File Title
1 Rattlesnake Rattles Use Acoustic Trick to Fool Human Ears
2 Outreach for NASA PUNCH Mission Embraces Ancient and Modern Sun-Watching Theme
3 Scientists Identify Why COVID-19 Patients Develop Life-Threatening Blood Clots
4 From Genes to Memes: New Algorithm to Help Scientists Demystify Complex Networks
5 Babbling Baby Bats Sound Strikingly Similar to Human Infants
6 NASA Watches Water from Space to Help Grow our Groceries
7 Fat "Shield" Protects Natural Killer Immune Cells--and Some Cancers--From Destruction by Their Deadly Biological Weapons
8 Reconstruction of Tyrannosaur Braincases Shows More Variation than Previously Thought
9 Large Gulf of Mexico "Dead Zone" Measured--Area of Low to No Oxygen that Can Kill Fish and Marine Life
10 Fighting COVID with COVID: Driving the Disease to Extinction with a Defective Version of the SARS-CoV-2 Virus
11 New Research Shows Earth's Core Could Be the Largest Terrestrial Carbon Reservoir
12 More Emissions Expected from Oil Refineries in the Near-Term Future
13 Physicists Discover New Electronic Phenomenon
14 Doomed Celestial Visitor May Have Been Piece of Prehistoric Comet
15 Selenium May Support Microbial Life Deep in Earth's Continental Crust
16 It's Official: NOAA Declares July 2021 Earth's Hottest Month on Record
17 Small Changes in Diet Could Help You Live Much Healthier and More Sustainably
18 Online "Library of Properties" Helps to Create Safer Nanomaterials Faster
19 Highest-Resolution Measurements of Asteroid Surface Temperatures Ever Obtained from Earth
20 AI Networks Based on Human Brain Connectivity Can Perform Cognitive Tasks
21 Free Electron Laser Insight: Fundamental Process of Free Electron Lasing Revealed
22 Tropical Storm Henri Continues to Strengthen
23 NASA Awards $500,000 in Break the Ice Lunar Challenge--Redwire Space Wins First Prize
24 Never-Before-Seen Radio Waves Detected Coming from Nearby Stars and Distant Galaxies
25 Isotopes Reveal the Incredible Lifetime Journey of an Arctic Woolly Mammoth
26 Metabolism Changes with Age--But Exactly When Is Quite Surprising
27 California Is Burning--And the Emissions from Destructive Fires Are Adding Up
28 Brain Memory Signals Linked to Blood Sugar Levels in New Research
29 Mysterious Iron Nanoparticles: Planetary Scientists Find Evidence of Solar-Driven Change on the Moon
30 Freaky Fanged Frog Discovered in the Philippines
31 Astronomers Discover Surprising Cause of a "Fizzled" Gamma-Ray Burst
32 Videos Capture Deadly March of COVID-19 Virus
33 New Bioprocess Efficiently Converts Plant Materials into Biofuel and Valuable Chemicals
34 Neuroscientists Discover Beige Fat "Indispensable" in Protecting Brain from Dementia
35 Scientists Detect Tens of Thousands of Different Molecules in Beer--80% Not Yet Described in Chemical Databases
36 Great Unconformity Puzzle: Geologists Dig into Grand Canyon's Mysterious Gap in Time
37 Astronomers Catch a Cosmic Boomerang in Action for the First Time
38 Scientists Discover Small Proteins Regulate the Aging Process
39 Physics Shows Why You Should Wash Your Hands for 20 Seconds
40 First Images and Videos from the Double Venus Flyby
41 Rain and Warmth Trigger Intense Melting in Greenland
42 Virus Mutation-Mapping Tool Could Yield Stronger COVID Boosters and Universal Vaccines
43 Blood-Sucking Bugs Find Bats to Bite Thanks to Bacteria
44 Can You Last a Year on Mars? NASA Is Recruiting Crew Members for Analog Mission
45 Unprecedented Central Asia Warming Confirmed by New Way of Analyzing Tree Rings
46 Japan's Martian Moons eXploration Mission Will Return a Sample from Mars' Moon Phobos
47 National Ignition Facility Breakthrough: Experiment Puts Researchers at Threshold of Fusion Ignition
48 Schneider's Marmoset--New Monkey Species Discovered in Brazilian Amazon
49 Don't Miss: Rare Seasonal "Blue Moon" Rises Tonight
50 Historical Timeline Is Inaccurate: Advanced Radiocarbon Dating Reveals Machu Picchu Is Older than Expected
51 NASA Images of the Week: Star Trek, Rocket Launch & a Ghostly Galaxy
52 New Exotic Magnetic Quasiparticle: "Skyrmion Bundle" Joins Topological Zoo
53 Substantial Water Reservoir on Mars? Earthly Rocks Point Way to Water Hidden on the Red Planet
54 Blood Thinners Reduce the Need for Mechanical Ventilation in Certain Patients with COVID-19
55 Hubble Spots a Dazzling Cluster in the Cloud
56 Flavonoid-Rich Foods--Such as Apples, Berries, Dark Chocolate and Wine--Improve Blood Pressure Levels
57 Most Common COVID Masks Only Filter About 10% of Exhaled Aerosol Droplets
58 Interstellar Comets like Borisov--Incredible Rogue Visitors or More Common than We Think?
