File Title
1 Let Them Burn? How Wildfire Restored a Lost Forest Ecosystem in Yosemite
2 NASA's Juno Celebrates 10 Years with New Infrared View of Mammoth Jovian Moon Ganymede
3 Early Humans Were Sheltered from Worst Effects of Massive Volcanic Supereruption
4 New Algorithm Trains Drones to Fly Around Obstacles at High Speeds
5 Biological Engineers Find a New Target for Malaria Drugs--Could Kill Drug-Resistant Parasites
6 Global Warming Begets More Warming: MIT Paleoclimate Researchers Discover a "Warming Bias"
7 Analysis of Ancient Genetics Unveils a Missing Piece of Human Prehistory
8 A Diet Lacking in Tryptophan Alters Gut Microbiota, Increases Inflammation
9 Corn's Rich Genetic Diversity on Display in New Genome Mapping Study
10 COVID-19 Will Become Endemic in the Global Population--Mostly Childhood Disease like Common-Cold
11 Up to 85% of Historical Salmon Habitat Lost in Lower Fraser Region--Here's What's Needed to Reverse Salmon Declines
12 Climate Regulation Changed with the Proliferation of Marine Animals and Terrestrial Plants 400 Million Years Ago
13 The Waste Product that Could Help Mitigate Climate Change--Locking Carbon in the Soil "For Hundreds to Thousands of Years"
14 Wildfire Smoke Exposure May Greatly Increase Risk of Contracting COVID-19
15 Exploring Nuclear Reactions in Exploding Stars and the Origin of Aluminum-26
16 Creating Metallic Water--While Avoiding an Explosion from Violent Chemistry
17 New Immunotherapy Drug Combo Shows Early Potential for Treating Pancreatic Cancer
18 3D Magnetic Nanonetwork Breakthrough Could Enable New Generation of 3D Storage Technologies
19 Patterns of Light Emitted from Accretion Disks Vary Depending on Supermassive Black Hole Mass
20 The Wendelstein 7-X Nuclear Fusion Device Concept Proves Its Efficiency
21 In Search of Planets that Support Life: "Cool" Stars in the Cosmos May Not Be So Unique
22 Blue Hydrogen Is Supposed to Be Clean Energy, but May Actually Be Worse than Gas and Coal
23 Ancient Oxygen Spike Coincided with Massive Global Extinction
24 Supernova Explosions in Dense Active Galactic Nuclear Discs
25 Greece Fire: Large Swaths of Greece Consumed by Wildfire
26 Is It Cheaper to Be Bigger? Evolutionary Lessons from the Extreme Weapons of Giraffe Weevil Warriors
27 Trains in the Brain: Switching System Used in Information Processing and Memory Uncovered
28 Natural Compound Found in Fruit May Prevent and Treat Parkinson's Disease
29 Online Visualization Tool from NASA Provide a New Window on Rising Seas
30 Twice the Charm: Long-Lived Exotic Particle Discovered at Large Hadron Collider
31 Russian Scientists Investigate the Immune Response to COVID Variants (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Eta, Theta, Iota, Kappa and Lambda)
32 New Dye Molecule Constructed for Visualizing Stress in Plastics
33 MIT's Nimbus Solar Car Wins 2021 American Solar Challenge
34 Research Shows Regular Exercise, Even in Polluted Areas, Can Lower Risk of Death
35 Hubble Captures the Brilliant Heart of the Furnace
36 Experience the Sights and Sounds of an Extraordinary Venus Flyby
37 Human Evolution: Fire Record Shows Cultural Diffusion Took Off 400,000 Years Ago
38 Using Sea Lampreys' Natural Instincts Against Them--Controlling a Destructive Invasive Species
39 Watch NASA's "Tour of Asteroid Bennu"--Selected for Prestigious Computer Graphics Film Festival
40 NASA Dedicates Facility to Honor Neil Armstrong's Legacy--World's Most Powerful Space Simulation Chambers
41 Improving Photosynthesis in Crops to Boost Yields
42 Nuclear Physicists Use High-Energy Electron Beam to Hunt for Clues of Color Transparency in Protons
43 Metal Pollution: If It's in the Air--and in Our iPhones--It'll End Up in Our Bones
44 Solar Orbiter Captures Venus' Glare During Close Pass of Our Solar System's Hottest Planet
45 Public's Inaccurate Perception of Risk During the COVID-19 Pandemic Led People to Take Inappropriate Actions
46 First Genetic Sequencing of Brazilian Pit Viper Completed--Reveals Origin of Toxins in Its Venom
47 Humans Have Caused the Extinction of Many Bird Species Over the Last 50,000 Years
48 Radioactive New Clues to the Formation of Our Solar System from Nearby Stellar Nursery
49 How (and Where) the Brain Analyzes Math and Language When Spoken
50 Analysis of Structural Variants in Cacao Genomes Yields Clues About Plant Diversity
51 Acupuncture Improves Symptoms of Chronic Prostatitis/CPPS Compared to Sham Treatment
52 Widespread Pain Linked to Increased Risk of Dementia and Stroke
53 Ripples in Saturn's Rings Reveals "Fuzzy" Nature of Gas Giant's Core
54 College Student Alcohol Use Declined During COVID Pandemic
