradox: How Has Homosexuality Persisted During Evolution?
109 Quantum Nanoparticles: Pulled and Compressed
110 Northwestern Experts: Afghanistan Debacle "A Striking Resemblance to Saigon"
111 Global Distribution of Toxic Pollution and Climate Change Revealed in New Analysis
112 Inescapable COVID-19 Antibody Discovery--Neutralizes All Known SARS-CoV-2 Strains
113 NASA's MISR Sees California Wildfire Smoke Plumes Traveling Miles into the Atmosphere
114 Ripples in Space-Time Detected--Caused by the Death Spiral of a Neutron Star and a Black Hole