59 How an Elephant's Trunk Manipulates Air to Eat and Drink--Animal's "Swiss Army Knife" Could Help Build Better Robots
60 Experiments Prove Quantum Computing Errors Correlated, Tied to Cosmic Rays
61 MIT's New Tunable "Metasurface" is Akin to Optical Swiss Army Knife
62 Sugars from Human Breast Milk Could Help Treat and Prevent Infections in Newborns
63 New Radio Image of Andromeda Galaxy Is the Most-Detailed Ever Captured
64 Slow but Deadly: Watch this Tortoise Hunt a Baby Bird
65 International Trio of Mars Orbiters Shows Small Dust Storms Help Dry Out the Red Planet
66 Antibody Discovered that Protects Against Broad Range of COVID-19 Virus Variants
67 The Incredible Secret Science of Ants' Underground Cities: How Ants Build Amazingly Complex and Stable Structures
68 Reproductive Success of Antarctic Krill Significantly Affected by Climate Conditions
69 How Brain Cells Compensate for Damage from a Stroke--New Results Challenge Current Ideas
70 Extra 267,000 Infant Deaths in 2020 as a Result of COVID-19 Economic Downturn
71 Solved: Mysterious Solar Paradox that Puzzled Physicists for 25 Years
72 T. Rex's Huge Jaw Had Nerve Sensors to Make It an Even More Fearsome Predator
73 FDA Approves First COVID-19 Vaccine: Approval Signifies Key Achievement for Public Health
74 A Peculiar State of Matter in Layers of Semiconductors Could Advance Quantum Computing
75 Blood Test Can Track the Evolution of COVID-19 Coronavirus Infection
76 Bamboo Diet: The Giant Panda's Mystery Revealed
77 Volcanoes Act as a Safety Valve for Earth's Long-Term Climate--Stabilizing Surface Temperatures
78 Investigating the Origin of Uranium Cubes from Nazi Germany's Failed WWII Nuclear Program
79 Synthetic Peptide Mimics: Possible New Antivirals Against COVID-19 and Herpes
80 Scientists Identify Compounds that Give Coffee Its Distinctive "Mouthfeel"
81 First Evidence of Water Vapor at Jupiter's Moon Ganymede--May Hold More Water than All of Earth's Oceans
82 Increase in COVID-19 Cases and Novel Variant Emergence Could Result from "Vaccine Nationalism"
83 Novel Instrument Created to Probe Thermal States of Extreme Matter on Earth
84 What You Need to Know About COVID-19 Booster Shots and Third Vaccine Doses
85 Mountains of Data: An Unprecedented Climate Observatory Could Predict the Future of Water
86 Turning Hazelnut Shells into a Clean, Renewable Energy Source
87 New Generation of Climate Models: Increased Snowfall Will Offset Sea Level Rise from Melting Antarctic Ice Sheet
88 Like Venom Coursing Through the Body: Mechanism Driving COVID-19 Mortality Identified
89 Toward a COVID-19 Detecting Breathalyzer for Kids
90 Meteors Great and Small: NASA Map Shows Detected Fireballs and Their Impact Energy
91 Human Waste Is Nutrient-Rich--It Can Be Used to Sustain Agriculture and Improve Economies
92 Strong Evidence that Beijing's Policies Meet the Criteria for Genocide of the Uyghur People
93 Reconstructing Extinct Rhinos: Geneticists Map the Rhinoceros Family Tree
94 Graphene Binds Drugs that Kill Bacteria on Medical Implants to Prevent Infection
95 Tropical Storm Henri Soaks the Northeast with Intense Rain
96 Expert Verdict: How Well Did the EU Respond to the First Wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic?
97 Transforming Circles into Squares: Researchers Reconfigure Material Topology on the Microscale
98 Capturing Dissolved Carbon Dioxide and Toxic Ions from Water in Tiny "Nanojars"
99 Unveiling a 100-Year-Old Astrophysics Mystery: Where the Milky Way's Cosmic Rays Come From
100 Credit-Card-Sized Badge Detects an Unprecedented Range of Harmful Airborne Compounds
101 Using the "Smell of Fear" to Protect Gardens and Crops from Destructive Insects
102 Speedy Evolution: Sustained Fast Rates of Evolution Explain How Tetrapods Evolved from Fish
103 Evolutionary "Time Travel" Reveals Enzyme's Origins, from One of Earth's Most Ancient Organisms
104 The Arctic Ocean's Deep Past Provides Clues to Its Imminent Future Under a Global Warming Regime
105 Super Simple: Drinking Enough Water Could Prevent Heart Failure
106 Earth's Oceans Were Stressed Before Abrupt, Prehistoric Global Warming
107 Origin of Water's Strange Properties: Scientists Capture a "Quantum Tug" Between Neighboring Water Molecules
108 The Dawn of Modern Reptiles: New Fossil Species Represents the Ancient Forerunner of Most Modern Reptiles
109 How Does Sunscreen Work? Does It Really Prevent Wrinkles and Cancer?
110 The Sun's "Convective Conundrum" Solved? Scientists Inch Closer to Cracking Mysteries of Space Weather