File Title
1 EAACI Review Urges Reduction in Antibiotic Overuse with Allergy
2 Gestational Diabetes Increasing Among US Women
3 MRI a Poor Disability Predictor in Secondary Progressive MS
4 Antidepressant, Exercise Help Combat Anxiety in Coronary Heart Disease
5 COVID-19 Cost Hospitalists Income, but Not Love of Medicine: Survey
6 Study: Less than a Third of Surgery Articles Include Race Data
7 Anaphylaxis Management: EAACI Releases New Guidelines
8 Motor Tics in Tourette's Linked to Cervical Spine Disorders
9 Neurodegenerative Nature of Schizophrenia Makes Case for LAIs
10 COVID Hospitalizations in the US Soar to More than 100,000
11 EU Says COVID Boosters May Have Higher Legal Risks Without EMA Approval
12 Anti-Parasite Drug's Use at Arkansas Jail Sparks Probe
13 US Plans COVID-19 Booster Shots at 6 Months Instead of 8: WSJ
14 Sydney Hospitals Erect Emergency Tents as COVID-19 Cases Hit Record
15 Africa's COVID-19 Third Wave Stabilizes as Vaccine Levels Rise: WHO
16 Japan Suspends 1.6 Mln Doses of Moderna Shot Days After Contamination Reports
17 WHO Begins Shipping Chinese Vaccines Despite Some Misgivings
18 Illinois Issues Mask Mandate, Orders Vaccines for Schools
19 Early Infliximab Could Change the Course of Crohn's Disease
20 COVID-19 Surge Pummels Hawaii and Its Native Population
21 PA Gets Prison Time for Knowingly Prescribing Unneeded Addictive Drugs
22 States Pull Back on COVID Data Even Amid Delta Surge
23 COVID-19 Forces Idaho Hospitals Past Capacity, Toward Crisis
24 GUIDE-HF: CardioMEMS-Guided Meds Fall Short in Mild to Moderate Heart Failure
25 California Delays Decriminalizing Psychedelic Substances
26 Genetic Link May Tie Cannabis Use Disorder to Severe COVID-19
27 New Therapies Have Transformed Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Care
28 EMPEROR-Preserved: Empagliflozin Scores HFpEF Breakthrough
29 Judge Blocks Florida Governor's Order Banning Mask Mandates
30 Second Time's the Charm: The Author Who Requested a Retraction Twice
31 Surviving 9/11 Was 'Just the First Piece of the Journey'
32 Polygenic Breast Cancer Risk Scores Strive to Overcome Racial Bias
33 FDA OKs First Vagus Nerve Stimulation System for Stroke Rehab
34 UCSF Oncologist Charged with Possession of Child Pornography
35 Pace of US COVID Infections May Be Slowing, but Still Rising
36 For Retinal Detachment, Acuity May Be Better After Gas Versus Silicon-Oil Tamponade
37 Survival Rates Lower for Black Liver Transplant Recipients than for White, Hispanic Patients
38 Private Equity Firms Increasingly Buying Up US Surgical Practices
39 Abnormal Brain Function Seen in Women with Primary Dysmenorrhea
40 Antidepressant Helps Prevent Hospitalization in COVID Patients: Study
41 Cryotherapy Found Efficacious for Chronic Rhinitis
42 Capacity Straining at Some Florida Hospital Morgues
43 Dapagliflozin in HFrEF May Cut Arrhythmias, Sudden Death: DAPA-HF
44 US Teens 16 to 17 Have the Highest COVID Infection Rate
45 iPhone Flash Helps Nurse Identify Her Infant Son's Retinoblastoma
46 ICMs Detect Serious Arrhythmias in High-Risk Post-MI: SMART-MI
47 Classroom Study Highlights Delta Variant's Threat to Schools
48 Long COVID Symptoms Can Persist for More than 1 Year, Study Shows
49 Report Urges Complete Residency Overhaul
50 MASTER DAPT: 1 Month DAPT Enough After High-Bleeding-Risk PCI
51 Low-to-Moderate Coffee Intake in Midlife Tied to Heart Benefits
52 'Less Is More' for Edoxaban in Post-TAVI Anticoagulation: ENVISAGE-TAVI AF
53 APAF-CRT: 'Ablate and Pace' Cuts Mortality in Narrow-QRS HF, Permanent AF
54 DECAAF II: AF, Fibrosis Ablation Technique Falls Short, but Signs of Hope
55 FIDELITY: Finerenone Cuts CV Risk in T2D Across CKD Spectrum
56 Angiography Can Wait for Cardiac Arrest Without ST-Elevation
57 Salt Substitute Shows Clear Reduction in Stroke, CV Events, and Death