55 Lava Lamp Tectonics: Giant Blobs of Subducted Sediment Float Up Through Deep Earth
56 85% of Campus COVID-19 Cases Detected Early by UC San Diego's Wastewater Screening
57 Vega VV19 Successfully Launches Pleiades Neo and SunStorm, RadCube and LEDSAT CubeSats
58 Discovery Could Help Improve Therapy and Prolong Survival for Patients with Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
59 Intense Wildfires Ravage Greek Island of Evia
60 Fizzing Sodium May Explain Asteroid Phaethon's Majestic Cometlike Activity
61 New Research Paves Way for Better Intranasal Vaccines for COVID-19 and Flu
62 NIH Scientists Develop Faster, Cheaper COVID-19 Test
63 ESA and NASA Join Forces to Tackle Global Challenge of Climate Change
64 Increased Vitamin D Intake May Protect Against Young-Onset Colorectal Cancer
65 Researchers May Have Discovered the Root Cause of Long COVID Syndrome
66 Reducing False-Positives in MRI Breast Cancer Screening
67 Time-Restricted Eating Has Important Health Benefits--Even with Infectious Diseases Such as COVID-19
68 Capturing Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and Transforming It into Industrially Useful Materials
69 New Theory of Life's Multiple Origins
70 Room for Improvement in Inhalers Revealed by Computational Evaluation of Drug Delivery
71 Low-Cost, Inflatable Bionic Hand Gives Amputees Real-Time Tactile Control
72 Without Evolutionary Genetic Variation, Asexual Invasive Species Find New Methods of Adapting to Their Environment
73 Philippine Negrito People Have the Highest Level of Ancient Denisovan DNA in the World
74 Unlike Humans, Cuttlefish Retain Sharp Memory of Specific Events in Old Age
75 Astronomers Discover a "Break" in One of the Milky Way's Spiral Arms
76 New Prehistoric "Hobbit" Creature: One of Three Discoveries Suggesting Rapid Evolution of Mammals After Dinosaur Extinction
77 Do Vitamin D Supplements Improve Muscle Health?
78 How to Trigger and Control Liver Regeneration
79 Reconstructing Genetics to Shed Light on Past Human Histories
80 Obstructive Sleep Apnea Is Common in Kids--May Impact Blood Pressure and Heart Health
81 New Evidence Uncovered that Fetal Membranes Can Repair Themselves After Injury
82 Massive Thwaites Glacier Threat: Significant Geothermal Heat Beneath the Ice Stream
83 Intriguing Science Experiments Launching on SpaceX's Cargo Resupply Mission to the Space Station
84 More Sustainable Conversion of Sunlight and Luminescent Materials with Manganese
85 Supercomputer Helps Protect Earth from Space Storms
86 Injecting Drugs Without Needles: High-Speed Camera Captures a Water Jet's Splashy Impact as It Pierces a Droplet
87 Dosing the Coast: Leaky Sewer Pipes Are Medicating the Chesapeake Bay
88 How-To Guide for Creating Mouse-Human Chimeric Embryos
89 FDA Issues Warning Letter to Pet Food Company--Contributed to "Illness or Death of Hundreds of Pets"
90 Supersolid Quantum Gases in a New Dimension
91 NASA Rocket Chasing the Mysterious Source of the Sun's Hot Atmosphere
92 Twilight for Silicon? End of "Moore's Law" in View as Silicon Chip Density Nears Physical Limit
93 NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover Explores a Changing Landscape--Video Tour of Martian Mountain
94 Early COVID-19 Vaccine Campaign in US Prevented 3 Million Cases and 140,000 Deaths
95 Milder COVID-19 Symptoms Tied to Prior Run-Ins with Other (Common Cold) Coronaviruses
96 Protein Pathways: Mentally Stimulating Jobs Linked to Lower Risk of Dementia in Old Age
97 New Research Shows Fibromyalgia Is Likely the Result of Autoimmune Problems
98 Unlocking the Secrets of Earth's Magnetic Field from 9,000-Year-Old Recordings
99 Levitation: Classic Magic Trick May Enable Quantum Computing
100 Insects Beware! This New Carnivorous Plant Wants to Eat You
101 Mapping the Universe's Earliest Structures and Dark Matter Distribution with COSMOS-Webb
102 Exploring the Quantitative Limits of Light-Matter Coupling at the Nanoscale
103 New Research Explains Why Vaccinated People at Low Risk During COVID Delta Variant Surge
104 Mystery of Energetic Heavy Elements in Galactic Cosmic Rays
105 Human Brain Organoids Grown in Lab with "Eyes" that Respond to Light
106 Researchers Around the World Are Buzzing About a Candidate Superconductor Created at Quantum Foundry
107 Research Shows Extensive Damage Caused by Common Teeth-Whitening Products
108 First Lethal Attacks by Chimpanzees on Gorillas Observed in the Wild
109 Princeton University Researchers: Planting Forests May Cool the Planet More than Thought
110 Important Clue to Rare Inflammatory Disease Found in Children Following COVID-19 Infection
111 Traces of Dwarf Planet Ceres' Icy Crust Found at Occator Crater