58 LOOP Trial Undercuts Value of Long-term Continuous ECG Screening for Atrial Fibrillation
59 ACST-2: Carotid Stenting, Surgery on Par in Asymptomatic Patients
60 In All-Comer Approach, FFR Adds No Value to Angiography: RIPCORD 2 Study Confirms Selective Application
61 First Brain-Computer System for Paralyzed Patients at Home
62 COVID Vax Booster Trial Begun in People with Autoimmune Disease
63 Hair Regrowth Stimulated by Microneedle Patch
64 Low-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Safe, Effective in Mild Alzheimer's Disease
65 Democrats Say Abortion Is on the Line in Recall Election. But Rolling Back Rights Wouldn't Be Easy
66 US COVID-19 Tests Again in Short Supply as Infections Soar, Schools Reopen
67 Moderna Vaccine Production Continues in EU Amid Contamination Probe
68 NFL League Wants COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate, as Players' Vaccination Rate Hits 93%
69 Global Policymakers Urge More Sharing of COVID-19 Vaccine
70 US Ramps Up Youth Vaccinations as School Year Kicks Off
71 US Weighing Shorter Timeline for COVID Booster Shots, Says Biden
72 Remote Abortions Are as Safe and Effective as in-Person Care
73 NCCN Recommends Third COVID-19 Dose for Patients with Cancer
74 Advocates Seek to Reframe Masks as a Disability Accommodation
75 Nurse, Three Doctors Nabbed in $7.3 million Medicare Telemarketing Fraud Sting
76 US Reports World's First Deer with COVID-19
77 US Intelligence Community Says It Cannot Solve COVID Mystery Without China
78 Fired After 40 Years, Oncologist Whistleblower Pursues Lawsuit
79 Walnuts Lowered LDL Cholesterol in Healthy Seniors: WAHA Study
80 FDA OKs IV Briviact for Seizures in Kids as Young as 1 Month
81 Number of Global Deaths by Suicide Increased Over 30 Years
82 Reassuring Data on Long-Term Outcomes Among Kids with MIS-C
83 Lawmaker Compares Vaccine Mandate to Nazi Death Camp Doctor
84 Self-Described 'Assassin,' Now Doctor, Indicted for 1M Illegal Opioid Doses
85 Arizona Nurse Shares Highs, Lows of 18-Month COVID-19 Fight
86 BioNTech Eyes Rwanda, Senegal for Malaria, Tuberculosis Vaccine Production
87 Clock Ticking for Lebanese Cancer Patients as Shortages Bite
88 Europe Approves Biomarin Drug for Type of Dwarfism in Region's First
89 In Women with Breast or Ovarian Cancer, Pathogenic Gene Variants Linked with Increased Survival
90 COVID-19 Linked to Baby Bust in High-Income Countries
91 High Success Rates with Down-Staging of Liver Cancer Prior to Transplant
92 Increased Lung Cancer Screening Tied to Lower Mortality for Black People
93 Roche Withdraws Tecentriq for Treating Breast Cancer in United States
94 Multifocality Tied to Increased Risk of Papillary Thyroid Cancer Recurrence, but Not Survival
95 Drone-Delivered Defibrillator Can Arrive Before an Ambulance
96 Fauci: 'Good Idea' to Implement School Vaccine Mandates
97 Liberty University Orders Campus-Wide Quarantine for COVID-19
98 Delta Variant Doubles Hospitalization Risk
99 United Healthcare Settles Claims It Violated Mental Health Parity
100 ESC Updates Guidance on Cardiac Pacing, Resynchronization Therapy
101 Toward 'Superhuman Cognition': The Future of Brain-Computer Interfaces
102 STEP: Lowering Blood Pressure Below 130 mm Hg Shows CV Benefit
103 CDC Panel Unanimously Backs Pfizer Vax, Fortifying FDA Approval
104 Coronavirus Booster Shots Can Help Vulnerable, WHO Europe Head Says
105 Thousands Protest in Berlin Against COVID Curbs, Vaccines
106 New Zealand Reports First Death Linked to Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine
107 Japan's Moderna Vaccine Contamination Woes Widen as 1 Mln More Shots Suspended
108 What We Know About Japan's Contaminated Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Supplies
109 Wastewater Reveals Drugs of Choice as COVID-19 Pandemic Set In
110 US Resumes Supply of Lilly's COVID-19 Antibody Combo to Some States